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Ask to Join Pokemon Rangers

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Ry_Burst, Jan 22, 2017.

  1. Thread for it is https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-ranger.15361/#post-375947

    Mikey North stepped of the boat onto Lapiz Town. It was a smal town on the southern tip of the Samira Region. He looked around. People were bustling back and forth, all trying to get to where they needed to go. He had to get to the Ranger base, where he would receive his advanced capture styler. The one he had clipped to his waist was his school issued one. It wasn't strong, but it worked. He checked the map he had been sent. He had to go straight through Main Street and make a left on Ranger Ave. "Funny name for a road leading to a Ranger Base," he thought to himself. His partner Sparky, walked beside him, looking at all the sights of the town. "Shinx," he said quietly.

    Mikey contued his walk down Main Street. It was a busy section of town, with smaller stores all selling something that was either unique or better then the rest. Outside if the shops were the occasional stall, with a traveler or two selling goods. He walled until he saw the sign and he took a left. He continued his walk until he reached a small building with a dome as a roof. In front, there was a large sign that had the words, "Lapiz Town Ranger Base" painted on it with teal blue paint. "I guess this is it," Mikey thought walking towards the entrance.
  2. Snow heard the announcement as the boat pulled in to Lapiz Town. She was in the cafeteria at the time. "You ready, Absol?" She asked, looking back to her Pokemon, who had been eating. The Disaster Pokemon looked up from her meal, and gave Snow a nod of confirmation. "Great, let's go, then." Snow said, smiling. Before she walked out, she grabbed an Apple, under a "Free Sample!" Sign. Something about a lady's apple shop in town. She bit in to the apple as she walked off the boat, Absol right behind her. She gulped down the bit in her mouth, then checked her map. "Alright, Main Street. Left on Ranger Avenue. What an original name." She said to herself, chuckling. By the time she saw the sign indicating the Ranger Base, she'd finished her apple and had thrown it into a nearby trash can. She made her way to the entrance, and opened the door.
  3. Ren rubbed at an eye as he adjusted the strap on his bag. He had slept on almost the entire trip, and he was feeling rather disoriented. Basil, on the other hand, looked like he was having the time of his life. As soon as they disembarked the ship, the Minccino skipped around the dock, watching the various shops and people with large, awed eyes.
    "Don't get lost," Ren chuckled, unfurling the map he'd been given on the boat. He found a road labelled 'Ranger Avenue' quickly, much to his delight and surprise, and began walking, calling Basil to follow. The Pokèmon climbed up Ren's pant leg and shirt to rest on his head, where it could get a better view. Ren made note of several shops and eateries that he wanted to visit at some point, and before he knew it, he was standing in front of a small building. "Lapiz Town Ranger Base," he whispered out loud, nerves tingling his spine. His attention was drawn to a number of other people around his age, entering the building. That's right, he wasn't the only one in this position. He couldn't be nervous. "Are you ready?" He asked the Pokèmon nestled in his hair. Basil chirped, and they approached the doors.
  4. Albert Thompson sat at his desk, silently studying a book he had involving forest pokemon. He looked at his watch. The new recruits' boat had already arrived and they should be arriving at the Ranger Base any moment now. His partner Jasmine was sitting beside him. She had recently finished training and was taking a nap.
  5. As Nathan got off the boat he pulled out the map with Frost looking over his shoulder. "Looks like we have to go left at Ranger Avenue," Nathan said to Frost. As they were nearing Ranger Avenue, Frost spotted something shining from the ground. "What is it Frost?" Nathan asked and went over to what Frost saw and picked it up. " Looks like someone dropped their styler" Nathan said. As Nathan and Frost began to walk again they saw the Ranger Base and went in.
  6. Albert eyed the two trainers, who had just walked in. He quickly handed over the reports he had on his desk. "You two are Ranger Schouest, and Ranger Tempest, correct? ' he asked them sternly. As he said this Mikey walked through the door. "And I'm assuming that this is Ranger North." Albert added. Mikey looked at the girl and boy that the man had mentioned.
  7. Snow quickly got in to a firm, at-ease position. She gave the older Ranger a nod, before replying. "Yes, sir. I am Ranger Tempest." She answered. Great, one of the teachers back at the Academy warned me about this guy. Man's practically a Drill Sergeant. It'll be fun trying to deal with him. Snow thought to herself, but kept her focus on the large man in front of her.
  8. "Yes sir I'm Ranger Schouest" Nathan said quietly. "This is my partner Frost the Snover" Nathan said. "Sir I found this while I was on my way here" Nathan said. He hand over the stlyer to Sir Thompson.
  9. "Okay listen up, i don't wanna have to repeat myself. My name is Albert Thompson. Don't call me Albert, Al, Bert, nothing like that. It's Thompson!" He shouted taking the styler from Nathan. "This was one that was stolen from me. There is one other stolen one. You're mission is to find it. From what i know it was stolen by a Furret."
    Mikey was shocked at the mission right off the bat. "Shouldn't we have time to settle down?" He asked. It was a major mistake.
    "None of you will be allowed back here until you find it. Out of here now!" He barked at them pointing towards the door. Sparky and Mikey slunk towards the door, trying to avoid another burst of Thmpson's rage.
