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Ask to Join Pokemon RP: Rust Order

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by dratz, Jun 19, 2019.

  1. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    Scraaaatch. Minerva's way of knocking was a really annoying chalkboard scratch. "TAXES!" She heard a voice say as the spruce door creaked open on the stone walls of Glazed Ridges. Minerva saw a rugged Jigglypuff hand out a bag of coins as someone grumbled in the small house. "This'll cover, for now." The Jigglypuff said and Minerva glared at them. "Taxes doubled." She scolded and the Jigglypuff tried to reason. Minerva motioned for some Pawniards began trashing the Jigglypuff's house, finding another bag of gold. "That's enough for today's tax." One of them said, but Minerva told them to keep searching as the other Lowblood's shake. The Pawniard's find some not friendly things towards the Queen. "Jail time," Minerva told them as the Pawniard's took them to Death Valley to go on trial.

    Pollux was traveling to Rust Order for a trial involving a Lowblood attacking a Highblood. He was being escorted by two Amoonguss. He sensed something near him and he withdrew his Execution Axe and tossed it at a Pinsir's horn, slicing it off. He told the Amoonguss to take them, prisoner, for "LAW #87. LOWBLOODS THREATENING HIGHBLOODS WILL BE PUNISHED." As he arrived at Rust Order, he went through the Highblood only entrance and locked up the Pinsir in the Boiler Prison. He sighed, heading to the blacksmith, a Banette to negotiate with her and improve his Execution Axe. The Banette nodded, grazing it with toxic-like blood. "Good enough," Pollux said. "...I guess I'm gonna go explore this part of Rust."
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  2. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Garland was meditating, listening intently for any movements while at the same time calming her nerves and mind for teaching an inexperienced Medicham who promised to pay her good with some gold. So of course, Garland had to practice her own moves, making sure they are taught everything they wish to know that is possible for her to teach. Standing up, Garland decided to work on High Jump Kick, quite a common move for her to tutor. She stood back, and then charged, leaping up gracefully and falling down on a dummy she set up in the grass. ‘Critical hit.’ She thought to herself.
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  3. Eve watched the outside of Rust Order. She knew she wouldn't be allowed in the place, but that didn't stop her from spying on its inhabitants.
    Disgusting, she thought.
    She wanted desperately to lay siege upon the place, but she knew she wasn't powerful enough to get in on her own. She was powerful - years of training did that - but not powerful enough.
    She looked at the walls wistfully. One day, she would attack. And they would be sorry for discriminating against her.
    Angry, she fired a Shadow Ball at the wall for good measure, hoping no one would notice.
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  4. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Nightfall was in the rebel base, right outside of Moss Village. Sunny was playing with the other Pokemon as she watched. Nightfall, unable to help herself, smiled. It seemed as if time slowed down and a light shined on her ever since she joined the rebels with a promise to care for the small baby. Sunny was much more grown now but was still pretty weak. She didn't want her to get hurt so early in life. She didn't want Sunny to be raised like she was. She stood up and shook her white fur. "I'm taking a walk," she announced as she left for a bit.

