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Ask to Join Pokemon ReBurst: Kanto's Soul

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tatzu, Nov 13, 2016.

  1. (The Discussion is over here: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-reburst-kantos-soul-discussion.14572/#post-32052 )

    It was A Sunny Morning in Pallet town, Pidgey Singing, Butterfree flying through the Sky, a House next to The Lab, Sat with Jack sleeping inside, He woke up, Remembering that he was getting a Burst Heart from Professor Oak, He Jumped out of his bed and got changed, He exited his house and saw other people leaving their homes, He waved with a Happy smile and entered the Lab, Jack felt a Nice warm feeling in his Heart when he looked at the Shiny Stones "Burst Hearts!" He yelled as he Picked one up, It was Brown with a Fist in the Middle "Ah! I see you have already Chosen!" Oak Said in Joy as he Exited his Office "Thats A fine Choice" He added, Tapping on the Burst Heart "So.... Can I go now?" Jack asked, He wanted to Start his Journey so much "Not yet, We must wait for the others first!" He yelled as he looked at the Door "How long will that take?" Jack Asked "Not Long, I heard many other people Leaving their Homes as you entered" Oak said, Patting Jack on the Back "Well... I guess We Just wait!" Jack yelled as he heard someone walking near the Door.... "Is that someone?!" Jack yelled as he Looked at the Door "No its not" Oak said as the Foot prints Disappeared "Well more waiting" Jack sighed as he Sat down and waited

    (Its Short since there is not much else i can do since I need you guys to Reply)
  2. The door to Oak's lab burst open as William Whitman dashed in, excited to get his Burst Heart.
    "Hello Will" Professor Oak said "I assume you are here today to get your Burst Heart, correct?"
    "Yes Professor" Will said, looking around "Where are they?"
    "Just over here" Replied the professor, and showed Will the Hearts
    Will looked at them, there were so many to choose from, eventually, he decided to chose a psychic heart.

    He went and sat down next to Jack "Hey Jack!" he said "You got your Burst Heart too?"
  3. "Yea, I got a Fighting Burst Type, What did you get?" Jack asked as he Pull his Burst Heart out of his Pocket "Also who else do you think is getting a Burst Heart?" Jack added "Also What Burst Heart do you think the Gym Leaders have?" Jack added "I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS!" Jack yelled as he started to Shake in Joy
  4. Kitri strolled into the office without a care in the world. There would be no painful deliberation over which of the burst hearts she should pick. While other users-to-be would flit around and spend ages deciding which one to pick according to frivolous matters such as type match-up, what powers they would get, and how they look when transformed, Kitri had always known that she would be getting a dark burst heart. It was non-negotiable, according to her.

    She walked out the lab with her new gem, hung on a necklace around her neck. A dark burst heart, with a honchkrow inside. How perfect.

    She sat down next to two excitable users, each having received their own burst hearts.
  5. Kathleen opened the door to the lab to find the professer. "Here to get your burst heart?" the professer asked her. "Yes!" Kathleen said excitedly as the professer showed her the hearts. After a bit, Kathleen finally chose a burst heart that was green and had a tan middle. It was a leafeon. 'Guesses it would be a grass-type' She thought as she joined the trainer who had already gotten there. Kathleen then attached the heart to a spelicially made to fit a burst heart. "What type are yours?" She asked to girl with her own burst heart on a neclass. Truthfully she did not want to bother the excited trainers.
  6. "Mine's a honchkrow, so it's dark and flying. Technically, it's only a dark burst heart, just thought that I'd take its inhabitant's secondary type into account," Kitri replied, "Really hoping that the fact that I've got a honchkrow in mine means that I can fly when transformed."

