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Open Pokèmon Romance

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Javvasine, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Pokemon Romance! Here your only goal is to find love! Do whatever you want like start romance, drama. Whatever you like! However there are a few rules...
    1. No bunniying. Look it up.
    2. 3rd person only.
    3. No homophobic or transphobic behaviour.
    4. No legendaries or shinys sosT^T
    That's it :3
    5. Wild Pokemon ONLY (._.^
    You can swear. I don't mind!

    please set up ur profile like this :3

    Age: (pokemon years)
    One distictive feature: (optional)

    My character (0""|"0)

    Name: Stitches
    Species: Eevee
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual ♡♡♡
    One distictive feature: Purple Floofy Scarf
    Personality: A hopeless romantic who just seems to fall in love with everyone she sees. She's niave and says some really dumb things. She's shy and quiet at first but once she falls in love with you/befriends you she begins to open up more. Underneath shes an outgoing girl who loves playing childish games! She's always looking for inspiration for what she should evolve into!!!☆

    Stiches. Such a strange character she is. Always silent. Always timid. Yearning for love. "theres nobody to fall in love with" she thought to herself. If only pokemon werent such jerks to her maybe it would make thimgs easier. She never got bullied. She just never got talked to. She blames it on the pokemon yet dosnt realise that maybe she might seem quite intimidating. She might be fluffy and cute but she has such a short temper she can often go into a blinding rage if mistreated. Its a cycle. Shes alone. Gets scared then scares everyone else around her. "This time it will be different! You need to get out of your comfort zone! No more falling in love and all that mushy crap! I promis- prom-" She spoke too soon. Just then a magnificent creature seemed to strut past her. She had never seen them before. "Forget about your promise! Smile, Stitch, smile!" She thought in a heap of panic and nervousness... who exaclty WERE they? " I think I know them from somewhere. Wasnt their name... (isnert next players pokemon name here)"
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  2. Name: Comet
    Species: Rockruff
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    One distinct feature: One of her eyes is hazel, the other one is blue
    Personality: She’s confident in nearly everything she does. She’s funny, helpful, and loyal to her friends. She likes to run and play no matter how old she is, and she can be quite social. Her main goal is to find someone who she can love.

    Comet was jogging around the forest, saying hi to pokemon she knew and occasionally munching on Pecha berries. Her ears pricked when she heard the voice of someone she knew and her tail wagged. She cleaned her fur and walked confidently over to them. “ Hi, Stitches! It’s great to see you. “

    LAARJ_PEEKACHOO Previously Ryan Crentei

    Name: Terrance
    Species: Litten
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Not sure yet.
    One distictive feature: His two front teeth are pointy.
    Personality: Loves to play. Tons of pride and sometimes over-confident. Can easily get sad or angry if it is the right situation. He wants to find love. But he doesn't know his own sexuality yet.

    Terrance walked across the grass as he noticed a Rockruff and a Eevee. The Rockruff greeted her.

    "S-stitches... Is that the Rockruff's name or the Eevee's name?" He asked himself. He silently stood and watched. He didn't care that he was in eye's view.
  4. Name: Dusk
    Species: Umbreon
    One distinctive feature:red eyes
    Personality: calm, loves to explore and be in nature,works alone, trouble opening up
  5. Forgot age 19
  6. As Comet turned to leave, she saw a Litten in the corner of her eye, he seemed to be watching them. “ Hello. “ She greeted him. “ I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Comet, and you are? “
  7. photo_editor_1516565869670.jpg opposites_attract_by_swiftyswoo-dbyl4bh.jpg Name: Jappi
    Species: Leafeon
    Age: 20 1/2
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    One distictive feature: Darker fur from a usual Leafeon
    Personality: Jappi is very friendly and willing to be on everyone's good side. He is very curious and adventurous which makes him prone to danger in some way. His main interest is to find a nice partner and experience lOvE ;D

    Jappi woke up from his little nap. He lay on a nice spot on a rock where the sunlight warmed him up nicely. Looking down from where he was, he saw a group of small Pokemon. An Eevee, Rockruff and a Litten. Feeling energised, Jappi decided to greet them with a loud, "HEY little fellas! Nice day for y'all?"
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    LAARJ_PEEKACHOO Previously Ryan Crentei

