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Ask to Join Pokemon Reburst: Prison Break

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Dec 27, 2016.

  1. You're a burst warrior, serving time in the most notorious prison in Unova. You and your friends have been convicted of committing a grisly string of murders, using the most precious items that you possess; your burst hearts. Burst hearts are gemstones which are a little like pokeballs, in that they hold pokemon inside them, but unlike pokeballs, burst hearts allow people to fuse with the pokemon inside, gaining their powers, and also changing the human's appearance to resemble that of a pokemon gijinka. The pokemon inside can't come out of the burst heart, unless the burst heart is broken.

    But you weren't the ones behind the crimes. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Everyone pointed their fingers at you, and thus, you were tried, and sentenced to death. Your execution date is fast approaching, so will you be able to get back your burst hearts, escape prison, and find out who the real killers were?


    (PM me with a filled out character sheet, if you want to join!)



    Burst Heart Pokemon (You can only have one):

    Appearance (Normal):

    Appearance (Fused):

    (Here's mine):

    Name: Mari

    Gender: Female

    Burst Heart Pokémon: Drifloon. The burst heart is purple, and is kept on a silver choker around her neck.

    Appearance (Normal): Mari is a willowy woman, with a flat chest, and very pale, almost pure white skin. She has very light blue, almost grey eyes, and silvery, chin-length blonde hair.

    Appearance (Fused): Mari's hair turns white, and becomes voluminous. She wears a purple dress, with a bubble-like skirt, and two black beads on the chest, resembling drifloon eyes. Black tights cover her legs, and she has orange, heart shaped toe pads on her feet.

    Other: (Put 'bananas' to show that you have put everything down as I asked) She can fly without ever getting tired while transformed, but the price of this is that she is completely unable to walk, due to not being able to touch the ground. That, and she has no control over where she flies to, and relies on the wind for direction.

    (EDIT: Something I forgot to mention! You are allowed to catch pokemon in this RP, but only through traditional means, i.e, with a pokeball. No burst heart captures.)


    One week.

    That was how long Mari and her friends had to carry out their escape. If they failed, then, at exactly four forty-four in the afternoon, one week from now, they would be taken to the death chamber. They would die for crimes they were not guilty of.

    They'd spent weeks planning it all out. They knew exactly where they needed to go to get their burst hearts back, and then get out of this prison. And so far, no one had found out about it except them. Yet. They only had to keep the plan under wraps for three more hours, and then, when it was lock down time, they would carry it out.

    Mari had chosen the shed behind the exercise yard--The one place that wasn't guarded all hours of the day--To discuss the final stages of the plan with her friends.

    She laid out the map in front of her, as she cleared her throat. "So, one last time, let's run through this. At lockdown time, we start a riot, and then go and get our burst hearts from the contraband room, while the guards are busy calming the riot down. And then, we...?" she paused, waiting for one of her companions to continue running the plan through.
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  2. Name: Lan Lè
    Gender: Male
    Burst Heart Pokémon: Lurantis
    Appearance (Normal): His appearance is predominantly androgynous, and he's easily mistakable for a female on first glance. His eyes are greatly curved and graced with long, feminine lashes. His hair is black and kept in a tidy undercut and his ears are decorated with two cartilage piercings in each. His smooth face and narrow nose are accompanied with a pair of full lips. His body is angular and petite and often clothed in only the trendiest of garb [Namely, overpriced sunglasses, a white undershirt beneath a loose-fitting muscle shirt advertising the Cyllage City café, ripped skinny jeans, and mismatching canvas shoes (One of which is black, and the other of which is white)].
    Appearance (Fused): Depending on the person, he either looks more or less feminine in his Burst form. His eyes become just visible enough to make out a melded magenta sclera and iris and a wide, oval pupil. His hair shifts into a bright pink hue and two flowery growths sprout from either side of his head, just behind his ears. Similarly, two green antennae protrude on either side of an egg-shaped growth in the centre of his forehead of the same colour. He wears a pink waistcoat overtop of a white dress shirt and green cravat. The cuffs of such dress shirt are elegant and magenta with white trimmings and he sports green gloves. His legs are covered by magenta pinstripes and both a green belt and shoes tailgate them. Most stringent in his appearance is a pair of magenta wings with white tips.
    Lan sat cross-legged with his elbows propped against his thighs and his chin cupped in his own slender fingers. He poured over the plans he and his fellowmen had hatched, hands wandering his body feverishly and absentmindedly as he processed his thoughts.
    His hands paused gingerly around their adjacent arms, fingers tapping against the flesh and producing a soft clouting sound.

    It was as obvious to him as it would be to anyone that he was falling apart at the seams. He didn't want to die on foreign soil (or at all) by any means. For weeks he had reinforced his bravado with coy smiles and a condescending nature, but now that they had fought their way to the thick of it, he felt entirely hopeless. He was a complete and utter mess.

    "E-er... um..." He flinched at the slightness of his own voice and brought his hands back down to his lap, wringing them out like wet cloths. He reluctantly raised a trembling finger and pointed to the marker representing contraband storage room and traced out the route with the fewest officers posted. "Using our Bursts we take these guys out? And then this road should be safe to travel on."
  3. "Exactly!" Mari confirmed, raising her voice to a slightly gentler, sing-song tone.

    The gravity of what they were going to do, it seemed, was far too much for the lurantis burst to bear. Truth be told, Mari hadn't been coping with it very well, either, but she couldn't let it show. As the one who had brought up the topic of escape in the first place, she had had to hold the foundation of the operation together from day one.

