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Pokemon Ranger Game Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Alex Bock, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Well since no one has started this yet I guess I will. Wow this game is really addicting. I love seeing pokemon in the wild it gives it sorta a pokemon anime feel. The environments look superb aswell especially un the cave where there is water dripping down the rock (it looked so cool) it's also cute seeing the wild pokemon you catch follow you. For the actual capturing part I gotta say I thought I wouldn't be able to get the hang of it but it's very straight forward so people should pick it up quit easily. Adding the poke assist feature really comes in handy if you are in a jam trying to catch a pokemon. Depending on the pokemon you have asked to assit you the disc will get a special ability depending on the pokemon's type e.g for grass, bunches of sprouts pop up every as you move the disc, slowing down the pokemon from moving to much. Your partner pokemon (either plusle or minun depending on what gender you pick)can do an electrical attack if the guage underneath the disc level is full. Making capture circles fills the guage up so don't worry about using it to much. (I'll put where I am and my name later)
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Yeah, I'm really enjoying Ranger thus far, to. It's exactly what I thought it would be, which is great because I've had high hopes for it for awhile now. For something that doesn't involve battling, it's pretty fun and addictive. I agree about how seeing the Pokemon walking around in the wild is nice, especially since Fiore is an actual region compared to a game like Mystery Dungeon. Feels more realistic than the way Pokemon just randomly appear and run at you in Dungeon.

    I more or less go wild when capturing a Pokemon, so my stylus usage could probably be touched up. Oh well. It gets the job done with minimal damage ^^ And heh... I didn't think I'd care much for Plusle being my "partner", but it's actually quite a handy Pokemon to have around. The fact that they tried to shape its personality a bit was a good thing, too, though I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only development it gets in the entire game (guess we'll see).

    Liking the usage of the double screen in this game, and it's nice that you can just click something with the stylus no matter where it is on screen to display its data. In a game like Ranger where you'll be dealing with a lot of random Pokemon, the top screen acts as a good reminder of what a particular Pokemon can do or what beats a certain task.

    Right now I'm in the Krokka Cave (sp) with the Professor. Had to Quick Save because of Uni, and didn't really feel like lugging my precious DS Lite here :O
  3. oh Linkachu XD I go crazy with the stylus too but I'm getting more use to it now (I do remind you though you have to go crazy to catch Skitty, those damn things won't stay still lol) I'm in fall city on the catch all 5 skitty mission and my name is Sukuu which ironically means to help out of in japanese. I love to just catch wild pokemon and have them follow me around XD it makes me fell comforted. Team Go-rock seem to be more didtsy then team rocket aswell lol and add a nice touch of humour. Just like you Linky I didn't think much of Plusle but after awhile I grew to love it (the fact that it will always be yours is one of the reasons)
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    The Go-Rock Quads scare me. Deeply scare me :*(

    But liking the jungle environment. Wild Treecko, meaning there's probably wild Grovyle and/or Sceptile around, too! ^^

    Anyone know how long Ranger is supposed to be? (Minus side-quests)
  5. Ok I'm gonna post this because I'm sure people like moi will panic and get frustrated. k in the game you will meet a salamence and you can have no wild pokemon with you. NOW don't fear I know it's pattern of attack and I will help you. First it walks on the ground shooting hyperbeams circle once so it is a bad capture. After it will crack open outta the capture ball and stomp on the floor causing fire to spread out across the screen (twice) now after that it will start flying. It dosen't attack while flying, giving you the chance to catch it. I suggest big loops because it flys around everywhere. Now it dosen't fly for ever. After flying for a good amount of time it jumps into the air and does it's fire eruption attack again and will star walking on the ground again. When this happens just repeat the process. Trust me if I caught it you will catch it.
  6. I would just like to say that the Go-Rock Quads are some of the best villains I have ever seen, right up there with Miror B. I'm not far - just looking for Politoed - but I already love them. Especially the one who rocks out on the violin.
  7. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I knew you'd love them, TBA ;)
    And I must admit it. When I say that the Quads "scare me", it's the same sort of way that Miror B. does... and I love him. So you do the math XD

    I'm sure lots of people have finished the game already, but I've been busy lately and haven't really had the chance to get back to it. I'm currently on the maze mission.
  8. lol I've been busy too. I don't know how far I am. All I know is right now I've done the three callenges in the jungle relic place.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator


    Last time I played, I got my ass handed to me by that Murkrow + 4 Spinarak. Next time, I'm taking its feathered behind DOWN! ... Hopefully. If not, then the time after that. Or that. And so on >>;

    Also, the "lost old man" is turning out to be an interesting fellow indeed. I want to stab him everytime he laughs :p
  10. Yah him.......^_^; *holds teeth* hehe O.0 anyway right now I'm in this ice cave with the wintown trainers (Jynx looks possed when she walks XD)
  11. The old man is a jackass. Honestly. I save him and he insults me. I did like him getting ticked at that Murkrow though.

