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Ask to Join Pokémon Romance Rp (Zen Garden!!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Sun and Moon, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. (Sign ups are here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-romance-roleplay-sign-ups.15108/#post-353922 )

    Finally... after days of flying. A male Pelipper named Swift finally completed his job, to bring joy to everyone. He built a place called Zen Garden because he wanted to make it easier for Pokémon to mate, And protect them too. The construction took a year by himself. But sooner or later... the Garden was complete. The place didn't exactly look like a garden. It was sort of... like.. a Town with a Themepark and theater and lake and all that stuff. 5 weeks later, Swift finally opened the Zen Garden and made it free to go in this year. He was excited.

    Soon... came a Lopunny. Coming from the woods, a shiny one at that. Has spotted the Zen Garden. She got excited and asked the host can she come in. Swift happily accepted the Lopunny in. "What's your name?" Swift the Pelipper asked. "Rose.. Rose the Lopunny" Rose replied. She walked past the gate and was amazed by all the sights and views. The Lake, The Garden, Everything.
    "Thank you Pelipper!" Rose said to Swift. "Call me Swift.. and your welcome!" Swift said back.
    "Enjoy everything here!"
  2. It had been a tremendously long trip from Beatrice's home, Rappacini Gardens, in the Nita region, to get here. She'd heard that the Shano region was nice, this time of year, and truth be told, it was a welcome change from the rainy region in which she had spent her life. It didn't have much in the way of mates, either, except for banettes, and other iveons. Not that she was interested in any of them either; she wasn't interested in male pokemon, and the females weren't much better. Most of them lamented the fact that they were Iveons; eevee who had drank the toxic nectar of the rappacini flowers, and been forced to evolve into Iveon to stay alive.

    Beatrice wasn't exactly sure what she was looking for here. Well, love, obviously, but with who? Iveon were only found in the Nita region, so her mate probably wouldn't be someone of her own kind. Well, any nice female pokemon would do. Anyone who would gladly be her mate and return to the Nita region with her.

    She approached a pelipper, assuming that he was the gatekeeper, and greeted, "This is the Zen Garden, right? What's the entry fee?"
  3. Natsu used one aura Sphere on the tree making fall on the Zen garden, he entered in the garden and said "sorry if this tree falled on your.............. here"he said using double kick on the tree "anyway sorry and this is a very good place to spend some hours or days here, maybe I can came here someday....... see ya!" he said walking in the Garden Exit way
  4. "There isn't any entry fee, it's free!" Swift said. As he opened the gate. "Here you go!" Swift said letting the Iveon in. Swift than flew to the explosion of the tree. "Oh no!" Swift gasped. As he Used Water pulse on the crashed tree to blow it away. "Phew... that was so darn close!" He said.

    A long journey took place from Kanto to Shano with this Flareon. He wanted to get a mate to call his own, but it was in the other side of the world. After months of traveling, the Flareon finally arrived at the destination. Zen Garden. The Flareon walked up to the gate and saw a Pelipper that looked like the one on the news. "Hey...Swift isn't it? What is the fee to go into Zen Garden? I've came here from Kanto!" Flare asked. "Oh, its free! Here you go!" The Pelipper said to Flare.
    "Thanks!" Flare said as he rushed to the small town also in the "Garden". "Wow. It's not just a garden, but a theme park, a lake, a town, Oh my Gosh!" Flare was amazed by the sights. Flare accidentally fell in the fountain because he wasn't looking were he was going, he was amazed by the sights. "I... Hate.... water....." Flare mumbled.
  5. Beatrice shrugged, thanking the pelipper quietly as she stepped inside. I suppose you can't put a price on love...

    The first thing that the Iveon noticed when she got inside was simply how big the place was. It was hardly a garden, and instead, more of a small town, complete with leisure facilities, such as a small theatre, and several restaurants, and even a lake in the middle. And a daycare centre, which Beatrice assumed was for the, 'accidents' that happened, when pokemon were... In the later stages of their courtships.

    Having become weary from the long journey here, the iveon went to sit by the fountain, where she noticed a very wet flareon, getting out of the water.

