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Open Pokèmon Romance

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Javvasine, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. “So, where is your place anyway?” Brooklyn asked. They’ve been walking together for a long time.
  2. She smiled and lead her to a small hill with a opening in the side "right in here" she said happily
  3. "Hey, nice place!" Brooklyn said. The interiors of the burrow looked astonishingly beautiful. It was like living in a condominium in a big city! Well, minus the condominium and the big city.
  4. She smiled and looked at her "thanks! Took ages and just dug this place out, let alone make it look good" she said happily "anyway, uh, I made a little area where we can relax if ya wanna?" She said shyly
  5. "Hehe, sure!" Brooklyn replied.
    "How cute..." she thought to herself.
  6. She smiled and made her way to another room in the burrow and sat down happily, she leaned against the wall and smiled
  7. Brooklyn smiled. Her heart was beating faster and faster. "Do I like her? Do I have a crush on her?!" she kept thinking to herself. Never was she this lovestruck in her life. Carefully, she took a sip of coffee. "Ow, hot!"
  8. She winced "oh dam are you ok?" She asked worried "just come and sit down" She said quietly feeling happy about this
  9. "O...Okay," Brooklyn replied as she sat down together with Zina.
    "I'm fine, really," she said.
  10. She smiled and nodded, hugging her softly "good, I was worried" she said with a chuckle, she had trouble identifying her emotions about the beautiful gardevoir
  11. "No need to be worried," Brooklyn said. She turned to smile at the cute Zangoose and hugged her back, tightly.
  12. She blushed darkly and shuffled a bit, she eventually made he way between the gardevoirs legs, she looked up at her and smiled
  13. “So... what are you doing today?” Brooklyn asked, looking at Zina and blushing slightly.
  14. She shrugged "well I was just going for a walk and then I saw you and uh yeah" she mumbled feeling slightly awkward
  15. "I'm sorry for being rude but I didn't know this was your territory." The Delcatty meowed. Her tail swooshed around in the air with curiosity. She looked around the area.
    "It's a nice place though Lunar, I would awfully appreciate it if you let me stay a bit longer." She said with a shrug. Then she looked over to the razz berry before turning away from it as if she were to ignore it.
  16. "Hehe, I see," the Gardevoir replied. "Well, I don't have any plans too," she giggled and hugged Zina tightly. "Your fur is so soft, by the way,"

    On another note, "This ------- are sassy -- ----, cats these days are so rude," she mumbled...
  17. Comet was still with Lunar and the Leafeon when she sat down and cocked her head to the side in puzzlement. “ Wow, a lot just happened, didn’t it? “
  18. Name: Nicole
    Species: Arcanine
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: ghey probably
    One distictive feature: nearly 2 ft shorter than the average Arcanine, she stands at 4’7 ft tall
    Personality: Nicole prefers to be mature in most if not all situations. But she does enjoy joking around some. She is analytical and logical, fueled more on reasoning than emotions. She prides herself on this and prefers to keep her emotions in check.

    Nicole was sleeping under quite a large tree, on her back. Light snoring could be heard from the orange and beige striped canine. Nicole was laying on her back, her legs faced skyward, as they kicked idly time to time. Nicole yipped excitedly while she was dreaming about chasing a Pokémon
  19. A delcatty watched from a distance, chuckling to herself on how ridiculous she looked before exhaling and curling up faced away from the golden rays of the sun against her fur. She rested her head against her paws and watched a gentle breeze blow grass in a relaxing manner. Soon enough she closed her eyes to take a short nap under the blue skies and the golden sun.
  20. Nicole’s fur poofed in excitement when she finally woke up. She may still be drowsy but her prey and chase drive still going haywire. The common instinct to chase practically controlling the poor, small Arcanine. She stood up and looked around for anything to sate the drive. Unfortunately, she was able to find something, her eyes just barely spotted a Delcatty. Nicole lowered herself to the ground in an attempt to hide herself, but with her hind legs up and quite bushy tail wagging excitedly, she was quite easy to spot. She began charging full speed towards the poor Pokémon, Nicole was barking at full earnest.
  21. Delcatty lept in surprise and then hissed in reaction. Her tail was ruffled up and tail wagging in panic, her eyes landing on Nicole. After calming down she faced the Arcanine with an angry look.
    "Excuse me. I was trying to take a nap." The Delcatty murmured with annoyance.
    Lavender wasn't quite as annoyed as she was about the barking but the fact that her perfect fur had gotten ruffled up and messy. Right away the feline pokémon got to work in making her look as best as possible
  22. Nicole skidded to a halt and barked at the Delcatty once more, whining when she was practically ignored. Soon enough however, she began to settle down and shakes her head. “Ah, uh, sorry about that!” Nicole turns tail and begins to walk away, obviously embarrassed by her actions.
  23. Once the Delcatty was done grooming she looked up at Nicole, with a bit of guilt for embarrassing her. She sighed and got up to follow her.
    "I'm Lavender." Delcatty introduced. "You are?"
    Her tail flickered patiently and curiously, inside quite joyful to meet someone new. Even if the someone ruined her perfect appearance.
  24. Nicole looked down at Lavander, she frowned and continued to walk while talking. “Nicole, a pleasure.” Nicole shook her body, her fur proofing and shaking with her. The orange and beige canine continued walking leisurely.
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  25. The Delcatty continued to walk with Nicole but gave her some space. She took notes in her head about what she noticed.
    "Your a bit shorter for an average Arcanine." She pointed out before quickly adding; "It's not bad that you are- I just noticed that."
    Her tail sticking close to her legs as she walked, embarrassed of her lack in socializing skills.
  26. Name: Flare
    Species: Tepig
    Age: (pokemon years) 14
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: pansexual
    One distictive feature: (optional)
    Personality: he is brave, kind, and gentle plus he likes to help protect other pokemon from dangerous wild pokemon with his fire moves and wants to find love someday