    It had been terribly hard on all of them; having to hide things from their cellmates, having to lie to the guards, having to hope that the prison snitch wouldn't get a hold of what was going on... A little while back, under Mari's instruction, the group had even made themselves sick, so that their execution dates would be pushed back a few days.

    But it was either do all of that, and possibly escape alive, or be bound for the death chamber; a cold, clinical room at the death house, where they'd be read their last rites as deadly chemicals were dripped into their veins.

    "We'll go this way," Mari continued, tracing a red-marked line, leading around the death house, "And then out through the visitor's area. If we succeed, we'll be free, and on the run for the rest of our lives. If we fail... You all know what happens."
  4. He nodded to himself, retracting his meager hand and clenching it in his lap. He absorbed the information like a sponge, but he didn't feel reassured at all by it. All his emotions bubbled and festered just below the surface, constantly threatening to break free like some kind of archaic beast. It took all his willpower to keep himself from falling to pieces, so how could Mari be so optimistic about their dreadful situation? Lan was bitterly envious.

    He took a deep breath and took to his default position; head resting in the palms of his hands. He was unable to motivate himself to stop feeling sorry for himself, so he tried to look forward to reuniting with his companion. Perhaps morphing once more with the Lurantis he had called Mei would re-establish his confidence and bring him back to his previous self. His heart throbbed painfully, however, that even if he did escape, he would never be able to face his family again.

    What kind of life could he build himself if everyone thought he was some lowlife criminal?
  5. "Say," Mari continued, still under the painful guise of optimism, "I hear that Alola's nice, this time of year. Fresh air, blue sky, blue sea... It's gonna be a nice change from freezing our asses off, in our cells. Unova thinks that we're scum, and the rest of the world has no idea who we are. When we get out of here, we can be whoever we want."

    Searching for the good in their terrible situation seemed to the only way that Mari was able to keep herself sane. Or, sane enough.

    The media had done a fantastic job of painting the so-called 'killers of Castelia City' in as inhuman a light as possible. The papers and the news stations took great pleasure in twisting the events leading up to their arrest; the once respected and trusted burst warriors had turned to the side of evil, using the power of their pokemon partners to kill at least ten beginner coordinators. The burst warriors were, the 'bad guys', in the media's story. And then the cops came along and arrested them, and the judge decided that their punishment was to be death. And they were the 'good guys.'

    Mari wasn't at all mournful of what she had to leave behind here. Her mother had never wanted her to begin with; how could she, considering the... Terrible circumstances in which she was conceived? Unlike Lan, Mari had no family to long for, or to get back to, on the off-chance that she managed to clear her name, somehow. She'd had nothing when she was locked up here, and she'd have nothing when she escaped.

    Shaking her head, as if to clear it of all of her thoughts, good and bad, she indicated a crudely-drawn circle on the map with her finger. "There are no security cameras, or guards beyond this point," she explained, casting a sympathetic glance up at Lan, "We'll be alright. Once we have our partners back, the guards will have nothing on us. We'll definitely escape."
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  6. Name: Drad (aka dead)
    Gender: Female
    Burst Heart Pokemon (You can only have one): Pachirisu
    Appearance (Normal): She has green eyes and long brown hair in a ponytail. She wears a t-shirt, cloak, and brown pants. She also wears brown shoes.
    Appearance (Fused): She has a pachirisu tail and ears. Her hair also turns white with a light blue streak over her head. She wears white flats along with white slakes.
    Other: banana. Got her nic name as a joke.
    Drad hasnt said anything. She was more on the quiet side anyway, but she still would have talked by now in a normal situation. Drad swallowed this information, but she continued to bite her tongue.

    What if we fail? What if they find the plan before we even start? What if we never find our partners? Those questions and many other flotted in her mind and no matter how hard she tryed she couldn't get them away.

    The worst part about her silence is that it made her mond wander and think. The images of her younger brother was the hardest. Before she was framed, her brother had always looked up to her. Now, she was 100% sure that he had given up on her. If the media didnt cut into the cake, her brother would have been at least on her side in this argument, but media has its own strings to pull.

    The only pleasant thought that came to her mind was finder her burst heart again. The pachirisu in, who was called Lala by drad, always made her lighten her mood. Lala had that ora of making people happy at the worst of time. This is why she loved her burst heart. Anytime they fuse, drad feels like the happiest person alive and most of the time lala's ora flowes to other people to.

    Reality came back as she looked at the plans. 'Well it is either this or death.' Drad concluded, 'and it is not my time yet.'
  7. Name: Sky
    Gender: F

    Burst Heart Pokemon (You can only have one): Togekiss

    Appearance (Normal): Long, blonde hair. Wears a silvery skirt with a sleeveless white top.

    Appearance (Fused): Gets the wings of Togekiss, as well as being able to use them fully. However, this sacrifices her hands temporarily. Also gets Togekiss's moveset and dress has those sprinkles on it.

    "Sounds good to me. I think I'm going to fly to Hoenn, though. Too hot for me in Alola. I can come and visit whenever though. So... Let's see... If they're keeping our Bursts here," Sky pointed to a room on the map, "I can fly up and distract the guards, maybe use Attract on them. Then you guys can get out whilst nobody's looking at the cameras" Just focus on the present. Don't think about what they've done, because then you'll be convicted for a real reason.
  8. Lan stared down at the map before forcibly wrenching his head skyward, needing a distraction from the matter at hand. His fingers twitched diminutively against his shallow jawbone, each line in his corded neck visible and raw. His chest inflated heavily and deflated just as suddenly and he let his arms drop once more, not quite sober enough to care about his irregular behaviour. He couldn't remember the last time he had rested willingly.