    "What an idiot," she mumbled. Water was lethal to fire types, so what was he doing in there...?
  6. Blitz finally arrived Shano region after a few months of traveling from Kanto. When he heard about the Zen Garden, he thought it might be worth checking out. The Raichu finally reached the Zen Garden entrance and saw a Pelipper near it. Blitz went up to the Pelipper and asked, "Um excuse me, but is there a fee to enter here?"
  7. Danny washed up in a stream that ran through Zen Garden. He got caught on rock and his stomache was bruised. Greninja looked up to see a town and said," Whelp, I geuss I'm here."
  8. Rocko treaded along the path. "Urrrgh.. need... sleeeeeep..." he grumbled. Just then, as he was about to take a nap, Rocko saw it. The zen garden. "FINALLY!!!" He screamed in excitement. He raced into it, Andy immediately felt lost. Where he had lived before (the alola region), he knew nearly every Pokemon.
  9. Swift noticed the Raichu. "There isn't a fee!" Swift said happily as he opened the gate for the Raichu. "Enjoy your time here!" Swift called out to the Raichu. Soon.. Swift heard something happining in the town. He flew to the fountain and saw a Flareon in the fountain. "Oh no, what happened here?" Swift said. "Let's just said I fell..." Flare replied running off in the distance.

    The Lopunny noticed the Flareon running off. She looked around and spotted the fountain and Swift and a Mysterious Pokemon she had never seen before. "Wh-What happened here?" Rose asked. "Well... I clearly have no idea. The Flareon said he fell ad he ran upset. " Swift said. "Oh, I feel bad for him.." Rose said tearing up. "Well. I better get back to the gate, you guys should rent a room in the hotel. It's starting to turn dark." Swift suggested. "Alright..." Rose said. She than turned to the hotel. "This really is big.." she said quietly.
  10. Rocko looked round. "Hotel?" He whispered. All he buildings looked the same. He walked over to a tree and curled up. "I didn't think this would work..."

    (Can I add another Pokemon to my profile? Sorry it's ok if no)
  11. Danny walked around the garden. He noticed a Peliper opening the gate. He walked up to him slowly and tapped him on the wing. He quietly asked," Excuse me, Do you know where I am."
  12. "Great, thanks!" Blitz replied to the Pelipper. He entered the garden and was amazed at what he witnessed. "Wow, it's more like a town than a garden," he said to himself. Blitz realized that it was getting dark, so he made his way to the hotel.
  13. After his long journey to the Shano region, Rei looked up at the gate in front of him. "This looks like the place." he said as he started walking towards it. He had come from his home in Alola after learning about Zen Garden in hopes of finding a mate. There weren't many pokemon around where he lived. Those that we're around either already had a mate or simply weren't interested. Having heard of this place while thinking of what to do, he decided to take a chance and go. Walking up, he noticed a Pelipper by the gate and called out. "Hello. Is this Zen Garden and if so, is there any form of entry fee?" He asked while looking up.
  14. Rocko sighed, a tear rolling down his cheek. "Urgh, I thought I was smart and strong.." he whimpered. "Guess I'm.. a dumb rock type." He said, repeating the words his trainer had said..
  15. Swift noticed the Two Pokémon asking a question. "You are at Zen Garden, Shano Region. And the entry fee is Free!" Pelipper said letting them in. "Enjoy!" Pelipper said. "Oh, I forgot. It's turning dark, Rent a hotel so you don't go sleeping outside!" Swift called out to the two entering the place. The Pelipper flew to the hill where a man was standing at. "It's about to be time to start the party!"
    Swift said to the man. " are you ready?" The man smiled, "Yea, I set everything up. The music. The decorations are in place and the lake is cleaned!" The man said to the pelipper. "Thank you." Swift said.

    Rose walked in the hotel. She was amazed by the walls and the color. She walked to the main office. There stood a Alolan Marowak typing on the computer. "Hey, can I rent a room?" The Lopunny asked to the Marowak. "Sure, The Alolan Pokémon said as it started printing out a paper.
    Your room is number 203. Second floor, To the left of the elevator, Third door of that hallway." The Marowak said to Rose. "Thank you!" Rose said as she grabbed the keys and went on the elevator to the second floor.
  16. Rocko sighed and stood up. Then he turned around. "Oh my arceus. I have been next to it the whole time?!" He gasped. He immediately ran in, straight to the desk. "Hello, please can I have a room?"