    Flare is walking around in the forest near his home "it sure is a nice day outside today". He was on his walk like he does everyday "soon, I will be heading back home but I had a good time walking on this trail".
  27. Name: Flavio

    Species: Gardevoir (shiny)

    Age: 22

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    One distinctive feature: He wears a pendant with a silver spoon on the end. It is his most treasured item, as it was a gift from his mother.

    Personality: Flavio is gentle, polite, and loves to cook, and his specialty is his yache berry tart

    In the midst of all of the blossoming romances, and budding couples, Flavio was starting to get a little bit jealous. He had yet to find his sweetheart, but he'd never lose hope. Once he had his soulmate, he vowed to treat them to his cooking every day, for the rest of his life.

    Listlessly, the gardevoir began picking yache berries, before taking them back to his little worktop, a rock, and began grinding the berries into juice. Once again, he was stuck making a yache berry tart, with no one to share it with.
  28. Zina blushed darkly and looked up at her "oh well uh heh thank you" she managed to get out before mentally freaking out

    (Sorry @Wakasagihime21 for the late reply)
  29. Flare decided to walk back to his home "I had a nice walk so I shall be heading back home". Flare is walking back to his home in the wild.
  30. Unable to contain her feelings any longer, Brooklyn bent over, smiled at Zina, and gave her a kiss.
  31. Flare arrives back to his home "I had fun, I should relax at home for awhile". Flare goes inside his home.
  32. She blushed darkly and jerked away "woah!" She exclaimed, amazed by what had just happened "you kissed me?! Why?!"
  33. "I... I don't know... I... I kinda like you..." she responded.
    Meanwhile, Brooklyn's mind was equal to that of a scene from Final Destination, "Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh f---..."
  34. "I like you too! But ya coulda asked?!" She told her, trying not to panic "like! You don't just do that kinda thing outta nowhere?!"
  35. Flare was relaxing in his home thinking. "hm, what else I should do today?"
  36. Name: Ridley
    Species: Riolu
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    One distictive feature: Purple scarf with yellow dip-dye on the end
    Personality: Headstrong, brave, kindhearted, easily irritated, show-off

    Ridley was sat on her own, picking shyly at her scarf and staring at the ground. She was rather lonely, though decided she would train to take her mind of her dreaded emotions. Ridley used Bone Rush, repeatedly smacking a rock and damaging it, chipped bits of stone flying off it.
  37. Flare looked kinda bored right now. "I feel bored so maybe I will practice my moves outside. Flare went back outside and started training his moves on a rock.
  38. “I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m so so sorry I’m sorry—-“ Brooklyn stammered. How she thought she was done for. She was just so eager and excited to find a partner... partly because she was lonely almost all the time.
  39. She took some deep breaths and looked up at her "ok, don't worry, it's ok" she told Brooklyn and smiled "ok, try that again?"
  40. "Umm... uh... what?" unfortunately for Brooklyn brain lags are quite common at this type of situation.
    "I'm...I'm sorry.. wha- what did you say again?" she asked Zina.
    "Shit I hope she's not gonna be angry," she murmured.

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