    Kitri reached into her pocket, for a bag of pokeblocks, and popped one into her mouth. "What powers are you hoping to get from yours?" She enquired as she bit into the powdery candy
  7. "Mine is Leafeon and to answer your question is dont really know." Kathleen replied before moving her jacket sleeve back to reveal her own stone. "I wonder how it is even turned on..." She ventured as she looked into the burst heart. Suddenly a small tan light came from the stone as Kathleen turned into a leafeon pokehuman. "What will the light?" Kathleen replied, oblivious to her transformation as see looked at the burst heart.
  8. "Looks like You two are becoming Friends" Jack said as he Looked at his Burst Heart "Hey..... What are you twos names anyway?" Jack asked as he Looked at The Lab
  9. Kitri crushed the last bite of her pokeblock with her teeth. "Kitri Vasquez, dark burst heart, honchkrow." she said simply, reaching for another pokeblock, "Say, do you know if these thing change your personality at all when ya fuse? Cuz I'm hoping that I don't become some happy-clappy doucheypants while I'm in battle."
  10. "Maybe, Anyway, Im Jack Devlin, Fighting Burst Heart, Lucario" He said, Pulling a glove out of his Pocket "Oak gave me this, He said to put your Burst Heart in them" He said as he Put the Glove on and Placed the Heart in "Now time to test your Question!" He yelled as the Heart Glowed and He changed "Wow.... This is interesting, NOW WHEN ARE WE GETTING DOWN WITH THIS?!" He yelled as he started to turn Normal "Well i guess that solves that" He said as he Looked at the Lab once again "You guys should go get a Glove, Or do you not want one?" He asked, Not really caring about the Answer
  11. "I have a bracelet for mine" Kathleen replied to Jacks question still oblivious to her own transformation. "And saying you might change your personally when you change is a guess reasonable since you technical a different person. I wonder if my personally will change." She said as she put her hands in her poket flicking her tail.
  12. "You know you changed, Right?" Jack asked, He was waiting for her to Scream or Laugh or do something Random "Your Half Leafeon!" He Laughed as he pointed at her Tail "How is it like, Being a Leafeon?" He asked, Chuckling a Bit more
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  13. "What?" Kathleen said looking behind her at her tail. She spun if a circle looking at her tail before turning back to jack. "I dont feel any different" She replied lifting her sleeve back to look at her bust heart. 'Wait if i changed....' Kathleen though before holding up her hand as she concentrated. Soon a leaf blade formed and then disputed as she lost consentration. "Wait if i dont relise i am in this. How will i know the difference?" Kathleen said as she changed back to normal. "Wait my tails gone" She replied looking down wear her tail was.
  14. Kitri looked down at her own burst heart, as she crushed and swallowed her second pokeblock. "Well, suppose I ougtha take mine out for a spin. Go go gadget burst heart... Or something."

    And a deep purple mist shrouded the woman, erupting from her burst heart necklace. Her clothes disappeared, leaving her hanging butt naked in the mist for about a second, before she was shrouded in a honchkrow's wings.

    When the mist cleared, Kitri's hat was still there, but she now wore a a long dress, with red lining and a fluffy white collar. Navy blue feathered boots covrered her feet, and huge honchkrow wings were on her back.

    "This.... Feels... Amazing," she cackled.
  15. (I am just going to mostly stay in leafeon form because kathleen cant really tell the difference)

    "Wow you look amazing!", Kathleen said in her leafeon form, "you even have wings and you chaged your clothes!" She said th last part looking at her hoodie and jeans. Kathleen looked back up to kitri as she said, "can you fly in this form? Wait i should probably tell you my name. My name is Kathleen since i havent told yall yet!"
  16. Kitri looked back at her wings, and tried to give them a flap. And it worked! As soon as she'd gotten used to this whole having wings shindig, she would be able to fly, which, if nothing else, meant that she could dodge aerial attacks.

    She suddenly felt something shift into gear in her brain... And all too soon, she hit a psychological reverse switch.

    "Let's see how tough you all are!" She demanded, charging up a dark pulse, "C'mon, let's battle!"
  17. "Um.. Katri" Kathleen replied, "we can't battle here and i dont want to battle you!" Only half of that was true though. Kathleen could care less about what happened to the place, but it was true that Kathleen did not want to battle. She was more of a watcher. Yes, it is true that Kathleen would battle other people but it would only be for self defense or out of anger.
  18. Kitri's face drained of most of its colour, as the pupils of her eyes became thin slits. Her head jolted erratically from side to side, and her eyes and lips twitched as she held the now fully charged dark pulse.