    "I'll head west," he said quietly without looking at the rest of them, his Adam's apple jumping at the words. "I could live in the mountains with the... with the orchids and the berry trees. And in the summer, I could go down to the city and watch the festivals, like I did with my brother."

    A single tear rolled down his cheek and dripped down onto his wrist. He buried his head in his quivering hands.
  9. "Hey, it's all right." Sky said, resting a hand on Lan's back. "We'll make it out. That's a promise."
  10. Mari's face fell at the sight of her companion, who, apparently could not contain himself anymore. She would have asked him if he was alright, but she knew that that was a stupid question. Of course he wasn't. Lan was far too sensitive a soul to be stuck here, plotting breaking out of a death row prison.

    She looked around at the group. None of them belonged in this Arceus-forsaken place. None of them had the gall to take the lives of others, let alone face the possibility of losing their own. Then again, did anyone have the gall to face death, under the guise of justice?

    Mari had seen other women on her block being taken to the death house, at least ten times. Kagari Fujiwara had laughed the whole way down the corridor, and even out through the door. Willow Gacy had stayed completely quiet, having accepted her grim fate long ago. And most recently, Mari's old cellmate, Hallie, had been taken away, too. How she'd wept and wailed, and begged for just one more day. How, in the days leading up to her execution, she'd rocked in the corner of the cell, singing hymns and begging for forgiveness. It seemed quite unbelievable that she had murdered both of her disabled daughters.

    She took comfort in the fact that that would not happen to her, or her friends. As long as she was around, no harm would come to any of them.

    "For now, I think we should all stay together," she proposed, "We can't go back to our families, or anything, but... We've got each other, right? Besides, we'll be able to defend ourselves better, with our combined powers."

    The offer was less-than-suitably upbeat, but it was all that she could think to say. The sight of Lan losing it was starting to make her falter, too, and she bit her lip, hurrying to distract herself from her own anxieties. She began to tremble, though it was barely noticeable beneath her huge, prison jumpsuit.
  11. "I agree..." she said quietly. Drad didnt looked up at lans breakdown, but she knew it happed. Her own mind wondered. She started to feel better with the talk on where they would go after this. Even with the atmosphere turning darker, the talk of where they would each go made her lift her spirits.

    North? Yea. After this she would go north. It would be colder the further she left, but in the end it would be worth it. Her mind then started imagining a different life then the one she lives now or even befor. Long days working to come home to a warm house. Lala wpuld be free and would just be happy to see her trainer again.

    'Only one day their would be a world where I wouldn't need to fuse with her again.' She though as the grim though came back. Even if we excaped, we would still need to find the true player of the crime. Not just for vengeance, but to at least prove to this land why we weren't to criminals. Then she would leave.

    Drad glance up to the group. All of them had some form of grim face. She looked away from them, to make sure that the disease didn't go more into her.
  12. Lan flinched under his comrade's touch, but he didn't move away. His hands had impulsively clenched into fists over his eyes. His nose was a moist red as he fought to keep control of his emotions. Perhaps it was his pessimistic nature, but their words sounded hollow to his sensitive ears. They might've sounded infinitely more soothing had they come from the right mouth. His mother, for example, had an enchanting way of speaking each word with special care. He would miss her terribly.

    He had nothing to add, and so he said nothing. Nothing he said could change the atmosphere now; he had simply snapped and what little positivity had died when his first tear fell. Even if they didn't die, their old lives had come to an end. No one could change that - especially not any of them.

    Lan let himself cry silently and pitifully, like he would when he was a child and he missed his father, who would go to work before he would wake, but didn't want to wake his elder brother.
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  13. "Geez, Lan," Mari sighed, voice beginning to crack as the last of her positive façade fell, "Arceus, you're going to make me lose it too... We're doing this thing in three hours, lest you all forget."

    She hadn't even had the bravery to truly think over her fate, should the plan fail. The thought of being strapped to a table, with the guards stood over her, and the families of the ones who'd been killed watching her die through the window was simply too terrifying a thing to face. She knew that simply attempting to picture it would send her into hysterics.

    Plotting this escape had been the one and only thing that she had been able to let herself think about, since the day that she got here. That, and getting back Mariko, the drifloon that she kept inside her burst heart. Without having the jewel at the base of her throat when they weren't fused, no, just without having her partner with her, she felt like she'd been robbed of half of her soul. Being alive, and a wanted 'killer', with Mariko was a far better option than simply dying here.

    "I know that you're terrified," she said desperately, knowing that it was the understatement of the century, "I'm terrified. I don't want to die any more than you do."

    She balled her fists as she stood up straight, eyes scanning the shed's window for passing guards. Prisoners too, but the guards would be more of a threat.

    "Listen to me," she demanded, "We are not going to die here. We are going to escape, and if possible, by any means, we are going to clear our names. Understand?"
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  14. It was few moments before the tremors in the young man's shoulders calmed and an audible sniff indicated the last of his cries. He hesitantly lowered his fists from his damp eyes, quietly clasping them in front of his lips as if caught in prayer. He looked up at Mari from the tops of his eyes, giving a believably vulnerable look to his face. He blinked away his remaining tears and fervently rubbed them away into the back of his jumpsuit's sleeve. It was like the texture of burlap against his flesh.

    "Forgive me. I lost myself," he finally said in an oscillate tone, his chapped lips brushing against his intertwined fingers. "It won't happen again. I'm sorry."

    He seemed to be faring a great deal better now that he'd been able to let his despair prevail. His mind felt clearer and the burden on his shoulders had been reduced, if only slightly. He raised his head and rested his chin on his raised, folded hands, his expression vacant but calm.