  10. Ren yawned, before glancing at his watch. Crud! He thought hurriedly. I still got here late! He jogged towards the door and opened it, wincing at the atmosphere. He tried to recover his composure and fell in beside the other recruits as casually as possible.
    "Did I miss something?" He asked, slightly dazed at the suddenness.
  11. As Snow turned to leave, she saw another recruit enter. She tapped him on the shoulder. "Hey, buddy. Here's a tip. The tall guy? Don't question him. Just do what he says." She whispered, then followed Mikey out of the door, Absol right behind her. "Hey, North, right? I'm Snow. Any idea where the Furret might have taken this other Styler?"
  12. Mikey stroked his chin. "I'd say just check the outlining woods and work our way to the inside. That or look for a food hotspot and check there. And call me Mikey." He said, offering his hand out for a customary handshake.
  13. "Yes Sir Thompson" Nathan exclaimed. He and Frost rushed towards the door to find the Furret. When they were outside Frost saw a large Pokémon with a shiny object. Immediately Frost began to shout at Nathan and pointing at the Pokémon, but as Frost did that the pokemon was scared away. As Nathan looked at the direction Frost was pointing at he understood that the Pokémon went to the forest. He told Snow, Mikey, and Ren about the the Pokémon Frost saw and what direction it went.
  14. Ren nodded at the advice, which, he suspected, might save his skin. "Thanks," he said. He followed the other boy's gaze towards the forest, raising his eyebrows. "Was it the right kind of Pokemon? I mean, the forest should be full of them."
  15. Alison Treasure was a new Pokemon Ranger who was new around and she and Mary, her Plusle, got up from her bed. Yawning, she got up slowly. Then she went downstairs. After doing her morning stuff she headed outside to explore. "Bye mom." Alison said as she left.
  16. "I'm not sure , but Frost was trying to get my attention to look at it" Nathan said quietly. As he told them that he ran toward the forest. As soon as he did he shouted to the others to come here as he found some footprints.
  17. "Alright, Mikey. Let's see if we can find this Furret." Snow replied, taking his hand and shaking it. "Now, I heard something about an apple place." She didn't finish this train of thought, though, as one of the other new recruits had called to them. "Lapiz Town is a port town that borders a forest. It's not unlikely that there are other Pokemon that gathered little trinkets for themselves." She muttered, as she followed the other Ranger to the footprints. "I can identify Pokemon footprints. They look about the right size of a Furret. Better lead than we had a minute ago. You all ready to move out?" She asked, looking back to her fellow rangers.
  18. "I'm ready whenever you guys are" Nathan said to the point where no one could hear him. Frost started to jump up and down to signify that he was ready.
  19. "We should split up, in case this trail is no good. I'll hit up the apple place." Mikey said nodding. "We can also cover more ground." Sparky lept up on Mikey shoulders and looked around. "Shinx, Shinx," Sparky said.
  20. "Ok, but who should go with who?" Nathan asked. "Even if we do split up then we have to send people who are quiet to the forest and people who aren't to the apple place" Nathan suggested. As Nathan said that Frost ran over to Ren and started to pull on his shirt sleeve.
  21. "Well, your Snover was perceptive enough to see the Pokemon go in to the forest, so you should definitely go there." Snow deduced, putting her hand to her chin. She also noticed Ren's Minccino. "Your Pokemon looks like it would do good in the environment. You two can go in to the Forest, and Mikey and I can investigate the town. Any objections?" She asked.
  22. "None here, but question why the apple place of all places?" Nathan asked. As he said that Frost started to pull on Ren's shirt even harder almost pulling him down.
  23. Basil's tail wagged at Snow'storm words and Ren looked down in surprise at the icy Pokèmon and chuckled. "Sounds good to me," he said, reaching down to scratch the Snover on the head. "If that's alright with you guys."
  24. "I'm fine with it so is Frost" Nathan said. As he was saying that he tried to separate Frost from Ren's shirt, but ended up getting punched with a wood hammer.
  25. "Well it's an array of food, just laying out in the open. It's a food hotspot," Mikey explained. Then he looked to see Nathan get punched by Frost. "You okay?"
  26. Ren paled slightly at Frosty's antics and shook his arm a little. "Hey, little guy. I'm coming with, don't worry. I do, um, need my shirt back, though." Basil jumped from his shoulder beside the Snover and tugged on the Pokèmon's leg.
  27. "Yes surprising this isn't the first time it has happened" Nathan said. As he said that Frost ran into the forest without anyone noticing. As Nathan got up he started to wipe off the dirt on his face. "During our trip here he kept on punching me in the face in his sleep" Nathan explained. "Also he has done worse to me before so this is nothing."
  28. Dylan jumped off the side of the boat right as it docked by the pier, regardless of the captain's shouts. Once his feet hit the ground, Dylan rolled forward and ran as fast as he could. "Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, I hope I'm not late," He gasped, sprinting toward the Ranger Base. He saw a strict looking Ranger, sitting at his desk, looking impatient. "Oh God, I am so sorry; I didn't realize I was this late," Dylan said, skidding to a halt at the desk and straightening to a salute. "Pokemon Ranger Sage, at your service."
  29. As soon as he said that he asked "Ren where did Frost go, wasn't he tugging on your shirt and on top of that where is your Minccino? They were behind you weren't they?" Nathan started to look around for them and called Frost's name, but got no response.
  30. "Go find your colleges Ranger Sage!" Thompson shouted. "They'll fill you in on the mission. Go, go, go!" He shouted pointing toward the door.

