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Pokemon RP Edition: Hoenn Version

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Doctor Oak, Aug 25, 2004.

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  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord


    I don't think that the whole thing needs properly transplanted this time as I have no intention of shutting the YaBB down. Only admins there can see that link BTW, just in case anyone was reading this going "WTF!?"

    Here, however are the last three posts, just to make sure we all get back into the flow:

    It's probably my turn or something, it always is when it ends up stopping dead for weeks at a time. If it is, i'll post soon. I promise.
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  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Alright... since nothing seems to be moving I'm gonna add on anyways. Before that, tho, I'm wondering if anyone's interested in reading the rest of the RP up to this point (aka. non-participants). If so, PM me and I'll see what I can do.

    "Heh... aren't we lucky. 'Dragons of Hoenn'," Katie smirked as she took the new book off the shelf. Immediately she was taken in by its cover. It was colored brownish-red back to front but etched into it was the outline of a serpent-like dragon, a very long and thin beast with only two forearms. She'd never seen anything like it before.
    "What is this thing?" she muttered, walking back to her seat and plunking down to show it to Raiden.
    The Raichu leaned over in curiosity, replying puzzled, "Rai-chuu, raiai."
    Katie opened the book to the introduction page, reading the first few lines a loud, "Throughout all the neighboring regions, none contain the deep history of dragons as that of Hoenn. Dragons touch almost every part of its legacy, stretching from even the most smallest of events into that of legends. "
    "Chuuu..." Raiden squeaked quietly.
    Katie nodded, "Yeah. Sounds pretty deep, eh? It's hard to imagine they'd be more important here than back in Johto. I heard a little about Hoenn's dragons, yeah, but nothing like this. Guess I should've studied more..."
    She flipped through the pages, stopping to gawk at one completely filled with dragon pictures, most of which all unknown to her.
    "Okay... Seadra and Gyarados I know, but not all these other ones!" Katie exclaimed, pointing from one to the next. She read the names out from under the pictures, "Bagon and Shellgon, Salamence - it's a big one... Vibrava, Flygon - Flygon's pretty cute... But these two aren't very good pictures at all."

    She stared at what looked like two blurs: one red, the other blue. You could barely make them out at all. "Latias... and Latios? Relatives maybe? Wait, there's a short caption." Her eyes went wide. Legendary. It claimed both of these were legendary Pokemon! "Woah... That's totally awesome! Why didn't Clare tell me about them?"
    Raiden gave her a smug look.
    Katie just grunted, "You stay out of this. I'm doing what you wanted, aren't I? I might as well try to be excited about it..." As much as she hated to admit it, tho, she really was curious about these dragons. That hadn't been the case in over two years. "I wonder, tho... Was that picture on the front just made up?"
    But as she turned to the next page...
    Katie's mouth fell open. It may have only been art, but the picture took up the whole page. She couldn't help but curse in utter amazement. It was obviously the creature from the cover, now colored a deep green except for the odd yellow markings all over its body. "Rayquaza... said to be one one of the biggest dragons known to man. A Pokemon of historical origin, it is thought by many to be no more than a myth. Those who believe in its existence, though, swear so by their lives. A true beast of legends." She stopped reading to paused a minute, adding afterwards, "Another legendary dragon, this one even more cool and interesting than the last... You think it's real?" She turned to Raiden.
    "Rai rai!" he nodded with a grin.
    "It'd be awesome if it was..."
    A while past as Katie silently read up more on the dragon legends and some factual information on the more common ones, at last shutting the book with a smile on her face. "This is kinda cool. Yeah, I could get into something like this. That Flygon is part Ground-type, too! Can you believe it?!"

    But what about the past... What about your vow? thoughts suddenly ran through her head. The words made her spirits drop. They were right. What if the same thing happened all over again? Someone could end up dead this time... I don't need to decide it now, she thought, making up her mind, Just give it some time and we'll see...

    Finally putting the book away she looked across to Raab, "Hey, I'm all done over here. Did you wanna stay a bit longer or head out?"

    OOC: Heheh... Another post a bit longer than I would've liked but at least it said what I wanted it too ;)
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  3. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Something burst out of the bushes with a shrill cry. Its form was a large green blur, but He recognized what it was long before it vanished into the sky, as fast as it was. A Scyther.
    "Those aren't found in the wild in Hoenn." Gad snarled. "Someone here was spying on us, and I have a hunch I know exactly who it was."

    He snapped his PokeGear open and quickly dialled Katie's number. "Katie, Nick's Scyther was spying on me and my PokeMon. It just took off, probably to tell its master. I'm not sure where THAT creep is lurking, but keep your eyes open... I'm heading back towards Rustboro. I have a bad feeling that something is going to happen at the meeting... It may be just paranoia, but still... that's why I must go there alone... I don't want you to put yourself and your PokeMon in risk. Don't worry about me... I can handle myself against those freaks. I'm going to go there now. Take care of yourself... If Raab's around, he probably heard this. If he isn't, make sure to tell him the news." He said, and with that, cut the connection.

    "Deities." he grumbled "That's all I needed right now."
    And with that, he turned his heels, and walked briskly back towards the city.

    OOC: Yes, I know, this was short, but I don't have much of an idea as for what to write next...
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  4. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Raab had given Katie his full attention after she answered her phone. The book in his hands was now closed beside him and as the message went on, Raab got to his feet and ended up behind Katie and Raiden.

    Upon hearing the true nature of the message he looked to Katie. "Guess that answers your question." Heading back to the beanbag he had settled on, he picked up his bag and flung it onto his shoulder.

    "Gad may have to go the meeting alone, but not the building." Checking his belt for all his Pokeballs and his shoulder feeling a bit empty now that Torchic wasn't there, he looked to Katie again.

    "If he needs any back-up, we have to be there to give him a hand." Once again feeling the loss of his companion he continued "And on the way, we should visit the Pokemon Center for Taillow and Torchic."

    Raab looked around once more at the school before turning and beginning to head for the door, waiting for Katie to put her book away and join him.

    OOC: Figured that if we sat about and did nothing, we'd be pretty crappy friends. :) That and Raab really wants Torchic back. ^^
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  5. OOC: Am I allowed to jump right in here? If so, where do I start? Just anywhere?
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh... Last time someone tried to join in this RP, it nearly ended up in a disaster... We have quite a bit of plot planned ahead of us. ^^;
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  7. Okay. Never mind then.
  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Silly! I already stated that my character put her book away ;)
    Btw - short reply from me. I don't have anything planned nor the effort to plan it right now. Feel free to auto my character to the Center (unless you had other plans).

    "Yeah, good idea... Let's get back to the Pokemon Center," Katie said quietly as she shouldered her backpack. Gad's phone call had completely unnerved her. She stared down at Raiden for a few moments, the events of the other day replaying in her mine, until finally she decided, "Raiden, I think it'd be best for you to stay in your PokeBall. I doubt you're a target anymore, but just to be sure, k?"
    "Rai!" he protested, but Katie would not relent. Without another word she pulled out his PokeBall and zapped him back inside.
    "Trust me, alright?" she whispered to it before placing the ball back on her belt. Walking up to join Raab she added aloud, "All ready. Let's go."
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  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Well, I'm here..." Gad said, surveying the Devon Corporation building with awe. "Looks a hell of a lot more impressive from up close..."

    The Devon Corporation building was truly a masterpiece of architecture. It almost resembled a cathedral in its design. From the high ledges of the upper floors, over looked stone 'gargoyles' shaped like Dragon PokeMon. Arches decorated its massive entrance, and right by the sides of the door, like guardians standing vigil, were two statues which made Gad's eyes widen with amazement.

    Almost resembling the ancient sphinx of legends in its pose, was the strange PokeMon these statues depicted. A slender, majestic beast with strange, dragonlike legs, and a scythe-like horn projecting from one side of its face, a curious mix of mountain lion and wolf. Its tail was also blade-like, and even a statue, its deep soulful eyes almost seemed to pierce into his soul. The statues were stunningly carved - they looked like they could come alive any moment.

    He recognized the beasts. Their images have appeared in his dreams before, and he has read a bit about them through the GPDS. But the impact that these statues had on him was as great as he has just seen them for the first time in his life.

    He nodded as he walked through the arched door of the building into a large hallway. As impressive as the building was from the outside, so it was from the inside. The influence of more modern-day apparatus, such as computers, meshed well with the old looks of the building - in fact, it almost seemed... natural.

    A young brown-eyed, freckled woman with long, straight golden hair who sat at the reception desk turned her eyes to him and smiled. "Hello, and welcome to the Devon Corporation, proud producers of items and medicine that enhance your life. How can I help you?"
    Gad smiled lightly "I'm here to see Mr. Stone. I believe that I have a meeting set with him."
    "Oh, you're Professor Redwood's friend!" the girl's eyes brightened and she smiled more warmly "My name's Marie. I used to be her assistant for a while. Yes, Mr. Stone will see you right now."

    A nearby elevator suddenly hummed open, and in walked a middle-aged man in a striped, purple business suit, blue tie and pale, silvery-blue hair which has only recently begun to fade to gray. His steel-blue eyes seemed to have a mischeivous glint to them and there was a smile on his face.
    "Greetings." he said "Gad, I assume? My name is Mr. Stone. I believe that you've requested a meeting with me."
    "Mr. Stone. I'm honored." Gad smiled "Yes, I have indeed requested to see you. I assume that you have been filled in with some of the details."
    "Indeed... Follow me to my office, I'll be able to explain things more conveniently there."


    The elevator hummed silently open as the trainer and the corporation president walked into the office. It was large and richly furnished. Some rather impressive exotic plants stood in some corners of the room, and all across the walls, were lined up large glass cabinets full of rows and rows of tagged mineral specimens. Interestingly formed rocks, rare minerals, beautiful crystals - it was all there. Gad's eyes widened as he couldn't help but stare at the cabinets, taking in the sights.
    "I take it you like my collection." Mr. Stone smiled.
    "It's amazing." Gad smiled back "I'm rather fond of crystals, personally. Always found them fascinating."
    "Well, you may be particularily interested in the reason I had to postpone our earlier planned meeting, then." Mr. Stone said, taking a seat at the leather chair behind his desk, and nodded in the direction of a chair across the table. "Please, feel free to sit down."
    Gad nodded acknowledgingly and sat down.
    "My errand with the space center was related to, with the exception of some part deals with the rockets they're testing there, a certain... specimen... they've asked us to study." Mr. Stone nodded "They found it in the core of a meteorite that was recovered in one of the smaller islands in the vicinity of Mossdeep. A large, round crystal of an Azure shade, unlike anything which I have ever seen before... They sent it to us because it seemed to be emitting some sort of energy readout. We've gathered quite a bit of information on it, but it seems like even our technology has difficulties analyzing it. Particularily because its infrastructure seems to be shifting every once in a while... Almost if it were aware. And the strangest thing is... It seems that this crystal contains traces of DNA."
    "DNA? From outer space?" Gad asked, his eyes sparking with interest.
    "Indeed. We've only found trace amounts of it in the crystal, though, and it seems to be changing every once in a while. We've got most of our research logged, but we're not ready to reveal it to the public, yet. I've only told you because you seem to be interested in minerals, and because Marie told me that Prof. Redwood thinks very highly of you."
    "I understand." Gad nodded "Thank you for sharing this information with me... Would it be possible for me to take a look at this crystal myself, after the meeting is over?"
    "Well, it's in high-priority research now - we're still trying to extract any last bit of data we can. But I'm sure the scientists wouldn't mind if you took a look. Now... Sorry for going so off-topic. Regarding the original reason for our meeting, I'd assume it has something to do with the energy readouts on this scale." Mr. Stone said, taking a Seviper's Scale, carefully sealed in a small plastic bag and tagged as if it were a mineral sample. Gad recognized it immediately.
    "Indeed. The readout patterns indicate a usage of highly magnified energy similar to which used in..."
    "PokeBalls. I know." Mr. Stone said. "Now, what I can shed light on. What we're dealing with is an energy net of some sort - As you can see, there are some criss-crossing areas, which suggest that the energy had multiple emmiters. It also seems to magnify as it goes along rather than fading as it goes along. Theoretically, the more emmiters you'd have, the more power it'll have. And this means that the more the PokeMon inside it struggles..."
    "The more powerful it gets, to the point of hurting the actual creature senseless." Gad completed.
    "Indeed. These nets were never ment to contain actual PokeMon, and we've been working on figuring out a way to prevent a PokeMon accidentally caught in the net from being hurt. But we've never gone beyond Prototype stage, and, if you say that something resembling our developments have been built - this means that..."

    And that is when the lights went out.
    "Data transfer and erasure completed. Lockdown sequence initiated." said a computerized voice, which was instantly replaced by a soft male voice which just oozed 'dangerous'. "Don't you just love that sound, Mr. Stone? That is the sound of a shadow... lurking within your very own systems. Or, what has remained of them. You see, we've allowed ourselves to... relieve... you of your computer systems' stored data... Interesting things. Most of them of course completely useless, but I do believe that Project Rising Helix could benefit from Specimen C45E." A dramatic pause, which made Gad think the person on the other side was smirking as if he saw Mr. Stone turn as white as one of his chalk specimens at the mention of the designation "Oh. And in the meantime, we made sure that no one of you is able to... leave... while we make our departure. No hard feelings, Mr. Stone... Strictly... business."

    And the transmission cut off.
    "... Mr. Stone, what IS specimen C45E?" Gad asked him, but had a hunch he already knew the answer.
    "The Space Center's crystal..." Mr. Stone replied.
    "... If it's who I think it is, and they're interested in that crystal... Oh no. If they get their hands on that DNA..."

    The door burst open as Marie rushed in "Mr. Stone, We're trapped! All the doors have locked down, and I think that they won't unlock as long as they're on the premises..."
    "This means that we've got to get to the computer core of the building and cancel the lockdown." said Mr. Stone. "But if we do that, they may be able to escape with Specimen C45E..."
    "I'm going after it." Gad said in determination, pulling a PokeBall from his belt "You worry about those computers, I'll take care of them. I think I know who we're talking about."
    "The Specimen is kept in the research floor... but I don't know how you'll get there with the elevator locked down." Mr. Stone said.
    "I'll think of something." said Gad, "Good luck." He said, and turned to vanish into the door.
    "Wait." Marie said, giving him a small magnetic card, colored purple. "This is a high-level access card to all the sealed floors of the Devon Corporation building. It might prove to be useful."
    Gad smiled at her and accepted the card, vanishing into the hallway.
    "Is he crazy?" Marie asked when he has finally left.
    "Maybe... But whatever he is, I hope that he knows what he's doing..." Mr. Stone said with a sigh. "Well, better get to work on releasing that lockdown..."
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  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    OOC: Must... get... RP... moving! x.O


    As Katie waited for Twistado to be healed she sat quietly on one of the Pokemon Center's couches, pondering what her next plan of action would be. Gad had told her to stay put, but Raab clearly wanted to at least head out to the building and watch for trouble.