    "W-what are you doing?! We can't battle here, we'll make a mess of the laboratory!" Kitri cried out as she tried to crush the dark pulse.

    "Aw, c'mon, doll, it'll be fun!" Another voice answered, still coming from Kitri.

    "No, Honchkrow! We only battle when we need to!" Kitri argued with herself.

    "I didn't know that I was gonna be fused with such a square! C'mon, we can at least take out this leafeon and bag her prize money, right?" She trilled in a deeper voice.

    "That's enough! Get back in your burst heart right now!"

    And in a flash, Kitri was back to normal. She was on her knees on the ground, breathing raggedly.

    "That thing's a real piece of work," she complained.
  19. David was still greatly miffed that he had been granted the privilege to become a Burst Warrior. Many had to endure years of physical and mental training in order to endure the transformation process. The results of failed attempts varied, but the most common factor was instantaneous fulmination.

    "Although David's body is weak," his instructor had droned to his parents in a forcibly professional tone, "his spirit is unlike anything I've ever seen. There are few Pokémon someone of his nature can withstand unscathed. If he still wishes to become a Burst Warrior, I'll write a letter to Dr. Oak detailing which Pokémon he's allowed."

    David had nodded confidently and stated that he didn't want all his mental training to go to waste.

    Now, he wasn't sure. His body lurched at intervals with each crevice his wheelchair was forced to drag itself over, squealing mechanically as it went. He had come all the way from Sinnoh to Kanto on his own. If this Burst Heart failed him, he could die alone millions of miles away from home.

    He wheeled into the professor's laboratory with his heart in his throat, giving the interior a sweeping glance. The Burst Hearts weren't hard to spy, each rested delicately in a ring box and propped on plastic pedestals. Several were missing. Professor Oak didn't seem surprised to see him.

    "David?" he asked with an impish grin, reaching for a closed ring box that had been isolated from the others.

    David nodded. "That's me."

    Oak gaited to him, pressing the box into his firmly into his hand. "You should know that the Pokémon inside that Burst Heart can be a little... unpredictable. Be careful when you're using it, okay?"

    "Will do, sir," he replied dryly, focus shifting between the surreal box and the man who had given it to him. "Thanks."

    Oak's lips gave way to a brilliant smile. "Good luck out there, Mr. Novosel. I'm sure you'll make me very proud."

    David, not sure what to say in response, nodded curtly and pivoted his chair to the exit without a second word. His chest ached with heavy heartbeats and he took a deep breath to try to compose himself. There was a group of obviously rookie Burst Warriors loitering about only a couple metres from the lab's entrance. David's curiousity got the best of him and he cautiously maneuvered himself in their direction.
  20. "So you can like talk to your burst heart or somthing?" Kathleen asked curius on what the other voice was. "It strange all that happened i am am just here" She was in her leafeon form.
  21. "It appears that if we don't agree on how we should operate when we fuse, then yes," Kitri answered, grabbing a nearby table to help herself up, "I suppose I should have thought through the fact that when I activate this thing, this honchkrow and I become one. We're sharing a body, as well as each other's abilities."

    She looked down at the tiny honchkrow trapped within the burst heart, which crowed indignantly at its mistress. "It's not just learning to use my powers that I'm going to have to deal with. It's my burst heart's attitude as well."
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  22. Kathleen wagged her tail before noticing a boy in a wheelchair heading there way. "Hello!" She called to him as she put her hands back into her pokets. "The sad thing is that i have to have full concentration fro my powers to work" Kathleen replied to Kiri thinking back to when she somoned the grass sword for only a cuple of secounds.
  23. "Hey," he called back dryly, wheels squeaking as he finally came to a stop, only now noticing the girl's inhuman features. He stared at her in surprise, having expected a Burst Heart to have taken more affect. David had hardly recognized her to be in her Burst at all. "You've fused already? How does it feel?"

