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Private/Closed Pokemon: Rainbow Ties RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by tokkiyo, Oct 3, 2020.

  1. tokkiyo

    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

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    Mimi let out a contagious giggle as the little Cherubi that her and the other kids played with let out a little sneeze. But suddenly the usually warm Alolan sun dissapeared, hiding behind thick rain filled clouds. The counselors of the summer camp rushed all the Pokemon and kids indoors into the main building before taking a quick headcount. "We're missing a Pokemon!" One of the counselors yelled out, "we're missing Psyduck." Mimi's eyes widened and grew worried since Psyduck was one of the new Pokemon's that had just recently hatched a week prior. "Emilia! Stop! Dont you dare leave!" Her designated Team Primarina counselor shouted. The young girl paid no mind to the adult, believing that she'd be alright considering there weren't any really dangerous Pokemon living in the camp grounds. "Psyduck! Where are you!" Mimi called out, running around the foresty area and checking every bush and shrub for the yellow Pokemon. Her clothes were soaked and her long blonde hair was drenched. She didnt care though, finding Psyduck was her main priority since she knew that a lot of the kids favored Psyduck since they had hatched him all together with teamwork, and so she was out running in the rain just so she can make sure both Psyduck and her friends would be happy. With those thoughts in mind the rain had suddenly dissapeared, but the Pokemon came had dissapeared as well. Poni Island was the smallest out of all the islands yet Mimi had somehow gotten lost. "Don't cry Mimi, you'll find them" the six year old whimpered out through anxious tears. "Psyduck?" A voice asks, Mimi turned to the side and wiped her tears away before hugging the water type Pokemon. "Thank goodness you're alright!" She exclaims, but the reunion didnt last very long since naturally the young girl was lost and confused. Emilia looked up to the sky and gasped as she saw a large rainbow overhead. "Mama told me that you'll always find what you're looking for at the end of the rainbow!"

    "ALRIGHT HEAHEA CITY! LET ME HEAR YOU!" the sixteen year old teenager yelled as she suddenly lowered the volume of her music. "3! 2! 1!" The crowd chanted as Raichu and the rest of her electric types hyped up the crowd by encouraging them. "MIMI! MIMI! MIMI!" the crowd yelled, the said dj smirked before nodding to her Eletivire who stood behind her. The electric type plugged her cord like tails into a plug in before releasing electrical currents through them, causing lightning to slightly erupt around Mimi's pink booth. The crowd cheered out loud as the loud boisterous music erupted throughout the whole city. The Alolan sun was perfectly starting to set but as it touched the horizon, the crystal petal hanging off of Mimi's choker started to glow like the day she first go it. The crowd all believed that the glowing crystal was just apart of Mimi's show, a way of taking one of their legends and incorporating it into her show.
    "Emilia what the heck was that light? Where did you get this necklace?" Her manager asks before getting his hand smacked away by the young girl. "Look Chion I got this crystal shaped petal almost ten years ago here in Alola" Mimi explains once again for like the 50th time since he became her new manager like a month before. Mimi sighed as she left the tents set up behind the stage with Sunny, her Serperior, slithering along right next to her. Mimi was back in Alola once again but it didn't feel the same without the other six.
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  2. Over in the Battle Royal Dome, the crowd cheered with glee as they looked down at the ring where four trainers stood in each corner and watched as their Pokemon fiercely battled one another... namely three of them seemed to have the same target. The Pokemon were a Pangoro who seemed to be owned by a chubby man with a sinister grin on his face, a Gothitelle who was owned by a woman who dressed in fine clothing with a pink fur scarf and an arrogant look on her face behind her fan and a Rhyperior who was owned by a muscular man who had a confident smirk on his face, all three of the Pokemon gazed at the last Pokemon which appeared to be a Kommo-o who was owned by a man who's face was covered by a silver mask, the people knew him by many names; The Pokemon warrior, The personification of honor, but his true name was The Dragon Knight!