    Sunny, not liking it when Nightfall wasn't nearby, followed the Dark-type. "Don't leave without me!" she cried. Nightfall stopped and looked at her with her red eyes, waiting for the small fox-like pokemon. Sunny sware she saw some hints of annoyance on her face, but she brushed it off. She bounded over to the Disaster-Pokemon and wagged her tail. "Where are we going?"
    Nightfall looked ahead and started to walk again, "On a walk though Moss Village. Don't get spotted."
    Sunny nodded and followed her adopted mother.
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  5. Daniel trudged through the streets of Moss Village. In his mouth he carried a bag filled with berries. His orders were to bring it to the baker shop on Crookedbranch street, but there were several things to watch out for on the way. If he were to run into certain Pokémon he knew... well, he would lose the food he was carrying, and most likely a meal. He paused for a moment and rubbed his iron-covered forehead.
  6. Shaking her head, Eve contemplated what to do next. She'd heard about a rebel base near Moss Village, but hadn't gone to join them yet.
    Maybe they'd take me in, Eve thought.
    One thing she wasn't concerned about, though, was being spotted. Anyone who passed by would see her, and that wasn't exactly a good thing.
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  7. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Garland practiced her moves a little more. She saw a few Pokemon throughout her daily training, an Absol and an Eevee, and a few other Pokemon. The Medicham that she was going to teach should be here any minute, so Garland stood to the side to wait. Alas, there was the Medicham. Garland walked up to him. “You’re Sorrel, correct?” The Medicham nodded. “Alright. The moves I will teach you today will be High Jump Kick, Low Sweep, and Brick Break. Clear?” Sorrel nodded. “All clear,” He responded.
    “Good. We’ll start out with Low Sweep.”
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  8. She held a bag of berries in her mouth as she walked around Moss village delivering berries to baby Pokemon that walked nearby her. She gave a smile as they seemed to admire her because of how much she cared for all the Pokemon here. She went back to her Caregiver home as she walked inside placing the berries down before organizing them by color. Her ear twitched as she felt a lot of tension suddenly...probably from the Rust Order. She didn't like it at all to what they were doing, she was loyal to it yes but not as a supporter. What the Queen is doing is just wrong to her as all Pokemon should be treated equally. She shook her head to let it go before she heard a call from one of the Pokemon as she walked out seeing it was a Floatzel. "Greetings dear, do you need help with something? Anything you want I have" she smiled gently. "Yes dear do you have Oran berries by chance? I need them to feed my family and some medicine for my child, he has a fever" she asked her. "Of course, right away" she said walking back inside before she came back out with three Oran berries in a bag and a flask filled with blue liquid. "Here you are, just give him this slowly twice a day and he should be fine" she smiled. "Thank you Blue, have a nice day" she smiled before leaving her. "Your welcome" she said before her eyes caught on an egg she left inside as she was unsure what it would be.-
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  9. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    “When you’re performing Low Sweep, you’re making a swift attack with your hand or legs on the target’s lower half. Let me demonstrate,” Garland explained, and walked over to the dummy, using her arms like a whip to knock it over, before putting it back into place. “You try it.” She said, and Sorrel walked to the dummy, using his arms to sweep the dummy, but unfortunately he didn’t have enough power to knock it over. Garland suggested, “Try it with your legs instead. Like this.” Mienshao kicked the dummy from the side over to the ground. “Your species tend to have strong legs,” Garland said, putting the worn-out training dummy back into place again. “Try it again.” Sorrel did the same thing that Garland did, swiftly sweeping his leg over the dummy’s bottom half, finally knocking him over. “Good!” Garland congratulated, and Sorrel jokingly bowed.
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  10. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Like clockwork, Aegeus the Metagross left Rust Order to start his rounds, his legs up and hovering at a steady pace. He was well known and feared throughout the lower ranks as one of the most ruthless killers in his times of battle, though he rarely needed to engage in action with the Lowbloods. One look in their direction would send them running. Still, by the order of the Queen, he must make his rounds from town to town and keep an eye out for any insubordination to report.

    Upon exiting, he saw a Shadow Ball hitting the building. He followed it to an Eevee sitting just outside the walls. He approached her calmly, his red eyed gaze boring into her. Once he was in front of her he lowered his legs and dropped to the ground with a manacing boom, towering over the small pokemon and waiting for an explanation.
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  11. Eve was unintimidated by the massive Metagross towering over her, silent. She stared right back, glaring at the Steel-type.
    A Hierarchy supporter, I'm guessing.
    "Taking out some anger on a wall. I didn't destroy anything, so I see no reason why I should be punished. I have no intention of attacking you, nor anyone higher than me."
    Eve was relatively well-known for her rebel status, but hoped this particular Metagross wouldn't recognize her.
  12. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Sunny trotted around Nightfall, sometimes under, as if she was trying to trip her. Nightfall just smiled at the small Pokemon and shook her head. Sunny was just playing and being a child, she didn't see the problem in that. The problem was that this small baby would have to live her life in fear, in poverty, and in shambles if she wasn't based at the rebels with her. Nightfall was honestly scared when she brought Sunny with her due to her big mouth. The Eevee could easily revile everything and Nightfall not even know about it. It scared her sometimes, but that was why she needed to keep a good eye on her. "Sunny, calm down, ok? We are taking a relaxing walk," she told the hyper child.
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  13. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    Garland proceeded to help the Pokemon master Low Sweep, and then they moved onto High Jump Kick. Sorrel learned the move pretty fast since he had the ability to jump pretty high. Though he had a little bit of trouble on Brick Break, Garland also helped him learn that, too. “Alright, that concludes today’s training. Tomorrow I’ll help you master High Jump Kick and Brick Break, and then you’ll be all set with a better moveset. Sorrel nodded. “Alright, here’s the gold for today’s tutoring. Really, thank you for teaching me new moves.” He lightly tossed a bulging bag of gold into Garland’s hands. “Oh goodness, thank you!”
    “Thank you.” Sorrel said kindly, walking off towards his home.
    Garland walked home that day to put her gold in her savings bin in her home. After that, she’d buy some cheap lunch and then go out for a few hours. That seemed like a good plan to her. Of course she got some stares from her carrying a bulging sack of coins, but it didn’t matter, because she wouldn’t have to worry about food for quite some time.
  14. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Aegeus lowered himself slowly, now face to face with the small Eevee. Though he didn't usually pay much attention to many of the Lowbloods, he made a mental note to keep an eye on this one. "You are not permitted to enter Rust Order. Leave. Now."