    His eyes instinctively went to the case in his hand. He had not yet looked at his own, a lump in his throat whenever he thought about fusing for the first time.
  24. "I dont feel any different, but its different for every" Kathleen explained flicking her tail, "i didnt even noticed i transformed until somone pointed it out." Kathleen then looked at Kitri. "Extremely different for some people" She said jokingly.
  25. "Right," he agreed, scratching at the back of the his neck before wiping the inkling of sweat from his temple with the back of his hand. Peering into his box revealed a translucent crystal tainted with a faded purple. The crystal withheld a spiraling vortex of which resembled a tiny, violet saw. He down to it hesitantly, taking it into his fingers and bringing it to his eye's level. It was cold to the touch. "I'm not sure what to expect."
    His eyes flickered from the crystalline prison to the Leafeon Burst's line of sight. He rested his chin in his hand, elbow propped on the arm of his chair, maneuvering the Heart through his fingers absentmindedly.
    "I take it that yours didn't go too well?" he asked disinterestedly.
  26. Jack was watching everyone talking and the weird Honchkrow "So..... I guess we will be able to leave now?" He said, Trying to make everyone feel a bit better "Well, You guys can go, I need to get some things done with the Professor! it was good seeing you!" He said, Walking into the Lab
  27. Kitri brushed the dust off her coat, facing the new stranger with a twinge of anxiety, and embarrasment.

    "Didn't go so well?! That's the understatement of the century!" The girl complained, "Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that the honchkrow in my burst heart is a bit of a bell-end. I'll have to work on taming him if this fusion thing is gonna work out."

    She approached the boy, extending her hand carefully. "Kitri Vasquez, dark burst heart, fused with a bell-end of a honchkrow. How ya doin?"
  28. "David Novosel, Ghost Burst Heart, fused with something called a Spiritomb," he replied suavely, leaning forward to take her hand. He gave her a wry grin, although his hooded eyes looking up at her rather than raising his head gave the impression that he was mocking her. He was only pretending not to know what a Spiritomb was. He had been told stories of the evil spirit occasionally before bed to scare him into submission whilst growing up. "I have a bad feeling it's not going to cooperate. I'm not sure what a bell-end is, but I'm sure this Spiritomb is one, too."
    He swore the ancient creature flickered in agreement from the confines of its shell. David was beginning to grow anxious to test his hypothesis despite his contrary fears.
  29. "Well since we are doing introductions, My name is Kathleen Chase, grass burst heart, Leafeon." Kathleen said not making a move to put her hand or anything. She suddenly changed back. "So you going to try and change?", She asked David, "it is better to try. I pretty sure i barely control when i am in Leafeon or Human form since my burst heart is identical to me and have no giant transformation." Kathleen then changed to leafeon form.
  30. David took in a deep breath, the muscles in his jaw twitching. "Yeah. I guess you're right."
    He brought his hand back and took haste to position himself several paces back, in the case that something did go awry. He held the Heart inches away from his face and then to his chest.
    "Er... Transform?" he voiced aversely, realizing that he hadn't quite learned how to bring out his new partner. Apparently this was confirmation enough for the ancient one; for phosphorescent ribbons of tarnished lavender sprung from the stone and began winding themselves around his body without warning. He watched in curious horror as a final rope attached itself around his neck and the rest of his body enveloped itself in the otherworldly and cold glow.
    When the light had faded, an almost entirely different form had taken David's place. It was in the shape of David, but greatly discoloured and slightly amorphous. The successor looked down at himself and examined his limbs and torso with leisurely interest. He moved his toes and, nodding to himself, pushed himself from the wheelchair he had been kept to.
    "This is... new," he commented, glancing around the ragtag group of Burst Warriors. He chuckled reminiscent of a rabid dog, kicking the wheelchair to the side exuberantly.
  31. "Wow you get the cool mist stuff like Kitri!" Kathleen replied as David got out of his wheelchair. She flicked her tail relizing she was having an uneasy feeling that wasnt her own as she returned to normal form. "Well apparently my partner doent like you burst heart" She replied think about the uneasiness she felt as David transformed. 'Its ok!' She though hopping the burst heart could hear her, 'He wont hurt us! No all of them are bad you will see.' Kathleen then transformed into her leafeon state feeling the confidence from her partner.
  32. "Well, good to see that you two get along with the contents of your burst hearts, at least," Kitri muttered, as she looked down at her own purplish burst heart. The honchkrow inside crowed at the girl's transformed companions, desperate to share his master's body again.