    "I can't guarantee it, but I'll help in what ways I can," he agreed with the inkling of determination. Throwing himself back into the murder case was about the last thing on his mind. Lan wanted to flee Unova as quickly as he possibly could.

    Before he could continue, he glanced over his shoulder for the window, suddenly concerned by Mari's own worry. He was unable to make out anyone's silhouette in the dark, although remained silent under the assumption that Mari herself had spotted something.
  15. Mari exhaled sharply, and then slapped her cheeks, as if to smack her own fears out of herself.

    "It's fine," she said quietly, "I suppose it's better that you lose it now, rather than... At a more important time."

    The first stage of the plan was going to be tremendously difficult as it was. Mari, Drad, and Sky had had the luck to have been put on the same floor. Not only that, but they were opposite each other, too, so Mari could signal to them when it was time. Most of the female inmates were pretty riled up anyway, so starting the riot would be easy.

    Lan, however, had to do it all by himself. He, being of the opposite sex to the rest of the group, was being kept in a different building, and ultimately, it fell to him to get out of his cell. The rest of them could only hope that that he'd succeed, and meet them in the contraband room, halfway between the men's and the women's buildings.

    "You'll have Mei back soon," she offered, "And I'll have Mariko, and Drad will have Lala... So, if not for us, at least try and hold it together for your lurantis, ok?"

    Mari would've kept running through the plan, if it weren't for the heavy footsteps that she suddenly took notice of, heading straight for the shed.

    "Shit!" Mari cried, snatching the map up, "Uh... You saw nothing, right?"

    There was but one place, and one place only that she could hide the map without the possibility of the guards finding it. In her pockets would be too obvious; she got her pockets checked twice daily. Her shoes would be too dangerous a place to hide it as well, for the same reason...

    A guard came busting in through the door, just as Mari had stashed the map away. She could only hope that he hadn't seen it...

    (Note: Since the guards are NPCs, anyone can control them)
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  16. Though he had exercised his mentality somewhat, Lan was still obviously distraught at the thought of what he'd have to do in three short hours. He shared a group cell with several other men of varying degrees of felony. He hadn't personally asked each of them why they had landed themselves a reservation on death's row, but they were certainly much more intimidating than the meek foreigner who was often taken advantage of by the meatier of his cellmates. Lan had thought of his plan during one of their earlier meeting and knew the others would surely argue against it if he were to voice it.

    In three hours, he'd pick a fight with men thrice his side. His cellmates would definitely pummel him to a fine pulp, but the guards would intervene before they could kill him. The warden couldn't have him dying before his execution date; it would hurt the prison's fragile reputation. He'd be taken to solitary confinement for the night instead. All Lan had to do was intertwine his plan perfectly with the girls' so that the guards would be noted of the riot in the female ward as he was being taken to the bowels of the men's own.

    He reassured Mari with a curt nod, lifting his shallow face to the door as the guard barged in on their gathering. His breath lingered in his throat anxiously. Lan maintained a vacant expression.

    The guard towered above Lan where he crouched, a look of disgust stringent on his face as he looked the four over.

    "Castelia City Killers," the guard commented in a condescending tone, back rigid and arms slack by his side. Lan immediately shied away from him. "What are you doing in here unsupervised?"
  17. Drad looked up at the guard as he spoke. It wasnt in her own part to talk, but it seamed no one else would. "Talking." She replied. It was true, to a point. The guard turned his gase to drad as she spoke her one word. She held it as the man searcher her green eyes for any falter.
  18. "Is that so?" the guard replied coldly, words rolling steadily off of his tongue. His gaze was terribly cold and piercing, like the needles that he couldn't wait to see shoved into the veins of the four, "What have you been talking about? What your final statements will be? How you're going to face Arceus on the other side?"

    The questions were remarkably cruel to the condemned four, and he knew it. In fact, he took great pleasure in torturing them like this. His gaze was neutral, though all that he'd said had betrayed what he truly wanted to tell them:

    Get ready to die, scumbags.

    His daughter had been among the slain; a ten-year-old coordinator who had just received a charmander. As far as he knew, any one of the four condemned before him could have been the one who murdered his little girl. And thus, he cracked down particularly hard on them, even when they were being good little prisoners.

    "Last time I checked, we were allowed to speak to one another, weren't we?" Mari said casually, having repaired her positive, somewhat smart-arsed mask, "Well, during recreation hours, at least."

    The guard's body stiffened at Mari's words, even though they were true. Prior to having the last appeal for her sentence turned down, she had been a model prisoner, quietly following his orders without question, lest the court deem her a problem child, and refuse to spare her life. But not now. With nothing but death to look forward to in this place, she had stopped being a good prisoner weeks ago.

    He hated that he had no control over the 'killer' anymore, and thus, couldn't scare her into behaving again. A week down in solitary, or loss of a small privilege was a walk in the park compared to what he was going to do to her one week from now. Her and all of her murderous scumbag friends.

    "Recreation time is over," he said cruelly, "Back inside, all of you. I want you in your cells and ready for lockdown in ten minutes."

    Mari looked longingly back at her group, mouthing, see you soon as she made the journey back to her cell.


    The time had finally come. Mari was stood outside her cell as the guards on her block inspected everyone.

    She mouthed several expletives to a particularly hardened inmate, whom she'd made it her goal to get on the wrong side of. She kept many a shiv in her cell, and she had a huge gang, who all had it in for Mari.

    The drifloon burst warrior raised her hand, signalling Drad and Sky as she mouthed the final word to her target. The dynamite had been lit. It was only a matter of seconds before the mine shaft blew...
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  19. Drad was on the other side of the block. She nodded when mari sent the signal. She looked over to the girl on the cell next to her. Drad had payed this girl alot to help her in this excape. She nodded her as drad let their plan go in her head.