    "Trouble indeed... If that was Nick's Scyther that Gad saw then we'd be walking right into it," she thought glumly, staring down at Raiden's PokeBall clutched tightly in her hand. "What good is sitting around here like a chicken, though? I doubt Raab would stay put even if I did duck out. I'm sick of being scared."

    "Damn that Nick," Katie grumbled angrily to herself. "Snooping around the city... Watching us... This makes my blood boil! What the hell is he up to anyways!?"
    Suddenly she felt a twitching on her belt, and before she could react Kaji's PokeBall once again leaped to the ground and burst open automatically. As he grew he loomed over her, gazing straight into in her eyes in a way he'd never done before. This wasn't his usually anger or disgust. It was pure determination.

    "Kaji...?" Katie muttered weakly with surprise. The fire dragon merely snorted, turning to the exit - nearly knocking Katie off her seat with his tail - and stomping off towards it. There was no question about his intentions. "Hey, Kaji - hold up! I'm coming too!" Katie jumped up from her seat and yelled after him.
    "What about your Pokemon?" Nurse Joy's voice called out from behind.
    "Take care of it until I get back! Thanks a bundle," Katie cried over her shoulder. Quickly looking around the room to Raab she added, "You coming?"
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  11. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Raab looked up when he heard Kaji burst out, half expecting to rescue a toasted Katie he began to move towards her, Torchic back onto his shoulder after some quick healing.

    "Katie, wait up!" He shouted as the two headed out the exit.

    OOC: That suxed.
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  12. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Not a soul out here." Gad muttered to himself, looking around for a second "I'd expected the place to be crawling with goons, but no... Industrial silence. These guys are good with small team missions, from what it seems..."

    A movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention and he quickly turned his gaze - only to see (or did he only think he saw?) a flash of glowing eyes blink off like it never existed.

    He turned his eyes, for a second, to the PokeBall he has detached from his belt earlier. Its colors, Black and Grey, were barely seen in the dark corridor. Smiling quietly, he uttered the two words.

    "An'ya, Arise."

    The Mightyena materialized by his side in a flash of black light. (was that a flash of glowing eyes again?) The instance she materialized, she took a sniff of the air, as if she read Gad's mind.

    "This place is unfamiliar, although I can feel that we art indoors." she said "I can sense... Fear. Confusion. The humans trapped within those doors... It is abnormal, for thy kindred."
    "It is." Gad agreed "We're inside the Devon Corporation building. The building's computer systems have been knocked out, so everything's locked down... People are trapped in their departments... But that's not what we should be concerned about. The people who did this are trying to get their hands on a certain crystal in one of the research levels - and we mustn't let them get it."
    "I see... Yes, I can sense something else... Like the pack feels when they have managed to corner a desired prey... And... well, that is odd." An'ya growled "I sense something like I've never sensed before. It doesn't seem to belong in this world..."
    "I have a feeling I know what it is." Gad said "Can you lead me in that direction, quickly?"
    An'ya nodded and dashed off into the distance, Gad following in her footsteps.

    Two glowing eyes lit up, turned a malevolent gaze to the trainer and the Mightyena, and blinked into nonexistence.


    "The computer core of the building is deep underground." Mr. Stone said "The computer systems are entirely fail-safe - we weren't counting on an external hacker being able to go past our defenses. Thankfully, I kept a backup of our data... All we have to do is get to the computer core and upload it."
    "But how are we supposed to get there?" Marie asked "The only way into the core is via the elevators, with a proper code - and we can't do that because the computers are locked down, they aren't accepting any codes, and the elevators won't respond!"
    "Again... I have a backup." Mr. Stone smiled mysteriously, walking over to one of his display cabinets - which displayed precious stones and crystals. Specifically, to the touchpad which controlled the glass casing's door.
    "Let's see... Crystal... Ruby... Sapphire... Emerald... Diamond... Pearl." He tapped a sequence of colors - sky blue, deep red, deep blue, green, white and pale pink.
    To Marie's utter amazement, the glass casing did not open. it revolved completely and revealed something Marie never expected.

    The cabinet was only a front. What lay on its other side was an elevator, which seemed to be completely autonomous from the rest of the system.
    "Failsafes or not, it's always good to have backup." Mr. Stone said, taking a key out from one of his pockets and opening a small drawer in a nearby display case - which contained - among a few exotic and precious metals - evolution stones. Out of it, he took out - to Marie's further surprise - a PokeBall.

    "Shall we?" he asked, gesturing towards the hidden elevator.


    The wolf PokeMon dashed through the corridor, closely followed by Gad. She stopped every once in a while to take a sniff of the air, or changed direction rapidly. The criss-crossing, darkened corridors of the Devon Corporation buildings seemed to Gad, after a while, like a huge warren, but An'ya seemed to find her way extremely well. Finally, she stopped in front of a huge door. It was locked, but, to Gad's utter amazement, the card reader's lights were still active. Like a beacon in the darkness - or, if you wish, like an angry red eye.
    "There be something beyond yonder door." she said "Something malevolent. And, by it, I senseth the signature that which ye seek."
    "One of them, I reckon... With the crystal... I think that we should prepare ourselves for an encounter." Gad growled
    "I feel the thrill of the hunt in ye." she growled fiercely "And, my friend, I shall battle alongside ye! To the pack! To victory!"
    "To victory!" Gad grinned, pulling out the access card and swiping it through the reader.

    The light blinked several times, then, its angry red changed to a peaceful green. The door opened with a faint whisper.

    The Mightyena charged forward with a determined glare in her eyes, followed by the trainer, who looked around cautiously, only to notice something in the middle of the room that made him gasp with awe.


    The elevator yawned open in chambers deep underground. It was unnaturally cold. Marie and Mr. Stone stepped out, both wearing heavy coats found inside the elevator ("For just such an occasion." Mr. Stone said "The temperature is being kept low in these chambers to prevent the computer systems from overheating.") and looked around them. The faint lighting that seemed to be attached to the walls was still lit, but there was something different in the air.
    "We should get going. The central control room is in the end of this corridor." said Mr. Stone, and turned to walk in that direction, followed by Marie.

    Behind them, a security camera swivelled in their direction. The person who watched them was incredibly amused.

    "Now, it... begins." he said, a smile creeping up to his lips.


    It was the crystal that he saw. A perfect sky-blue sphere, nestled amongst sensors and scanners upon a pedestal that seemed to belong in a different floor. Whatever took the crystal must have been unable to detach the crystal from the sensors, and so it ripped the entire pedestal and took it to this floor. It wasn't guarded. There was nothing in the room with the exception of the trainer, his Mightyena and the crystal.

    "That was easy." Gad said "TOO easy. Almost as if they were expecting us to fall into a very obvious trap."

    And then, the door closed behind them, and the card reader's light failed.

    Something glared at them in the darkness. Something Malevolent.

    A moment later, something dashed out of the shadows, its feet never touching the ground, and knocked An'ya over with extreme accuracy. The canine bounded to her feet in seconds, and glared menacingly at the thing that attacked her.

    It was an Alakazam, but not of any sort she has ever seen before. For one, its armor plating was black, and adorned with strange orange line patterns. It did not carry any spoons - rather, its claws were wild, sharp and obviously very dangerous, and were painted a sinister black. The creature was NOT an ordinary Alakazam - that much was obvious. And judging by the appearance of the thing, Gad knew who it belonged to.

    "If I'm right, this creature's been following us ever since we left the office." Gad said "I get the feeling that it's playing with us. Trying to figure out our strong and weak spots for someone. Well, I'd love to see it try."

    The Alakazam did not move. Its eyes were closed, as in meditation. It just floated there. Something was awfully suspicious about it but Gad couldn't tell what it was.
    The Mightyena charged, her fangs gleaming, her powerful jaws closing on... air. The Alakazam was gone, only to appear in a different corner of the room, a pale white aura surrounding it. It vanished again, appearing behind the Mightyena and taking a quick slash at it.

    The Mightyena yelped, turning quickly to bite her attacker - but the psychic-type was no longer there. The creature appeared in midair, its aura getting stronger.
    "So, it's playing games." Gad growled, "Normally I hate doing this, but this is WAR. An'ya, let's give it multiple targets, then, shall we?"
    An'ya grinned in spite of the pain - clearly there was something in the creature's claws that wasn't normal - and closed her eyes, darting from corner to corner, producing at least three other An'yas. The illusionary pack howled challengingly at the floating Alakazam.
    The Alakazam continued to float nonchalantly, its aura becoming much fiercer.
    "Now!" Gad cried out, and the Mightyenas leapt up, preparing to crunch the Alakazam from all directions. Of course, only one attack would be real - but it would count.

    The Alakazam opened its eyes - they were glowing white, And a blaze of white light dispelled the illusions in a second. The Alakazam could NOT, however, evade the fangs closing on it arm.

    The creature screeched, its concentration broken, and plummeted from the air, vanishing before it hit the ground. An'ya landed in a nervous crouch, sniffing the air for any clues of her enemy's whereabouts.

    It appeared right behind her.

    It suited her just fine.

    With a sharp twist, she launched a Shadow Ball directly into the Alakazam's Abdomen. The creature was too surprised by the impact to feel it until it slammed it against a nearby wall. It leapt back to its feet, growling and becoming bathed in golden light.

    To An'ya's surprise, the scratches and bite marks on the Alakazam were gradually mending. She felt the PokeMon's mental energies boost its cells' regeneration factor.

    And it made her mad.

    With a single charge, she pinned the still-recovering Alakazam and sunk her teeth into its abdomen. With an audible crunch, A chestplate cracked.

    The Alakazam howled in pain, knocking An'ya off with a flash of white light. But the dark-type attack must have hit something critical. The Alakazam did its best attempt to stand majestically up, and glare at the Mightyena with sheer contempt. Then, it whisked the Crystal away from the pedestal and vanished.

    Two doors opened. One led to the exit, another to a flight of stairs.

    An'ya growled "Cowardly psychic-type! Where hath it escaped? I shall break more than its armour next time!"
    "I get the feeling that it was studying us." Gad said "Something is amiss. Can you sense him?"
    "Yes, I can." An'ya growled "It's heading for the roof."
    "Let's get back on its tail..." Gad said "I don't know what's waiting for us up there..."
    "But we can take it!" An'ya howled determinedly, and dashed up the stairs, with Gad close in following.

    "We better."


    "So, you finally made it."
    The door opened to reveal a the central computer core. The manual override console, usually unmanned, was flashing in various shades, showing that it was, in fact, very active indeed.
    By it, sat a man wearing dark glasses - connected to the console via wires. Long, unkempt green hair obscured his face, until he turned his head and smiled thinly.
    "Welcome to my domain." he grinned, his voice just as dangerous sounding as it had when he made the announcement over the public address system "Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Link, resident computer specialist for Project Rising Helix, and your local, how shall we say it... Ghost in the shell. I assume that you've come to stop me. How nice. A shame that it would not come to pass... You see... When everything in a building is connected to a central computerized system... It is much easier to control all aspects of said building. Of course, there are failsafes, but there always will be."

    "Now, what have we here?" He asked, and within a second, the PokeBall that Mr. Stone was holding was in his hand. Mr. Stone gasped, wondering how it got there.
    "Oh, I see. 'Backup'." he chuckled "You are obviously a grander fool than I have thought you were. You installed the backup for an entire system on an expiremental, unreliable semi-sentient creature? Well, it doesn't matter." he said, tossing the PokeBall away into a trash can "It wouldn't be able to help much. For after all, what good is a PokeMon, if the trainer cannot give it directions?"

    Something black hovered Mr. Stone. Something LARGE and black. Then, in what seemed to be a split-second, the thing floated straight through his body, emerging on the other side, revealing itself to be a large, black gengar. It did not grin. In fact, it seemed downright murderous. A blue glow danced within its gaseous black depths. The Devon Corporation president's eyes widened, then he collapsed, utterly unconcsious.

    "Trapped in his own mind." Link grinned "Having to face his worst fears... to re-live his greatest moments of pain and failure. I'm sure he has many of those, as the president of a large company. Now, as for YOU... I don't know. I think that you'd make a fine pet." he turned to Marie "But maybe it is best not to take any risks. Seize her, Youma!"

    The Gengar transformed into the dark cloud and charged again, only to be stopped by a barrier of light.

    Marie stood there, surrounded by what seemed to be a light screen. Her hair seemed to float in the wind, as if a draft was coming down from below her, but there was no wind. And the draft came from the thing she held in her hand.

    The PokeBall cracked open, unleashing something with a form which did not seem to be of this world. Its red eyes oriented on the cloud, and its claws clicked in anger.
    Its voice, two voices bound into one, uttered a word which Link - and his Gengar - have never heard before. A word that terrified them. A word which brought to their mind visions of two beings, their essences dancing around each other, bound to each other in a sort of fusion which turned them - in all aspects - into one being. A sentient core of energy within a metal shell, which only screamed out one thing.


    The dark glasses shattered in a shower of sparks, and the hacker - and his PokeMon - knew no more.


    The trap door burst open, and out bounded An'ya, breathing the cold air of the outside world again. It was windy - no doubt about it. And standing by one of the dragon gargoyles, stood a man in black uniform.
    The orange slashmarks/jagged lightning and line patterns, as well as the dragon sillhouette on the clip of his belt - betrayed his affiliation. More specifically, he had eerie-looking gold eyes, shortish black hair, a white stripe running from the back of his head and turning into a fringe on his forehead. He grinned, wielding the Crystal in his hands.
    "So, you've come." he said, glaring at the trainer and the Mightyena "But you are too late, you see... We have the research, we have the crystal... We have ground backup... And you have nothing. Turn back now!"
    An'ya growled.
    "I don't think we have any intentions of doing that." Gad said, meeting his enemy's glare with one of his own. There was something deeply unsettling about the man's eyes... But he couldn't pinpoint what exactly it was.
    "Unfortunate." he said, producing a PokeBall from his belt. "Truly unfortunate."

    The PokeBall burst open revealing a huge bipedal lizard - Seeming like a cross of several prehistoric animals - or an undead Rhydon - or both. Metal and rock meshed together into one form... It was an extremely angry looking Aggron.

    "But I think I'll stick around for a bit only to watch my Aggron pulverize you, just for meddling... Oh. I'm sorry about your Mightyena."
    Gad and An'ya both blinked.
    "Iron Tail." he grinned, and pointed
    The Aggron charged, its metal plates gleaming...

    Gad's eyes widened when he realized what the thing intended to do.

    An'ya yelped as the hit of the powerful tail sent her into the air. She was vaguely aware that her fall was lasting longer than she expected, but she was too tired and weak to notice.

    The Mightyena closed her eyes and plummetted down towards the streets below.


    The Porygon2 emerged from its PokeBall, startled, and looked around in a confused way. There were three people in the room. One seemed to be stunned, another was recovering from what seemed to be a brutal mental assault, and one was helping the recovering man to his feet.
    Then it felt another presence in the room. It was a Psychic-type, and with a single growl, it vanished - taking the fainted man and a shadowy existence that floated beside it away.