    "Oh, uh, I'm Terrance. I- AH!" Litten jumped when a Leafeon yelled from above. ".... Hi?" He said confused looking up at the Leafeon. He turned his head back and looked up again.
  9. Name: Ken
    Species: Greninja
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    One distinctive feature: He normally wears a long black scarf.
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Personality: He's in the middle of introvert and extrovert, and he's fun loving.
    Ken was hopping along trees, when he noticed the group and hopped down. "Ello." He said, trying to untangle his scarf from the tree and not tear it. He seemed to have trouble with it. "Darn scarf..."
  10. Name: Lunar
    Species: Umbreon
    Age: 20
    Gender: male
    Sexuality: pansexual
    One distinctive feature: red eyes who make people and Pokémon think he's a maniac and get scared
    Personality: scared of comittments due to his red eyes. He was often bullied by other Pokémon because he was different. That caused him to have a very low self esteem. He loves taking walks during the night like most Umbreons.

    *YAAAAWN*... "Could you uhm... please keep it down? I'm trying to sleep" Lunar said and opened one of his red eyes to look at the group of Pokémon. It was an Eevee, a Rockruff, a Litten, a Leafeon and a Greninja "Why are you even in my territory. It might be small but it's my territory. Couldn't you smell it's mine on the trees?"
  11. Jappi almost jumped when he heard a voice nearby. He saw a red eye and yellow rings that made him shiver. "U-Uh, this is your territory? Well darn that, I didn't notice any scent. Sorry fella!" He turned to the others to see what they would do.
  12. "Oh well. I'm awake now" Lunar stretches out and go to the group of Pokémon.
    "Who are you though?"
  13. Comet looked up at the Umbreon with a chilled expression. “ I’m Comet. But who are you? “ She asked politely.
  14. Lunars eyes was immediately directed towards the Rockruff.
    "I'm Lunar" Lunar replied the Rockruff. "Why are you all here?" Lunar grabbed an Oran Berry from a nearby bush with his mouth and started eating it
  15. Comet blinked. She knew why she was here, but what about everyone else? “ I’ve just been jogging around. I didn’t realized I passed a scent marker. “ She shifted her gaze to the others, waiting to hear their explanations.
  16. "Hmm. Seems like the Rockruff wasn't intimidated by my eyes. Isn't that nice" Lunar thought. (@Comet Blaster, that could be the start of one romance if you're interested. If not it could be just a simple crush)
    "Very well. Just pay more attention in the future. I don't want to be rude and chase you away so... i guess you could stay here for a while if you want" Lunar said. He had finished his berry and grabbed another one
  17. Jappi relaxed a little. "Well thank you sir! By the way, I'm Jappi!" He took a little bow. Looking at the others, he saw that the Umbreon was outnumbered and yet, there was something about this fella that made him seem stronger than it seemed.
  18. ( black charizard tv, yeah we can start a romance here if you want )
    Comet twitched her tail in cheerfulness. She wouldn’t be kicked out of Lunar’s territory. “ Thanks! “ She stated as she sat down and watched as the conversation unfolded.
  19. (Yeah i'd like to make a romance)
    "You're welcome. Do you live near here or something? Or did you come from far away?" Lunar asked. He was a bit interested in that Rockruff and wanted to know why he was interested. So he decided that he would investigate that. And for that it would be easier if she was close to him
    (I don't think the other role players are coming back though. Which kinda makes things a bit harder since we're only three. I could make another character for Jappi to fall in love with if you want @Senrova)
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  20. Name: Lavender
    Species: Delcatty
    Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    One Distinctive Feature: Silky Blue scarf
    Personality: A very mature proper Delcatty, who likes things the way she wants it. She won't let things get in her way and likes to be in control making her bossy. She's clever but doesn't like to do work herself and has someone else do work for unless it's her love interest. She is quite tough and sassy but softens up to whoever her love interest is.

    Lavender sat quietly beneath trees while watching other pokémon socialize and have fun. Her ears twitch with jealousy. Of course she wouldn't admit it to herself. She sighed and rested her head. Thoughts rushed about she should go over and talk with one of them. After moments of thinking to herself she steps out beneath the trees to go see one of the other pokémon.