    Once the fight started in Mari section, the girl and drad would start a fight with each other. The girl had her own rangle of follows and enemies, which is why drad choose her.
  20. There was silence, save for the clinks and clunks of the guards' leather shoes against the floor, for a few more seconds. And then, as predicted, all Hell broke loose.

    Mari's target was Dolores Clancy, a.k.a, Demented Dolly. Having taken the bait, Dolly and her gang drew their shivs and practically flew around the cell block towards Mari, ready to jam their makeshift blades into her throat. As the guards went to restrain the misbehaving prisoners, several other women joined in the brawl, eager to vent their own frustrations, both upon the guards, and each other.

    One block was occupied, and Mari could safely slip away in the midst of the chaos. She kicked off her shoes, so that her steps wouldn't be as loud against the metal floor, and waited for Drad to kick up a fuss in her cell, so that the remaining guards, not just in this one cell block, but the entire building of the women's prison would be forced to come here and calm the situation down...
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  21. Drad looked at the girl as she threw her self at drad. Their fight started as the girls gang went to back her up, as drad started to fight back. Many more woman joined to be with or against drad. The guards started to join in to stop the fight as the fight turned into an all out brawl. Once drad found an opportunity to excape the fight, she took it.

    Her job was done as she stayed on the outskirts of the fight to not enduse suspicion. Not all the guards where her yet, so she could take a run for it. Drad nodded in Mari's direction to show she was ready.
  22. Mari motioned in Drad's direction as she began to slip away, ignoring the way that the thin steel of the floor felt against her small, pale feet. She moved quickly, yet cautiously, descending the first flight of stairs with ease. The guards on the second floor didn't even see her, thanks to a bloody incident involving a shiv and a once-hidden bag of crack happening at the cell furthest from the staircase.

    Mari had but two thoughts, and two thoughts only on her mind, as she hit the bottom floor. The first was of Mariko, her drifloon, and how wonderful she felt at the fact that she was getting her dear partner, and her powers back. The second was of Lan... He'd been housed with some particularly rough inmates, ninety percent of whom were at least three times his size. That, and he had never shared exactly how he would start the riot in the men's building. Had he even left his cell yet?
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  23. Lan sat with his back to the wall of his cramped cell, legs drawn to his chin. He knew the time was nearly upon him, but he couldn't bring himself to move. He was terrified of all the things that could go wrong, and what he'd have to do if they didn't. As a Burst Warrior, he had been greatly non-combatant, and he had Mei by his side whenever he was chased into a corner. However, this time he would be forced to quarrel with five other men in a fight he knew he couldn't win.

    He measured each of them with a long, calculating glance without trying to accidentally provoke one of them into fighting prematurely. Lan would have to be the one to throw the first punch in order to land himself a spot in solitary confinement.

    This isn't just for yourself, he reassured himself silently. This is for you and Mei's name and for the others, as well.

    He slowly stood before his fear could get the better of him and flexed his hands a couple of times. Two of his cellmates threw him questioning and disapproving glances respectively. With a deep breath, he threw himself at one of them at random and hammered his fists down on any piece of flesh and bone his blows could land on, a scream of desperation and fury escaping through his teeth. The cell exploded into action: before he could react, someone had pulled him off of his victim by the armpits and the victim in question was holding his bleeding nose in surprise. Someone a cell down from theirs was calling for the guard while Lan thrashed against his captor.

    The man he had punched, a heavily tattooed behemoth called Isiah Bryce, was upon him in two great strides, placing the heel of his calloused foot firmly on his chest. Lan sputtered a choking breath, trying to wrench his arms away from the man who had interfered Lan's spurt of violence, but he held tightly onto them. Isiah swiftly delivered a kick to the base of Lan's jaw, and when Lan grunted in pain, he jolted him in the ribs.

    The torture went on for another 52 excruciating seconds before the rapid succession of footsteps at the end of the hallway announced the arrival of a guard.
  24. Drad took the chance and took off once she saw the signal. She took a sharp turn at the first set of stairs down. Drad rode the railing down to the second floor. She nearly hit a guard as they ran past to stop another fight. Drad's hear stopped for a secound as the guards didnt heard her feet touch the ground. She let out a small sighed as this time she round the 2nd flight of stairs.

    The hope of this working was the only thing keeping her going. The thought that she might be able to walk though the streets again. That was a petty thing to ask for, but drad was that type of person to just enjoy it. Just the though that, if this worked, she could walk down the street and be a normal person, not a framed murderer.

    Then, something else came to mind. They where framed murderers. What would happen when they got away? The media wasnt something she though of often, but this situation was different. The media was big in this situation. Most likely, they would be everywhere in this region. They would be on their own. If the media didnt go into this with as much "detail" as possible, they might have had a chance with sympathizers, but that wasnt possible now.

    Drad focused her eyes again as the focused on the situation at hand.
  25. The next part of the escape was the most delicate phase. The tiny shack of a place between the men's and the women's buildings, where the group were supposed to meet; the contraband storage room was kept under tight lock and key... So it was a good thing that they'd memorised the exact locations of the keys needed to open the safe containing their burst hearts.

    Time was of the essence. There was no telling exactly how long it would be until all of the guards returned to their posts, so, given that Mari wanted to leave as big a window for her group to escape as possible, they'd have to be quick about getting their burst hearts back. And any other possessions that might have been taken from them upon arrival.

