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Open Pokèmon Romance

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Javvasine, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Name: Destiny
    Species: Espeon
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual, mostly Lesbian
    One distictive feature: White ribbon around her neck
    Personality: She's a bit stray, and never truly takes things seriously. She's blunt sometimes, but really wants to have someone to talk to on the lonely road. A friend. Maybe even more~

    Destiny curled up in her bed of leaves, in the cold cave full of Noibats. Her ears flattened against her head as she felt the cold wind blow against her fur, she would have to get going tomorrow. She lifted her head, stepping onto the raw and cold stone of the cave, trying not to wake the Noibats. She outstretched her legs, running to get some oran berries from a nearby bush.
  2. Name: Zaria
    Species: Zoroark
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Personality: Zaria is a carefree, confident and cocky Zoroark, usually doing what she wants. However, she is caring and protective of her friends-- maybe overly protective of those who she especially cares about, the most.

    Zaria sighed as she walked around. The Zoroark looked around contently, her eyes darting to the berry bush; the same one the Eeveelution was at. The Dark Type was on the opposite side of the bush the Espeon was on, not seeing her straight away. She hummed quietly as she collected a few berries.
  3. Flare walked around in the dark forest. "I am scared of getting lost around here, I never been around these parts before".
  4. Name: Juliette
    Species: Lopunny
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Personality: Julliete is very shy and timid but she will stick up for herself and her friends, she loves to wander around, not caring where she's headed, she loves to eat berries sense it was her favorite things to eat as a child.

    Julliete wandered across the woods looking for something to do until she saw some berries but once she saw the Espeon and Zoroark she quickly walked away. Julliete continued walking until she saw a tiny little meadow filled with flowers and a river flowing through it, the young Lopunny sat near the stream and started collecting pretty little flowers so she could make a flower crown
  5. Zaria's ears perked up as she looked around. Her eyes darted to the Lopunny. The Dark Type collected a few more berries. She made sure she could carry them before going over to the Normal Type. She was a rather friendly person, unlike some of her species. She smiled and waved over to the Lopunny, in the process dropping a few of the berries-- what a goof.
  6. Julliete tried to hold in her laughter but failed miserably and so when the Zoroark dropped the berries the Lopunny giggled softly before standing up and helping the dark type pick up her berries
  7. Zaria blinked and rubbed her neck. 'Great first impression.' She thought and chuckled. The Zoroark was a bit surprised when the Lopunny began to help, originally thinking she might of just laughed and went off. "Uh, s-sorry and.. thank you.." She said nervously. She wasn't sure if she had to apologize for making her pick up the berries, or say thank you for it, so she said both.
  8. "it's alright, I mean any decent Pokemon would have helped" Julliete quitely stated as she softly smiled at the female dark type before walking back to her original spot near the creek, once she sat back down the young Lopunny continued to make her flower crown
  9. Zaria was curious of what the Lopunny was doing. She tilted her head slightly before she walked over to her. "What ya doin?'" She asked curiously. She offered a few of the berries to the Normal Type, putting them next to the other female Pokemon.
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  10. Julliete slightly tensed up as the Zoroark walked up to her, "oh I'm making a flower crown" the normal type softly whispered as she focused her attention on to the flowers instead of the dark type next to her
  11. "Huh.. It looks nice so far!" The Zoroark stated as she smiled warmly. Zaria sat down next to Julliete. "Oh- uh, how rude. I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Zaria. Zaria Akiyama. Nice to meet you!" She smiled once again.
  12. "nice to meet you Zaria, I'm Julliete Amoré" the girl untduced herself before placing her finished flower crown on top of Zarias head. "You look so adorable" Julliete whispered as a faint blush crept on to her cheeks
  13. Zaria heard as her eyes widened. She blushed slightly and looked away for a moment. She smirked to herself and looked back. "Huh? Did you say something?" She wanted to see the other's reaction.
  14. "Ahh, no I didn't say anything" Julliete frantically stated as she covered her blushing face with her hands. "Oh, what am I doing" the Lopunny thought to herself as she continued to hide her blushing face from the dark type
  15. She couldn't help but chuckle. Her cocky smirk got a big bigger as she rested her head on her paw. "Okay thenn.. I believe youu.." She giggled. Zaria reached out to the Lopunny and gentle pulled her hands away from her face, still having the grin on her face.
  16. Jullietes face soon regained it's normal color which made the normal type sigh in relief. "Um if you don't mind me asking why are you here?" Julliete asked softly hoping that she didn't offend the the female Zoroark
  17. Flare got lost in the forest where the other pokemon OCs are. "Where am I, I don't know how to get out of this dark forest, I am scared" *Flare is starting to tear up from being scared in the dark and scary forest.
  18. Destiny would raise her head, looking at the large Zoroark and shuddered- She heard the stories about dark types. Well, if that was the case, why not get on their good side? "Hello." Destiny would look at Zaria, looking at her up and down. She quickly turned back to the berries, picking them and setting them to her side. She felt her legs urge back to the cave, but it would be rude to leave without another hello. She felt something warm inside of her chest, and her stomach stirring... Hmm...
  19. "Maybe I should try and find a way out of this forest". Flare started walking around the forest to find his way out of it. Where is that exit out of the forest?
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  21. Flare was hiding behind the tree looking all curious. "Who are those pokemon, I never seen them around these parts of the forest before?. Flare decided that he should be brave and just walk up to the pokemon and say hello. "Hello there, my name is Flare and it is an honor to meet you". Flare is a little bit shy while saying that as he never met these pokemon before.
  22. (OOC: I really hope this RP isn’t dead)

    Name: Ashira
    Gender: Female
    Species: Absol
    Sexuality: Bisexual, but a little more into girls.
    Appearance: A normal looking Absol, but with bright, ice blue eyes and a violet scarf around her neck.
    Personality: Brave, strongwilled, and pretty coldhearted. Sarcastic and entirely fearless, but very loving and kind to someone who’s able to crack her tough shell.

    Ashira was wandering as usual, when she came upon two Pokémon, a Delcatty and an Arcanine. She basked in the beauty of the Delcatty, and decided she’d approach both her and the Arcanine to see exactly where she was. “Hey, you. What is this place?” She asked the Delcatty, blushing just slightly.
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