    "You three say you wish to show me how a real trainer battles? You say you know what Pokemon battles are all about?" The Dragon Knight asked. "That's right "Dragon Knight", there's no such thing as "honor" in battling." The Pangoro trainer replied as his grin grew wider. "The only thing known in Pokemon battles is to beat or be beaten, the only thing that matters is strength and nothing else!" The Rhyperior trainer said with folded arms. "And it appears it's time to teach this so called "Knight" a lesson, let's end this!" The Gothitelle trainer boasted and waved her fan in Kommo-o's direction. "Gothitelle, Dark Pulse!" The Gothitelle trainer commanded. "Pangoro, use Dark Pulse too!" The Pangoro trainer yelled. "Stone Edge, Rhyperior!" The Rhyperior trainer roared, all three Pokemon prepared their respective moves before a section of rocks in between two beams of jet black rings headed straight for Kommo-o.

    "Clanging Scales!" The Dragon Knight commanded as he held his arm out, Kommo-o crossed his arms and uncrossed them while he rubbed his scales against one another and let out a roar which emitted a strange blue shock wave directly at the combo attack, all four moves collided with a powerful explosion that shook the dome and surprised the audience. "What a devastating exchange of attacks, could the combined teamwork of these three trainers finally put an end to The Dragon Knight?!" The announcer yelled in to his microphone. As the smoke cleared, Kommo-o grinned and brushed a bit of dust off his shoulder, much to the surprise of trainers and Pokemon alike.

    "You fools say you know what it means to truly battle, yet I can tell just from the way you commanded their moves that your hearts are not in sync with your partners! You haven't bonded with them enough to help them reach their true potential!" The Dragon Knight exclaimed, while Pangoro and Gothitelle's trainers gritted their teeth with frustration, the Rhyperior trainer looked at his Rhyperior with a slight look of guilt in his eyes. "And now..." The Dragon Knight said as he held up a fist which showed his Z Ring along with the Kommonium Z embedded within it. "I'll show you the true power of a Pokemon and his trainer who's hearts beat as one!" He added as he crossed his arms to form an X while Kommo-o did the same, The Dragon Knight's Z Crystal began to glow brightly. "Kommo-o!" The Dragon knight said as he moved his arms down to his sides before he held them out, one wrist on top of the other, Kommo-o mimicked The Dragon Knight's movements almost perfectly. "With the strength of the dragon..." He said as he moved his hands to the side of his head. "With the heart of the knight..." He said as he moved his hands forward and slowly opened them as if they were a dragon's jaws. "You and me will roar out loud and show how our combined strength will never be silenced!"

    The Dragon Knight's Z Crystal shone a bright light that headed directly for Kommo-o and engulfed his body in the same light, Kommo-o began to shack the scales on his arms, then his tail, then his whole body like a spiritual dance. "Now Kommo-o! Unleash the full might of your Z move! Clangarous Soulblaze!" The Dragon Knight exclaimed as Kommo-o leaped upward and his scales shook non stop until he let out a deafening roar that unleashed a powerful blue shock wave directly at the other Pokemon who looked on in shock before another explosion covered the ring.

    As Kommo-o landed, the impact of his landing blew some of the smoke away and reveal the other three Pokemon who slowly collapsed one by one, Rhyperior struggled to stay up, but looked back at his trainer and gave him a small smile before he too collapsed in defeat. The referee ran over to the three Pokemon and flinched in surprise before he stood up. "P-Pangoro, Gothitelle and Rhyperior are unable to battle! Kommo-o is the winner which means that the victory goes to The Dragon Knight!" The next sound heard was the deafening cheers from the crowd who slowly began to chant. "Dragon Knight! Dragon Knight!" The Pangoro and Gothitelle trainers returned their Pokemon with disgusted looks on their faces while the Rhyperior trainer walked in to the right to help his Rhyperior up.

    "I do hope that this battle has proved fulfilling to you, trainers." The Dragon Knight said as he too stepped in to the ring to briefly pet Kommo-o. "When You and your Pokemon work as one, there are many things you can both accomplish." The Pangoro trainer turned his head with a huff while the Gothitelle trainer turned with a scoff and both walked away, the Rhyperior trainer merely smiled. "Thank you, Dragon Knight. I always thought me and my Pokemon worked well with one another, and while it may not seem like it, I do believe in him." He said before he returned Rhyperior to his Poke ball and looked at it before he put it in his pocket. "You still have a long way to go, but if you and your Pokemon mutually trust one another, then I am sure you two will work well together in perfect harmony. I look forward to our next battle." The Dragon Knight said as he held out his hand for a handshake, one the trainer happily accepted.