    Mari knew that she'd have to transform the second that she got her burst heart back; her partner's ability to levitate would allow her to fly away from here with ease, and take out some guards, if need be. Though she had a few qualms about having to hurt, or even kill another human, she'd decided long ago to toss them aside. Mari was born in sin, and they wished for her to die in sin. To die alone here, without anyone to even mourn her.

    Her breath caught in her throat when she noticed someone behind her, but upon realising that it was only Drad, she relaxed a little.

    "You made it," she breathed, "Now c'mon, let's go and get our partners back!"
  26. So sorry for the late response. Anyway, here's the form!

    Name: Kyle Marxen

    Gender: Male

    Burst Heart Pokemon (You can only have one): Kelina the Rotom

    Appearance (Normal): Kyle has a small, unmuscular form. He also has bright brown hair and blue eyes. Normally wears baggy shorts and a red jacket. He also has glasses that reflect his eyes.

    Appearance (Fused): While fused, his eyes seem to glow with a plasma-like substance. The same substance seems to surround and even make up his arms. Strangely, he has a permanent smile on his face. His jacket turns a deep orange and he has on a sky blue pair of pants. A small orange and blue protrusion extends from the back of his head as well.

    Other: Bananas. While bursted, he can control(not posses) electronics.

    Dodging a swing from a prisoner, Kyle Marxen slid underneath another and swept his legs, causing them to stumble. The sight of a few guards in the distance flashed in his eyes. This brawl was initiated a few minutes ago; yet another prisoner, a few cells over, started it with a hook to the nose. That certain prisoner was now on the ground, with a foot to the chest. His cell just so happened to join in on the fighting.

    Taking advantage of the guards missing, and the cell door unguarded, Kyle slid through the unguarded door. Analyzing the area, he dashed out of the block with the speed of a Liepard. He needed to get his burst heart back.

    Kyle was blamed for a group of mass murders. He had heard about the other warriors being arrested; the next logical conclusion for the crowd was that he worked with them.

    That wasn't his issue now. He needed to get out. Time was everything.
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  27. The officer that had come to Lan's aid was a woman with chestnut hair kept in a messy bun and a Houndoom by her side, although he couldn't make out all the details of her face through the tears that had arose in response to his pain and blurred his vision. After some martial commentary between the men and her that Lan couldn't understand through his ringing ears, she barked out an order for them to retreat from Lan's broken figure before she could open the cell's door. He laid in wait, nerves singing with torment and numbness, trying to calculate his escape in his mind.

    The woman hooked Lan by his arms and dragged him from his cell, immediately locking his fellowmen back in afterwards. While she called for back up, he gasped in a deep breath, rolled onto his stomach and made a hobbling run down the hallway while the officer and her partner cried after him to stop. He absconded down the staircases while his lungs pulsated painfully against his broken ribs and barreled through the doors, blindly streamlining towards the contraband room. Blood flowed freely from his nose and mouth and the beginnings of bruises were already appearing on his knuckles.

    He threw open the contraband storage's doors and slammed them behind them, attempting to catch his breath while tears rolled down his swollen cheeks. Lan slowly slid down the wall, blood staining the tiled floor beneath him, chuckling weakly. He flashed Drad and Mari a thumb's up before letting his hand drop to his thigh.
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  28. A drop of blood. That was what caught his eye. Honestly, Kyle should have noticed a few seconds earlier; the scratching of feet against the floor and the yelling of guards was his escape. How he would escape, he hadn't thought about that yet. However, following this person, now revealed as the instigator was his best bet. This person, he had heard about them from somewhere. Yea, the news. The media. Thumping in his skull obscured his thinking, but he didn't need that right now. Instincts kicked in. Run.

    Stumbling down the flight of stairs, the wailing of a Houndoom flushed his mind of any thoughts of anything but reaching the destination. Most of the guards were still settling the main cells, more likely with tazers than with words. He darted around before spotting the door slam. He could just tell that it was the right person. Running to the door, he flung it open, flinging himself in just in time. He closed the door, heavily breathing... before noticing the other three. These were the ones. Hastily waving his hand, he slimed awkwardly, saying, "I'll explain later. I'm with you."
  29. Ignoring them all, Mari went straight for one of the safes. Or, more specifically, the one marked with her ID number, PXRS019.

    Inside was everything that Mari had had on her on the day of her trial. An empty quick ball, her bag, the uncomfortably smart clothes that she'd been forced to wear that day, under her lawyer's instruction...

    And then, she saw her burst heart.

    She snatched it up and held it tightly to her chest, crooning gently to it, as if it were her child. It was nothing but a tarnished silver choker, with a gem holding a drifloon inside, but she wanted to cry at the sight of it.

    "I found you, Mariko," she whispered softly, "It's gonna be ok now. We're gonna get out of here, and I promise, we won't ever have to be separated again!"

    As soon as the choker was back where it belonged, around her neck, Mari took a deep breath and composed herself, turning to face the others. The very last thing that she could afford to do was become delirious at the sight of her partner, even though she had been waiting to see her for at least eight months.

    Drad was as quiet as ever in the corner of the room, but she had made it here in one piece, at least. The same couldn't be said for Lan, though, who, judging by his bloody, swollen face had taken quite a beating on his way down here. And then, right at the door, there was... Another inmate? He claimed that he was with them, but never, at any stage, had he been involved in the escape operation, until now. Was he a friend of Lan's? Another innocent man who'd taken the opportunity to escape before his execution date? Or a killer who couldn't face up to the punishment he had dished out to his victims? Then again, Mari and her friends weren't the only ones who had been accused of the murders...