    Mirage flew into the hotel and yawned. "Hey, room please?" She asked, tapping her talons on the desk impatiently.
  17. "Oh, it's that mating place, Alright, Alright, Alright!" Danny said with joy. He wondered over to the hotel and asked if he could rent a room. He overheard someone talking about a party and was egar to participate.
  18. Beatrice decided to ignore the flareon, and instead, head to the hotel to book a room, unpack her things, and prepare for the party which was apparently being hosted by the lake tonight.

    She was given one on the second floor, and as she stepped out of the elevator, her gaze immediately fell on a shiny lopunny... And she soon became very hot and bothered. Lopunnies were terribly attractive creatures, and to see a shiny one here was quite the rare sight. Not that she could do anything about it. Attractive she may be, but she'd probably rebuff the small iveon's advances immediately. Normal types weren't ones to go for poison types, anyway, and besides, she'd have to bend down to kiss her.

    With all of these thoughts racing in her head, she bumped right into someone as she headed to her assigned room.

    "My apologies," she said cordially as she turned up to face the stranger, "I didn't see"--

    Her heart stopped when she realised that it was the lopunny she had been admiring, and she hurried to cover her rapidly reddening face.
  19. "Thank you for the information." Rei said to the excited Pelipper before walking through the gate. While looking around, he was surprised at what he saw. A theater, restaurants, a hotel, and many more buildings. There was a fountain in the center and even a lake further away. Calling this area a garden seemed like an understatement. Recalling the Pelipper's words, Rei turned and started making his way towards the hotel. " If it's a place like this, then I might just be able to find someone." He said as he walked through the entrance.

    Making his way over to the counter, he noticed that there was a Lycanroc standing there as well as a Staraptor already asking for a room from the Alolan Marowak who attended the counter with a computer. "Hello." Was all he said while he walked to just behind the two and stood, waiting for when the Marowak had time to give him a room.
  20. (Edit: I was typing this post before Rei did and yet he beat me :p )

    The Marowak saw Mirage and started printing papers. "Ok umm. Here, your room is number 111. First floor. The eleventh door on that hallway." The Marowak said handing her the piece of paper and the keys.

    Flare sat at the lake for a second. Sad that lots of Pokémon saw him as a "Idiot"
    "Maybe that Eeveelution was right, Maybe I am a Idiot." The Flareon said to himself. He looked up in the sky. "I guess I'll sleep here by that tree. I really don't care, why did I even come here..."

    The Lopunny accidentally bumped into the Mysterious Pokemon she'd never seen before.
    "Ouch..." Rose moaned as she slowly got up. She recovered and noticed the Pokémon she'd never heard of. "Ar-Are you ok?" The lopunny said to the Iveon. It did look kinda embarrassed.
  21. "Uhm, uh..." Beatrice suddenly turned away again, hiding her face in one of her bulbous, venom-filled sacs, "F-fine, thanks!"

    Remembering her manners, Beatrice forced herself to look her in the eyes as she said, as cordially as she possibly could, "M-my name's Beatrice... I'm an iveon, here from the N-nita region..."
  22. The Marowak looked at Rei and went to work. He started typing on computers and printing papers. "Your room is number 102. First floor, down the hallway. The second door there." The Marowak said as he gave him the key to his room. "Enjoy!" The Marowak said bye to Rei.

    "My name's Rose, I'm from the Sinnoh region." Rose said. She soon realized that she lost her keys and looked down the hallway to find them. She couldn't find them anywhere. "Yet again, I lost something very important because of a mistake that I've made..." Rose said tearing up walking to the elevator to go to the first floor and out into the town.
  23. "Erm... I hope you find them soon," was all that the poison-type could think to say, as she slipped inside her own room.

    As she was due to attend a party that evening, Beatrice thought it only right to get herself dressed up and well groomed. Her elegant, slender body, and pearlescent growths made her very attractive as it was, but she still felt the need to make an effort. The woman of her dreams could be at that party, after all...

    She polished the venom sacs around her neck, and added a hellebore flower to her left ear. A simple, yet elegant ensemble...

