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Open Pokemon Rangers: Dawn of Civilisation

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Mr Fishykarp, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. This is a Pokemon Rangers RP that will take place in a newly discovered region, so new in fact that it has not even been named. A small force of Pokemon Rangers are the only ones who can protect the small towns and settlements dotted across the island.

    Right on this board, there will be missions posted and edited every night on the RP, and the Rangers can choose which mission they choose to do, and split up into Teams to do them.

    Mission Board
    1) Power Outage in a small town, an Ursarang in between the sole repairman's house in the forest and the town. Calm it down or detain it

    2) Villagers have angered a Spiniark Colony, calm down their leader.

    3) A scout group was sent into a cave, but have not come back. Find Them, dead or alive


    Each Character must have one Parter Pokemon, no more.
    Put the word "Bags" somewhere in your bio if you read the rules
    No conveniently finding or having items, the region is still new and supplies are scarce
    Write at least three lines in each post.
    Have good Grammar and Spelling
    No more than three characters.
    Try not to have the same Partner Pokemon as everyone else
    No Legendaries, Z-Moves or Megas
    Follow the Pokecharms Rules
    Levels are nonexistent
    There can be more than 4 moves on one Pokemon


    Partner Pokemon:

    Bought to you by myself, @arandomlatios and @MegaCharizardZ
    RP: http://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-rangers-dawn-of-civilisation.15026/
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  2. Why hello, I am here!
    Name: Cayden Devlin
    Age: 21
    Appearance: Jack has messy black hair and Yellow eyes, He has a white and red jacket with black shorts down to his knees With a Belt that has a Ultra Ball and a Grappling Hook
    Personality: Jack is usually trying to get improve on anything, He can be a bit arrogant and Stupid but is strong and a great partner
    Skills: Jack is a amazing battler and a expert and Freerunning and Dragon types
    Backstory: Jack was born in Hoenn and trained by his Father, He was a amazing trainer until he was offered to be a Ranger

    Partner Pokemon:
    Nickname: Luke
    Species: Lucario
    Personality: Luke is a Funny person that talks through Aura Speak, He is an amazing fighter and will always help Jack
    Appearance: Looks like a Normal Lucario but wears two Gauntlets
    Skills: AMAZING at fighting and sneaking around
    Backstory: He was Jacks first pokemon and was born in Kalos, He was found and taken around the world for a chance to be a Starter, He was dropped at Hoenn and became Jacks Starter

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  3. Notes about Rangers

    Each Ranger is equipped with an Earpiece provided by the Dawn Corperation, which actually provides all of the Ranger Tech. The Dawn Corporation is the largest company in the region, and their technology is very expensive so only a select few, including the Rangers, have them. The Earpeice allows humans to understand Pokemon Speech, something the Dawn Corporation hopes will bring Pokemon and Humans closer than ever before.
  4. Bio:
    Name: Lato Light™
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Dark brown hair, wears the standard Ranger™ uniform and heavy boots. bag.
    Personality: Sharp-witted, intelligent, and caring.
    Skills: Skilled at sword-fighting, tennis and other various sports, and is very tech-savvy.
    Backstory: N/A at the current time.

    Partner Pokemon:
    Nickname: Moonlight
    Species: Umbreon
    Personality: Sharp, serious.
    Appearance: Shiny.
    Skills: Faster than your average Umbreon, and can slowly heal it's wounds under the moon.
    Backstory: N/A at the current time.
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  5. Im taking the Ursaring mission when the RP comes out
  6. Bio: Bags
    Name: Kindle Weaver
    Age: 18
    Appearance: Kindle has Fiery red hair and honey brown eyes. Her outfit is the Female Kalos Ranger outfit. She also wears a belt with a Grappling Hook Gun and two Great Balls. But around her neck is a White Bandanna
    Personality:Kindle, Like her name is very hot, well hotheaded. She is quite stubborn and often refuses to do anything she doesn't want to do. She is rather impatient also, having little patience but she is getting better about that.
    Skills:She grew up lumbering so she is quite strong. She is also pretty good with Technology, being the daughter of a Researcher. Another thing she specializes in Fire Type Pokemon.
    Backstory: Kindle was raised in the beautiful Kalos region and she originally wanted to be a trainer. She tried to be a trainer but she couldn't focus on training for long periods of time so she decide to quit being a trainer after her 4th Kalos gym badge. Eventually she looked into another career and became a Ranger.

