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S/M/US/UM Pokémon Roulette 3.0 (New Update)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Sun and Moon, Oct 20, 2017.

  1. Link to Pokémon Showdown: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/ (Showdown!)
    Sign up and press play now. Search opponents username and get to battling!
    Credit to DuncanKneedeep, HoodlumScrafty, Umbronite, Kaly, Wolfe Glick, All those youtubers that play roulette for the idea. I always wanted to be in one, here's my chance! Sign ups are in here. Here are the rules. BATTLES ARE ON SHOWDOWN!!!

    - ONLY allowing a even number of trainers in this tournament.
    - NO doing kinda hack stuff like a swords dance Extreme speed Arceus. Or a Hone claws Subsitute Baton pass Smeargle. That makes it a little unfair.
    - HAVE fun, if your not having fun then why are you even here.
    - ANYONE can join. No matter what age or what talent you have. It's not like if you lose you die or if you win you win money or a strong Pokémon or whatever...
    - ONLY I will use the Pokémon Randomizer. (I don't want pepole to keep randomizing until they get like 2 legendarys.

    The Floor is lava -All non Flying type Pokémon carry a Flame orb
    Gravity -All Flying type Pokémon has Iron ball.
    Physical -On all of your non evolved Pokémon, They get EV boost and Evolite
    Hoopa Madness -All Pokémon is swapped
    - Stabbycat -All Pokémon must have STAB moveset.
    - Birthday -All Pokémon must have SPECIAL moveset
    - Karate gym -All Pokémon must have PHYSICAL moveset
    - Mega Evolution- Revolution -All pokemon that can mega evolve hold the stone they need to achieve such power.
    - Normal -A normal battle
    - MLG -all Pokémon has different moves then they should have

    Clausebreaker -Breaks a Cause
    Holidays - Depends on which holiday is the nearest, the user can swap for the mascot of that holiday. (Christmas= Stantler, Easter= Togepi, Halloween= Chandulure etc.)
    Form change -A Pokémon of your choice changes form, if none on field can change form, then re-roll
    Mega bond -One Pokémon of your choice can mega evolve if they can, if they can't this turns into a Holidays card.
    Curse re-roll -Reroll someone's Pokémon into a bad Pokémon
    Bless re-roll Reroll one of your Pokémon into a stage 2 or possibly legendary.
    Reaperchu -kill a Pokémon, making it never be in the battle
    Slogan Logan -Have one of your Pokémon run a slogan set.
    Evolve-set -Evolve a Pokémon
    Evolve-all -Evolve a whole entire team
    Switcheroo -swap someone's Pokémon with yours.
    Pay day -Evolve everyone's Pokémon on the field (Chance: 1%)
    Legendary re-roll -Re-roll into a legendary (Spawn Chance 2%)
    I'm the boss - Pick your own Pokémon (Chance 0.001%)
    Priorities - Run the epic mega gengar strat! (That means you will have gengar) 10% chance
    Oh yeah I also have a number randomizer and since Pay day is 1% I made the number it has as 0.1 to rarely appear.

    Also, one more thing. This time to cards are randomized, but you can re-roll it if you don’t like it, re-rolled cards get double chance to get something.

    @Koopa6000 @EvangelinaOfTheEnder @Glaceon trainer @Starry Phantump

    Let the battle begin!
    My Randomized Card: Switcheroo
    1. Whirlipede
    2. Zygarde 10%
    3. Noibat
    4. Yungoos
    5. Staravia
    6. Cofagrigus
  2. Why, I wanted my old team.....
    Sign me up.. :(
  3. 8 players only
    Sun and Moon Vs Koopa64000
    Glaceon trainer vs EvangelinaOfTheEnder
    Starry Phantump Vs

    3 spots left!
    #3 Sun and Moon, Oct 20, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  4. What about them? Also, my team and card, please?
  5. I’m in too, thought I’m sad that I lost my mega Gengar
  6. Glaceon trainer the old one got taken down (I’m not going to point hands here)

    1. [​IMG]
    2. Type: Null
    3. Machop
    4. Hitmontop
    5. Gothitelle
    6. Wigglytuff
    *i hate that the last image doesn’t load on Charms.
    Your card: Priorites (what are the chances early in the set up of this?)
  7. Since the level is Stabbycat, I think this will be interesting
    1. Popplio
    2. Linoone
    3. Flareon
    4. Wishiwashi
    5. Eevee
    6. Samurott
    Your card: Slogan Logan (basically any move that is the same type as your Pokémon)
    Just saying to you, Eevee z move and Marshadow is banned from this, due to highly immense strategies and power. It just won’t make it fun. (Arceus is banned to for that reason as well.)
  8. What exactly is a Slogan set?
  9. Do you know Hackmons?
  10. A Slogan set is Hackmons. But not your whole team, just one.

    1. A UB I am not typing the name I am lazy XD.
    1. [​IMG]
    2. Slowking
    3. Cacnea
    4. Sudowoodo
    5. Whimsicott
    6. Oshawott
    Your card: Curse Re-roll
  11. I'm not interested, thanks. But I appreciate you tagging me.
  12. Alright, I understand.
  13. fffffffuuuuuuuuudge so many grass types! Eh, I guess it's fine :D
  14. Read the cards on first post.

    Also I will use the switcheroo card on ur Celesteela for my Noibat.
  15. I switch Machop for the Gengar for the Gengar Strat.
  16. Alright!
    Starry these are your pokes *i swear the last sprite is not loading*

    1. Throh
    2. Archen
    3. Gengar Mega
    4. Excadrill
    5. Swirlix
    6. Card: Clause Break
  17. What about my Gengar? For the Priorities card?
  18. You got it already I can’t post sprites for everything like when I switcheroo for Celesteela.
  19. I can work with this

    also does clause break mean I don't have to have only stab moves?
  20. Also I don't have a sixth mon
  21. You do have a sixth mon, it’s just the sprite is glitched, read the name of number 6.
    Also the clauses are here
    Moody Clause
    Eevee and Marshadow Clause
    Arceus Clause
    Level Clause (you can re-roll the level)
    Sleep move limit one Pokémon clause
    Destiny Bond Clause
    OHKO Clause

    You can break up to two.
  22. number 6 is not a pokemon
  23. Really? “Not a Pokemon?”

    Look it up if you are confused.
  24. Thats number 5
  25. Oh lol, let me fix it

    1. Phione
  26. Oh,may I have a reroll for my card,sorry
  27. Alright
    New re-rolled Card: Switcheroo

    (Sorry, but I had too, I am nervous.)
  28. Ok I feel threatened by glaceon trainers team so I'm gonna take your talonflame,sorry ;)
    #33 Starry Phantump, Oct 21, 2017
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2017
  29. Her?!?!?!?! I happen to be male. Also, I get a Gengar also. Good thing I still got that LOL :)
  30. And I got Celesteela from my Switcheroo card
  31. Sorry typo I meant to type your
  32. Three things, One; Could you post the Gengar Strat here, and two; My Wigglytuff is my main, not Talonflame, And three; who you trading for Starry?

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