    Mari gripped her burst heart as she faced the stranger, fearful of what he planned to do with them. "What do you want with us?!" she spat, "We're innocent men here, so if you're one of those killers looking for a free ride out of this shithole, then you can clear right off!"
  30. "Hey, Hey, I'm innocent. You guys got thrown in here for like, being blamed for a murder, right?" Kyle asked, not even bothering to look anywhere but at the safes on the wall. "Let's just say that I'm innocent and in here for the same reason as you."

    The screaming of guards filled his mind once again as the search for his heart continued. Finally turning around, he eyed the others in the room. One of them, the one who snapped at him, just finished putting something around her neck. The shimmer of the stone proved one thing; These were the burst warriors he was looking for.

    "Look, guys. I saw you on, like, the news. I've got a heart too. I need to find it." That came out fast, like Kyle always spoke when innocent. Peeking out of the corner of his eye, he noticed the numbers on the safes.

    IDs. They have to be. What's mine? Like... KBUD... Something.
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  31. Drad started to look over the safes for her own. She finally paused at a safe with her ID number, HGJK706. Dread opened it to find the clothes she was wearing on the day of her trail. It was her normal everyday wear. On the day of the trial, she did have a lawyer, but instead acted for her own defense. It was her choice to where her normal clothes, because it didn't really matter to her what everyone though of her at that point of time. However now that she thinks back at it, wearing thrown on clothes to a trail where she had no evidence that she could win was a poor decision.

    Alongside her clothes where her cloak, her bag, and finally.....her burst heart bracelet.

    Drad ignored the the two as she put on her cloak. For some reason, she had always had her cloak. Drad couldn't remember where she had gotten it or how long she had it, but the woman felt like it was a part of her. Along with that she put her laptop bag, which didn't have a laptop because it was to expensive for her, over her shoulder. Drad was quick to put on her bracelet. She felt more confident now that she had Lala back. She held back on transforming for now, but she knew that later they would be forced to.
  32. Mari stepped back, still with her fingers clasped around her burst heart. Though sympathetic of this stranger, if he truly was innocent like them, she was still quite wary. How had he managed to guess that they weren't the ones behind the crimes?

    Mari's eyes lit up as another thought came into her head. If he knew that they weren't the real killers, then maybe, he knew a little about who were? He could prove useful to the group, if what he was saying was true.

    "You were framed for the same murders as us?" Mari enquired tentatively, wondering if he was the mysterious rotom burst warrior to have been arrested that night, "Or, are you in here for something else?"

    She stuffed most of her court dress, namely, a white blouse and flared skirt into her bag, and slipped the shoes she had worn; a pair of black flats on. That outfit was meant to make her look more innocent, more girlish than her twenty-two years, in the hopes that the judge would deal her a lighter sentence. Though, come to think of it, would life without parole have been any lighter a sentence? Both punishments came with a guarantee of never seeing the outside world again.

    Before he even had the opportunity to answer, the shrill barking of a houndoom could be heard outside. And then the voice of whichever guard it belonged to...
  33. "Yea. Those o-" Kyle stopped mid-sentence to the screeching of the Houndoom. "Doesn't matter now." The Houndoom was the first thing he would knock out. Those howls made him feel horrible, like he was on death row already.

    Screening his eyes for a possible combination of IDs, he finally settled on one. Hammering his arm into the area of the hinge, safe KBUD852 swung open revealing his items. It wasn't much; just a few things he normally had on him.

    First, his hoodie and jeans. Honestly, he didn't care what he wore during the trial; it didn't matter. He didn't dress to impress or any of that. Slipping the hoodie on without zipping it up, he fumbled through the pockets, checking for anything. Of course, it was completely empty. Second, a Potion he carried on him at all times, for emergencies. Finally, in the straight back of the safe, was Kelina's heart along with the clip it was attached to. Pinning it to his undershirt, he patted the crystalline figure before fully clipping it on.

    "I'm ready. Tell me what I need to do." Kyle whispered before turning around.
  34. Lan struggled back to his feet with obvious difficulty, motivated by the snarling of a nearby Houndoom. He lumbered towards the series of safes, gingerly brushing his hand against each of the secure doors. He halted immediately at the one labelled SMN410, as if sensing something dwelling within, and pried on the aperture with all his blood-caked fingers. The door finally gave way under his weight and revealed his few treasures.

    Inside were the clothes he had worn on the day of his trial folded in a neat pile: a ridiculously expensive collared jacket with a golden checkered design, a black tee decorated with foreign print, and skinny jeans he had vigourously sewn the holes of the night of the trial. Atop the pile were his trademark sunglasses, the lenses covered with a fine layer of dust, and his mismatched shoes.

    After sifting through his belongings, he found her. The crystal, which seemed to warm in his hand, had been carelessly laid inside his left shoe. He held it to his chest gratefully in his clenched hand, collecting the rest of his things with his free arm. He blinked away the tears in his eyes, vaguely laughing to himself. He leveled the Burst Heart to his face and uttered a couple words to it in a rather musical and lofty dialect before slipping it into the pocket of his jacket and shouldering it on. There wouldn't be time to get changed for now.
  35. Mari gave the group a half-hearted smile, relieved to see Lan back on his feet, at least. The last thing that any of them needed was for one of them to become incapacitated; such a thing would make the already very delicate prison break even more difficult.

    With the houndoom's cries drawing ever closer, along with the heavy footsteps of the guard it belonged to, Mari readied her burst heart, shutting her eyes. She hadn't wanted to have to use her powers this early on in the escape, but it appeared that she didn't have any other choice.

    Blocking out everything else, Mari ordered, in a firm, authoritative voice, "We're going to have to transform, now. They're going to use their pokemon to try and beat us into submission, by the looks of things. Where possible, don't fight. Just run, and if we're cornered, choose your moves wisely."