    Also, this is the only game in which I hate Mr. Mime.
  12. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Don't worry. I used the quotations to describe him because I know who he truly is. Kinda gave it away with his dialog ;)

    And for the record, I did catch Murkrow on my next attempt. Yayz. Now I'm off to do the Relic Trials... only I've put Ranger down momentarily to play FF III ^^;
  13. yah I know, it's so obvious. I knew right after I saw his outfit XD
  14. Okay, I completed the factory mission, and so now I'm in the jungle.

    Damn bugs. *kicks an Ariados*
  15. I already knew what his name connected to...but before that, I saw the clothing and thought it was somebody else...that and his dialogue..*giggles* He is so awesome...if I actually had to escort him anywhere...I'd probably kill him first...*laughs maniacally*

    Oh, yeah...in case that didn't tip you off...I got the game last night. I suddenly was $160 richer, and that paid for most of a pink DS Lite and Ranger...X3 I was going to get Ranger last (and get Trozei/Dungeon first), but they didn't have Dungeon and Ranger was so tempting over a measly Trozei...^_^;; I played for awhile last night and got up to after the clear-the-Grimer-out-from-the-sewers mission (rank 4, or something). Then this morning, I played until the end of the saving-of-the-senior-citizen. ^_^;;

    Right now I'm in Summerland with Lunick, about to go to the relic-thing. I decided to stop because...well...not only do I have other things to do, but I don't want the game to go by too quickly! O_O;; Just to see if I was as far as I thought I was, I glanced at an online walkthrough, pinpointed where I am...and man, I'm halfway through! T_T My one complaint about this game is that it feels really short, and it seems like there isn't too much to do after you finish.

    But I really like this game...so far, I haven't had my Styler break a lot...but it took me three tries to get the Murkrow and the four Spinerak. I decided to go with my general strategy for those kinds of battles, and go for one at a time...but I had the completely wrong team with me! A Torchic and two Pikachu worked really well. That, and go for the 3bil annoying Spinerak first, then the Murkrow. Meh, it worked for me.

    But overall...for a my first DS game, I got the hang of using the stylus pretty quickly. I am in love with the graphics and the use of both screens...it's so pretty! It's nice to be able to rest your thumbs and just use the stylus sometimes. So yeah. Great game...
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Persian... you caught up to me in ONE. DAY. O____O

    LOL... Yeah. At this rate, you'll be finished it by tomorrow and replaying it by Tuesday ^^;
  17. O_O NUUUUUUUUU! *sob*

    Well, I played for a few straight hours last night and this morning when I probably should have been sleeping...but still. The only complaint I have about this game is the length...it seems extremely short. I mean, I know that because the region is smaller and such, it would naturally be shorter than a mainstream Pokemon RPG, but still...I blame the styler. You don't really have to train it...it sort of trains as you go along. Does anybody actually just go out and train their styler (man, that sounded weird)? You don't really have a team...so...

    But I stashed it in my parents' room for now. I shall make it last longer! T_T Plus, I need to do my homework and practice music and stuff. Sigh. But it is a little scary I caught up to you, Link. @_@
  18. I usually don't intentionally train it but I do make sure to always have a team of wild pokemon (like I said it'd so fun seeing them walk around ^_^) which in turn boosts up the stylus' exp. Playing straight hours in the morning and night, that's also what my friend usually does ;p For me this game dosen't feel short then again I do only play for like 20 min every 3-4 days. The old rayman (look at sig) for the playstation was at eb games and so I bought it! I've been dying to get my hands on this old classic(that I remember so well) So this is what's been distracting me for awhile ^_^;
  19. There might be spoilers in this post! Please watch out! And if they are too spoiler-y, then I will gladly edit them out.

    At my friends house and when I got home I played more...luckily, the exciting conclusion was only the mission-before-the-exciting conclusion. ^_^;; Took me ages to catch Charizard that first time, but less time the second...cuz it was just easier.

    And a tip: the first time you catch Charizard, use Plusle/Minun and be CAREFUL with the circles! Smaller can be better, but precise is best!

    Now I'm at Fiore Temple, "battling" those people right before you actually go in. I now hate Linoone, and the second stage Johto starters...well, not really...but when they're all together...then...yeah, I guess I do. ^_^;;

    But the graphics...wow...they just get better and better! The area outside Fiore Temple...wow...@_@ It all continues to blow me away. If DP looks like this in terms of quality...I take back all I said about preferring FrLg!

    Or maybe I'm just easy to please...-_-
  20. I'm outta the ice cave! defeated a seelix that was inside advice paralise it with plusle or minun because it's long and if you touch any part of it's body it will hurt you....badly so I made it to wintown (anybody else notice all the towns are named after seasons ringtown Spring summerland a giving fall town another giving and wintown Winter. Me and that girl who thinks your trash compared to her is helping me out go infiltrate the go-rock squads base.
  21. Ah...on Thursday, I was thankful...for ending the main plot! T_T ^_^

    And today, I played a TON trying to finish the Ranger Styler Browser Thing. Over the long weekend I did two of the three "special missions" (and have not done the one Net mission), in a flaily attempt to make the game longer...@_@ It didn't work...