    But that did not matter. The digital mind of the Virtual Reality PokeMon could feel the call of its kind. It could feel the data within it aching to return to its source. For the first time in a long while, it felt like it belonged.
    The computer systems whirred back to life as its lifeblood - the data which has stopped flowing within its circuits - started flooding it again, re-energizing the building.
    The lights returned. The doors opened, releasing trapped employees. The primary elevators awakened yet again.
    The backup was installed. The Porygon2 was home.

    Marie and a still dazed Mr. Stone walked into the primary elevator. Marie smiled to herself, knowing that no one would ever know what truly happened there, and which PokeMon it was she was carrying with her at all times.

    They wouldn't have believed her if she told them, anyway.


    Gad's eyes widened as he watched An'ya fall. He quickly drew his PokeBall and attempted to return her, but it was too late.

    "A tragic fate, but what can one do? It knew the risk it was taking." said the gold-eyed man, and smiled cruelly.

    That was enough.

    Gad's eyes burned with anger. It was more than just anger. It was pure, unrefined rage.
    And mirroring his eyes exactly were Yuurin's. The Treecko took position by his trainer's side, ready for battle.

    "A Treecko? Against a fully-evolved Aggron? This should prove to be... interesting." he grinned "Crush it like the bug it is."

    "You shall pay." Gad simply pointed.

    The Treecko leapt at the Aggron in a cry of anger, echoed by Gad. The Aggron Growled, taking a swipe at the Treecko with its metallic claws. The Treecko changed direction in midair, avoiding the claws, and landed on the ground, glaring at its adversary, whose armor plates shined in the glow of iron defense. Closing his eyes, Yuurin sought the dragon inside - and found, to his amazement, another presence.
    It was Gad. His presence was faint, but it was there. The synchronization was deeper than it had ever been.
    "How...?" he thought.
    But Gad said nothing. Only grinned determinedly, and gestured in the direction of the core of Dragon energy.
    "We shall battle through this together. For An'ya." his trainer said in his mind.
    "So be it!" Yuurin nodded determinedly - and both trainer and PokeMon reached for the Dragon core...

    A burst of Turquoise-Green flame emerged from Yuurin's mouth to Gad's enthusiastic cry. The flames seared against the Aggron's plates, heating them up badly. Gad knew that Steel-types had a dragon resistance, but he was hoping for a different effect...

    The Aggron's movement was slowed - it was clearly almost paralyzed, But it was still mobile enough to launch a powerful iron tail...
    The Treecko changed direction in midair to avoid the attack, only to realize the attack wasn't aimed at him. It was aimed at one of the gargoyles, and it shattered the statue completely, knocking gigantic chunks of carved rock at the Forest Lizard PokeMon's direction.

    The rocks came screaming in his direction - and while most missed, one seemed to be headed in direct impact course. Yuurin made a powerful twist in midair, whacking the rock away with his tail, launching it in the Aggron's direction. The Iron Armor PokeMon growled deeply, launching a punch that shattered the rock into tiny fragments.

    Gad's eyes managed to catch the percise angle in which the Aggron's fist caught the rock - a natural weak spot. He recognized the attack as Brick Break - a fighting-type move. Which was just the sort of thing that would give him an edge against the armored behemoth. An idea formed in his mind, and the Treecko nodded, sizing the Aggron up. The spot which the Dragonbreath scorched seemed to have been weakened enough...

    "Now! Try hitting it just like it hit that rock!" Gad growled, and Yuurin nodded, lunging at the Aggron with determination. The Aggron did not move. It seemed to be deeply amused by the feeble little creature attempting to attack it - And percisely at the moment Yuurin was close to impact...

    The Aggron turned, revealing its armor-plated back. It was too late to change direction, and the Iron tail that followed was very painful indeed for Yuurin.

    The Treecko crashed in a crumpled heap at his trainer's feet, and stumbled to its feet. A large bruise covered its leaf tail, and it seemed rather shaken. "He wouldn't last much longer..." Gad thought in horror, seeing the Treecko fall back to its knees, breathing heavily. The Aggron hit him where it counted.

    "I'm NOT giving up..." growled Yuurin, "Not... as long as I can stand..." and suddenly...

    Green flames seem to bathe his form. Determination filled his eyes as he suddenly stood up. His eyes were the eyes of a Dragon again - but his essence was that of a Grass-type. He has been weakened enough to trigger his Overgrow ability, and that was just the boost he needed...

    The Treecko dashed rapidly forward, leaping onto the Aggron before it managed to realize what was happening. Green glow surrounded Yuurin as his Absorb attack kicked in, drawing more power from the Overgrowth. The Treecko's glow intensified as Absorb gradually shifted into Mega Drain... The Aggron growled, attempting to shake the Lizard away from its bulk, but no avail. The Armored beast's steel-type was enough to shield it from being hurt more severely, but it was enough for Yuurin to get himself back on his feet. He leapt away from the Aggron and landed in front of it, glaring into the large blue eyes of the steel monstrosity.

    And then, The green flames of overgrow subsided as a flash of white light encompassed the small Grass-type, swirling around it and within the glow, the Treecko's form began to grow and change...

    The light subsided, revealing the slender form of a forest-green Grovyle. Three large, almost winglike crests of blue leaves were attached to its arms, and a similar - yet longer - blue leaf crest adorned its dragonlike head. Where the leaf tail once was there were now two large blue leaves. Its eyes were still focused on the Aggron, as it unleashed a battle cry - echoed by Gad's exclamation of happiness. The Grovyle extended sharp, metallic-looking claws and growled, shifting into what could only be described as a combat stance. It sized up the Aggron. Suddenly, the fully-evolved Iron Armor PokeMon did not seem so tough...

    Yuurin charged, its claws blazing, the leaves on its arms glowing a fatal green... melding into each other, becoming two great scythes of light...

    The Leaf Blade Impacted the Aggron full force, knocking it off its balance. The Aggron crashed to the ground, clutching gashes the leaf blades made in its rock plates. It roared in frenzy, Thrashing on the ground until at last, it managed to pull itself back up.

    And it was mad.

    But Yuurin was even madder.

    The two reptilloid PokeMon clashed - metal and rock against leaf and muscle. Fire danced in Yuurin's eyes. The Aggron roared, throwing all of its bulk on the Grovyle, but then, it was hit by a paralyzing stream of turquoise-green flame directly to the face. Yuurin Glared into the frozen eyes of the Aggron, its leaves melding yet again...

    It was all over in one cross-slash. The Aggron collapsed, unable to move, Yuurin stood upon the large body of its fallen adversary, and unleashed a cry of triumph into the air.

    And his trainer raised a fist into the air and unleashed a feral cry of victory as well.

    The cooperation between Trainer and PokeMon that have brought forth victory against what seemed to be impossible odds.


    She felt like she was falling forever... And suddenly, it stopped.
    She couldn't feel the air around her, nor the sensation of falling, or anything.
    Floating in a void. That was what she was. She opened her eyes vaguely, to see nothing but darkness, and in the distance, two red cores of energy, burning with intensity she has never felt before. Two that are one.
    A feeling of peace surrounded her. She closed her eyes yet again, slowly becoming aware that her rapid descent has become somewhat of a gentle float, and that soon enough, she would be safely on the ground.
    "Wolves were definitely not meant to fly." she thought bemusedly as her legs gently found hold on an open window's ledge and then, she stumbled into the building, collapsing.

    "There." she heard a voice and felt a reassuring touch - a friendly touch. She vaguely recognized the voice as belonging to a friend. That young woman from the building. "Everything will be all right now..."
    The Mightyena smiled, as she felt the light burn of a Full Restore sprayed on her fur. She closed her eyes, relaxing completely, and allowing the medicine to take its effect.
    The two burning cores of red energy faded into nothingness.


    The gold-eyed man withdrew his fallen beast into his PokeBall, and turned his gaze to Gad and Yuurin, their eyes now focused on him.

    He was still holding the crystal.

    "So, you also bite." he said "How wonderful. We may want to have a look at that Grovyle of yours someday... I'm sure his DNA would be a fine addition to Project Rising Helix... And so would have this been. A shame."

    He raised the Crystal to the sky.

    "What happened here is of no consequence. Even if you managed to defeat me or your meddling friends managed to restore control of the computer systems... It doesn't matter. We already extracted all data from their research computers... You've nearly taken out my Alakazam - he doesn't have the strength to teleport. Useless. And I'm afraid that my other escape route does not allow me to carry extra weight. We were hoping to get the DNA directly from the source, of course, but, well, we could do with Synthetic replacements..."

    He smiled coldly, backing up towards the edge

    "If the project won't benefit from this crystal... Then no one will."

    And he threw the crystal into the air. Extremely powerfully.

    Gad froze as the Crystal was thrown. He knew that if the crystal would fall from this height, it would be shattered completely.

    Within seconds, Yuurin leapt into the air, spreading out the fans of leaves on his arms in a winglike manner, gliding upon a gust of wind... His arms were extended to their fullest, and his claws just barely caught onto the azure sphere. He somersaulted, landing on the ground in the crouch of a skilled martial artist, his head lowered and his eyes, like cold steel, focused in determination.
    The crystal was nestled firmly in its claws.

    "Great work, Yuurin." Gad grinned, and the Grovyle nodded, handing Gad the Crystal.
    "Take it. It is unharmed... And it seems to be almost happy." he said, with a light grimace "Whatever it is, it's definitely semi-sentient."
    The moment Gad touched the crystal, it washed over him - a wave of confusion, and yet of joy. The creature within was vastly confused about the events of the day, but it was happy to be away from those who think negative thoughts.
    With a smile, Gad produced his Digital Storage Device and faintly touched the Crystal with it, drawing it in. He'll return it to Mr. Stone as soon as he can.

    Standing by one of the gargoyles were Trainer and PokeMon, staring down into the streets. Both knew that there was no way the Mightyena could have survived that fall, and only now, they allowed themselves to mourn for the loss of An'ya.
    "She was truly brave." said Gad, his mind racing to that night on route 102 where he first saw her, a proud leader, battling for the leadership with Keirin. The moment where she gained his respect.
    "And a noble soul." said Yuurin, his eyes closing "As noble as they come."
    "We shall never forget her... And her sacrifice would not be in vain!" Gad said, closing his eyes.
    "That is just so lovely... But who be the fierce warrior whose funeral hath now I borne witness to?" said a voice which could not be mistaken.
    Gad and Yuurin turned their heads to the origin of the voice. Marie stood there, along with a lightly bruised, but otherwise fine...
    "Well, I'll be a Nuzleaf's uncle." Yuurin's eyes widened "An'ya! But aren't you..."
    "Dead? Nay, not dead, for by some trick or devilry I hath been rescued." An'ya grinned. "Dost ye honestly believe that she which hath led the pack would be slain by an armored abomination?" ... Wait."
    Gad froze.
    "I can feel something... Faint tension... and..."

    A green blur sped down from the sky, towards the ground. The two humans and two PokeMon dashed to the edge. Far down in the streets, Gad thought he could see bursts of fire...
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    As Kaji zoomed through the air above Katie and Raab raced along behind him, watching the Charizard closely so as not to lose him. Somehow he knew something they didn't, but judging the direction he was headed Katie was sure they'd find out the answer soon. It was the same place Gad had gone: the Devon Corporation headquarters.

    "This is bad! We should already be there! … Who knows what the heck‘s going on?! … Damn Gad being bold!" Katie roared between breaths, more to herself than Raab. In reality it wasn't Gad she was angry at; it was her own weakness. If it hadn't been for Raab's proposal and Kaji's rash actions she'd probably still be sitting tight at the Pokemon Center. What did her safety matter if she couldn't even help protect her friends?

    Suddenly Kaji let out a roar that echoed through the sky, pulling ahead just enough to disappear behind a patch of trees. Above them loomed the Devon Corp. complex, more menacing than ever before. Katie gave one last gulp before clenching her fists tightly and narrowing her eyes. The time for blame and doubt was over. Who knew what they'd find beyond those trees…

    As Katie rounded the corner into the court yard her eyes went wide with surprise. Before her stood Kaji, his tail flame blazing brightly as he stooped forward in threatening stance. Then several meters in front of him was a sneering Scyther, its scythed arms crossed above its head in a mocking and beckoning manner. But the one which made Katie's stomach turn was the man standing directly behind the mantis Pokemon, the same twisted grin on his face that he'd worn during their last encounter. His burning red hair was unmistakable, but instead of the causal clothing he'd donned before he was now clothed in a black uniform, odd and jagged orange patterns covering it chest downward.

    "Nick…" Katie growled darkly, only matched in hatred by an additional growl from Kaji. The young man's eyes slowly revolved and locked on the girl, gleaming with excitement as he replied,

    "Katie, nice to see you again. I was hoping you'd show up… You can only imagine the glee I felt when the red Charizard appeared. It was only a matter a time until his foolish trainer joined the party."

    "Save it! I don't have time for your sick banter. What the hell are you doing here!?"
    Nick put on a hurt expression, "Aww… And yet I was so happy to see you. A shame we can't even-"

    "SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Katie screamed furiously, her fists trembling at her sides, "You almost killed Raiden, you sick bastard! How dare you even show your face around here again! Tell me what the hell you‘re doing here! NOW!"

    "Such language… All this anger, for me? I feel honored," Nick merely smirked.

    Kaji smacked down his tail and bellowed in rage as Katie growled through gritted teeth, "Why you…!"

    "If you want to know, you'll have to beat us in battle. 1 on 1 - your brute verses my Scyther. That's just you and me," he eyed Raab as he said the last part.

    "Fine. We're not afraid of you," Katie snapped in reply, Kaji snorting flames from his nostrils and giving a nod himself. At that the girl quickly spun on the balls of her feet to face her purple-haired companion, a look of indignation in his eyes. She could read them well, telling her not to trust Nick, but this was something she and Kaji had to do. "It's okay, I'll be alright with Kaji beside me. Let us handle this scum." Unknown to Nick was the signal she gave to Raab with her eyes, jerking them towards the building with a nod. Slowly he gave a nod in return and stepped back to give them space, Katie whirling back around to face the destined foes.

    "Ready?" Nick asked with a smile.
    "As ever."
    "Then I'll let you take the first move."
    "Gladly," Katie murmured darkly, then her voice rose to a cry, "Kaji, Flamethrower!"

    Without a shred of disagreement the Charizard let loose with his brilliant flames, the blast reaching out hungrily for Nick's Scyther. Though seconds before the attack connected the Scyther opened its wings and took to the air, totally avoiding the flames that scorched the ground in its path. Kaji growled angrily, firing another stream of fire into the sky only to have the mantis dodge it again. Its movements were so quick that they blurred together, making it appear to be teleporting from place to place.

    "That thing's faster than I thought. We'll never hit it at this rate!" Katie muttered angrily as she shut her eyes tightly to focus her thoughts on a solution. But before the frustrated trainer could calm her mind the sound of beating wings filled her ears, forcing her eyes open again just in time to see Kaji push off from the earth and shoot up into the air. He immediately released yet another Flamethrower attack with yet again the same results.