    Mari's prison clothes were covered in an ectoplasm-like fluid, for about a second, and when the fluid disappeared, she was in burst. She now had voluminous, fluffy white hair, and a purple bubble dress, complete with her partner's facial features on the chest. Her legs had lengthened, and thinned significantly, and she now levitated about a foot off of the ground.

    "Around the death house, and then out through the visitor's area," she relayed to the stranger, before addressing the rest of the group, "I'll do my best to protect you guys, but you'll have to help me out, too. Stay with me, at least until we're outta here."
  36. Burst. Kyle hasn't seen anything like it for quite a while. Looking down at his Heart, he smiled deeply before glancing back at the transformed inmate. The flowing hair and purple dress was something he would have to look at later. He had to focus on.... Focusing.

    Looking at the other two people in the small room, as well as their Hearts, he examined them cleanly. One, he couldn't cleanly make out due to injury, but had a very fancy feel to them (He couldn't go headway with finding a gender). The other, clearly a female, bearing brown hair and deep green eyes.

    Once more, a deep screech broke him out. Any second now, a guard would bust in and find them. Now was his and Kelina's time to shine. Smiling, a crackling blue liquid similar to that that which had transformed the other a few seconds ago covered him entirely. When it disapated, his hood fell back down and his smile had grown. His messy hair showed as a small, horn-like growth in the back of his head. Glasses reflected glowing eyeballs as energy sparked from his arms, just begging to have some action. Sky-blue cargo pants settled as his hoodie, still unzipped, fell down to Kyle's sides.

    "Whew. It's been a while since I've done that. What are you two waiting for?" Kyle whispered, much more upbeat that before.
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  37. Drad nodded and decided it was better for herself to aslo transform. "Lets do it." She said quietly to herself as she be came the thing of electricity for only a moment. Her transformation was fast as her hair turned white with light blue streaks. A pachirisu tail and ears appeared on her as her clothes changed to white flats, slakes, and a white t-shirt.

    Drad could feel lala's happiness with her as they fused. She felt much better now that she knew that lala was with her and on their side. Drad felt that lala was taken aback by lan's appearance. Drad told his storie by showing her own memories of what happened to lala. She felt better, but was still uneased by the picture.
  38. Lan looked over his supposed partners in crime, taking in a stifling breath and holding in his chest in obvious pain. He reached into his pocket and took the chartreuse crystal in his fist. He held in out below his chin on the flat of his palm, pressing his other hand atop it and encasing it in his bloodied extremities. It took several moments for an invisible wind to pick up around him and the pleasant aroma of flora to taint his skin. A pink glow barely escaped his fingers and, in no time at all, enveloped him.
    When the glow dispersed as quickly as it had come, he was in a completely different form.

    He ran a gloved hand through his hair, brushing his antennae back like they were stray strands of fibre. Lan suddenly looked refreshed, as if he hadn't gotten hurt at all. His behaviour seemed different, as well; much more calm, cool, and collected than he had been mere hours before. It seemed morphing with the Lurantis did wonders for his mind and body.

    "Mei doesn't understand English, but I'll do my best to translate," he assured them, pulling one of his gloves further up his wrist in order to smooth out their wrinkles. "I'm so glad we're escaping - I've missed liquor terribly."
  39. Mari's expression changed quite suddenly, as it always did when her drifloon partner wanted to speak through her. The pupils of her eyes thinned into sharp slits, and her mouth turned up into an uncharacteristically twisted smile. Her legs bowed as she floated from side-to-side on the spot, hands clasped together in front of her chest.

    "Liquor?!" the drifloon burst squealed, "In prison or not, I'll never get to taste any alcohol! Mari's such a wet blanket! She never fuses when drinking! It's no fun, watching her get hammered from inside my burst heart, knowing that I'll never know what that stuff even tastes like!"

    Mari's expression changed back to normal a second later, and she managed to steady herself in the air.

    "I apologise for my partner's outburst," she said firmly, "Now, with that out of the way, let's get going."

    The next step. The way out. Ensuring that everyone got out alive. Those were the only things that Mari had allowed to cross her mind, and thus, the only things that she dared think about. Orders came now. Everything else could come later. Including where she could go tonight after she'd safely evaded the police. To protect and serve? That was a lie. To hunt, to imprison, and to kill seemed far more honest.

    "This way," she ordered, floating out of the room towards the door, opening it with a light ka-chink!


    That was all that Mari could bring herself to say at the sight which she was met with, on the other side of the door. At least twenty guards, and canid pokemon of varying species surrounded the building, with various non-lethal weapons at the ready.

    With no option but to attack, Mari's body flew up into the air as she launched an ominous wind attack.
  40. "We're doing this? We're doing this. I guess we're doing this." This was one chance. Their only chance. The chance he couldn't bust. Speaking of bust.. The door had been busted straight open, revealing too many guards and Pokemon that he could ever dream of fighting.

    Zipping straight to the hallway, Kyle slid on the dusty floor before delivering a punch into somebody's gut, barely causing them to stumble. "Whoops. Not strong enough?" Sarcasm reeked from his voice as he bonked the guy in the nose again, this time spreading some electricity into this one. The man fell over in a lump, knocked out. "That's better."

    The attack launched by his ally reached a few guards but still not enough. Suddenly, Kyle felt a strange feeling creeping up his outstretched arm. An opposing Manectric had just pulled a Spark attack to him while his back was turned. "Guys! Do something! I need to handle this thing."

    Focusing at the large Pokemon, he smiled larger than before, before winking and charging up a Shadow Ball.

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