    Partner Pokemon:
    Personality:Much like her trainer, Blaze is hotheaded. But Blaze is a lot less stubborn and more patient than Kindle. Blaze is also very eager to please, always trying his hardest to do his best.
    Appearance: Blaze looks like a normal Talonflame but wears a White bandanna around his neck.
    Skills:Like Most Talonflames, Blaze is extremely fast. But unlike most Talonflames, Blaze is a bit more resistant to Water type Pokemon. Blaze is also quite capable of stealth, doing it frequently.
    Backstory: During childhood, Blaze was Kindle's Childhood Pokemon. She and the little Fletchling were inseparable. When Kindle decided to go on her Pokemon journey through Kalos instead of choosing a Starter, She decided to just use Blaze.
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  7. Bio: I ship the female protagonist and Keith shadows of almia just wanted to let you know
    Name:Sean Rivera
    Appearance:Brown spiky hair has green eyes wears a Red hoodie with the Ranger Union symbol on it and a normal Ranger uniform under it
    Personality:Quite lazy when patrolling and doing low tier missions but when something goes terribly wrong he shifts into high gear like Rampaging Gyarados and get things done
    Skills: Parkour, Stealth, Capturing, Befriending
    Backstory:He always had a dream of becoming a Pokemon Ranger rather than a Trainer with his partner he graduated 4 years ago from the Ranger School in Almia He did various missions after that then he was assigned to this unnamed region

    Partner Pokemon: Bags
    Personality:Kinda like Sean laid-back then when trouble comes our way BOOM Sh*t hits the fan
    Appearance:Shiny Gallade with a Green bandana to show their bond between each other
    Skills: Parkour, Fighting, Stalling, Can teleport,
    Moves Known: Teleport, Night Slash, Psycho Cut, X Scissor, Heal Pulse, Charge Beam and Protect
    Backstory:He was with Sean before he even went to Ranger School they have a close bond together when Sean Graudated Catalyst waited on the School gate to greet him and of course became his Partner Pokemon

    Oh and can someone tag me when the RP starts
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  8. This looks really interesting. I saw it forgot to put it.

    Name: Talia Eve
    Age: 20
    Appearance: short green hair that reaches around her chin in length, brown eyes, wears a brown sleeveless hoodie, green tshirt, grey shorts, blue running shoes, always carries her blue backpack with her
    Personality: not big on fighting but will if she has to, She enjoys simply helping both people and Pokemon out Is more of a diplomat.
    Skills: foraging, tracking, diplomatic things, machinery knowledge, bags
    Backstory: she grew up in Kalos, her mom and dad worked as engineers and she grew up around machines. She always felt a stronger connection with the eh wild though and pursued a Rangers life instead of an engineers

    Partner Pokemon:
    Nickname: Haven
    Species: Braviary
    Personality: a friendly soul, likes to meet new people and make friends. He doesn't like water that much and hates his feathers getting too dirty.
    Appearance: wears a green ribbon around his left leg, normal
    Skills: scouting, racing
    Backstory: Talia and haven met when he was a rufflet. Given to his human partner as a birthday gift by her parents the two grew up together.
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  9. Sorry but I cannot accept you yet, there is one thing missing from your BIO, read the rules carefully
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  10. Bio:
    Name: Leo
    Age: 22
    Appearance: wears the standard ranger uniform, has red hair and turquoise scarf
    Personality: cool, calm and collected, loner and unsocialable
    Skills: tracking down pokemon and people, using computers
    Backstory: travelled the world alone until he was offered a job at the ranger union which he gladly accepted along with his strongest pokemon hydreigon they both found a new way of life.

    Partner Pokemon:
    Nickname: hydra
    Species: hydreigon
    Personality: brave
    Appearance: standard
    Skills: tanking hits and protecting his ally's
    Backstory: see leo's
  11. See above post
  12. I have changed it now
  13. Accepted

    Name: Richard Whitman
    Age: 20
    Appearance: Short for his age, will has Dark Hair and Eyes
    Personality: Excitable but can be calm and mature when he wants to be. Always likes a battle
    Skills: Surprisingly Intelligent and a great battler
    Backstory: Richard Whitman was a Pokemon trainer who was born in Kanto, throughout his journey he experienced the harm People had done to Pokemon and decided to become a ranger to help them