    "To fast for your brute? Figures," Nick chuckled manically. "All talk and no action! Pathetic!"
    Katie shot him a glare but ignored his words, quickly turning her attention to the soaring Charizard and calling, "Kaji, attacking head on's not gonna to work! You have to-" But it was obvious when Kaji fired once more that her words fell on deaf ears. He'd always had a bad temper, quelled only by the stern tone of her father. Once he was this far gone nothing anyone else said would be able to shake him out of his stupor. "Dammit, Kaji! This. Isn't. The. Time!"

    She watched on in helplessness: Kaji firing rapidly at the Scyther which continued to dodge every last shot. They barreled through the sky, diving down and skimming across the ground before Nick and Katie, then climbing back up to the heavens; just to go into a flip and spiral downward once again, only to pull up seconds before crashing into the earth. It was a chase only two expert flyers could participate in, but it was one Kaji was slowly losing. She knew his limits. If he kept this up he was bound to tire out and be left at the mercy of the opponent.

    That's when it hit her. Something was deeply wrong with this scene. Scyther hadn't made a single move to attack the whole battle, nor had Nick given it a single command. All it did was wait for Kaji to act and dodge, dodge in ways that almost seemed impossible…
    Her eyes went wide.
    "Kaji, it's an illusion! That's not the real-" but her desperate cry was replaced with the familiar shriek of the scythed Pokemon, coming from not the one Kaji chased but from behind. Her blood ran cold. This had been Nick's plan all along, just like with Raiden. "I've been played…"

    Out of the camouflage of trees the Pokemon zipped, scythes outstretched in front of it, ready to slice through Katie's hair and the soft flesh of her neck. She heard its wings, knew what they meant; knew there was no time to react. And then-

    A bloodcurdling roar shook the earth, making Katie scream in both horror and shock. Kaji's mass hung over her, trembling from the sharp blow he'd taken straight through his scales and deep into his back. She'd been utterly pinned under his bulk, left with nothing to do but stare blankly up at the red Charizard with her mouth hanging open. His eyes were shut tightly, and Katie could tell by pained look on his face that he'd been hurt badly.

    "Kaji…?" she whispered with a shaky voice as Nick's demented laugh overpowered her thoughts.

    "Rich! Just Rich!" he laughed, "Taking the full force of the attack without even defending itself? Ridiculous! Reckless and ridiculous!"

    Katie wanted to retort with something - anything that would shut him up - but she couldn't find the words. Her mind felt like it'd shut down, able to process only the most basic thought: "Kaji."

    "Rrrrrrr…." the Charizard grumbled and cracked an eye open. He stared down at Katie, a subtle but evident look of happiness in his gaze, and slowly shifted his weight. Cautiously he pushed off the ground with his weak arms, wincing with every movement but in the end managing to stand upright. Katie didn't move at first, still lost in her thoughts as she gazed up at the Pokemon, until he stomped his foot down and let out a cry.

    "Heh… I had hopes that you'd do that," Nick smirked at Kaji, his Scyther - the real Scyther - now standing by his side, "It seems my little trick threw you for a loop, but I'm a bit disappointed it took you so long to figure out… Double Team can be the most excellent attack if used to its fullest, eh? Agility works wonders to boost its powers, too."

    "Scyyyyther!" his Pokemon cried, clanking its bladed arms together triumphantly. Katie turned her head towards it just to have her stomach heave as she saw the deep crimson blood dripping down off its right blade, staining the earth it touched.

    "You sick…" her words quivered, trailing off into a cry of disgust. Pushing herself off the ground her stomach gave another lurch, causing Katie to take a few deep breaths as she closed her eyes and willed her nerves to calm. She knew it wasn‘t that simple, yet somehow it seemed to help… That's when her ears caught the sound of crunching dirt, and opening her eyes she found Kaji standing directly before her. It was then she saw the slash through his back, almost a foot and a half in length and gushing blood.

    At that instant something inside her mind snapped.

    "Humph. No comments?" Nick sneered, but Katie didn't answer. Her eyes seemed to stare beyond Kaji, beyond even Nick and his Scyther, into the past… The image of the Dragonite landing that last deadly blow across Kaji's chest; blood everywhere…

    "It's not your fault this time! You didn't do this!" a voice suddenly shattered the void. Katie's head jerked back as if she'd be physically struck, her gaze returning to the here and now. On the voice continued, " You can't change the past, but you can guide your future! Don't let yourself fall back into that pit! Fight it!"
    " Just shut up and get over it! Jeez…"
    "Eesh…" Katie grumbled as she shook her head, holding her forehead in her right hand and murmuring, "I swear there's a gnome living inside my mind… A very wise one at that."

    Nick raised an eyebrow in response, "Has the battle finally driven you insane? Guess it was bound to happen…"
    "Shut up." Katie muttered coldly, looking up to glare over Kaji‘s shoulder at the red-haired man. "We're ending this, right now."
    "Tisk, tisk… More reckless behaviour…" Nick shook his head mockingly, to which Kaji growled in reply. Katie grunted.

    "You ready?" she asked the Charizard.
    "Rrrrr…" he replied with a nod.
    "Alright! Then let's show him your ultimate attack! Kaji-"

    The Scyther jumped into action, opening its mouth wide and spitting up a glob of deep purple slime which sailed across the field to slap Kaji smack-dab in the eyes. He bellowed in pain, shaking his head viciously in a futile attempt to stop the burning, but even after knocking off most of the poison the Charizard was still utterly blind.

    "Kaji! Calm down! Please, just calm down!" Katie cried, but as he stomped around frantically all she could do was jump back to dodge his tail flame. He was totally lost again in his rage.

    Seeing this simply delighted Nick, who cackled malevolently and cried, "Yes, this really is the end: for you! But first, we'll deal with that pathetic beast. Scyther!"

    "Scyyy!" it nodded, readying its claws and rushing forward. Kaji heard it approaching and began to rapidly shoot off Flamethrowers, but it was useless. In his mad state he might as well have been a sitting duck.
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    Gad watched the battle with horrified fascination. He KNEW that the Scyther was dangerous... but he could not grasp just HOW dangerous it was...
    "There is a foe not to be underestimated." An'ya murmured in awe.
    "Yes... Although Kaji's getting his flaming tail handed to him over easy." Yuurin growled. "Do you think that we should intervene?"

    Suddenly, a PokeBall on Gad's belt burst open. In a flash of orange light which burst into flames emerged the majestic form of Naien. The Regal Dragoness twisted her form in the air, her flaming wings burning with intensity. Her purple eyes gleamed in a way he simply couldn't read. She launched herself into the air, setting fire to the sky in her wake.

    Minutes later, she was diving, even her flaming wings appearing as pale shadows within the aura of fierce flames that surrounded her. Her eyes were glowing in all shades of flame. She almost seemed like a small sun of her own right, and the almost solar flare-like outbursts of flames, that danced around her added to that impression.

    "Whoa. Where did that come from?!" Yuurin gasped.
    "Corona Drive." Gad nodded "Dracorona's ultimate move... And it seems like she's going to go for a REALLY big outburst... Looks like we kinda don't have a choice about intervention..."


    Within a storm of flames, she plunged downwards, screaming, towards the green bug-type and his trainer. She was one with the flames. Her mind was filled with thoughts of flame. Consume. Devour. Burn. And yet, her mind was also filled with other thoughts. She felt the Charizard's raging, blinded state - and with it, his vulnerability. She felt the need to protect him... And even though she attempted to refuse to admit it, in the short time she spent with the Charizard before, she found out that she rather liked him.

    And right now, this insignificant human and that large green insect were trying to hurt him.

    Naien roared.

    The Solar flares intensified, blasting in the way of the Scyther with extreme accuracy. They were far too fast for even the Mantis. But Naien did not bother to check on the Scyther - she just landed by Kaji, sinking her claws into the ground, and roared at Nick, her aura of flame disappating harmlessly, but her flaming ear crests and wings still burning at high intensity, and her purple eyes focused in determination.

    "Play with fire..." she growled (although none could know what she said) "And you WILL get burned."
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    OOC: Gary - just to finally get this done and out of the way I'm gonna continue on. Hope it doesn't screw anything up for you ^^;
    Sorry for a slight autoing, Stel.


    Scyther had been too wrapped up in its own sick desires to notice the blazing Dracorona nearing until it was too late to react. "SCYTHERRRR!" it screamed as the flares impacted, the first sweeping it off its feet while the rest repeatedly bombarded around it. As Nick gaped in horror he couldn't even see through the blaze to recall it into its PokeBall.

    "Another unexpected surprise..." he grumbled darkly, glaring at the unfamiliar beast. The dragon looked straight at him and growled angrily, its piercing eyes locking with his own. Nick gave a grunt, "Coming to the rescue. How cute... We'd love to have a piece of you."
    He eyed his fallen Scyther, flames still dancing around its body, then turned his gaze to the watch on his wrist. His glare slowly changed into a smug smile.
    "I would've enjoyed seeing this further, but my job here is done," the young man chuckled, gazing up at the trio. Kaji had calmed but still seemed disorientated - "How pathetic..." he thought - but both Katie and the enigma were giving him death looks. It made him laugh even harder. "Its been fun, Katie, but it appears I've overstayed my welcome. Till we meet again."

    "What makes you think we'll let you go?!" the girl roared at him, both the dragon and Kaji roaring in agreement. It seemed the blinded Charizard had finally locked onto Nick's position; not that it mattered.

    "It's not in your power to decide," Nick smirked, his eyes gleaming devilishly. He proceeded to take two blackened PokeBalls out of his pockets and tossed one to the ground, which cracked open to reveal none other than a Magmar. Its eyes were filled with pride, and even though it stood in the presence of two larger fire-types it sneered at them with pity. If only they knew the things it did...

    "You know the drill, Magmar," its trainer finally piped up, and giving a nod the Pokemon released a thick cloud of black smoke from its muzzle that seeped out to cover all six figures within.


    "Nick! ... You damn bastard!" Katie managed to yell as she hacked from the smoke. Not even the sun's rays could penetrate the cloud as it viciously burned her eyes and face. That's when the sound of wings caught her ears and she was almost blown off her feet by strong gust of wind. It took a few good blinks to dull the stinging in her eyes, but at last when she managed to crack a lid she found both Kaji and Naien beating the last of the smoke away. "Thanks guys..." she murmured happily.

    Aside from the scorch marks left behind by Naien‘s attack, Nick, Scyther, and the Magmar were nowhere to be seen - not that Katie was surprised. "I think I'm starting to hate that guy even more than before..." she thought darkly. Though her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Kaji gave a sharp cry, toppling off his feet and collapsing to the earth with a loud "Whoomp!" Naien roared with concern

    "Kaji!?" Katie yelped, rushing to his side. The Dracorona, who also loomed over him, shot the trainer a protective look, but as Katie gazed back into dragon's purple eyes she focused her thoughts to form a message, "Please… Just trust me". It wasn't just the words she wanted to convey, though. It was the emotions behind them that mattered most; emotions Katie hadn't even known she'd had for the red Charizard and still didn‘t fully understand.

    And it worked.

    Slowly Naien's gaze softened and she nodded to the trainer, still watching her but not with the same intensity as before.
    "Thank you," Katie replied, looking back to Kaji and once again noting the horrendous gash on his back. It was still bleeding yet not as furiously as it had before, letting the girl sigh with a bit of relief. Gently she placed a hand on the Charizard's head and said softly, "You're gonna be okay… You've lost a lot of blood, but not anymore than last time."

    Sitting back a moment to slip her backpack off she sat it beside her and zipped it open, pulling out a spray bottle labeled "Super Potion". Popping the cap she turned back to Kaji and sprayed it over the wound. "I know it isn't much, but it'll help dull the pain until we can get you proper treatment at the Pokemon Center." Making sure to empty it she stuffed the empty bottled back into her bag and zipped it shut, taking its straps into her hand as she climbed to her feet. With her free hand she pulled Kaji's unique PokeBall off her belt, eyeing Naien quietly before aiming the sphere at the Charizard and yelling, "Return!" In the blink of an eye he was consumed by the ball's glowing energy and pulled safely inside it, a small puddle of blood left in his wake.

    "I'm heading back to the Pokemon Center right away, but when you see Gad tell him not to worry. I'll make sure Kaji's given the best treatment available," Katie said to them Dracorona as she reattached Kaji‘s PokeBall to her belt. Shouldering her backpack she added, "If you hadn't shown up who knows what would've happened. Thanks again for everything."
    And with that Katie spun around and took off towards the Center.
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    OOC: ... :cry:

    You've left me a damn BOOK to read to catch up on! *Tries to negotiate a window in schedule to accomodate a day or three to read*
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    OOC: ^_^;;

    At least you actually have something to read now :p
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    OOC: Well, if you've bothered to read the posts we made when we actually made them, this would not have happened, Gary. :p

    And Katie, great post - Just a little comment. Magmar is NOT a bloody DUCK. I mean, I know, the first impression can be a bit... wierd, but, well, Magmar's mouth is built more like a fire hose - it's more of a muzzle than a mouth, really. It's definitely NOT a duck bill. (nods sagely). I mean, take a look at its Crystal animation. (nods).

    Since Magmar spends most of its time inside volcanoes, it's not entirely clear what the hell it actually eats - I'd assume that those claws have SOME sort of use, but I don't know if it's actually carnivorous in nature. I'd assume, therefore, that its mouth (being the spout-like thing it is) works somewhat like an anteater's.

    ... Check. It's a Dinoaardvark of doom. Okay, maybe not, but those claws COULD be used to dig through rock and volcanic ash and whatnot in order to disturb... Lava insects? Beats the hell out of me.

    Omg, I turned this into a biology essay. ^^; I just find it rather irritating that people turn Magmar into a bloody fire duck. I mean, body-wise, it's more dinosaury than ducklike (a LOT more) and it just bothers me to see fanart which makes it have a bloody donald duck face. And I've seen it happen before (Beth Quetzal, anyone? X_X). Anyhow... I just don't like Magmar being called a duck. (shrugs) Just the same way I don't like a few other misconceptions people have - such as Mew being referred to as a cat (it's a kangaroo mouse, for cryin' out loud). Someday, someone has got to figure out what the eff is Magmar's glitch.

    ... I'll shut up now. ^^;
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    Raab inched his way around the building, careful to stay out of trouble from both whomever had caused this trouble and that Nick git Katie had forced him to leave her with. From the side he looked at the large door, it's welcome mat replaced by cold hard steel as the building remained in lock-down mode.

    "Let. Me. In!" Raab heard, a thump against the steel and a rattling from the shutters following as the purple haired trainer turned to see a young boy punching and kicking the metal shield in futility. Seeing the young lad in trouble and distress, Raab instantly dashed over to him, causing the boy to jump back in surprise. Raab looked to him, he couldn't have been much younger than Raab was - although his attire of a tracksuit and more normal hair certainly contrasted Raab.

    "What's wrong?" Raab looked from the kid to the metal door, then back again, realising that he must have been wanting in pretty badly.

    "My Dad and my Pokemon are locked in there! I've got to get in there to make sure they're safe!" He looked to Raab through blue eyes under his short blonde fringe only to see Raab suddenly distancing himself mentally at the mention of 'Dad'. The Trainer shrugged off the memories of his earlier dream and looked back to the steel shutter door.