    Currently, excluding three legendaries (one of whom I think I'll capture during my last true in-game mission...sob...) and Snorlax (who you can only get once you've captured the other 209 Pokemon), I need to catch Typlosion, Dugtrio, and Loudred. I know for the first two you need various field moves to get to them...but for Loudred, all you need to do is walk around in Panula Cave. BUT I CAN'T FIND THE STUPID THING! ARGH! >_<

    Oh, and I beat/caught all there is to catch in both the Kisara Plains and Saffra Sea Capture Challenges today. Kisara is fine...but...Saffra...argh...for one thing, you don't really know what Pokemon you're chasing after, and they keep going into the water! And don't get me STARTED on Pelliper! IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO CATCH THAT THING! >_<

    But yeah. The end of the main plot is really sweet...and the second special mission...awww! So shipper-y! *squeal* Solana/Lunick...so cute...^_^ I like how a bunch of the townspeople tease you and the other Ringtown ranger about being a couple, and then both your sprite and the gender-other-than-you turn in opposite directions and have those little sweat-drops. KAWAII! ^_^
  22. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Heh. Good job, Persian! Especially for someone who bought the game weeks after me ^^;

    Me? I'm still at the same location. Now it's not just because of FF III hogging all my spare time, though. Both Ranger and FF III are being ignored due to school work ;)

    I'll definitely complete Ranger over my Xmas holiday. I've been trying to catch everything I see a long the way because I want to complete the browser, but some of those challenges are tough. I imagine I'll be entering them repeatedly in order to catch everything in 'em @_@
  23. That's funny, because I pretty much caught everything I could if I didn't already have it. ^_^;; I liked the challenges when they were long. It made the game seem longer. ;)

    Oh, and a cute thing...when I went to go catch Kangaskhan (did I spell that correctly?) the other day, whenever it does its little hyper beam thing...the baby jumps out of the pouch and hides behind its mother's leg. I was all..."awwww!" It was cute.

    And heh...I had a long weekend to play it in. ^_^;; And I didn't have any other games to play either, really. All the other games I own I've gotten far enough into that they don't hold my interest as much. I'm really surprised Ranger has held my interest enough to make me challenge the Saffra Sea Capture Challenge enough times to devote, like, an hour to just trying to catch a few Pokemon in it...weird.

    Oh! And one thing...if anybody is in Panula Cave...where do you find Loudred? I can't find Loudred, and it's one of the few I need to finish the Browser! T_T
  24. I know ^_^ (just remembered ^_^" hehe) ok you know how you have to go down that slippery slide to get swinub, well if you go the oppisite way you meat up with the loudred. I'm guessing you know where I'm talking about because you had to get swinub to move on in the journey.
  25. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    You know I meant the special challenges, right? Like the Saffra Sea Capture Challenge and such ^^;

    I find it tough trying to catch certain Pokemon in them because you can't use your partner... Either that or your partner is all you have to use (forget which). I know I took on Pelipper once, but I can't remember if I succeeded in getting it or not.

    Either way, not really looking forward to having going back into 'em repeatedly in order to complete everything, but I guess it's no worse than the Safari Zone @_@
  26. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    Bumping, 'cause I need help :(

    Funny that it wasn't catching Salamence that gave me trouble - it's Charizard. Beyond being super careful not to hit the flames on the ground when circling it, is there any trick to catching that thing? So far I've tried twice and had my styler handed to me both times >>;;
  27. Oh...yeah...Charizard. I remember Charizard giving me TONS of trouble, whereas none of the other dragons took more than one try and a couple hit points tops (if any) to catch. The only problem before Charizard was avoiding the water blasts from the Gyarados army.


    Well, I think this was the general strategy I used trying to catch it in that four-challenges thing: First, use your partner (you can, right?). Charizard is a flying type, and it does cause it to stop MOVING for a little while. Make sure NOT to draw any circles when Charizard is blowing the flames into the air, or until all of the flames have landed; believe me, it is much easier to avoid losing HP.

    Charizard walks around for a little while after all ten (I think) of the flames have landed. Here's what you do: you slowly and carefully draw circles around both Charizard and the flames. Find a pathway through them that is relatively large, and just keep drawing circles. When your partner gauge is full and Charizard hasn't stopped to create more flames, use your partner.

    Hopefully Charizard will be in a good position relative to the flames, and you will be able to quickly draw the needed amount of circles around it and the flames before the paralysis wears off...

    Really, there was a lot of luck and trying again and again for me. It took a little while. -_-;; Good luck! I found the Charizard-in-the-fourth-challenge capture to be one of the hardest, myself. -_-;;;;;;
  28. Linkachu

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    Hey, on the rare chance that some of you guys missed the main site news update, the code to get the special Manaphy mission on Ranger has been revealed.

    That code again is:

    Enjoy ^^
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  29. Heh, it was a surprisingly easy mission, even the 'boss', as it were. And now I'm the proud owner of a Manaphy egg. ^^

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