    (I will be introducing a new character soon, if that's ok)
  24. Danny made it to his room and started cleaning himself with his tongue. He had toatleast make himself presentable. He couldn't find a mate just with his dashing personaility. He looked around the room and sat down."I did see a Lopunny on my way here, Maybe, just maybe." Danny whispered to himself.
  25. Flare woke up from that long nap. He observed the lake and spotted Swift and a Man working on a party. When he heard the news, he quickly got up and ran to the town. He rushed in the hotel and to the Office. The Flareon asked for a room, His room number was 101 the very first door of the building. He walked inside and went to the closet to quickly change into a nice outfit for the party. He had a variety of choices to choose from. "Hmmmm, Let's see here." Flare said to himself. He got the choice of a Tuxedo with a Top hat and grey shoes. Along with a fine Gold-like necklace with a pokeball symbol on it. "I.. I guess I'll go with this.." Flare said to himself. As he quickly dressed himself and washed himself.

    Rose walked into one of the few stores in the small town. It was a Clothing store. She looked at the clothes there and found a very good looking one, so she bought it and got dressed and groomed her hair. She than left the store and walked over to the Hotel to hang out in the main room for a little bit.
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  26. Danny found himself in a clothing store. He bought Tuxedo and changed into it. He straightened his bow tie in the mirror.

    Mel Walked into Zen Garden. She knew she was late, but she didn't care all that much. She walked into the Hotel and purchased a room
  27. "Thank you." Rei said as he recieved the key from the Marowak and proceeded to his room. After getting to his room, the Ninetales decided to clean himself up after his journey here. When he finished, his blue fur had a little shine to it. Having finished cleaning himself up, Rei remembered hearing about a party that would be held and the need for formal wear. He decided to leave the hotel and head to one of the clothing shops that he had seen on his way over. After looking around in the shop for a bit he found a Tuxedo that looked nice and decided on that. Having gotten his clothes, Rei headed back to the hotel to change.

    Now that he was cleaned up and dressed for whatever party was to be held, Rei walked out of his room and started walking towards the main lobby of the hotel to wait. On his way over to the lobby, the Ninetales thought he saw something shine for a moment as he passed the elevators. Going back and checking around, he soon found a small key with a tag on it that read 203. Thinking that someone might have lost their room key, he picked it up and started heading towards the main lobby again. He intended to ask around the people there if anyone had lost their key, and if no one had he would give it to the Marowak attendant to return.
  28. Mel walked towards the elevator. She carried her bags with her. She ran into Rei as she proceeded towards the elevator. Mel dropped all over bags onto the floor, spewing out an assortment of pink and light blue clothes. She looked at Rei and muttered," I'm sorry!" SHe started to pick up her dresses in silence.
  29. Having bumped into someone while walking, Rei looked at who it might be and saw a shiny Gardevoir. He doesn't remember seeing too many Gardevoir except for those who were with a trainer, but a shiny one was definitely a first. She had said a somewhat quiet apology while picking up the her clothes that had scattered on the floor. Making sure he still had his stuff as well as that key he found, the Ninetales decided to help out and started picking up some of the clothing that was closer to him. "You don't have anything to be sorry for. I'm also at fault for not seeing you." He said as he finished picking up what was around him. Handing over what he had picked up to the Gardevoir, Rei gave a smile and said, "I believe this is the rest of your things? Be careful not to drop them on your way." before walking back towards the lobby.
  30. "Thank you, I'll see you at the party I guess," Mel said with a small smile as she took her stuff from Rei. She walked to room 206 and entered. Mel locked the door and changed into a dress. She looked in the mirror and touched up her blue hair. That Nintails was kind of cute... Mel thought as she gussyed herself up.

    (Ooc: When is the party?)
  31. (The party will start in a moment, the host is almost ready. Like about the next of my posts.)

    Flare left his room. smiling, he was actually excited for the party. He was feeling kinda down though. As when he arrived in the main room to wait, he looked at all the Pokémon there. he was kinda worried that all the females might ditch the Flareon in less then a second thanks to what happened at the fountain. "Idiot." He still remembered what that Pokémon said. "Idiot." the sound still repeating in his head. he felt like he can't do this.. like he was a little Eevee again. But Flare actually felt on the inside like he was a Eevee and was scared to do something if it gone wrong once. The Flareon walked down the stairs slowly. Making sure that no one was staring at him like a "idiot" like that Eeveelution said. Flare started to cry in his mind.

