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Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JacobRaze, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. (This Role play is Kind Of like Pokemon Mystery dungeon, except Trainers use their Pokemon to save other People and Pokemon. Ask me for you to join or if you have any more questions.)

    Zean looked at the new building opened at Verdanturf. He read aloud the name. "Verdanturf Rescue Building." He smiled. He walked in. He read about it online, they had many things to do, like rescue pokemon and take care of them until they are healthy enough to go back to the wild or someone adopts them. The man at the desk was writing a bunch of numbers. Zean cleared his throught, grabbing attention of the man. "I'm here for a job." He said, quite nervously. "Down that hall to the left." He pointed down a hallway. "T-thank you." He said, walking fast to the large door.

    After normal questions like age and work history, came one more: "What starting Pokemon do you want." Zean didn't think about this before. "Um, I don't know." He answers back nervously. "Not to worry." He said. "Lucky for you, i also own the Pokemon garden, the Pokemon conservation center. Can I trust you to care for a Pokemon?" He asked. Zean nodderd.

    The garden moved Pokemon to a big yard in the back, Pokemon running around happily, all except one sad one. He looked at it. It was the gloomiest thing he had ever seen. An eevee just was sad. "That one, it looks like it could use a friend." Zean said. "Thats the Pokemon care spirit im looking for. Here." He haded him a Pokeball. "Hey little guy." He said to the Eevee. It looked up. "I'm going to be your new trainer." it was surprised, but it jumped up and got in the pokeball. Zean smiled. "Mr. Zean, let us continue to your office." He said, Zean tried to remember his name. "You are Mr. Kiyono, right?" He asked. "Yes Zean. Now, you will be put into different groups, you are in green." he led him to a green door. "Anyone else in green will also be in here." He said. He handed him items. A PokeComm, a pokedex, and a map. "Well, everything else you can learn from experience." Mr.Kiyono said. "Thank you sir, I will do my best......hopefully." he mumbled the last part and his nnew boss walked away.
  2. Zach walked into the building labeled "Verdanturf Recue Building". He didn't nessasarily NEED a job (his grandpa left his family one h*ck of a will ((god bless his soul))) and he had more than enough money to pay for anything he needed, but he's seen Pokemon Rescue...ers... Do there job before, and it seemed like fun.
    He walked inside, and after a brief while of walking and being questioned by various people, he was taken into a massive garden, filled with roaming pokemon. He saw so many different ones that he couldn't decide which one he wanted, until he saw a very peculiar looking pichu. It looked just like the average pichu.... Except its eyes were nothing more than small dots. Zach walked over to it, but it ran behind a bush, and a second later a pidgey darted out of it, same eyes.
    Zach smirked, before pointing at it. "Ditto. I'll take it." He said, before reviving a pokeball, and catching it.
  3. Levy dashed into the building. "Finally! Something productive I can do!" She called excitedly as she walked up to the front desk.

    Levy came from a very weathy family in the Unova region. Since Levy was not the kind to enjoy the life of luxury and comfort, her Parents had allowed her to travel the hoenn region by herself. The girl had traveled only for a few days before getting bored. So, this was a great opportunity to learn about Pokemon and do something helpful for once.

    "Hi, I'm here looking for a..." "Down that hall to the left." Levy looked at the bored attendant at the desk. "Ok, thank you." She responded, walking down to the gardens. The beautiful landscape made her take a second breath, as she had gasped for too long. Pokemon filled the garden of plenty, playing and messing around. "So that person back there told me to care for a Pokemon here...." Levy said quietly. In the shadows, she saw something move. The girl quickly turned around to see a silver coat shining in the darkness. The Absol moved into the light, Revealing itself and all of its beauty. "Hello there." Levy cooed in almost a whisper. The Absol, who is later going to be nicknamed Silver, leaped into the Pokeball with a grin on its face. "Absol, a challenge for one as young as you are dear." A voice behind her called. Mr. Kiyono was standing there and handed her a few items, colored green. "You are on the green team, go ahead, meet your new work partners!" Levy excitedly accepted the items and walked down the hallways. Before entering the door, the girl fixed her jeans and purple shirt. Then she pulled her long blonde hair over her shoulder before entering.