    With that, he rose again, lifting his legs and began to hover his way to Moss Village, where he normally began his routine. He looked on at the pokemon going about their lives, scanning for suspicious activity.
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  15. Giving one last glare to the Metagross, she scoffed and turned away.
    "One day, you'll all pay. I'll come into Rust Order, and I'll show you that you were wrong to underestimate me."
    Moving a sufficient distance away, she decided to demonstrate her power, even though no one was watching. She released a blinding Glitzy Glow, the blast visible on the horizon
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  16. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    The Absol and Eevee walked though Moss Village. Sunny tripped on a rock and fell down. Nightfall, having a huge heart for this Eevee, scooped up Sunny and gave her a piggy-back ride, rewarding a few looks from the other Pokemon. Nightfall didn't care what they thought about her and her adoptive daughter, all she cared about was getting Sunny the best life possible. If that meant killing the Queen herself, then so be it! They continued on their way when they passed a Metagross. If Absol's faces could become pale, then her black face would have. She quickly hid herself and her child while she waited for the Steel-type to pass. The crowd was a nice place to be, to many people to lose yourself in. They should be fine. However, Nightfall could still feel Sunny shivering in fear.
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  17. Blue was watching all around as the Pokemon of Moss village until her ear flicked noticing a Metagross flying in the air. She probably had guessed he was doing his patrol rounds above the village for any suspicious activity. She just watched him closely but didn't dare to interfere. Her thoughts were interrupted by two Houndoom, the ones that always seem to give her trouble. "Hey you! Umbreon! Give us your stash or else!"he threatened. "Or else what pup, going to scare me with those words of yours" she said sarcastically annoyed. "I have no business with you now stay away from me!"

    The Houndoom growled. "Don't mock me!"he said annoyed as her eyes caught the other Houndoom stealing her medical supply. "Thief! Give that back at once! I need thoughs for sick patients!" She said running after them both laughing. For an Umbreon she was quite swift so was able to keep up with them but she had to be careful not to break the flask's with the liquid inside. She remembered the Metagross flying up as she spotted him before shooting a shadow ball up in the air to get his attention on these thieves in front of her.

    Meanwhile, back in Rust Order, "Hm, I need to find that rare Eevee that escaped from here! Its possible it might have already evolved but into which one!" the masculine voice said. "I can't put up a wanted Poster unless I figure out which one she evolved into" he added looking through some papers for more information.-
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  18. A group of Pawniard and a single Bisharp wearing a hooded cloak had left Rust Order and take the same route that their general Aegeus was going, their mission was to go toward Moss town to collect their taxes for today. "Our mission is to collect their taxes and head back to Rust Order, we will not show any disrespect towards the villagers even if they're low-blooded understood." Slade said as the pawniards saluted to their leader while entering the forest. Slade and his group had notice a commotion happening in front of them. "I'll handle this, the rest of you just watch and hold my cloak." Slade said as he headed out to the clearing with one of his subordinates holding his cloak and then notice two Pokemon running with items he assumed they stoled and so he dash towards them appearing right in front of them.
  19. dratz

    dratz Previously Philucifer

    Minerva was flying over Rust Order, spotting a particular Eevee casting a move. "Eve." She growled as she swooped down towards her. "Greetings, lowblood." She hissed as she circled around her, "I see you're acting pretty suspicious towards your superiors, am I correct? That is not permitted in Fubukai. Minerva grabbed the Eevee by the scruff as she powered up a Solar Beam in case she tries anything. "Rebels like you are the reason our Queen has stomach-aches." She flew up into the sky, flying over to Moss Village, where she saw all sorts of things happening. Mainly, Slade. Minerva landed., putting Eve in a box with a heavy book on top. "Greetings, Slade. Need a hand with what you're doing? Might I have to call Pollux?"