    Rose looked around, no sign of Swift anywhere. She realized that this was the perfect opportunity to ask anyone if they'd seen her keys. As if almost everyone in the building was here.
    She asked a couple Pokémon where were the keys. she noticed a Flareon looking down, he realized it was the Flareon that fell in the fountain. She came to see if he was ok. "Are you ok?" Rose said to the Flareon. "Name is Flare, I'm a fire type. I'm guessing you were one of the ones that laughed at me, go away." Flare said rushing out of the building. "But I di-he's gone. I just tried to help." Rose whispered to herself as she sat down on one of the chairs.
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  32. Danny came to the lobby. He wanted to be one of the first ones to the party. He noticed a Lopunny. He walked over to her and said," Bon Jur, I am Daniel, It is a pleasure to make your aquantince on this fine evening." Greninja noticed she was awestruck and asked," Excuse me ,mademoiselle, but, what troubles you at this hour?"

    (Ooc: HydreigonBorn tries to be French, If anyone is from France, did I do alright?)
  33. Rose noticed the Greninja that came up to her "Oh nothing... I just lost something.." Rose said as she looked out the window. Seeing that Flareon sad disturbed her. She wanted to help, but she didn't want that Flareon to be even more mad.

    Swift finally flew to the hotel. He was amazed by all the nice outfits everyone has. "Looks like there're ready. Ok then, Then let's start the Party! Everyone let's go to moonlight lake, where the party is at!" Swift announced as he then flew to the lake and told the krickitune to play their lovely violin music.
  34. "Well, mademoiselle, I bid you farewell for now, It will be an esteemed privlage seeing you again." Danny said as he walked towards Moonlight lake. He put his hands in his suit's pockets. Well, I suck at evrything.

    Mel came out of her room when she heard it was time. She walked towards Moonlight Lake. Mel looked at the stars asshe walked. Mel drifted away in their majesty.
  35. Carolyn walked to the Zen Garden. "Ooh, interesting." She said taking of her sun glasses. Carolyn walked to the door. "Oh, what a place."
  36. Flare came to Moonlight lake. He was happy to see other Pokémon in joy, even if Flare himself didn't receive it. "The Music does sound Calming.." Flare said to himself while listening to the violin music. The perfect music to slow dance and calm down. Flare sighed. The night has just begun. Usually in Kanto Pokémon are asleep at night because team rocket goes to capture Pokémon at night. This was the first time Flare got outside in a long.. long.. time.

    Rose finally caught up with the crowd. "Wow, this place sure is big!" Rose said. She soon spotted a
    Flower patch nearby and walked to it. She was amazed by the beautiful flowers that she wanted to pick one, but didn't know if it was still growing or not. So she left the flower area.
    "Wow. There's so much Pokémon!" Rose said. She was happy that she wasn't alone anymore. She did forgot about her keys because of this party.
  37. Blitz walked to where the guest get their room key. He saw an Alolan Marowak as one of the clerks, so he went up to it. "Um excuse me," he said politely, "I would like a room please." Blitz now patiently waits for his room key.
  38. Carolyn went through the gates but no one else was around. "Hm. Was I late? Is it closed? Oh, well I guess I'll go home." She said.
  39. "Right away!" The Marowak said Printing out papers and stuff.
    "Ok, Your room is number 109. First floor. The ninth door in that hallway." The Alolan Marowak said. "Enjoy your time here!"

    Flare was kinda in the mood for dancing. So he got up but accidentally tripped and fell backwards down the hill. He soon landed outside the front gate infront of a Leafeon. "No! My hat!" The Flareon shouted as his hat rolled further down the hill. "Ahh my Tuxedo!" He shouted again as his tuxedo gotten dirty. "Ouuuch..." Flare gotten hurt on the stomach too! Flare was very Embarrassed. He tried to crawl back but he's legs were also in pain. "This is just great! Another Pokémon to laugh at me, she probably thinks I'm a idiot." Flare thought to himself.
  40. "Oh my, are you okay?" Carolyn asked. "You seem hurt." She said. "That was a bad fall. It could be worse than this."

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