    "Silver, why don't we experience this together?"
  4. Zean was reading through papers at his small desk. "I'm the only one her do fa-" He stopped when his Pokecomm went off. "New Contact added?" He tried to work it but couldn't. "Oh well, nothing to do but Wait. What about it Eevee?" the Eevee was looking around. Zean was still at his desk spinning in his Chair.
  5. "Hello?" Levy asked, peeking her head through the doorway. The only other living beings in the room happened to be an Eevee and its trainer. The girl walked all the way in, allowing Silver to get though the door before she closed it. Levy felt the urge to just sit and talk to her new partner. "So, Silver, why don't you go over and introduce yourself to the Eevee?" She suggested as the duo walked over to the Eevee and its trainer. "Hey, I'm Levy! How are you?" The newest recruit asked.

    Silver padded over to the Eevee and nodded his head in greeting.
  6. Zean snapped back into reality. "Hi, I'm Zean." He got nervous. "I'm uh....great, and you?" He said, looking St her for a second before his Eevee hopped on his lap. It got scared around other Pokemon. "I'm Zean.....I already said."
  7. "Uhh, I already said I'm Levy and I heard you the first time....." Levy stated slowly, confused at what Zean was so nervous about. "Umm, I don't bite...." She said carefully, at loss for words at the peculiar behavior.

    Silver padded back to sit next to Levy, also quite confused as to why the Eevee was scared if him. Literally yesterday he had sat right next to the Pokemon without this reaction. Maybe it's because of the trainer?

    "Oh, and this is Silver." Levy mentioned. The traveller had found a desk for herself and began to organize. "Aha! This would look cool!" She exclaimed, tying a green bandana into her ponytail. "And one for you." Levy noted as she observed the Absol. "You probably wouldn't like it to be around your horn.... Yes! I got it!" She tied the green bandana around the Absol's neck, like a cowboy would in old Television shows. "Would you two like one?" Levy asked, evidently finding a stash of the green pigmented bandanas.
  8. The Eevee turned its head. "Sorry, I just don't really know a lot of people, I want to change that." Zean said. He grabbed two of the Bandanas. "Thanks." He put one around Eevee's neck and one on his arm. "So, yeah. I just moved here." His PokeComm went off. "First job." He said. "Do you know how to usbe this thing?"
  9. "Well my Dad made- err, is very good friends with the company who created this product so I probably could show you how to use it." Levy said, looking at the Pokecomm. Internally she sighed at her close call. She feels as if she tells everyone that she is the daughter of a rich and famous company, then she might be bribed, or used for ransom. Levy set the device up so the main used apps were displayed right out front. "Ok, so here is your contact list, whenever somebody registers a green Pokecomm then their name will show up here. This," she continued. "Is the map. Pretty self explanatory. One of the cool features though is that you can mark certain places to show where your request will take place. Also, it will track where you are and display it on the map for other trainers on the green team. There are a few others I put on there, but you can experiment with those, they aren't very important." Levy finished. She hoped she didn't sound too nerdy by explaining all of that to Zean, or that she didn't sound too educated in the topic. Levy set hers up the same way and then turned to Silver. "So, ready to see if we can try this out?" She asked, watching the black dot on her Pokecomm, which represented Silver. "Ok, go anywhere and hide, I'll try to find you. Feel free to move around. I'll give you two minutes. Anywhere on these grounds. Go!" Levy exclaimed as the Absol dashed off.
  10. Zean studied the device. "Cool." Is all he said. He yawned before he heard someone call his me, but it was something not heard by anyone else. "Did you hear that?" He asked. "Okay, I'm going to be creeper out for a while. I'm aalso going to see if there is something to do." He stod up and left.
  11. Chris walked in the Verdenturf Rescue Building and answered questions until he went to the pokemon garden.

    "So I can choose any of these pokemon?"Chris said"Yep any one."The man said."OK let's see.Huh?
    Chris looked at a shy riolu in the corner hiding).

    "I think I'll take that one"Zack said pointing at the riolu."OK here is his poke ball,and I'll take you to your office."The man said
    Once the man gave Chris his poke ball the Riolu jumped up and hugged Chris.
    "Yea this is the one"Chris said.

    The man took Chris to his office,but before he got there he bumbed into Levy.