    Pollux was trying to dust himself off after executing someone. Deciding he needed a drink and some peace, he decided to go to Moss Village, his favorite place to mellow out. He arrived at the town, seeing mostly peaceful Pokemon. He walked in the place he liked to eat, ordering what he orders every time. The waiter, a highblood served him and Pollux wondered. "Why would a noble highblood like you work here?" He questioned him, wondering. The highblood made a crummy excuse and saw a tattoo on their neck. It was a rebel logo. He threw him across the room. Pollux grabbed the poor Pokemon and dragged him outside to see the 'peacefulness' of Moss Village has faded.
  20. Blue had stopped once the Houndoom's did and saw the frightening looks on their faces once they saw the Bisharp appear right in front of them. "You thieves!" She said panting but saw the Bisharp named Slade and a Noivern. She remained calm before speaking. "Thank you for stopping them, they stole some medical supplies that were important, aren't you Slade? You work for the Rust Order along with this Noivern?"she said as the Houndoom froze in fear.

    "I suggest you hand me back those supplies, you don't want to make him angry do you or this Noivern perhaps, I'm pretty sure she will have no problem "handling" you to not do something like this again"she said sensing her coldness as she looked at her with unfazed eyes but kept her gentle smile.

    The Houndoom's quickly gave her medical supplies back to her. "We're sorry Blue.....um...it will never happen again" they said to her. "I accept your apology but its not up to me to decide if your off the hook"she added before knowing why they were here. "Your here for the Taxes aren't you Mr. Slade, I have them back in my Care home if that's what you need" she finished looking to him.-
  21. Slade stopped in his tracks as his superior general Minerva appeared between him and the two houndoom. "No my mistress I have everything here under control, I was just about to deal with these thieves, and now if you'll excuse me." Slade saluted as he walked past Minerva and look towards the two houndoom's with disgust.

    Slade hands we're glowing with a orange aura around them. Lunging at the two fire types beaming directly on the head with a powerful brick brake knocking the two out.

    Seeing that the job was done, Slade gave the signal at that his squad can come out now and as they did they handed him his white cloak back. "My subordinates will follow you into town to collect your taxes and deal with those two, I'll be right back." Slade turned away from the Umbreon heading towards Minerva.
    "Is there a reason for you to grace your presence before me madam." Slade said as he kneeled before his general.
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  22. She saw the Houndoom get pounded by Slade's move seeing them get knocked out. "-Harsh as always....-"she thought feeling a bit bad for them.
    She watched as Slade bowed down to the Noivern calling her mistress. She had to admit she felt uneasy for some reason even slightly tremble. She shook her head as this wasn't the time to look fearful. "This way sir Pawnard's" she said in a gentle voice heading back to her care home. "Wait here..."she said walking inside as she covered up the egg for its safety. She placed her medical supplies that were stole back where they were and organized before she made her way towards the back until she found three bags full of her tax money. She grabbed all three before coming out to face the Pawnard's again with the well good size bags almost heavy. "Here you are, that's all the taxes I have" she said putting it down in front of them. She sat down as she seemed to notice on the Noivern that same exact symbol that was on her ear which her flower hides. "-That symbol is on that Noivern and Slade....could it be the symbol from the Rust Order...no it can't be but it just looks so much alike-"she thought. By turning her head slightly the symbol can be faintly seen.