    The crowd applauded the display before the Dragon Knight looked at the crowd. "I hope this battle was entertaining for you wonderful people! Always remember, when you and your Pokemon work together as one, there's almost nothing you can't do!" He said before he made a fist and put it to his upper chest. "Strength and Honor!" He proudly exclaimed. "Strength and Honor!" Most of the crowd said as they copied The Dragon Knight's gesture. "Strength and honor." The Rhyperior trainer said not as loud, but also made the same gesture.
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  3. On the shores of Heahea Beach a young man, Richie was training himself, he stretched and ran about the area as he was followed by an owl-like Pokemon, Decidueye. He was also followed by another Pokemon, a rock-type named Lycanroc. The Lycanroc would accelerate itself as the three ran across the beach, moving faster than Decidueye and Richie. He stopped his run tiredly and would fall down onto the sand, he exerted himself far too much that run, however he enjoyed running with his Pokemon lots. "Okay you beat me Lycanroc!" He vividly grinned as his Lycanroc and Decidueye would rest next to him. The sun began to set as the strange crystal he placed on his shorts glittered and glowed, he looked down at the crystal shard curiously.

    "That's quite unusual." He didn't pay much attention to it afterwards, he shrugged it off and returned his Pokemon to their Poke balls. A loud voice echoed through the city. He heard it and would cover his ears. "A band? I gotta check this out!" He grinned to himself and he ran to the city. He entered and saw dozens of people gathered around the area. A band was playing at the moment. He moved through the dozens of people as some accidentally bumped him, he was even hit in the jaw, but he found a way to the front of the gathered people. He noticed an electrifying teenager with a crystal shining in the dark. He noticed she had a crystal similar to his, although a different color. He questioned the crystal shard and thought to himself. Was this the girl he met all those years ago?

    Soon after the show he noticed the girl leave the tents, he was still hanged around the area. Richie watched Mimi and ran over to her. "Hey, Hey!" He yelled to the girl, waving his hand in a friendly manner. The crystal would emit a certain aura around it as it glowed in the moonlight. He neared the teenager as he waved his hands around, Richie hoped she recognized him.
  4. The young David and his Tyrogue wandered around the camp grounds, the boy too shy to play with the other kids. Suddenly, Tyrogue seemed to notice something, as it turned its head towards the heavily wooded area nearby. David took notice to this behaviour. "Tyrogue? What's wrong?" He asked his Pokemon, however, the fighting type had no response. Instead, he glanced at David before dashing into the brush. "Wait, where are you-" And just like that, Tyrogue was gone. Panicking, David glanced back at his Team Incineroar counselor. He wasn't looking. With a moment of hesitation, David bolted after his Pokemon.

    As he ran, the rain started pouring in. David could hear the counselors taking a headcount, the sound of their voices slowly becoming quieter as he got further and further from the site. "Alright, I think we have everyone." "No, wait! We're missing David!" "We're also missing a Pokemon, a Tyrogue!" Soon, the voices were drowned out by the heavy rain. As he continued to run, rain and tears streamed down from his face. Tyrogue was in sight now, he couldn't stop. "S-stop! Come back!" David shouted, but to no avail. Then, suddenly, David tripped on something and fell over.

    Looking up, David noticed he'd reached a clearing. Tyrogue was standing there, looking up at a magnificent rainbow. Standing up and brushing the dirt and tears from his face, he observed the rainbow. "Is t-this what you wanted to show me?" He asked, and the Pokemon responded with a nod. Staring at the rainbow, David felt a strange desire come over him. "I think we should follow it," he said without hesitation. And so, the two followed the rainbow, unaware of the strange artifacts and friends they would soon discover.

