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Sun/Moon Pokémon Roulette sign ups!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Sun and Moon, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Link to Pokémon Showdown: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ (Showdown!)
    Sign up and press play now. Search opponents username and get to battling!
    Credit to DuncanKneedeep, HoodlumScrafty, Umbronite, Kaly, Wolfe Glick, All those youtubers that play roulette for the idea. I always wanted to be in one, here's my chance! Sign ups are in here. Here are the rules. BATTLES ARE ON SHOWDOWN!!!

    - ONLY allowing a even number of trainers in this tournament.
    - NO doing kinda hack stuff like a swords dance Extreme speed Arceus. Or a Hone claws Subsitute Baton pass Smeargle. That makes it a little unfair.
    - HAVE fun, if your not having fun then why are you even here.
    - ANYONE can join. No matter what age or what talent you have. It's not like if you lose you die or if you win you win money or a strong Pokémon or whatever...
    - ONLY I will use the Pokémon Randomizer. (I don't want pepole to keep randomizing until they get like 2 legendarys.

    The Floor is lava -All non Flying type Pokémon carry a Flame orb
    Gravity -All Flying type Pokémon has Iron ball.
    Physical -On all of your non evolved Pokémon, They get EV boost and Evolite
    Hoopa Madness -All Pokémon is swapped
    - Stabbycat -All Pokémon must have STAB moveset.
    - Birthday -All Pokémon must have SPECIAL moveset
    - Karate gym -All Pokémon must have PHYSICAL moveset
    - Mega Evolution- Revolution -All pokemon that can mega evolve hold the stone they need to achieve such power.
    - Normal -A normal battle
    - MLG -all Pokémon has different moves then they should have

    Clausebreaker -Breaks a Cause
    Holidays - Depends on which holiday is the nearest, the user can swap for the mascot of that holiday. (Christmas= Stantler, Easter= Togepi, Halloween= Chandulure etc.)
    Form change -A Pokémon of your choice changes form, if none on field can change form, then re-roll
    Mega bond -One Pokémon of your choice can mega evolve if they can, if they can't this turns into a Holidays card.
    Curse re-roll -Reroll someone's Pokémon into a bad Pokémon
    Bless re-roll Reroll one of your Pokémon into a stage 2 or possibly legendary.
    Reaperchu -kill a Pokémon, making it never be in the battle
    Slogan Logan -Have one of your Pokémon run a slogan set.
    Evolve-set -Evolve a Pokémon
    Evolve-all -Evolve a whole entire team
    Switcheroo -swap someone's Pokémon with yours.
    Pay day -Evolve everyone's Pokémon on the field (Chance: 1%)
    Legendary re-roll -Re-roll into a legendary Chance 2%)
    I'm the boss - Pick your own Pokémon (Chance 0.001%)
    Priorities - Run the epic mega gengar strat! (That means you will have gengar) 10% chance
    Oh yeah I also have a number randomizer and since Pay day is 1% I made the number it has as 0.1 to rarely appear.

    I will be the one randomizing the Pokémon, here's what I got from the randomizer.


    2. Venipede
    3. Vanillite. [​IMG]
    4. Magby
    5. Clefable
    6. (Was Alolan Rattata) Marshadow http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/File:802_Dex.png (File:802 Dex.png - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia)

    My Card: Bless re-roll

    Also put your username in Pokémon Showdown username here: Striker5639

    Have fun!
    #1 Sun and Moon, Jan 10, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 15, 2017
  2. Oh yea. Custom battle tab on Showdown!
  3. This sounds fun!
    Username: PeachyPieZ
  4. Ok great! Four more people until I post the tournement. Six more to start

    This is what you got:

    Your card: Evolve Set
    Or you can re-roll your card.

    1. Scizor
    2. Zorua (Switcheroo affected Lugia)
    3. Nidoran F
    4. Electrode
    5. Probopass
    #4 Sun and Moon, Jan 14, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  5. So is the EVOLVE set only EVOLVE one stage or does it fully EVOLVE

    XD why did I caps
  6. It evolves full stage.
  7. Oh god. I put 43% legendary Chance. I should probably drop that to ten...
  8. OK I wanna reroll Nidoran doesn't really bother me
  9. Alright


    (Might take some time
  10. XD that's gonna end my soul

    (Make your team on Showdown)
  11. I'm unlucky..

    You got the rarest Pokémon in the roulette except Eevee

    Azumarill's 7% rate
  12. K I'll be done in a while
  13. I just noticed it's Gravity so Scizor and Lugia need to hold an Iron ball?
  14. Lugia does.

    Scizor doesn't. Its bug/ steel
  15. While the time pasts. Imma test my team out on showdown.

  16. Gengar strat: (hackmons)

    Gengar (Mega)
    Set: Skill Swap
    Moongeist beam
    Ability: Normalize
    Item: Iapapa berry/leftovers/life orb
  17. Yeah but try Calm Mind and Bulk Up
  18. I just noticed I only have 5 pokemans reason?
  19. Because Azumarill is number 6.
  20. #23 Sun and Moon, Jan 14, 2017
    Last edited: Jan 14, 2017
  21. Can I reroll my card?
  22. Sure (that means you will lose Azumarill)
  23. Ok I'll think
  24. Alright

    New card is Slogan Logan

    New re-roll: [​IMG]
  25. What's SlogannLogan I don't understand the desc
  26. Btw I didn't ask for a reroll I said I'll think
  27. Oh

    Back to Azumarill

    Slogan Logan makes you run a slogan set (very popular and useful)

    Usually some worldwide Pokémon champions use these sets
  28. Can I sign up?

    Username: HydreigonBorn
  29. Yea sure!

    Your card: Switcheroo

    1. Trumbeak
    2. Conkeldurr
      3. Zourua


      4. Quilava


      5. Pyukumuku
      *No sprite available*

      6. Frogadier

  30. Wait, I can swap one of my Pokémon wuth someone else's?
  31. And can I reroll Zorua and quilava?
  32. If you re-roll you lose your card. And you can only re-roll one Pokémon.

    And yes you swap a Pokémon with your card.
  33. Okay, then I'll just swith Zorua with @PeachyPie's Lugia.
  34. Alright!

    Yay hands off my clefable! It's my ace Pokémon on my team.
  35. Can I join?

    Username: KaiSamurai
  36. Sure!

    Your card: Bless re-roll

    Your roll:
    1. Larvitar
    2. Dragalge
    3. Kecleon
    4. Yanma

      5. Kirlia[​IMG]

      6. Lumineon



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