    Mikey started to walk towards the apple shop. "Where did you see these apples?" He asked Snow.
  31. Dylan shouted good-humoredly, "Aye-aye, captain," and raced off, Elevar quickly following. He ran through the nearby forest, as Elevar used Aerial Ace to cut through the dense undergrowth. Dylan finally burst through a clearing and saw two boys discussing which way "the Furret" might have went. "Um, hey," He said, walking toward them. "Why are you guys talking about a Ferret?"
  32. Snow followed Mikey. "Well, there were free samples in the cafeteria on the boat that brought me here." She replied, thinking. She'd glimpsed the directions towards the shop, and was trying to remember. "If I remember right, the Apple Shop is supposed to be on Ted-Terra-Tetra-Tetris? Right, it was Tetris! According to the sticky note that had the directions, it's called Granny's Apples, and it's on Tetris Road"
  33. "Oh, hello well a Furret stole one of Thompson's stylers and we are trying to get it back, but we also lost our partner Pokémon." As soon as he said that Frost and Basil ran toward them and ran over Nathan. "Ow, that hurt" Nathan said.
  34. Dylan was hit with sudden understanding as he helped the boy up. "Oh, you guys are Rangers! Sorry I didn't notice your affiliation sooner. I'm Pokemon Ranger Dylan Sage, and this here," Elevar landed on Dylan's arm with a screech. "Is my partner, Elevar."
  35. "Nice to meet you, my name is Nathan Schouest and this is my partner Frost." As he said that Frost punched Nathan with another wood hammer. "Ow, what was that for." Nathan asked as Frost was laughing.
  36. Ren grinned. "Yeah, I'm Ranger Ren Carver, and this," he held an arm out for his partner to climb, "is Basil. Nice to meet you." He turned back to his partner. "Why would you run off like that?"
  37. Dylan nodded and smiled. "Charmed." He shook both of their hands. "Now, we might need to find that Ferret before Mr. Overheat back at Ranger Base loses his mind. I saw a couple of Ferret footprints on my way here, and they lead that way." Dylan pointed west. "Are there others we need to notify?"
  38. Fiora had gotten out of the boat later, as she had to find where Daniel was. Being the mischievous Pokémon that he was, Daniel was disguised as a Kecleon. He was almost invisible to Fiora's eyes, as he giggled; hiding near the red carpets that camoflaged his red stripe. Fiora heard the laugh seconds later, as she quickly grabbed Daniel and said, "Alright buddy, now's not the time to be playing games here. We gotta run to our mission now!"

    Daniel quickly transformed into an Oshawott, as he hesitantly nodded at her. She swiftly scurried out of the boat and charged towards the Ranger Base, as the Daniel's scalchop glew in a light blue hue. He sprinted inside the base, as he saw a ranger sitting at his desk; having a stern look across his face. He quickly flipped his scalchop in the air; catching it with his quick reflexes.

    He saw Fiora rushing towards him, as she came to a stop at the desk and did a salutation at the Ranger. She said while her posture was as straight as a plank, "Hello, I am Ranger Casi; ready at your service! I apoligize for being late sir!" She took in a few deep breaths, while she maintained her cool at the Ranger.
  39. No the others are gathering apples so we can lure the Furret out" Nathan said as he was rubbing his bruises. " I just hope that the Furret won't attack us" Nathan said quietly.
  40. Albert looked up from his newspaper at the saluting Ranger. "You're late," He barked, setting the paper down. He held up a styler. "A feisty Ferret stole this from me; other Rangers will fill you in later. They went that way." Albert pointed north, which led to a deep forest. "Now move, move, MOVE!"
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