    "Attention all passengers." A lady's voice would say over the ferry's intercom. "We have arrived at the Akala Ferry Terminal in Heahea City. Please exit the ferry in an orderly fashion." David yawned and stood up, heading towards the now open exit. Making his way through the crowd, he left the terminal and entered the city proper. "Alright Hitmontop, come on out," he said as he reached into his bag for his Pokeball. Pressing the button on the device, the Handstand Pokemon was released. "Alright buddy, you excited to see The Dragon Knight's match?" David asked excitedly. Hitmontop nodded wordlessly. Despite his serious demeanor, Hitmontop always had a great time watching battles at the Battle Royal Dome.

    David's attention was suddenly taken by the sound of loud music from somewhere nearby. "You hear that?" He asked his partner, who took a second to listen. "Sounds like some kind of concert. Come on Hitmontop, let's go check it out!" The fighting type was having none of this nonsense, so he jabbed David lightly and put on a scowl. "Don't worry, we won't miss the match. Besides, the Dome has matches going on all the time. If we don't catch The Dragon Knight's match, we can see another one. Come on, let's go." David explained. With a grunt, Hitmontop begrudgingly followed his trainer to the source of the music.

    Soon enough, the duo found themselves in a crowd of people cheering for someone named "Mimi", who David assumed was the DJ in front of them. David began cheering with the group, while Hitmontop crossed his arms grumpily. As the sun set on the horizon and the music grew louder, David noticed the strange yellow crystal Mimi was wearing started glowing. Suddenly, David had a thought. Could that be one of the Crystal Petals? And one of the kids who found them with him, wasn't her name Mimi? David dismissed the thought for now. It's just a coincidence, he thought. It's probably just an Electrium Z or something.

    Eventually, the music stopped, and the people dispersed. David couldn't convince himself it was a coincidence any longer. "Hey, Hitmontop. That girl at the DJ booth, did you see the crystal she was wearing?" Hitmontop knew where this was going. He ruffled through David's backpack and found the box containing the orange crystal locket. David opened the box and the locket to see the orange crystal glowing in the sunset, just like the DJ's. "Hitmontop, do you know what this means? I did it! I finally found one of the kids from the summer camp!" David stopped himself. "Okay, let's just wait, and she'll probably come out eventually." Hitmontop nodded affirmatively. He understood how important this was to David.

    Soon after, David noticed her walking out of the area with a Serperior. However, before he could approach, someone dashed past him and said hi first. It's fine, it's fine, he thought. Just wait, and it'll all work out. David attempted to calm himself down, to no avail. Then Hitmontop suddenly jabbed David in the leg. "Ow, what the hell!" He then took a deep breath and turned to face his partner. "Thanks buddy, I needed that," he admitted, before waiting calmly for his opportunity to drop in.
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    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    The short DJ turned her attention to the male who had abruptly ran up to her, and from the corner of her eye she could see another mail trainer with a Hitmontop. "Hey" Mimi casually says back, Serperior glaring at the male who had approached her trainer. "Play nice Sunny, he might be a fan..." the young superstar faltered. Something about the male looked so familiar to her but she couldnt put a finger on it. "Are you here for an autograph?" She asks curiously, "because if so I'm not allowed to sign any" the short female informs. She continued to stare at the male before widening her blue eyes upon realization. "Richie?" She asks with a gasp as memories of that one summer ten years ago flashed through her mind. Emilia quickly looked to the male with the Hitmontop and screamed at the top of her lungs "DAVID!" Ten years was a long time but the faces of the now mature males never left her memories. Sunny gave her trainer a confused look before sighing in relief when she recalled the stories Mimi had told her about a summer camp all those years ago. "I missed you guys!" Mimi exclaimed with a bright smile.
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  6. When the girl called the name of the hasty stranger who passed David by, he began to recall the time where they all met. That was no stranger, that was Richie! And the DJ, that was Mimi! Memories flooded back from years ago, and for a second David just stood there in shock. Hitmontop looked at his trainer strangely, confused. He failed to recognize the two. Suddenly, David snapped back to reality. “Richie! Mimi! I c-can’t believe you’re here!” He spouted out, stumbling over to get closer to the two.

