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Open Pokemon RP in Sinnoh (Pokehumans Allowed)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JohnTAD, May 10, 2017.

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  1. 1. Pokehumans, Pokemon, and trainer OCs are allowed.
    2. Trainers may not catch another RPer without consent.
    3. Pokehumans may be caught, and if they are they turn full Pokemon or Pokehumans as their trainer asks.
    4. Most, not all, but most Pokehumans hide their Pokemon features due to prejudice and not wanting to be caught.
    5. No links to images.

    Pokemon species:Lucario
    Appearance: White t-shirt, oversized trench coat to hide hand spikes and tail, white fedora to hide ears, blue jeans, boots that look to big so that they hide feet spikes. Black hair, and blue eyes.
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  2. Name: Lycanroc
    Species: Lycanroc midnight form
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Just a normal Lycanrock Midnight form
  3. John entered Jubilife City from the North. He was very careful to keep his trench coat from flapping away and revealing his tail. He looked for a small market to get supplies, hopefully, he could get in and out of town quickly.
  4. In the city, there was a Lycanroc who was being attacked by a human. the human was trying to capture it. the lycanroc was kept attacking the trainer's pokemon. but, he was getting weak. the trainer had an empty pokeball in his hand, ready to throw it.
  5. (Pokemon names and the beginning of sentences are capitalized.)

    John heard some scuffling in an alley. He thought to himself, 'Best not to get involved." However as he passed by, John noticed how the measures the human was going to to try and capture the Lycanroc. He stepped in, "Sir, leave that Pokemon alone, or I will report you for abuse."
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  6. As the Trainer was distracted, the Lycanroc Ran around the corner. He went around and kept an eye on the figure that was talking to the trainer. He wanted to thank him when he had the chance.
  7. "You just cost me a rare catch. I'll make you pay!" The trainer shoved John, and his coat sleeves flew up. This action revealed his hand spikes. "Oh, a Pokehuman, an even rarer catch." The human grinned maliciously.
  8. The Lycanroc ran up to the scene and tackled the trainer. He said to the Lucario, "you should get away now."
    the lycanroc ran off, but still kept an eye on the Lucario.
  9. John glanced up at the Lycanroc running off, "Thanks for knocking him out. It makes this part easier." He leaned over the human, and removed the memory of him being a Pokehuman. This power was the main reason he had not been caught yet. Most Pokehumans were caught by the age of ten.
  10. The Lycanroc snuck around the city, waiting for the Lucario to get in a place where it was safe to talk.
  11. John sensed the Lycanroc in an alley. He quickly checked, but no one was watching. So, he slipped in. "Hello," he whispered, "Lycanroc I know you're there."
  12. "hey, thanks for saving me back there."
  13. "You're welcome. Humans should really be more considerate when trying to catch a Pokemon. What are you doing in town? First rule of avoiding capture, avoid towns."
  14. "well, I had to meet someone here."
  15. "Who would that someone be?"
  16. "I can't tell anyone."
  17. "Okay. Do you need an escort? I can pretend to be your trainer so that nobody tries to catch you."
  18. John then turned and walked out of the alley. "Just follow close behind me, were in the city are we going?"
  19. "By the poketch Company building."
  20. "Alright then." John lead the way. He was approaching the building when he saw another fight going down. He tapped the trainer in the shoulder. "I would walk away pal."
  21. The Lycanroc whacked the trainer's arm, causing him to drop the Quick ball.
  22. "I told you to quit." The trainer glares at John. Then shoved passed him and left. "You okay buddy?" John asked the Greninja.
  23. The Lycanroc asked the Lucario: "you got any paralyze heals?"
  24. "Greninja, we already know you are there. How are you feeling? Oh, I see, you're paralyzed. I have a berry for that." John fed the Greninja a berry to heal his paralysis.
  25. The Lycanroc just waited.
  26. "well, he ran away. so we should keep moving."
  27. "This is were you are supposed to be meeting."
  28. "it is on the other side."
  29. "Let's go then."
  30. The Lycanroc followed the Lucario. "thanks. by the way, what is your name?"
  31. Pokemon
    Name : Illusive
    Species: Zorua
    Appearance: He has a large cut on his front left leg. He wears a silver collar. His face is covered in bruises. He wears a set of fake vulpix tails that covers up his own tail.
  32. Illusive was hiding in an alleyway. He was bleeding from his left leg. He was using illusion to look like a trash can. There was blood around the image of the trash can. He was breathing very heavily, so you could hear him breathing if you were nearby.
  33. "My name is John, what is. Hang on!" John rushed forward and caught the Greninja, and tripped over Illusive.
  34. Illusive's illusion faltered. He growled at John and back away. He said in the Pokemon language" hooman bad. Go away hooman." He bared his fangs. His eyes were filled with terror and desperation.
  35. Pokemon
    Name: Kaylee
    Species: Eevee
    Age: 3
    Appearance: A regular Eevee

    "Eek!" Kaylee screamed in pain as the Raticate attacked her. She was picked up and thrown. Kaylee had bruises everywhere. She screamed, taking all the energy she had left and using Swift. That was all she could remember before it went black.

    Kaylee woke up in an alley. She could barely move. "H-hello? Is anyone there?" she asked.
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  36. "I'm not a human little one," John replied. He then showed the Zorua his tail, "I am a Pokehuman. Humans are as cruel to me, if not more so, than normal Pokemon. They call us freaks!" John spat on the ground in disgust.
  37. Illusive still didn't trust John. He said" well your part hooman all hoomans are bad since your part hooman your bad too." He started to slowly limp away. He was leaving a trail of blood as he went. He said" why did the hoomans have to kill my friend. She was a nice vulpix. I miss her." He then started to cry.
  38. "Humans have hurt me too. I've lost several friends to them. Wait, did you here that? It sounded like a Pokemon in trouble!"
  39. Kaylee cried louder. "PLEASE HELP ME!" she screamed. She started to bleed from her leg. Everything got blurry and she started to shiver. She started crying. "I miss Mommy, Daddy, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst and Sapphire." She got louder.
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