    "Oh that's right I forgot, she has that symbol on her right eye as an Eevee. How could I forget hehe"the male voice said. "You can run but you can't hide...Blue"he said showing his teeth.-
  23. Marc saw a caregiver, he was interested on that and tried to talk with someone. It was a perfect day, sunny and without clouds, but no-one answered. He sat in the shade, waiting for someone to be there and he heard "Did you know? Two Houndooms were here before and
    they stole food to an Umbreon that apparently works here" He wasn't interested in asking what exactly happened. He waited until that Umbreon arrived
  24. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Seeing all the royal guard members, Nightfall got worried. This was the kind of thing that got her and Sunny killed. "Sunny, whatever you do, stay silent," she muttered to the small brown fluff on her back. She felt the Eevee nod and Nightfall continued to walk. She to stared at the Highbloods as she passed, not to arouse suspension due to the fact everyone else was doing it. Nightfall knew there might be some fighting today, now she wished that she never took Sunny with her. Sunny trembled in fear of the powerful pokemon that were nearby.
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  25. misterhipster

    misterhipster Previously squidiot

    After putting that money away with all her other savings, Garland stepped outside to take a breath of fresh air. She likes this town, but hated the conflict and negativity that plagued this supposedly amazing place all the time. Hungry, the Mienshao went to go buy something to eat, even if it was just a small bag of dried berries like she usually gets, though they are pretty good.

    Garland went down to the market with a little bit of gold. She bought a bottle of Miltank milk and dried Rawst Berries that she likes. After eating, she decided to take a walk down the village. She saw a ton of highbloods walking around the area, so she suspected something was up. Garland walked up to the Metagross, though still keeping her distance as to not get into trouble. “Hello sir, is anything the problem? Since you’re here, I suspect that trouble is lurking,” Garland asked warmly to the Metagross.
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  26. Daniel had also ‘taken cover’ when the multitude of guards appeared. He slunk to the side of the road... but he couldn’t stay there forever, he had to get this food delivered. He darted out into the road, almost bumping into an Absol and nearly dropping his bag.

    “‘Scuse me...”

    He muttered as he made sure he was intact. He didn’t pay much attention, the apology was in case it was a guard or something.
  27. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    "Shhh," the Absol said as the little Eevee poked her head up to see the stranger, "Hurry and bring that to wherever that goes to, then stay hidden." She told the other rebel, that she recognized to be Daniel. Her red eyes were full of sympathy and she showed off her the bottom of her front left pad. There the rebel marking was shown. She quickly turned it over and went on her way, Sunny now keeping her head down again. She couldn't return, not yet. It would be too soon. She had to find out why so many high-ranking guards were in Moss Village. One or two was fine, but it seemed like there was an invasion. She had to let her higher-ups know.
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  28. (He isn’t an active rebel [yet], but his sympathies are with them.)