    Partner Pokemon: Bags
    Nickname: King Karp
    Species: Magikarp
    Personality: While originally Arrogant, King Karp is now quite humble and kind, always looking out for others
    Appearance: Shiny
    Skills: Compared the the average Magikarp, King Karp is extremely powerful (mind you, compared to a Magikarp isn't much)
    Backstory: Born in the wild, during his youth King Karp was arrogant and self-centred, believing he was above every other 'Karp due to his Shininess, his family tried to teach him to be humble but he would not listen, believing they were jealous he ran away from home and changed his name to King Karp. Eventually, his journeys led him to meet many different Pokemon from all walks of life, and so he came to understand that he was no more special than anyone else, that was when he met Richard Whitman...

    Making the RP now
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  14. Was going to point out how your wording made it sound like there was a second command base called hydra, but TACO TEAUSDAY!!!!! TACOS FOR EVERYONE!
  15. Couldn't help myself I had put taco tuesday or something like that since I was doing a base announcement
  16. Changed Will's name to Richard for reasons...
  17. And, as one of the creator of this RP, I shall be posting my own rule here. (@SMRPG64 IS perfectly okay with this)
    I only have one rules, and that is that I request anyone wishing to join at least knows how having Pokemon in the Ranger series works.
  18. IMG_0587.JPG
    This is the region map.
    Not the best drawing, but you get the idea.
  19. The small town with the Power Outage is on the east of the island, near the coast

    The Spiniark Colony is on the northwest forest

    The cave entrance is the south of the mountain, just north of the Ranger Command Base
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  20. I fixed my problem.
  21. I love how it's under skills
  22. She know lots about them, what can I say.
  23. Name: Ryan Blaze
    Age: 23
    Appearance: Short black hair swept to the right, deep amber eyes, slightly above average physique
    Personality: Extroverted, loyal to his friends
    Skills: Extremely agile
    Backstory: Ryan was an ambitious child ever since he was born, and his only dream was to become the best Pokemon Ranger there was. He trained day and night from age 6, and finally passed his test with flying colors.

    Partner Pokemon:
    Nickname: Arcynn
    Species: Sawk
    Personality: Calm, not as energetic as Ryan
    Appearance: A bit larger than most of his kind, deep scar running down the left eye.
    Skills: Matches Ryan's speed and agility
    Backstory: Given to Ryan by his father, Arcynn quickly took a shine to the young lad, as Ryan reminded him about his own childhood. They've trained together to reach Ryan's goal for more than 10 years.
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  24. Not accepted, i'm afraid. Read the rules a bit more carefully.
  25. Wait, I'm confused. What am I missing in my form or doing wrong?
  27. Question, how much prior knowledge do I need for this RP? Just wondering because I don't remember a single thing from Shadows of Alma other than you spin a top around a pokemon with your stylus
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  28. So anyone else replying?
  29. I believe all you should need to know is about the basic mechanics surrounding having Pokemon such as Partner Pokemon.
    But of course this wont be like the games entirely, as it's a RP.
  30. Alright, I remember partner Pokemon and such. If I make a mistake in RP or on my character sheet, just call me out on it. K?
  31. Well, since I have gotten approval from @SMRPG64 to make only a Pokémon Character for the roleplay with significant reasoning, I'll put his information down below. (I'll be introducing another Pokémon Character a little soon or later once the time is right, the Ditto's backstory will be foreshadowing it.)

    I'm assuming since that the other creator had looked at my Pokémon Bio, he had already accepted it. (I'll probably post on the roleplay then or I'll wait, because everyone is at the dorms still.)

    Pokémon Bio: Bags
    Nickname: Daniel
    Species: Ditto
    Personality: He is very mischievous, and deceptive, as he likes to manipulate others to have things his own way. He can be untalkative around others, as he also hates laughing.
    Appearance: He is your average, everyday shiny Ditto. He is often seen as a Froakie, due to his fondness for it.
    Skills: He is excellent at manipulating others in order to get his ways, as he also has mastered the ability to move around and even speak as a Froakie.
    Backstory: He had been born in a Laboratory, as he was abused by his caretakers. He planned out a way to escape the Laboratory with a Froakie he rivaled against, as the both mutually settled their differences and teamed up together to pull off their escape. After they had their farewells and parted ways, he sought to get his revenge against humanity by manipulating other Pokémon in hopes that they would cause anarchy amongst them.
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