    "What's your name?" He asked, not looking back.
    "Damien." Damien looked onto Raab, who seemed to be eying up the shutters - giving a quick glance to Torchic on his shoulder.
    "I'm Raab." He continued eying up the shutter door - the steel must have been a good inch thick - it would take some force to bring it down.

    "Alright. Go, Charizard!" Raab ripped a Pokeball from his belt and threw it at the door, watching it clatter off it and spit out the Charizard within. "Charizard, Torchic, Fire all you have at that spot there!" Torchic leaped off Raab's shoulder and onto the ground, following their trainer's finger the two Pokemon opened their mouths wide and spat out a massive amount of heat at one concentrated area, one that featured a dent in it from some previous event.

    "Cool!" Damien exlaimed at the sight of Torchic and Charizard working together to bring down the door for him.

    "Hotter!" Raab yelled, the steel definitely taking a blow from the heat, but not enough to smash through.

    Suddenly, Raab noticed the steel beginning to groan and crack around the area the two Pokemon were firing at - the moaning of the melting steel being deafened out only by a loud roar nearby. Raab and Damien looked to the sky, the two Pokemon temporarily distracted too by the roar.

    "Kaji..." Raab muttered, before remembering the situation at hand. "Keep firing!" He called to his Pokemon, looking back to them and the door for a moment before taking another glance to the sky.

    When clattering began to roar up among the rest of the building, Raab's attention suddenly turned back to the door. The hole that Torchic and Charizard were burning through began to spark, more than three quarters through it seemed to host electrical wiring - most probably to control the shutters' motors.

    "It's working!" Damien cried, but Raab watched on in suspicion. He couldn't be sure if it was the Pokemon that were breaking down the security, or something else. Either way, when the now broken shutter slowly and jarringly withdrew, Raab, Damien and the two Fire Types looked on to the open door once more.

    "Dad!" Damien ran towards the door the instant the shutters went up, only stopping from dissappearing in by momentarily turning back to face Raab. "Thanks!" He called, before running into the building noisily.

    Raab looked to his two Pokemon and then back up to the sky. He knew Kaji had to be in trouble, that roar could only have meant Scyther had landed a blow on it. The purple haired trainer looked to his own Charizard before jumping onto it's back, Torchic running across the ground to jump onto it's trainer's shoulder again as he did so.

    "C'mon, let's get up to the roof to see what's going on. If we just barge back in, that Nick might do something terrible to Katie or Kaji..." Charizard's wings smashed the ground as the three were propelled upwards, Raab feeling quite motion sick from the speed.

    "...I just hope he hasn't already..." He added on through the noisy wind to his previous thought - desperately hoping his new friends were ok.
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    OOC: I don't know why you're waiting for me, Stel - especially since our parts wouldn't connect up unless you made them - but nyaa! :p


    "Well, that's that. Nurse Joy says Kaji should be alright, after some intensive medical attention anyways," Katie murmured listlessly, slumping down on a bench beside Raiden. She leaned back to stare at the ceiling, purposely avoiding the Raichu's gaze. Seeing his expression would probably just make her feel worse than she already did. "He didn't lose a critical amount of blood, and the Super Potion I used earlier helped seal the wound. That's a relief..."

    "Chuu..." Raiden agreed softly, but Katie could tell by the tone of his voice that he'd read her mind. Things like this never resolved that easily for her.

    She gave a sigh, "How many more times am I going to have to rush back alone to a Pokemon Center...? I don't remember shattering any mirrors as a kid. When I left home I thought I'd be leaving all this craziness behind, but all I've done is find it in different forms. Reality stinks sometimes, eh?"

    The Raichu gave a chuckle which made Katie's nerves calm a bit. She sat forward to look over at him, reaching out an arm to place her hand on his head. "At least I've got friends. Misery loves company, eh?" She couldn't help but smirk.

    "Raiai..." Raiden rolled his eyes and smirked in return, suddenly climbing to his feet and turning to directly face the girl. She let her hand slip off his head and stared at the Pokemon curiously.


    Then, before she could react, he lunged forward with his arms outstretched, giving her as strong a hug that a Raichu could. The action completely caught her off guard. Next thing she knew tears were silently rolling down her cheeks, and reaching out to wrap her own arms around Raiden she held him close, not saying a word.

    Katie had no idea how much time had past when she finally whispered, "Thank you." At that Raiden released his grip, Katie soon doing the same. They both sat back as Katie removed her glasses to wipe her face with her shirt sleeve, noticing then that the glasses lens' too had been marked by tears. She cracked a grin, "Heh... When was the last time I cried? I can't remember."

    After cleaning off and replacing the glasses Katie jumped to her feet. A good cry had been just what she'd needed. "Alrighty! Gad and Raab should hopefully be along sometime soon, but we might as well be productive while we wait. The cafeteria's is calling my name!"

    Raiden giggled and shook his head again, hopping off the bench to stand beside Katie. He smirked up at her, making the girl chuckle in return, "What were you expecting?"

    OOC: Has my character cried since this RP started? Its been so long since we started that I seriously don't know! ^^;
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    "Well, that was a crazy day and no mistake about it." Mr. Stone nodded, as he returned to his seat after having rested for a bit. Gad nodded at him, a smile of relief on his face. In his right hand, he was fiddling with Naien's PokeBall. If it weren't for her, the battle would have ended completely differently.

    He half-expected her to follow Katie to the PokeMon center, but the Dracorona flew back to the roof of the building as soon as Katie was out of sight. He only assumed that she knew that Katie would probably take care of Kaji just fine... And thought that she needed some time on her own.

    "Tell me about it." Gad sighed "But anyway, before I forget." Gad nodded again, and produced the Digital Storage Device. Tapping a few buttons, he released the Azure Sphere that was the crystal tagged as Specimen C45E, and placed it on the desk.
    "I believe that this belongs to you."
    "It belonged to no one. We were only researching it. Judging by these reports, It probably might 'belong' to itself." Mr. Stone said, smiling lightly. "I'd like you to keep it... At least for a while. Maybe Professor Redwood would be interested in it..."
    "Thank you." Gad smiled back, and withdrew the item back into the device "I'm sure she will be."
    "So... What might your next destination be?" Mr. Stone asked.
    "I believe that our next destination would be Dewford - At least, that is where I heard the next gym is in." Gad replied.
    "I'd like to wish you good luck in your journey." Mr. Stone said "Oh... And, by the way... I'd like you to have something else."
    From a desk drawer, he produced a small, pure green crystal, within which was embedded a small, fern-like plant. It was mounted on a string, like a necklace.
    "I've heard that you have a special bond with grass-types." Mr. Stone said "And I've heard that your Treecko... I'm sorry, Grovyle, has put up quite a preformance on that roof. I want you to have this crystal as a token of my appreciation. Now... I believe that your friends are waiting."
    "They are." Gad said, smiling as he put the crystal on his neck. Oddly enough, he felt warmth flowing through it. The plant within was alive. "Thank you, and farewell."


    As he emerged from the Devon Corporation building, the events of the day rushed through his head. All over the building, people were grateful and relieved, hugging their co-workers, rambling excitedly on re-powered phones and even (something that made him lightly smile) being reunited with their families. What he wondered, though, was where on earth had Marie gone off to. He haven't gotten a chance to say goodbye to her or to thank her for her help in restoring the computer systems.

    And something told him that this wasn't the last he saw of that man with the startling golden eyes. Project Rising Helix. He thought "Why? What drives them? Where shall they strike next? What DNA shall they try to obtain next?..."

    The thought made his mind snap back to Katie and Kaji. He just HAD to see how they were doing.

    "Knowing Katie, she's obviously getting herself something to eat." Gad grimaced. "I wonder if it would be a good time to introduce her to the new, improved Yuurin..."


    Moments later, he was at the PokeMon Center's Diner Wing, carrying a large cup of his favorite Chocolate-Coffee hot drink. He spotted Katie and Raiden in an instant, and smiled as he walked over to the table they were sitting at.

    "Hi." he smiled at the trainer and her Raichu "I hope that it's not too late to join you two..."
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    "Not at all!" Katie smiled brightly as Gad took a seat across from her, "I was just finishing up a well deserved slice of pizza... Or should I say 'just finished," she smirked as she glanced down at her bear plate. She was glad to see that Gad was in one piece, but it made her wonder about Raab.

    "You're probably wondering about Kaji..." she began again, assuming Naien had told him the whole story. "According to the nurse he's going to be just fine. He might need to rest up a bit in his PokeBall, but nothing drastic. Thank the lord..." Katie paused a moment to look up and scan the rest of the cafeteria. "So... Did you see Raab on your way? I hope nothing's happened to him..."
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    "I don't think so..." Gad said, toying with his new crystal amulet absent-mindedly "He's probably okay, though. I think all of these Rising Helix goons left along with Nick and that... Person I fought on the roof. Really creepy gold eyes. Aggron. I think I was too preoccupied with the Space Center crystal to notice how he managed to get away."

    A thought suddenly struck through his mind. He grinned.
    "Oh, which reminds me. Allow me to re-introduce you to someone..."

    Taking the leaf-stickered ball from his belt, he cast it into the air.
    "Yuurin, Arise!"

    The PokeBall burst open in midair, releasing the blue-leafed Grovyle, who somersaulted in the air and landed in a fighting stance with what could only be described as a grin on its face.

    "As you can see, he got better." Gad grimaced, slapping his hand against one of the Grovyle's hands, grinning also.
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    "Ooo's" and awe's went up around them as the new and improve Yuurin struck a pose, making Katie giggle and exclaim, "Wow! Lookin' good, Yuurin!"
    "Raiiichu!" Raiden squeeked excitedly in unison as he gazed up and down at the new creature.
    "Grovyle, right?" the girl added, reaching down into her pocket and fishing out her PokeDex. She clicked it open and aimed it at the Grass-type, to which the 'Dex immediately blinked and beeped loudly.

    "Grovyle, the Wood Gecko Pokemon," started the device in its usual robotic voice. "The evolved form of Treecko. Grovyle are very agile Pokemon that love climbing and jumping through trees. The leaves on their bodies are convienent for camouflage."

    "Pretty cool. I'd love to see him in a battle," Katie grinned as she shut her PokeDex and stuck it back in her pocket, "Maybe not today, though... After a battle with Raab and then the fun times with Nick, I think I'm about ready to crash for the day."

    By that point the intrigue of Yuurin had mostly worn off, the cafeteria returning to its usual buzz. Beside Katie Raiden had begun to chat away with the Grovyle, about what she couldn't be exactly sure. "Heh... Guess I better wait for Raab before heading off to bed," Katie murmured, absent mindly staring at the two. Then it hit her. "Heeey... Wait a second!" she yelped, sitting up straight and snapping her full attention to Gad, "What the heck happened inside there anyways?! Rising Helix goons? Space Center crystal? ... Do tell."
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    Darkness filled the air around Raab as he groggily opened his eyes. His head stung like it had been split open and his whole body ached. He tried to focus his eyes on what was around him, only just realising that he was lying on a cold, steel floor.

    "Ungh..." He moaned, lifting his head up from the ground and squinting into the black. His mind yearned for it's memory, searching for an explanation as to why he was lying like this, in so much pain.

    It failed to surface.

    Suddenly, the cold metal floor began to clunk and clank as metal capped boots made an unmistakable sound of metal on metal.

    "Ah, you're awake." The register was high, pompous if anything, again Raab squinted forward to try and see what was around him, but his eyes refused to focus in the darkness.

    "I wouldn't be too bothered about seeing anything right now, you probably have concussion and the straining will only make it worse." The man said, coming closer to Raab. The trainer could make out the blurry features of the man, he was tall and well built and seemed to either have a cape or a coat or something flowing behind him. In his hand was a bag - Raab assumed it was his from the basic shape.

    "Wha..." Every movement of his mouth hurt the back of his head, he stopped his sentance before it even got properly started.

    "Like I said, concussion." There was a strange cockyness about that last statement, almost as if the man was smirking.

    "What's going on..." Raab stumbled out, despite the pain, also trying to force himself into a sitting position, realising there was a wall just behind him that he could rest against - the wall was just as cold and metallic as the floor.

    "Are you with that Nick git that attacked Katie? Do you have something to do with the Devon Corp lock-down?" Raab questioned, not too easily either, but certainly easier than the last attempt. He could feel the pain slowly fading, and his eyesight slowly clearing into focus. He internally questioned how, but suggested to himself that it was better not even thinking about it.

    "Oh, oh dear no. I wouldn't concern myself with such ruffians." The man heaved the bag up and launched it into the air, slamming into the wall beside Raab and falling down to his side.

    "And normally I wouldn't lower myself to kidnapping, but I thought it necessary."

    Despite the lack of light, Raab's now focusing eyes were beginning to pick up detail on the man. It WAS a coat he was wearing, and he had long flowing hair to match it.

    "Luckily for you, I found what I was looking for." The man reached into his pocket and pulled a strange irregular shape from it, even in this lightless room Raab could swear that it was illuminated. Then he realised what it must be, what the red glow HAD to be.

    "My Fire Stone?" Raab frowned questioningly at it, his brain aching with the very action.

    "Forged by the fires of Moltres itself..." He grinned at Raab, who could just about make out that he was. "The key to finding the beast." He cocked his head and looked right down to Raab, even bending down a little. "Your bastard father cheated me out of it once, but this time - no-one can stop me getting what I want."

    Raab's emotions were suddenly running at fever pitch, the pain he was in was completely forgotten. This guy knew his father, to Raab, that was all that mattered right now.

    "My dad?" He was forcing himself to his feet, slowly wavering as he attempted to climb up, using the wall for support.

    "He tricked me and led me to losing Moltres. My only consolation is that the lying rat-arse lost his life for it." Then he cackled, revelling in the thought and memory of it, and Raab snapped.

    He charged forward, into the darkness, charging at the man - hate and anger fuelling his adrenaline filled blood. Suddenly there was a burst of light and a bolt of electricity streaked across the room, smashing into Raabs chest and throwing him back against the wall.

    A Magneton floated to the man's side, crackling with blue electricity and creating a light souce that illuminated the man's long black hair and handsome, set features. The cocky grin that he was giving to Raab seemed to completely offset what the man's face was designed for - but at the same time suited him evilly.

    "Why, what a Hot-headed son he left behind." He watched Raab reach for his belt, find nothing then suddenly stir in realisation.

    "Where are Charizard and Torchic? Where are my Pokemon?"

    The man cackled again. "Your fire Pokemon certainly put up a fight, obviously as firey as you. They were no match for my Golem though." He held up a box with six Pokeballs, all in their smallest state.

    "I figured these were best kept in my possession until I had gotten rid of you and had captured my Moltres." He dropped the box at his feet, the Pokeballs remaining in it but clattering against eachother with the kenetic energy of the fall.

    "What happened, How the hell did I get here?" Raab frowned and questioned, considering dashing for his Pokeballs but realising that Magneton would strike him down before he could reach them. It was futile to do anything but try and get any info he could before this guy let him go.