    "Salutations." She murmured to the pokémon
  21. Lunar sighed. Now there were one more of the Pokémon in his territory. He thought that he maybe should chase the Delcatty away. Although that would seem mean. He let the Rockruff and Leafeon (+others in case they come back) so why couldn't the Delcatty stay?
    "Hello. Who are you? Also, what're you doing in my territory?" Lunar said and once again redirected his freaky red eyes (read my character bio if you haven't already). This time towards the Delcatty
  22. Lavender stood tall with confidence. She seemed slightly annoyed about the second question. Her tail swayed around for a moment before answering.
    "My name is Lavender, and I roam wherever I please." She replied. "You are?"
    Her deep black eyes observing the Umbreon with curiosity.
  23. "I'm Lunar. And i want a better explanation as to why you were here. This is my territory and i have right to defend it. I don't want to fight you but i'll do it if i have to" Lunar says and looked angrily with his red freak eyes in a way that would scare a Dragonite. "So either you apologize and start treating me with the respect that i know you want for yourself, or you leave right now"
  24. Name: Brooklyn
    Species: Gardevoir
    Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    One distinctive feature: Wears Mystic Water as a necklace, Carries berry pouch everywhere.
    Personality: Carefree, Relaxed but Tough. Will protect her friends and allies at all costs. Also loves to eat and joke around.

    Brooklyn waved across to the other Pokemon as she just finished her daily walk from the forests. "Jeez Lunar, take a chill pill," as she gave a friendly nudge to the irritated Umbreon. "The kitty just wants to make friends," she said as she gave both of them some Razz berries.
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  25. Name: zina
    Species: zangoose
    Age: 19
    Gender: female (male to female)
    Sexuality: *clears throat* GAYYYY
    One distictive feature: has a dark green strip rather then red
    Personality: zina is a happy and giggly girl, who is quite happy to go make friends, but will go quiet if you bring up her gender

    Zina was walking around then she saw the small commotion before her eyes locked onto Brooklyn. She made her way over to them "what going on here!" She said happily
  26. "Nothing," Brooklyn said while munching on some Oran Berries. "Want some?"
  27. Zina looked at her face and nodded softly "sure, heard they're good round this time of the month" she says happily putting her hand out
  28. Brooklyn gave Zina a cute smile and gave her 30 oran berries. "Who knows, you might need them," she said as she winked at Zina
  29. Oh great. He was getting ganged up on.
    "I would suggest that if you trespass in someone else's territory you apologize for it and treat the Pokémon with respect if you want friends" Lunar replied and ignored the Razz Berries that Brooklyn offered him. "Now i also want to know why you are in my territory too"
  30. She chuckled and took them and started eating "hey wanna go like, do a thing?" She asked with a giggle
  31. "Well sorry then, Lunar boy, I didn't know this was your territory," Brooklyn said with a shrug. "If you want respect go play GTA cause that's the only place you'll be getting respect."

    Brooklyn then turned to Zina and agreed immediately with a smile.
  32. She laughed softly to the small insult "wanna like, check out my place, it's like, nothing fancy... cause it's a burrow but it's nice" she explained
  33. "Sure, don't worry about it!" Brooklyn replied. She looked at Zina and shined a bright, warm smile at her. "Maybe we could get a few drinks after that," she joked.
  34. She smiled at her and started walking "your pretty you know?" She said quietly and with a large blush on her face
  35. "Hehe, really?" Brooklyn replied, it was the first time anyone has said that to her. She looked at Zina's blushed, cherry-red face and giggled. "Well, you are too!"
  36. Her normally white face turned crimson with embarresment, she tried to hide it but she didn't do it very well, she looked at the ground and chuckled nervously
  37. "Hehe," Brooklyn giggled. "Are you embarassed?" she asked as she gave Zina a hug from the back. "You're beautiful," she whispered as she poked Zina in the cheek.
  38. She blushed and begun to mentally freak out, she was being hugged by the most beautiful girl she had ever seen
  39. "Hey, you okay?" Brooklyn asked Zina while trying to wake the poor freaked-out Zangoose.
  40. She snapped out of it and nodded "i-I'm fine" she whispered squirming a little

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