    "Oww! Chris said
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  12. Zean returned his Eevee and stepped out the door. He found Mr.Kiyono. "So, how does work, well......Work around here." He asked. "Oh, I didn't explain that? Ill send it to you only and you alert everyonle else." He said, making Zean kind of nervous. "Why me?" He asked. "Because you were the first here for Green. Also I am getting old and still only know how to send one thing." He joked. He looked suspicious, but Zean Shrugged. "Okay thank you sir."
  13. "Oomph!" Levy puffed as she was bumped into. "Sorry, but I really have to go find Silver! Oh, I'm Levy by the way. Welcome to the green team!" She called behind her shoulder as she started to looks around the large rescue center. "Ok, the Pokecomm should show... Here!" She mumbled looking at the black dot of the map of her screen. The green member ran around the building obviously chasing the Absol around.

    Silver had hide everywhere, from behind the desk to the gardens to the training center. How did Levy always seem to find him. During his deep thought process, Levy tagged the Absol. "Ha! I got you!" She called triumphantly as Silver jumped back in suprise.
  14. Zean walked back to the room and sat down. A few minuets later, a beep went off on his pokecomm. "Wild Pokemon attack? There are Pokemon attacking a town, tyranitar and dragonite. The place is near here. Wanna go?" He asked Levy.
  15. "Well I'm coming"Ricky said as he walked into the room."By the way my name is Ricky and this is my partner.Ricky said.A Riolu hided behind Ricky's leg."He's a little shy"Ricky said.

    "Hey what's you're name?Ricky said looking at Zean.
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  16. "I'll come." Levy agreed as she walked back into the room, a disappointed Silver following her. Quickly the green member went to her desk and pulled out a necklace which she put in their earlier. It was the only expensive thing she took from home, the gem inside of its center glittered beautifully. She carefully tied the jewelry around her neck and smiled. "Ok, now I'm ready. Hey Ricky! Who is the Riolu? Did you give it a nickname?" Grace asked as she walked back towards the small team.
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  17. "Yea it's name is Lucky" Ricky Said.Lucky stepped away from Ricky and to Silver.
    "C'mon Lucky don't be shy go introduce yourself."Ricky said.Lucky walked up to silver to say hi."Ri-Riolu"Lucky said nerveously.

    "Looks like there alredy getting along."Ricky said
  18. "Hello is this the green team?"Scarlet said neveously."The man said it was this way down the hall.What do you think Cloud?"Scarlet said.The Bunery Nodded.Scarlet knowticed 3 Trainers in the Room."Oh hi my name is Scarlet I'm the last addition to the Green Team.This is my partner Cloud.Scarlet said.The Bunery hopped on Scarlet's Shoulder and waved.

    "What's you guys names?"She asked curiously."
  19. Rye Watched from the corner of the room. He was Green teams leader, but most people often overlooked him. He wasn't the friendliest of people. His childhood wasn't very long, as he was forced to do the dirty work of various assortments of gangs. His overall appearance wasn't very different, aside from his Pure white eyes that gleamed lies diamonds, his black hair also covered one eye leaving the other one out in the open. His Toxicroak watched, completely still as his Umbreon also sat beside him, looking very much like a shadow himself.
  20. "Hello nice to meet you Scarlet.:)My name is Ricky.This is my partner Lucky."Ricky said.Lucky ran and hid behind Ricky's leg. "He's Kinda Shy."Ricky Said.

    "Anyway welcome to the team.:)"Ricky said.
  21. Zean came back from the mission. "That was easier than I thought." He said. His eevee sighed and laid down. "Hey you we're the one that did plan b!" He joked. She looked up and let out a "'Vee!""
  22. Scarlet saw the trainer walk in.
    "Hello my name is Scarlet.This is Cloud.A bunery waved. Aww what a cute eevee.:D I can see you've cared for it greatly."Scarlet said."What is your name?"Scarlet asked Curiously at Zean.
  23. "I'm Zean, I was the first one on Green." He said. "That Is.........I have no name for her." He rolled in an rolling chair. "And you?" He asked. He kept rolling until the chair fell over. "Ow." He rubbed his neck.
  24. "Uh are you okay?!"She gasped.
    "Here let me help you up."Scarlet said helping Zean Up."
    "Plus dont worry ill help you find your eevee a name."She said kindly.
  25. "I Alreadly have a list." He said. "Thanks anyways." His Eevee stood up and strolled out. "Where are you-?" He followed the normal type. It strolled through a hall to where the hurt Pokemon are cared for. It was empty. "What about it?" She nudged a bag of food. "Your hungry?" She nodded. "Well, you're gonna have to wait."

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