    "You never reached the roof of the Devon building." The man began, happy to oblige bringing Raab up to date on every painful event. "Magneton Zap Cannoned you and your Charizard and brought you right back down to the ground. Once Golem had neutralised your Fire Pokemon, it was only a simple case of returning them to their Pokeballs and dragging your body back here."

    Raab looked around again, the first time he had really done-so since his eyes had re-adjusted. The room was pretty small and cardboard boxes surrounded most of the walls, this was obviously a small warehouse or something. Possibly for the local mart.

    "I hadn't expected you to wake up so soon. Once I found what I was looking for in your bag, I came back here to dump it and your Pokeballs here and simply leave to retrieve my Moltres."

    He looked around him, then back to Raab.

    "But, actually, I'm pretty glad I got to tell you this. After what your father did to me, it's fairly pleasurable to watch his sprog squirm at his every mention."

    Raab growled quietly to himself and glared at the man.

    "Just who are you anyway, how do you know who I am? How did you even know i'd be here?"

    "There's no point of telling you who I am, you wont be seeing me again. Once I have my Moltres i'll be too busy destroying all my opponents and becoming the richest man alive off it's hot back. I'll have no need to bother with you or worry about your father's ghost ever haunting me again. As for how I knew who you were? Simple, I've had my eye on your family ever since your father died. I KNEW you had the key to finding Moltres, it had been with his possessions where his corpse should have been if it hadn't been incinerated. When news reached me that you were going off to have a 'Pokemon Journey' I knew you'd be here in Rustboro before long to challenge the gym."

    He paused and looked straight at Raab. "Then it was just a matter of catching you off-guard and grabbing what I needed."

    Raab was left with nothing else. His mind was becoming blank, the thought of his Father being the only thing swimming around everytime he was mentioned.

    "Now. If you'll excuse me, I have a date with Moltres I simply don't want to miss." He turned, along with Magneton and began to head over to the door to leave.

    "You will wait here for five minutes before leaving." He said, not turning but looking back with a turn of his head. "If you attempt to follow us, Magneton will kill you."

    Raab leant against the metal wall again and squinted as the door opened, revealing the bright light of the streetlights outside.

    "Farewell Raab. Have fun on your journey... trust me, if we happen to meet again, it will only be for me to destroy you with my new Moltres." He cackled again and stalked out, slamming the door shut behind him again.

    Raab sighed and slipped down against the wall, looking across to the small box only a few feet away with his Pokeballs in it. He had to get them back to the center - where Katie and Gad should be if they were ok. Suddenly, he realised that his thoughts were not on his father for a change, but of his Pokemon and friends. The ordeal he had just been through however resounded within him, confusing him.

    He couldn't quite understand what it was that had just happened, or what this meant about his father. Above all, he feared what having Moltres fall into this man's hands meant. Somehow, though, it didn't really bother him. Something within him told him that if his father couldn't tame the beast, what would make this man any different?

    Still confused, Raab slowly picked himself back up and grabbed his Pokeballs, snapping them back onto his belt before stumbling over to the door. His body still hurt from the fall, it didn't feel like anything was broken but he felt bruised all over.

    "I only hope that Moltres CAN stop him..." He muttered with a sigh before stumbling through the streets of Rustoboro back to the Pokemon center.

    OOC: Whee.....
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    "Well, it's like that." Gad said, describing the events that occured in the Devon Co. building, his battles, and the final skirmish that led to Yuurin's evolution. "And you know what happened after that Battle. Naien went utterly berserk when she saw Kaji being hurt... And a good thing she did." Gad chuckled slightly "Who'd have thought."
    Yuurin grimaced lightly at the mention of this comment, and returned to his conversation with Raiden.
    "Anyway, I intend to send the Crystal to Professor Redwood. She might know what to do with it - how to communicate with it, I guess - more than I do." he said, summarizing it up "And I'm starting to wonder about this, too." he said, toying with his amulet "It may be just because I have a bond with grass-types, but something in the plant embedded in this crystal seems... alive, to me. Like some kind of a dormant energy. Alive and ancient. But I feel like I'm going to have to understand this one myself."
    He closed his eyes for a second "A wise person once said that every answer that we find only brings forth more questions. Not only in PokeMon, but in every aspect of life. This puzzle is getting quite complex indeed. But for this moment, the only piece of the puzzle missing for THIS day is Raab... Something tells me he should have been here by now..."
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    "Yeah... Last time I saw him was when I was shooing him away towards the Devon Corp. building. No idea where he went from there..." Katie murmured, running the events through her head. "I should've gone after him once Nick had vanished, but my head was too wrapped up in Kaji's situation to even think about that. Probably for the best, but still... Where the heck could he be?"

    Pausing for a moment before shrugging her shoulders, Katie grabbed up her empty paper plate and rose from her seat, "Be back in a sec." She pushed past Raiden and headed out towards the nearest garbage can, stopping before it to chuck the plate. No sooner had the garbage left her grasp, though, did Raiden let out a shrill cry which made the girl yelp and whirl around.

    Her eyes went wide as they fell on a staggering, battered-up Raab. He slowly limped forward into the room, seeming to be on the verge of tumbling over with every step.
    "Raab!" Katie cried as she rushed across the room to join him. Without much thought she interlocked her arm under his shoulder, letting him put his weight onto her as they cautiously made their way back to the others. Raiden quickly pushed down to offer Raab his seat, and with a "whomp!" the boy slumped down into the stall. He was breathing heavily but appeared relieved to finally be sitting. Katie remained standing beside him. She took note of the puzzled stares their table was getting but choose to ignore them, turning all of her focus on Raab.

    "Wha… Raab… What the heck happened to you?" Katie tried to ask as calmly as possible, yet she couldn't stop her body from trembling. Her nerves were shot.
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    A hand swept through his purple hair to push it from his face as Rabb sighed and looked up to Katie and Gad.

    "Why is it everytime I go out alone I almost get killed..." He grinned sorely before pushing himself off the table and leaning back into the cushioned barrier behind him.

    "You wont believe what happened this time..."

    With that, Raab slowly filled his two companions in on what had happened and what he had learnt. Nurse Joy had come over to them to see what had happened to Raab during the story and was instead fobbed off with an 'I'm all right' and a request to heal his Pokemon.

    "I'm glad that guy's gone," Raab began to finish. "but... I don't like the idea of him having the power of Moltres at his command..."

    The thoughts of his father again swept into his mind.

    "I can only hope that if my father couldn't beat it..." He never finished, he knew he didn't have to.

    "So, what happened to you guys? I thought I heard Kaji during your battle Katie... he sounded pretty bad..."
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    Katie wanted to say something to comfort Raab but replied to his question instead, "Yeah... Nick's Scyther tried to sneak attack me from behind but Kaji took the attack to protect me... It might have cost him his life if Gad's Dracorona hadn't intervined when she did." She paused a moment to look to Gad, "Did I ever mention how grateful I was for that?"
    Turning back to Raab she continued on, "After that Nick took off and I hurried back here with Kaji. He's in intensive care right now, but Nurse Joy said he should be fine. I can't describe how glad I am... which is kinda funny. Didn't know the silly git could effect me like this."

    Katie leaned back and took at look around the table at all her friends. To think they'd all faced such chaotic events that day was both amusing and comforting... in a deeply twisted way. It seemed they were all doomed to these sorts of happenings. "Maybe my back luck has spread?"

    She then gave a yawn and stretched out her arms above her head, "Man, I feel dead. Hate to be rude, especially after we're all just back together again, but I think I'll turn in for the night soon. The Nurse said she'd be keeping Kaji in the intensive care unit for the night, so the sooner I go to sleep the sooner morning will come... Guess we'll be starting off for the next Gym tomorrow, eh?"
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  30. Doctor Oak

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    "Dewford City.... At last..." Raab said with a sigh. To think they were only just getting round to the second gym - well, the third for himself and Gad.

    "I agree, I need some serious snoozing after today. I've battled you, nearly died and learnt so much today I need some time to take it all in."

    He pushed himself up off his seat, smiling at Raiden who gladly assisted him when he realised his legs were still aching.

    "I'll see you guys in the morning, hopefully this time we can avoid the nightmares. 'Night."

    With that, Raab headed over to the Nurse at the counter, received his Pokeballs again and walked back up the stairs to the trainer accomodation. As he walked, a pop was audible, followed by a cry of "Tooor!" and finally a slight chuckle from Raab before he disappeared into his room and fell onto his bed with a flump.
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    Left once again to his own devices, Gad waved at his leaving friends "They most probably need the sleep." he mused "Much more than I do, anyway."

    He drew his sketchbook and a black pen from the Digital Storage Device, and humming softly to himself, he found a blank page and began sketching.

    It began with an Illustration of Yuurin - As he was now, a Grovyle, along with his Treecko form - Followed by the anyket he now wore. On another page he drew a cCharizard - a Charizard with a scar running along its chest, and a look determined to win even in the face of impossible odds - Kaji. He wondered what does the future hold for the Red Charizard. He knew that as long as Nick and his Scyther were out there, they would forever be on their trail.

    His thoughts jumped immediately from Kaji to Katie. True, the Flame PokeMon was a target for Nick, but he knew that his trainer was also a target. If it wasn't for Kaji who jumped in to take the Scyther's attack, Katie would have been dead. And Kaji... He was a power to be reckoned with, but he was prone to fits of uncontrollable rage. Fits that almost cost him his life.

    "If Naien didn't intervene in time..." he thought, shuddering.

    And what worried him most was the fact that he knew that someday, Nick would strike again. And he knew that at some point - there will be no help for her but herself and her PokeMon - none of hwich seemed capable of dealing with Nick on their own. And he knew that next time, Nick would be far more wary. Surprise was a weapon which could only be used once.

    And there was also the matter of Raab. As if having Rising Helix on their heads wasn't enough, Raab's father had his own nemesis, and now he was on his own quest. This person wanted Moltres, and he wanted it badly. No, he didn't want Moltres. He wanted power. Moltres was just the means to an end. He believed that A fire stone forged in the flames of Moltres was the key to finding the beast. And the last known location of Moltres was said to be Victory Road.

    He knew that Moltres usually chose Volcanoes as nesting grounds, which immediately sparked something in his mind. What was Moltres, a bird, doing in a cave? And how could a fire sone forged by it be the key to finding it?

    No one knew exactly how evolution stones worked. It has been known that the stones projected a mild radiation of some sorts, which triggered usually dormant evolutionary glands in the bodies of certain PokeMon, causing htem to produce a chemical which altered the genetic structure and the cells of the PokeMon until evolution occured. What has not been known was - what caused that radiation and how these stones were formed. On first glance, the stones had a form of their element embedded within them, posessed a somewhat glossy appearance and gave out a faint light. Yet, the stones were mined out of the earth - and were found, as they were, in the rocks. THey were not 'polished' into form in the manner of gemstones, they naturally posessed one.
    It was a great mystery, and not even one researcher managed to figure out a solution to it.

    He knew that the stone in question has been, at least at some point, been exposed to Moltres' flame, and he wondered if the stone was drawn to Moltres, or if it was simply a piece in a puzzle that would expose it...

    Whatever the truth has been, he hoped that the power of Moltres would not fall into the wrong hands.

    His thoughts were interrupted when he heard the TV monitor in short blue hair, blue eyes and a tight blue shirt with a white collar exclaimed excitedly "Welcome to the final round of the Normal-Rank contest, live from Verdanturf Town! Our final contestants show interesting combinations, and, here, we shall see who shall earn the final Normal-Rank contest Ribbon! Let's go take a closer look at our contestants while the arena is being set up! Take it away, Ty!"
    The camera shifted to a black-haired reporter who was wearing a red hat and a white shirt, standing near the scoreboard, which was, at that point, still blank.
    "Thank you, Gabby." He said with a light grin "Most of what we've seen so far was dual battle teams which featured a theme fo some sort. It seems that our first contestant, Felicia, shows no exception to that rule, with her team of Zangoose and Delcatty. However, our second contestant shows no intention of following the trend as she enters the fray with a team of Masquerain and Quilava..."
    "Ryna." Gad smiled softly "If her Cyndaquil evolved..."
    "... Muist be quite a finely tuned team!" said Gabby, as bubbly as ever.
    "We shall have to wait and see. Oh! It's starting!" Ty said, turning his head towards the arena. The camera soon followed.

    Spotlights danced on the arena.

    "And now, for the final round of the Normal-Rank contest..."

    The spotlights focused on the right side of the arena, where a door opened.

    A large black Persian with a strip of blue on its back leapt onto the stage and roared. Two blasts of red light emanated from its belly as a Delcatty and a Zangoose materialized in a similar position by its side - Delcatty to the right, Zangoose to the left. They echoed the Persian's roar - and within a second, the Persian stood up on two legs and knocked a hood off its head.

    It was not a Persian. It was a girl, roughly in her earlhy twenties, with extremely dark blue shoulder-length hair, who was wearing a cape. A cape with a hood shaped like a Persian's head. Paw-like gloves were attached to the tops of her arms and legs, and she moved so much like a cat, she could have been mistaken for the real thing. Her yellowish-orange, catlike eyes helped convey the illusion too.

    "On the right - Felicia, Luneko and Tsume!"

    The spectators went wild with excitement. The judges - there were three of them - gave her a high scoring indeed. Gad had to admit, Felicia knew how to make an entrance.

    Then, the spotlights - save one - shifted wildly to the left side of the arena - where another door opened.

    In walked Ryna, wearing a different outfit than her usual one. The shirt she wore was black and sleeveless - revealing her shoulders and neck - with a wide but not too deep V-collar that mimicked the form of a Masquerain, and loose, blue pants made of a light fabric, with a bubble-like pattern in different, lighter shades of blue, running up her right leg.

    She looked stunning. But what followed was much more stunning.

    A Masquerain - Amefuri - flew in, followed by the sleek, weasel-like form of a Quilava - Enkou, but evolved - dashing forward and launching a dramatic flamethrower at the Masquerain, which dodged it and launched a Bubblebeam in the Flamethrower's path. The rainbow patterns that appeared int he bubbles due to the refraction of the firelight that danced within them were only half as stunning as the sight of the Quilava stopping its fire breath, dashing up the stream of bubbles and flames trapped within it, and leaping up, then diving in a spin, with another blast of flamethrower.

    The Masquerain flew in a spiralling pattern, creating a slipstream that drew the fire behind her. The flaming vortex wsas drawn into a complex, beautiful pattern all around Ryna and her PokeMon - a pattern which kept burning even after the Masquerain ceased its flying and landed to perch on Ryna's head. The Quilava rushed to Ryna's side, standing on its back legs and grinning at the opposition.

    "On the left - Ryna, Amefuri and Enkou!"

    The spectators and judges alike focused on Amefuri's movement, staring in awe at the patterns until they faded away. Then the cries of excitement seemed to shake the hall as the judges produced their scoring. It totalled up to be the same as Felicia - although different judges gave different scores.

    Ryna smiled. So far, so good.

    Gad's eyes were affixedo n the trainers' faces as the cameras closed up on them. It was clear to notice the tension between the two trainers. These two have met before - Apparantly, Felicia lost in a way that made her angry. Gabby and Ty kept on rambling in the background about things that were not, in his eyes, really important - and Gad shut their voices out to have a better look at the events in the battle.

