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Private/Closed Pokemon Red Blue Yellow RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Steel Seth, Nov 18, 2015.

  1. I am staring this new roleplay were you are in the story of Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow were you choose the starters Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squrtile, Eevee, or Pikachu. You will encounter Team Rocket and together you can disbanned Team Rocket and achieve your goals you have set for your self like Pokemon Master, PokeDex Completer etc. (Even thought you can not catch legendaries) "If you encounter a legendary the data will be received" quoted Prof. Oak. Anyways The rules were stated in the conversation were I explained the rules. but the rules are.

    1.No catching legendary pokemon.
    2.Mega evolution will be allowed later on but ONE pokemon only.
    3.No Gen 2-6 pokemon Evolutions are accepted.

    So with that said... Let the Journey Begin!!

    Ty woke up with a passion he got up and said " Today is the day I get a pokemon"! "Hey Mom" he said pumped "WAIT" his mom said with a loud voice "eat your breakfast first."
    Ty rushed throught his Oran Berry jam toast and went out the Door " Sweet Pallet Town" he said He walked to Prof. Oak's Lab and said " Charmander here I come"! " Welcome to my Research Lab" said Prof. Oak "Ok whatever give me my charmander"! He said bored " Hold on I will give you your Charmander but I must give you your PokeDex " he said with a smile "AHH what ever"! Ty said very bored "The PokeDex records all you Pokemon's data and attacks" Prof. Oak explained. Ty then was handed The PokeDex "All right!" "Now you may choose your first pokemon". Ty went up to the table of starters and said without hesitation " I choose Charmander!" "Charmander come on out" Ty said excitedly "Now Ty, you must take good care of Charmander and all your future pokemon" explained Professor Oak "Ok I will" Ty said as he was running out the door " Got my Running shoes, Town Map, Pokemon, PokeDex, and OH I ALMOST FORGOT I HAVE TO GET POKEBALLS!" Ty said as he was running to the Pokemon Center.
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