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Ask to Join Pokemon Randimizer Adventures!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Despon, Jul 13, 2017.

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    Hayden walked threw Eternia forest smelling the fresh hair happy to actually be sort of strong trainer he looked around wondering if any other trainers around to fight his Pokemon he went onward he stumbled into a dark place some how " Where am i? " he looked around " I Hope i can make it to gym in time! " he started scream for help
  2. You know... it would be easier to sign up, and at least know what's going on, if there was a link to the discussion thread here that I could just click to take me there.
  3. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Jason flew into Eternia Forest on his Staraptor. "Alright time to get a gym badge!" he said to himself confidently. He heard someone call out for help. Jason rushed to where he heard the voice. "What's going on? Is someone hurt? Can I help? Do you need assistance?" Jason blurted. Then he saw the trainer in front of him. "Oh, sorry for the burst of words. I'm Jason, can I help you?" he asked.
  4. Hayden saw Jason " I'm stuck here and I can't get out " Stuffel cried out too Hayden started climb and reached out his hand "can you help "", Stuffel reached out her hand out too to start kind of climb
  5. Moxie walked northward up Route 205 with all Pokémon but V the Leafeon out. He had went fishing and battled a water type Pokémon that really hurt V. He was hoping to get to Eterna City to heal'er up. When entered Eterna Forest, he heart small stones crumble and faint and urgent screaming and talking.

    "Huh? Who's there?!" he called out. His voice echoed through the forest.
  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Alright, this looks like a job for... The Handler!(God i'm cheesy)" Jason exclaimed. He released his Barbaracle out of his Pokeball and The Handler took both of Stuffel and Hayden's hands, and put them on the ground. "There, you should be fine now. Return The Handler," Jason said. His Pokemon went back to his Pokeball and then he heard a different person's voice. "Relax! I was just helping someone!" he shouted back.
  7. " HELP I'M DOWN HERE " Stuffel cried also Hayden kept on trying making sure that Stuffel won't get hurt in process " I really hope he comes here on time " he looked as rocks was about to drop he gulped
  8. "Oh, hey! Are you okay? I'm getting kind of lost. I'm trying to get to- Uh, my name is Moxie. Please, call me Mox. These are my friends, Pryze, Alex, Sea-Shooter, Almond, and Silver. You won't have to remember those. Uh, anyway, I'm trying to get to Eterna City to heal my Leafeon, V. Kinda dunno the way. . ."

    Moxie returned all of his Pokémon and let out V, carrying her in his arms.

    "Could any of you help me?"
  9. " Yeah follow me!, but in mean time let me see him i'm a person that knows all about pokemon getting hurt " he gave Mox a gleeful glance hoping that Mox would let him see V
  10. "Didn't I say that? V's hurt! C'mon, let's go!" Moxie said eagerly.

    They rushed to Eterna City, Moxie following behind Hayden.
  11. " There it is! ", he rushed threw the tree's and finally made it " yes time for gym battle i mean Pokecenter over there he went to Pokecenter
    " get V healed up! "
  12. After Moxie healed V at the Pokémon Center, he turned to Hayden.

    "Hey, thanks!" he chirped to Hayden, "once again, I'm Moxie, but call me Mox. So, what are your names?" he turned to the other boy with them.

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