    Then, the timer flared into action. 2 minutes.

    "Let's give'em hell! Luneko, Tsume, X-Slash! Get the Quilava!" Felicia cried out.
    "Oh no, not this again." Ryna grinned "Enkou, Flame Wheel! Amefuri, Use Silver Wind!"

    The Quilava's flaming neck and back suddenly bursted out in high intensity. Enkou dashed forward, as fast as a speeding bullet, towards his opponents, the flames forming a swirling shield around him - as if he was a spacecraft making a particularily tough re-entry. Amefuri dashed forward in following, unleashing a stream of silver dust in sharp gusts of wind. The dust swirled around the flaming Quilava, giving the flames themselves a silvery look. Enkou just kept on accelerating....

    And as Luneko and Tsume's claws flared up in red light and they leapt, preparing to slash... The silver bullet that was Enkou cleaved through the point their claws crossed, rendering the X-Slash ineffective, knocking the two PokeMon to two different sides of the arena, and burning their paws pretty badly.

    And then the silver dust set in, causing the two felines to cry out in pain and surprise.

    Felicia growled. This was not how it was meant to be.

    The panel of judges hit a few buttons on their consoles. On the scoreboards, little meters under Luneko and Tsume's images changed, to reflect their status in the battle. Enkou was hit lightly, too, but much less than he would have been hurt if he hadn't broken the attack in time.

    The clock was ticking.

    "Tsume, Water Pulse. Luneko, Thunderbolt!" Felicia cried out, and watched Tsume begin weaving the attack between his claws, and Luneko's golden fur crackle with energy.

    "Enkou, Amefuri, make it backfire!"

    "How can she make it backfire?" Felicia thought "The type alignment are set up perfectly... She can only hope to avoid it, like last time..."

    But she found out too late. Enkou leapt above Tsume, and as the Zangoose launched his Water Pulse attack, Amefuri knocked the Quilava out of the way. It did not mind Water Pulse as much as Enkou would have - but she was pretty sure that Tsume would definitely mind the Thunderbolt attack that Lunko unleashed in Amefuri's direction.

    In a second, Amefuri jetted out of the Water Pulse's stream, knocked byh one of the rings of water the attack created - lightly dazed but by no means confused. But the Thunderbolt attack was already caught in Tsume's attack - and the Cat Ferret PokeMon was hit with the wild force of his teammate's electricity.

    "Using the enemy's strategy against them." Gad smiled "What do you know."

    The timer ticked on.

    Felicia Grinned.

    "Tsume... Shadow Ball. Luneko... Solar Beam."

    And that is when Tsume leapt on Luneko's back and placed his outstretched claws in front of her opening mouth.

    Luneko's tail blazed into unnatural light. It seemed to draw light from all around it. Tsume's claws seemed to have a black hole forming between them. They were charging up a combination attack - it was obvious.

    "Enkou, Amefuri... You know what to do!"

    Enkou dug his talons into the ground.
    Amefuri positioned herself right behind it.

    The ball of light in Luneko's mouth was merging with the ball of shadow in Tsume's claws...

    Fire danced in Enkou's eyes...

    And in a second, the attacks were launched. Two beams - one of light, one of darkness - entwined around each other, launched from their point of origin at Luneko's mouth and Tsume's claws. Enkou's burst of fire was guided by Amefuri's powerful wingbeats - gradually focusing the flames into one solid beam of searing, burning heat.

    The attacks clashed - the beams seemed to force each other away at first, but gradually began to merge into a ball of energy. Light and shadow danced around fire, and fire danced around light and shadow...

    Then the ball split in two, each half crashing into its points of origin.

    There was a crash as the balls exploded.

    As the dust and smoke cleared, Amefuri and Enkou stood adamant, a shield of flame, projected from Enkou's back, surrounding their bodies. Luneko and Tsume had no such luck. They were still standing - but clearly, they were far more hurt than their opponents.

    And the clock hit zero.

    A final evaluation of the judges.

    The scoreboard did its calculations... and recalculations.. and finally.

    "It looks like we've got ourselves a winner!" Gabby cried out, as Ryna's picture appeared on the scoreboard, along with the pictures of Amefuri and Enkou. The word "Winner" flashed in blue atop the picture.

    Ryna's eyes widened. Then, she grinned happily as one of the judges stepped down from his podium towards the stage that emerged from the center of the arena. She dashed up the stage, almost dancing as she ran, her PokeMon in following. The camera did not focus on Felicia anymore - but Gad could still see her returning her PokeMon and storming off. "Wow. Sore Loser." he thought to himself.

    The victory ceremony was impressive. Ryna was presented with a case, within which rested a ribbon - and she held it up for all to see. After some more senseless chatter from Gabby and Ty, Ryna was finally given the microphone, to say a few of her own words.

    "This was a great battle." she said with a smile "And I owe it to my PokeMon and the wonderful cooperation between them. And I'd also like to thank someone who taught me that sometimes - the enemy can be its own worst enemy. If you're watching this - you know who you are!" she winked, and Gad couldn't help but have a very silly grin on his face.

    "Well, after a great night of battle, this is Gabby and Ty, HPN, bringing in a coverage of the PokeMon Contest Season, live from Verdanturf City! Tune in next week, same time!"

    And the camera, after showing a brief zoom-out of the Contest Hall in Verdanturf City, faded into a logo of the Hoenn PokeMon Network.


    Gad tapped a few buttons on his PokeGear, and grinned as Ryna's face appeared.

    "Lookin' great, Ryna." Gad smiled at her "In more ways than one. You've kicked tail out there."
    "Did you see me?!" Ryna could hardly contain her excitement.
    "You know who you are." He winked "When did you get so good in combination attacks?"
    "Me, Enkou and Amefuri have been training for most of the day... Gave Enkou some practice after the attack yesterday." Ryna found herself giggling "So you did notice."
    "Yeah, I did." Gad smiled "Great to hear from you, Ryna. I've had one of the most screwed up days ever so much stuff happened... Rising Helix - the organization that the woman that attacked you belongs to - tried to make a move on Devon Corporation. We took care of them, for a while... And Yuurin evolved."
    "No kidding? He's a Grovyle now, right?" Ryna's eyes glittered.
    "Yep." Gad grinned.
    "Whenever we meet again, remind me to have a rematch. I'd love to see how he fares in combat." Ryna grinned determinedly, then yawned softly - and blushed lightly. "I'm sorry, Gad... But all this excitement had drained me faster than a Giga Drain attack."
    "It's okay, you should get some sleep." He smiled at her. "What's the next destination?"
    "The Super Rank contest hall is in Fallarbor." she said. "I'd expect I have a lot to go through until I get there."
    "Maybe we'll run into each other along the way." Gad smiled "Katie, Raab and I are headed to Dewford now, and then, If I remember my maps correctly, our next stop is Slateport."
    "Slateport is next up on my list after Fallarbor, actually." Ryna said "Hyper-Rank contest hall. But I think I'm giong to have to pass through Slateport to get to Fallarbor, anyway... Or not. I don't know, Really." she chuckled nervously "I'll check my maps tomorrow morning. In the meantime - you should get some sleep yourself." she smiled brightly "I'll call you tomorrow, then."
    "Sure." Gad smiled. "Have a great night, Ryna."
    "Sweet dreams!" she chirped, then the conversation ended.

    With a Yawn, Gad returned the sketchbook and the pens to the digital storage device, and left the diner wing.


    A short while later, he entered the room he recieved - the number of which was, to his bemusement, 42. "Don't Panic." he thought with a grin. After such an eventful day, he figured out it was about time he got some rest.
    He got arranged fairly quickly, lay down on the bed, and fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow.

    OOC: Yeah. Long post. I know. But I figured it's about time we checked on Ryna's side-plot. ^^;
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    OOC: I've been very uninspired to write anything lately, but I don't want to be the one who holds us up. So here I go!


    After Katie said good night to Gad she exited the Cafeteria wing with Raiden and headed out into the lobby. She paused a moment to stare off at the ICU entrance way, wondering if Kaji had woken up yet.
    "The morning will come sooner then ya know it," Katie thought to herself halfheartedly, and pulled her eyes away to continue on to the lodging area.


    She awoke early the next morning with a start, frantically peering at every corner of her dimly lit room. The nightmare she'd been having was still fresh in her mind, the clearest memory of all being Nick's Scyther, face twisted with unnatural eyes and jagged teeth, slashing out one of its blooded blades straight for her throat.

    It wasn't long before Raiden stirred at her side, revolving his head around to see the spooked look on his friend's face. "Raiii?" he murmured softly.

    "Bad dream…" Katie replied. Her adrenaline was still pumping like mad. "Move please," she added, barely giving the Raichu a chance to jump down before throwing back her covers and hopping out of bed. "There's no way I'm gonna fall back asleep now, but..." she gazed down at her watch, "it's only 5:30. Don't want to bother Nurse Joy this early…"

    As she changed and packed up her things the trainer pondered what they could do to fill time. It wasn't long before the Dewford Gym challenge came to mind and a grin grew on her face. "Heh… Why not? Let's go out to Route 104 do some training."


    "Get ready!" Katie called as a powerful stream of water raced through the air towards the hovering Twistado. Just as it was inches from contact she quickly cried out, "Quick Attack!" but as the bird shot forward he was thrown off balance a bit due to the water striking the tip of his right wing.
    "Great job, Twistado! Let's try it one more time, but this time sense it for yourself. Just focus and dodge just before the attack strikes." Katie grinned brightly, looking down to the tiny Water-type by her side. "Ready, Tsunami?"

    "Kiiip!" the Mudkip replied happily.

    "Alright then. Take aim, and use Water Gun!"

    Tsunami let rip with another powerful blast into the morning sky straight for the Taillow, who waited silently as the stream rapidly approached. The bird's reaction was so sudden Katie could've sworn the water had hit him dead-on, but as she watched the stream continue on its path Twistado zipped across the sky without any sign of distrubance.

    "Yeah-hah! Awesome, Twistado! You're really getting it," Katie cheered. "Let's try it a few more times and then break for a snack. How about after we change things up a little - have Tsunami try and hit you with a second Water Gun after you dodge? Good practice for both of you, eh?" The two Pokemon cried with agreement and took up position.
    Katie was honored by their cooperation, looking over her shoulder to where Raiden sat by a tree and thinking with a smile, "What a great way to take my mind off things. It feels just like old times when me and Raiden trained. Although, that was just for fun. This time it's worth something..." She turned back just as Tsunami fired another Water Gun into the air and clenched her fists tightly, "This time, there's a Badge on the line."
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    Raab shifted in his sleep, slowly awaking as the sun's rays pelted onto his face as he moved to face the window. As he awakened, so did Torchic, looking up through dreary eyes to see his trainer in a similar state.

    Rubbing his eyes, then looking down to Torchic, Raab smiled and petted him on the head, receiving a happy 'Tor!' in return.

    "Well, Torchic..." He began with a smile, pushing himself into a sitting position in bed and gazing out at the morning sun. "Today we begin our journey to Dewford City..." He looked down to Torchic and petted him again.

    "And if we want you to be ready to fight when we get there - we're gonna have to train some more."

    Torchic smiled up and puffed it's chest up and out, a beefy 'Torrrr!' following.

    "Heh, I know you may think you're ready Torchic, but Brawly uses Fighting types. They're too powerful for you right now." Leaning out of his bed and into his bag, Raab pulled up his Pokedex, pressed a button and showed it to Torchic.

    "You need to be like this if you want to stand a chance." Torchic looked at the screen, a Combusken shown in various fighting poses filling it.

    "If you can evolve before our Gym match, you might be able to take Brawly down. Or at least give him a good run for his money." Torchic looked from the Combusken to Raab.

    "Tooor!" It yelped with a determined tone. "You think you're up for it Torchic?" Raab replied with a smile, setting the Pokedex down.

    "You've already gained a lot of experience, it shouldn't be too long before you'd be ready to evolve." Pulling himself out of bed and heading for the shower he looked back to Torchic.

    "We've got a day or two before we'll get to the gym. Plenty of time to get in plenty of battles." Torchic nodded happily to him before hopping off the bed and running around the room while Raab headed into the bathroom.

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    Darkness and Light, spiralling into one another.
    Two boys, roughly 15 years old in age, stand in two edges of a grassy clearing, each holding a PokeBall colored two shades of green.

    One of them smiles, looking at the other with steel-blue eyes, his long, light brown hair billowing behind him along with his green forest cloak, cast over a sleeveless deep blue shirt and black jeans.

    "Well, then, about time we had that rematch." he grins.

    The other grins back, his warm brown eyes locking their gaze on his opponent's, as he adjusts his headband lightly.

    "Yeah, It is. I wonder if Midori's gotten any better."

    The other trainer tosses the folds of his cloak behind his back.

    "Oh, she has. This time, your Keirin would be a walkover!"

    The brown-eyed trainer raises an eyebrow, then chuckles.

    "If Midori tries to walk over Keirin, she'll find out she has no ground to stand on. She's gotten fast, you know!"

    "Enough chit-chat, Jade-town. Let's just let our PokeMon talk!"

    "You've got it... Sapphire-boy!"

    Twin PokeBalls snapped open in a flash of green light as twin Ennulithes materialized on each side of the arena - slight differences in the hue of green and the markings on their scales being the only difference in appearance between the two. Both were high-levelled, as one could tell by the sharpness of their claws and the length of their headcrests.

    The wind blew the tall grass, a deep green lightly tinted with blue, in its general direction as the melodious chirping of Solardoves, among other local birds seemed to die away.


    "Razor Leaf!"

    And the two grass-type lizards collided in an elemental storm of grass. The two trainers, determined grins on their faces, shouted refrences and commands to their PokeMon. A white sheen seemed to softly surround their forms as they clashed, gradually. It seemed like they were having more of a friendly spar than an actual battle - and the white sheen intensified further and further, until finally, it burst out in a brilliant flash of light as the two PokeMon transformed, growing longer, larger, more slender...

    The light subsided as two Basileafs - virtually identical save for a few markings and the fact that one of them had brilliant azure eyes, stood facing each other, to the amazement - and delight - of their trainers.

    The trainers rushed to their PokeMon's sides, slapping their hands against each other in a high-five before landing by their Basileafs' sides and hugging them. The rematch was all but forgotten as the two trainers looked at their PokeMon, stars shining in their eyes.

    "I'm telling you, Gad, I always knew that your Ennulithe would be something!" the blue-eyed trainer grinned.
    "Oh really, Reid? You've always said that Keirin would be easy to beat next time..." the brown-eyed one snickered.
    "I can't wait to see how Mint's doing." Reid grinned "Imagine the shock on her face when she finds out Keirin and Midori evolved before her Yasou did!"
    "So... Any thoughts on when are we going to go and take on that older sister of yours?" Gad grinned.
    "Watch it... Robyn's tougher than you'd ever believe. She isn't the eighth gym leader for nothing... Her link with the elementals is even stronger than mine! But yeah. We'll get her alright! Someday..."

