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Sun/Moon Pokémon Roulette 3.0 (New Update)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Sun and Moon, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Alright:
    But it’s Stabbycat, so it is basically impossible so just take the free use mega Gengar.
  2. Alright then. Free mega Gengar for me. Sorry, but my team looks pretty good.
  3. I like my team, especially Zygarde, Celesteela, and Cofragius (I can’t spell I need to go back to school XD)
  4. Oh, Wgglituff would destroy them all, and mega gengar would take the rest.
  5. Celesteela is stall and can OHKO Wiggytuff, and Zygarde would just sweep XD after the weaker Pokémon do something.
  6. You need to learn your genwunner skills. Trust the pokemon and they will trust you back.
  7. *Clicks Gyro Ball and shouts “OHKO!”

    If sash then *Clicks Leech Seed* waits two turns *Clicks Gyro Ball after boosts* “OHKO!”

    My friend Alex yelled that in my face while we were playing Showdown...
  8. Presses protect. Presses detect. Presses toxic. Presses protect. Basically my battle.
  9. Celesteela is steel type...
    Stalls by boosting stats while you use protect. Lum berry cures stuff while will o wisp, then Gyro Ball after the failed status move “EZ” -Alex (again...)
  10. I'm trading swirlix for talonflame
  11. I know. Thats what other status moves are for. Also, steel is only good on certain types. Normal is not one of them.
  12. YES!!!! Thanks a ton Starry! That's honestly a big asset to my team.
  13. But my team is useless, look at it. Besides Zygarde and Celesteela, I am dead.
  14. Eveolite and certian moves make a slurpuff op. Don't overworry my strategies, you'd get a headache.
  15. Yes but you have a swirpix not a slurrpuff and also cofadrigus is power and youngoose gets endeavor (I think)
  16. I am not used to Staravia, I hope @EvangelinaOfTheEnder curse re-rolls it so someone gets the card where all Pokémon are max evolved.
  17. Curse reroll any off mine. I dont care the slightest.
  18. I would care if all my team was gone. But i don’t care about Staravia much.
  19. I'm gone for one friggin day and there are 61 messages on here XD

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