    Daniel was slightly surprised that there was a rebel in the MIDDLE OF TOWN while there were so many officials around. But he followed the Absol’s instructions and trotted off in the direction of Twistedbranch street. After saying goodbye, of course. He made his way to the baker shop as quickly as he could, and was greeted by the Flareon who ran the shop. He dropped off the bags wordlessly and exited the shop.
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  29. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Nightfall knew that she needed to get out of the town, but this was the safest place. If she and Sunny were in a more empty place, more attention would be placed on them. She only got a couple of glances, and so far they were much more busy with their taxes than in her and Sunny. She knew this wouldn't last though. Making a left turn, out of sight of the guards and still a busy street, she knew that she could lose the guards for good now. Hopefully, she could get out of town before the guards found her.
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  30. She saw a Mararok waiting at the caregiver stand before she spoke after giving the taxes to the Pawnard. "Can I help you sir? Anything you need that interests you? Medical, Food, or even care to other Pokemon only 5 coins" she gave a gentle smile sitting down but still had that thought in her mind about that symbol on her ear which Slade and that Noivern had.-
  31. "I'm looking for a job" Marc said while he got up from the ground "By the way, I'm Marcus" Marc was so distant "I can go if you want, but I need a job where people can talk politely to a misterious Marowak with a hood in the skull" He just pulled back the hood "You look so thoughtful, like something that worries you, what is it? Marc asked
  32. "I was practicing. Not doing anything illegal - hey!" she exclaimed in surprise, when Minerva lifted her into the air.
    When she was less-than-softly put into a box, she shouted a very loud profanity at the Flying type, not caring about insubordination.
    "Let me out of here, airheads!" she shrieked angrily.
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  33. Achara paced, back and forth, back and forth, like a worried Pichu looking for its mother. Of course, not one being had much idea on what she was thinking about, but to most Pokemon’s surprise, it was actually her job. Being a part of the highbloods, it was a little surprising that nobody wondered why she decided to work like a lowblood instead of join Her Highness’s armed forces. It was because the Bisharp openly despised bloodbaths and war, and as a “bounty hunter”, all she had to do was knock the wished Pokemon out and bring them to her client who hired Achara to abduct them and drag the Pokemon to them, they would pay her, and that was it. Achara always did her job right, never wrong. Many think she paces because she is worried or anxious, but its because she’s thinking. Today, her client was a Weavile who was searching for a Shelgon, nothing out of the ordinary. The Weavile’s name was Blade, and he promised three full bags of golden coins, which was quite an immensive amount. Blade warned her, though, that the Shelgon was aware that he was searching for him so he most likely had security set up to protect himself. Though what the Shelgon didnt know was that he had hired one of the best Pokémon in the region to find him. ‘I don’t feel bad. His fault for getting into trouble with Blade,’ Achara snickered to herself, spinning on a heal to go to her room and get ready for her job, the sooner she finished it, the sooner she got those coins.
  34. She looked to Marcus and just gave a gentle smile. "Nothing important, just taxes gets me tense when your handing them over to Pokemon from the Rust Order" she lied. "But if your looking for a job, are you experienced in medical possibly making the medicine or just caring for other Pokemon because if you are you can work as my assistant in training if you like" she smiled gently. "You can work anytime you like and get equal pay"she added sliding a leaf and a pen to him. "If your interested sign here".-
  35. "Okay, I'll sign" Marcus just signed and look to her "I need to know your name, by the way I know when people is lying. And yes, I cared my mom for years" Marcus said seriously "I want to know what happened to you, I have that sixth sense of knowing when someone tells me the truth, so don't lie again" Marcus looked at her golden eyes.
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  36. She looked to the Marorak seeing there was no use in lying to him. "I'll tell you once we get to know each other better but I'm Blue the shiny Umbreon, nice to meet you Markus"she said taking the leaf and hid it under the counter. "I'll start with the basics so come in"she said as she removed the sheet to reveal an egg she had been taking care of before she pulled out a leaf book that said medical for beginners. "Ok so we will do this together so just read this and I'll show you how its done ok" she said giving a gentle smile.-
  37. "Ok, read it" Marc said "Do you know what Pokémon is in the egg?" Marc started checking the egg "It seems as if it were to hatch, did you know it, Blue?" Marc was nervous, he never saw an egg and less about to hatch. That sunny day for him now was getting cloudy.
  38. She looked to the egg. "Actually no I don't, it will hatch soon though its on a heat warmer that regulates the eggs temp but what ever hatches from it I will take care of it" she said before looking at the first page reading it. "Oh this one should be simply for you to do" she said walking over to the jars filled with berries already cut down by her as she grabbed a Pecha berry piece and a clear bottle filled with blue liquid. She placed it both down. "We will be making a poison fever relief medicine, here I will show you how its done" she said as she placed the Pecha berry inside the Flask before using Psychic to turn it how she wants it before the liquid turned pink. She placed it down on a small machine before it shook it to make sure everything was mixed in. "And there done, this medicine will help cure a Patient with a poison status and a fever all at once, its tye same step as the other berries just add the correct berry for the medicine like a Chesto berry if the patient is having trouble waking up or a Cheri berry if the patient is paralyzed, now you try it, don't worry about the Psychic part you can use your hands to shake it then use the machine to do the rest"she said as she stood up to check on the eggs temperature.-
  39. Krisseon

    Krisseon Previously ThatMoodyHipster

    Aegeus headed towards the commotion when he noticed his fellow Highbloods, recognizing them as Slade and Minerva, taking care of minor business with some Houndoom thieves. They seemed to have things under control, his assistance was no longer needed. He nodded respectfully to the other Highbloods who had helped the Umbreon. He was about to continue on his way, when a small Mienshao approached him, questioning the situation.

    "Nothing to worry about. My colleagues have it under control. You may proceed with your day."
  40. "Ok, I'll try" Marc said. He did exactly what Blue said, but he forgot to put the top on the last machine and he just filled of medicine "Oops, ehm... Sorry?" Marc was worried about the hood, that hood was a present of his mother that lost when he was a cubone "Do you have a washing machine?"
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