    The two trainers recalled their Basileafs and stared at their badge cases - Two badges - the Eclipse and Star Badge - gleaming. "So... We go to Lapis city, then?"
    "If that's where the next gym is, then... Let's go!"

    Gad zipped his jeans jacket over his black shirt, and the two dashed off through the wild grass to their next adventure.


    As the image fades out, it fades into a present-day Gad. His attire has changed, though not by much, and two level-2 Grass PokeMon stand beside him. On his right, stands Keirin, A majestic Basileaf. On his left, stands Yuurin, the blue-leaved, forest-green Grovyle. Both have a determined expression. Before them stands the Gold-eyed man of Rising Helix, his lips twisted into a sadistic smile as his Aggron and... Something else - a dark, twisted amorphous shape that constantly changed its form... draw to a close. Then, in a flash of darkness, The red-haired man known as Nick steps out of the shadow, his Scyther hissing and slashing in the air at him. More and more shadows of Rising Helix trainers and their PokeMon seemed to step in from the shadows, glaring at him. And from behind them, a gigantic pair of glowing, red, sadistic eyes...

    But somehow, it didn't bother him at all, as all around him, lights manifested into the forms of his PokeMon, and his friends' PokeMon, and his friends...

    And then, he knew that above all else, no matter in the face of what danger, as long as his friends stood by him - they would triumph no matter what.


    Gad's eyes opened with a smile as a few rays of sunlight filtered through the curtain and managed to land on his face - a light tickle of warmth upon his face. He turned his head to face the built-in clock, to notice the time was relatively late in comparison to his usual sleeping hours. Deities knew he needed the rest. He stretched, stepping off the bed, and shook his head lightly. His hair was getting a bit longer, he noticed, as he gazed at himself in the mirror. At least the headband made it look normal, he thought. He looked at the headband that rested on the night-table along with his glasses, jacket, crystal amulet and digital storage device. He picked up a towel from a cabinet - a standard, white PokeMon Center towel, with a red PokeBall symbol on its corner and the inscription "Rustboro PokeMon Center" on it. He knew where to find it even before he knew the design of the PokeMon centers in Hoenn. After all, when on the go, one had to know where his towel is.

    He shrugged it off with a smile as he picked up an extra change of clothes from the Digital Storage Device, and walked off to where people usually walk when they are in the posession of a towel.


    A bit later, he emerged from a relatively hot shower which helped him release more than just a few sore, knotted muscles, and refresh himself. He got himself dressed up relatively quickly and slipped his headband on his head, followed by his amulet (again a flash of warmth from the plant within) and his glasses. He clipped the Digital Storage Device to his trainer belt, then, after polishing his PokeBalls lightly, he clipped them on the belt, too. Perfect. It was time to leave the primary Island behind and find some form of transportation to the nearby Dewford Isle, where their next challenge awaited.

    Stretching again, he left the room, humming brightly to himself as he started making his way around the corridors. He could really use a cup of that chocolate-coffee drink now - and then... On to adventure.

    He hasn't felt like this since he only began his PokeMon Journey, at the age of 15 (for that was the age most trainers in Miato began their journeys, although many have been around PokeMon for all their lives, so for most, training them hasn't been a new experience - just an intensified form of an existing one) - And his dream reminded him of those days. When every day was an adventure and even his home region of Miato seemed like a whole new world to him. Of course, he has grown and matured since then, formed deep bonds with his PokeMon, made a few friends - and a few rivals - along the way, learned many things about the world around him...

    But of course, not all moments were of joy. He remembered moments of pain. But today, the way he woke up, even if the sky came crashing down, it wouldn't faze his mood.

    ... Or so, at least, he thought.

    He chuckled to himself picturing at least a hundred different things that could happen and probably would faze his mood, then shrugged it off. "Whatever happens, happens." he thought with a grin, and walked off towards the diner wing, still humming brightly.

    It was a nice day.
    Or mayhap it was a silence before the storm?
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  35. Doctor Oak

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    OOC: Yay for random H2G2 references!


    It was mid-morning by the time Torchic and Raab made their way downstairs to the canteen, not that surprised to see Gad already sitting there sipping away at a mug of hot-chocolately stuff, in a rather surprisingly cheerful mood.

    "Hey, man." Raab slid into the seat opposite Gad, Torchic chirping a happy hello from the trainer's shoulder.

    "Morning, Raab." Gad said with a smile, which in turn placed one on Raab's face.

    "Heh, what's got you so bright this morning?" Raab looked to Torchic on his shoulder and gave a quiet chuckle. "Ahh, must be the prospect of heading off to gym number three!" Torchic replied with a ruffle of it's feathers and another happy chirp.

    "Though, I guess that would only be the second one for Katie..." Then a lightbulb flashed on in Raab's mind. "Hey, where is Katie? I wouldn't have thought her to miss breakfast."

    As if in reply to that very word, Raab's stomach let out a growling yelp. "Heh," He began, placing a hand to his tummy. "Guess my stomach's not one for missing breakfast either." He pushed himself up out of his seat and made his way over to the diner counter.

    "Be back in a minute."

    The thoughts of the Dewford Gym swam fresh in his mind as Raab grabbed a few slices of toast and ham, an extra bit just for Torchic. This gym could be Raab's greatest challenge in Hoenn so far. Katie had a good offensive weapon in Taillow and Gad always had the advantage of surprise on his side with the rare Miato Pokemon he had with him.

    Suddenly, Raab's mind slipped into gear. "Hey... now THERE's an idea." Taking the toast with him, Raab headed off into a corner of the center - not back to Gad as planned. A quick team change was in order...
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    "Whoo!... That was fun... Let's never do it again," Katie panted as she staggered up to the Pokemon Center's front doors. Sprinting the distance from Route 104 back to the facility had seemed like a fun idea initially, but now she could barely catch her breath. "Don't... say a... thing," she added, looking down to the smirking Raichu at her side. He didn't seem tired at all.

    Above their heads Twistado perched on the edge of the Pokemon Center, and trailing shortly behind were Tsunami and Shroomish. Both seemed as tired as Katie, but when Shroomish came to a stop and looked up into his trainer's eyes, his own sparkling brightly, the girl backed away and gulped. "Now, now, Shroomish… Don't do anything hasty…" She didn't notice the Center's automatic doors slide open behind her.

    "Shroooom!" the Pokemon cried joyfully as he leaped into the air and caught the girl in the gut.

    "AARGH!" she yelped, toppling back through the doorway and crashing to the floor. There she lay dazed, her Pokemon crowding around as Shroomish danced and sang cheerfully atop her stomach. Voices of surrounding trainers soon kicked her back into reality, though, and shooting her hands up grab the grinning Shroomish she chuckled darkly, "One of these days, Shroomish… Someone‘s gonna die." To herself she added, "And it might not be me."


    After Katie had rightened herself and all her Pokemon were returned to their PokeBalls she headed to the front of the Center, ignoring the random stares and smirks of nearby trainer's. On her way she noticed Raab and Torchic by a PokeBall Transfer unit called out to him with a wave, "Morning, Raab! Torchic!" The boy turned and waved back with a smile, Torchic chirping happily.

    "I gotta get Kaji now," Katie added. "Be with ya in a bit!" When she turned back to the front desk the nurse was already staring across at her.

    "Did I hear you say you're ready for Kaji?" the woman asked.

    "Yeah, if he's able to leave that is."

    "He's just fine," the nurse smiled warmly. "One moment please." Getting up to disappear through the back doorway she soon returned with a red and black PokeBall in tow, reaching across the counter to hand it to Katie. "Just keep him out of battles and he'll be as good as new."

    "Thanks again. I don't know what I'd do without you guys," Katie replied. Looking down at the tiny sphere she murmured, "Guess I better see how he's doing. He did save my life and all…"

    With a smile and wave to the nurse the girl turned and walked out of the building, stepping off to the side before tossing Kaji‘s PokeBall into the sky. In a burst of red the Charizard materialized in the air and let out a booming roar. Circling overhead a few times, he slowed his wings and came in for a landing a few meters away from Katie.

    "Heya, Kaji… I'm glad you're alright," Katie started to say, the lizard Pokemon staring questioningly back at her. His gaze made her feel uneasy. "Err… Thanks for saving me back there. I owe you my life." The Pokemon gave a low grumble in reply.
    "We owe a lot to Naien too, though. She really saved both our assess in the end, eh? Who knows what would‘ve happened. That Scyther had you pretty beat up…" At that the red Charizard snorted sharply and averted his blue eyes from the trainer.

    "Hey, c'mon!" Katie pleaded. "Was it something I said?" But Kaji didn't respond. It was enough to strike a nerve in the girl. "Y'know, it might not have gone down like that if you'd just bothered to listen to me." Kaji grumbled something in return but still refused to meet her gaze. "Dammit, Kaji! I'm sick of your attitude. You've always been like this, ever since you were a bloody Charmander!" the girl cried, crossing her arms and turning away to stare at the ground.
    "Ever since Dad first brought you home… You've always acted like you were better than me. Really, though, who could blame you," she chuckled harshly. "The man paid more attention to you than he did his own daughter…"

    The ground shook as Kaji roared angrily, Katie spinning around to find him glaring back at her. A low growl rumbled in his throat as his eyes bore into her's, and for countless moments neither made a move.

    Finally the trainer couldn't take it anymore and snapped, "What?" But the Pokemon merely snorted and shook his head, looking away once more. "Whatever…" Katie sighed, reaching down to grab his PokeBall off her belt. "Enough of this. The others are waiting." She paused to see how Kaji would react but the Charizard remained silent. With a grunt she called out, "Return!" and in a flash of red the Pokemon was gone.


    "Oi… That Kaji. So much for thanks," Katie grumbled as she slipped into a seat across from Gad. He looked back curiously but the girl just laughed sheepishly, "It's nothing. So… we all ready to go? I've got Kaji back, and I think I'll just grab a sandwich and a bottle of water to go. Oddly enough, after all the running I just did I'm not feeling overly hungry. A first for everything, eh?"

    OOC: Man, its only been about two/three days plot-wise since Raiden was in the ICU. Kaji makes two. We're gonna have to go a good week before it happens to another one of Katie's Pokemon :p

    And I love developing a character when such short a time frame has passed XD
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  37. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Gad's happy expression switched, momentarily, to a mischeivous one, and then to a playful glare.
    "Okay, who are you and what have you done with Katie?" The glare melted away into laughter. "It's OK. Just kidding. Well, I'm not sure about Raab, but personally... I'm ready to get moving again. Something tells me that Dewford is going to be nice for a change of pace. Besides, I've read somewhere that there's a cave there in which one might run into some rare mineral formations... And a few interesting PokeMon... Might And you know what caves mean. A whole lot of rock and ground PokeMon. Perfect place to train some of my team. And also, some of yours." he grinned. "Might be worth looking into."
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  38. Doctor Oak

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    Raab returned from the machine, Torchic still on his shoulder with a look of concentration across his face. Strategy was whirring through his brain as he attempted to think up a way to use this change to his benefit in the next gym. It wasn't easy, but Raab had the beginnings of a plan in mind - all he needed now was strategy and luck. Luck being the dominant factor.

    Slipping the Pokeball onto his belt, he headed back to the table to find Katie back and sitting with Gad.

    "Hey," Raab greeted as he flumped down into the seat beside Katie, Torchic jumping off his shoulder and onto the table, pecking at Katie's hands happily in greeting.

    "We all set?" Raab said, looking across to Gad. He was anxious to be off and on the way to Dewford and he was pretty certain his two friends were too.

    Leaving Rustboro behind and the freaky events that came with it would certainly be a relief too. The man that attacked him still stung in Raab's mind - mostly out of fear for Moltres. He hated to imagine what could happen if the man acheived his aim of catching it - the creature that killed his father. What also un-nerved Raab was the fact this guy clearly knew his father and in extension knew about Raab, his mum and what Raab had been up to.

    He hoped he never had to bump into that man again, but some of him still wished he would. Just so he could find out more and... probably for revenge.
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    "Well, I know that *I* am." Gad grinned "The only question now is how do we get there..."

    He pushed a few buttons on his PokeGear, providing a holographic display of the Hoenn Region Map.

    "Now, from what I see, there's a fair stretch of sea between the primary Island and Dewford Isle... The map seems to denote a ferry line going through the sea route from that stretch of beach we found by the entrance to Petalburg Woods to Slateport city, and apparantly it makes a stop at Dewford. However, I don't recall seeing any ferry when we got there. Or a dock, for that matter."

    He nodded and pushed a few buttons, closing the map's display.

    "But it could be that I just haven't noticed it. Either way, we would never find out unless we go there."
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    "Alrighty then! Let's get going," Katie smiled back at her friends, giving Torchic a quick scratch under its chin while the boys climbed out of their seats. The tiny Pokemon chirped happily in response which made the girl chuckle lightly. "Not all fire-types are stuffy brutes," she thought with a smirk.

    Finally pushing off herself, Katie muttered, "One second," and made her way over to the nearest food vending machine to buy a packaged ham & cheese sandwich and bottle of Mt. Moon spring water. The sandwich probably wouldn't be very appetizing but food was food. Returning promptly to her companions, Torchic now taking up its usual perch on Raab's shoulder, Katie grinned brightly. "And that's that. Next stop, the ferry to Dewford and our next Gym Battles!"


    The trio of trainers and Pokemon didn't make many stops during their trek. At one point Katie noted the Fishing Contest they'd passed before hitting Rustboro City but Raab merely shook his head. Gad agreed that it was probably best that they continued onward incase the ferry only ran in the morning, thus without another look they headed down the docks and off towards the forest entrance.

    Petalburg woods was much more peaceful this time around, no groups of crazed Pokemon or odd occurrences grabbing their attention. About midway through the group made a short rest stop and Katie took the opportunity to release Raiden. Unlike her other Pokemon he didn't need to conserve his energy, and the Raichu always loved a good walk through the forest. Raab sat back against a tree and entertained Torchic, while Gad quietly took in the fresh air with a smile so bright it almost seemed scary. "Someone's in a good mood today," Katie giggled quietly to Raiden as she watched the blue/silver-clad boy. His mood seemed to be rubbing off on her, too.

    And so once more they moved on, Raiden occasionally scurrying ahead of the group to smell a wild flower and Katie yelling after him "I told you to stay close, dammit!"
    Finally after about another hour or so the trees thinned and, to the group's joy, they emerged from the woods to the all to familiar beachside and Hoenn ocean. Katie cheered a bit more loudly than the others.

    "I guess this isn't the time to be enjoying the beach, though," Katie started sheepishly, "There'll be plenty of that once we reach Dewford. Now to find this ferry..."

    "Rai!" Raiden then squeaked loudly, pointing towards a short wooden dock located a bit down the shoreline. There appeared to be a sign stuck a few feet before it yet was too far away for any of them to make out.

    "Looks promising," Gad grinned, and leading the way the group made their way closer. It wasn't long before the large red words "Hoenn Ferry Service" came into view, a set of times and locations written down below.

    "Looks like the next ferry is due at 12:30..." Katie read it a loud, looking down to her watch and cheering, "12:20! Great timing. Won't have much of a wait at all."

    OOC: There we go ;)
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