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Ask to Join Pokemon RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Jackaboo360, Jul 11, 2017.

  1. (PLEASE READ) Quick Notes:
    -Sorry about the unoriginal title, we couldn't think of anything else
    -Due to line limit, we will only be able to respond on our computer, due to line differences on a mobile, so reply times WILL be spaced, we request that you give us a minimum of FIVE DAYS to respond before bumping the topic
    -We ask that all OOC chat be done in a different colour, bold, and within the // marks.
    (EXAMPLE: //Random OOC text)
    -We do plan on incorporating our own regions as well as cannon ones, and if we can get good images, our own pokemon as well, but for now we're just sticking with regions

    Here's my character(s):

    A little info on him:
    -The mega-evolved Charizard was his starter (back when it was a Charmander) and the pokemon he's had the longest out of all of them. He usually uses Flame, his Charizard, as a pillow when he doesn't feel like walking back to the village where he lives.
    -He likes to explore but never strays too far from his village.
    -More TBA


    A little Info on him:
    -Not much is know about him from the people, he earned the name "Legend" from the locals of his region for his knack to track down and catch legendaries as well as shinies.
    -Pearl, his shiny Vulpix, was his starter, believe it or not. From then on he's been a very serious pokemon trainer
    -No one knows or remembers his real name, due to the fact, no one has had the courage to ask and he doesn't talk very much unless he must

    Custom Places or Regions: (IMAGE IN PROGRESS)
    The village where Forrest lives, it is a quiet place that welcomes travellers, traders, and explorers alike but does not accept troublemakers. Other than this, of course, it's a peaceful village.

    This is the region Legend was born in so he of course does have a home there, but he rarely stays in one spot for too long as he likes to explore the areas and regions to further his knowledge of pokemon. The town doesn't get many visitors from different regions, but they welcome those that do visit with open arms. They very serious when it comes to pokemon and they punish pokemon crimes very severely.

    We'll leave this up for about two days (Mountain time) to let everyone who wants to join do so before making the first post.
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  2. Hey, there! I like the sounds of this rp. Except there's a problem here... how are we supposed to sign up for it?! There's no character form, or anything! Not even a basis on the story itself, so how are we supposed to start off?!

    That said, I think I'm done with my miniature panic attack... please do tell me more about this soon. ^^
  3. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    @Jackaboo360 Just a heads up – you've got a couple of rule violations here.
    1. Using images you didn't create yourself in RP posts is against the rules. I've removed them from this post – I'd recommend you describe your regions in detail instead of relying on source images.
    2. Mega Evolutions must be approved by staff before use. I'm not sure if you've gotten permission, but if you haven't, you'll either need to get permission (as explained in the PRP rules), or remove the Mega Pokémon from your characters' teams.
    3. As you'll have seen in the move notice, this thread was initially in the wrong place – discussing RPs should be done in the Pokémon Role Play Discussion board, so I've moved this there. Once you're ready to go, create a new thread in the Pokémon Role Play board, linking back here :)
    Also, remember that coloured text can be difficult to read, so I'd advise against using it unless absolutely necessary, particularly when writing the RP posts themselves.

    Basically, I'd strongly recommend you look over the Pokémon Role Play Rules to make sure you're working within them. Thanks! :)

    Do it the old fashioned way – introduce your character through description and their thoughts and actions in your role play posts themselves. Character sheets are helpful, but very much not the final word – nearly all RPs here used to start without character sheets, but with a long and detailed first post introducing the characters and world. :)
  4. @Zen and Winter
    Hi there :) We had planned on explaining the story a bit on the story in our first post (Starting Post). As for chracter form, we couldn't really think if a good one that wouldn't annoy everyone with how long it was so we just posted trainer cards and a bit about them. So you could do that, or you can followed the suggestion left by Teapot.

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