    "Not until you learn to behave," she growled, "Or until we engage in battle. Then we can fuse, and be as brutal and destructive as you like."
  33. David licked his lips with his green tongue. He had never felt more alive than he did like this, pulsing with an uncontrollable and savage glee. He chortled a second giggle, hugging himself tightly around the waist.
    "Oh, yes," he crooned, flexing his elongated fingers with a radioactive grin. "I can get used to this."
    He raised his head and flashed a wink to Kathleen, closing his right so that the spiral clad eye was the one that shone through.
    "Beggars can't be choosers," he spoke, bowing his head with his hand to his heart and opposite arm behind his back in an overly formal sign of respect. As he straightened his back, what little of his expression that could be made out was forcibly sympathetic in reflection to Kitri's solemn words.
  34. "We like being in this form just so you know" A tomboy-ish voice said from Kathleen's mouth. "I agree" Replied Kathleen in her own voice before she put her hands in her pockets. Soon a smell of food drifted into kathleens expanded senses as Kathleens stomic groweled. "It is just me or is anyone else hungry" Kathleen said as she eyes turned to slits as she looked over to were the smell was coming from. Kathleen resisted to urge to start running tword the food cart as she waited for a response.
  35. David's face lit up, a golden undertone brightening his luminous facial features. As Spiritomb, he hadn't been able to experience the luxuries of having a physical form. Perhaps that's why the two clashing forces went surprisingly well together: Spiritomb was finally free to exist in the physical plane, and emptiness inside of the human had finally been filled. It was a win-win situation.
    "Well, why shouldn't we be happy?" he said, summarizing his thoughts through words. He meticulously cracked his knuckles, smile wide enough to split his face in two. "Food does sound good just about now."
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  36. Kathleen barly heard him though her fussy vision. The only though on her mind was food as she stared at it. Kathleen transformed back as her partners relised what would happen if she got out of hand. Kathleen headed over to the stand. "One grilled cheese" She said politely as she paid for the food. Kathleen transformed back as she headed back eating her sandwich.
  37. Kitri simply went with a freshly-fried doughnut and some water, having spent most of the morning filling up on pokeblocks. Living on a diet consisting mostly of sugar probably wasn't good for her at all, but she didn't really care. Savoury foods were mostly quite disgusting to her anyway, save for her mother's fish pie, and slowpoke-tail stew.

    She sat cross-legged at a picnic bench with her group, and delicately nibbled at her sugar-covered, greasy snack as she ignored the cries from within her burst heart, and waited for someone to say something.
  38. David had been about to seek out the most adequate food truck when a nagging voice in the back of his head warned him that he shouldn't approach anyone with such a jarring appearance. He reluctantly took a couple steps back and lowered himself into the sleek wheelchair, deflating with a sigh.
    The ritual that had fused the two previously reversed itself, leaving a tired David and a twinkling crystal behind. Sweat coursed its way down his neck and he had to force in deep breaths to fill his swollen lungs, coughing into his wrist and ejecting spittle from his lips.
    He grunted unsavourily, and propped himself against the back of his chair, head lolling several centimetres to the right.
    "Feels like Hell," he decided, wiping his mouth with his sleeve. "Don't think I can do that again for a while."
    Spiritomb's cries of protest ricocheted from its stockade, but he merely slid the tiny tyrant into his pocket, stretching himself out.
  39. Kathleens eyes were still slits even after she finished. "Your exhausted?" She asked David cuirus, "you have bearly been transformed!" Kathleen stopped realising how different each transformation was to every person as she quickly replied. "Sorry if i affended you!" She said.
  40. David was silent for couple of seconds, staring down at the intertwined hands in his lap with his mouth in a thin line.
    "Look," he said, voice devoid of any warmth, "I'm not the strongest, alright? Wouldn't be surprised if I ended up in the hospital somewhere between now and the end of the day."
    He laughed without humour to take the bluntness from his words, resting his chin on the picnic table's surface exasperatedly.

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