    “Oh my Arceus, it’s been what, 9, 10 years now? I thought I’d never see either of you again!” David exclaimed with the biggest grin on his face. Hitmontop hopped on his head and spun over to the newly reunited friends, eyeing them up curiously. “Oh, you don’t remember Mimi and Richie? It was a while ago, you were just a Tyrogue back then...” David explained. “Oh! By the way, I’m a full-fledged Pokemon Trainer now! Got my Z-Ring and everything!” Although he felt like an idiot for not recognizing the two immediately, it was great to reunite with them.
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  7. "Hey, Alola!" Richie exclaimed, he waved his hands around in the casual Alolan way. He was from here, and knew all about it. He smiled at the DJ he hadn't seen her in quite a while! She had a Serperior, a Pokemon he had never seen before. "Man it's been so long!" He exclaimed joyfully, he heard his name being called out from behind, it was David! He hadn't seen David in a long time as well. He grinned vividly, Richie finally found some of his summer camp pals. "Hey guys, meet Decidueye!" He said, Decidueye popped out of it's Pokeball and appeared in front of all of them.

    Richie would glare at David's awesome Z-Ring, he had one too! "I've got a Z-Ring as well, armed with Decidium-Z! I've completed a few trials." Richie shouted to David, he noticed the Hitmontop, it spun on it's head, it was that Tyrogue from all those years back. "Man it's been so long, what a surprise reunion. I know...how about we meat at Heahea Beach tomorrow?" He said. It was nighttime, and he wanted to meet up with them in the morning. It was awesome to finally reunite with his old friends!
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  8. "Growlithe!" said the young boy. He knew the camp counselor was gonna be super mad at him but he didn't care. Alex and the rest of Team Incineroar loved the growlithe. Alex didn't know if he could face the other campers again if he lost the fire puppy. The rain started picking up more and Alex was getting absolutely soaked. "I'm probably gonna catch a cold for this but Growlithe's probably gonna be even worse. Fire pokemon hate the rain! Growlithe!" Alex heard a faint howling noise. Alex dug into a nearby bush and saw the puppy pokemon curled up and scared and shaking from the rain. "There you are little guy," he said as he bent down and picked up the growlithe. "At least the storm is clearing up but I'm no less lost." The growlithe shook off the rain and warmed itself up. The growlithe started sniffing the ground. "Oh that's right, you can sniff our way back" While Alex was following the growlithe he saw the coolest thing: a rainbow! " I know we should head back ut it's just so cool!" he said as he ran towards the end of it.

    "Strength and Honor," said Alex with a pump of his fist. Alex sat back down in his seat once the battle had drawn to a close. "Tabasco, I think that was one of the Dragon Knight's best battle royale's yet!" said Alex a little too loud. The Fire Cat grumbled it and pointed at himself. "As awesome as it would be to go up against him with you, I think he's a little out of our league," said Alex with a rub on the back of his head. Tabasco crossed his arms and turned away with a quick grumble. "Don't worry about it Tabasco, we'll get there someday. Speaking of the Dragon Knight, even when I watch his Battle Royals on TV I always kinda wondered who he is. I suppose it wouldn't really matter since it would ruin the fun." What Alex and Tabasco failed to realize was a very shiny red petal attached to his favorite neck bandana started glowing. It was extra noticeable by people close to Alex because it was starting to get pretty dark.
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  9. "Oh, sure!" David exclaimed, responding to Richie. "It's getting pretty late anyways. I was gonna go to the Battle Royal Dome, but I got a bit... sidetracked..." Hitmontop glared at David. "Sorry buddy, we probably missed the match," David apologized to his partner. Hitmontop huffed, crossing his arms and looking away from the group. "Don't mind him," David explained, "He gets like this sometimes. I'm sure he'll be fine tomorrow." David felt bad for letting down his partner, but this reunion was far more important.

    Looking at the Serperior and Decidueye, David felt a bit left out. "Aw, you guys got starter Pokémon and everything!" David whined. He wasn't able to get one back in Galar. "Although, now that I think about it, I probably would've chosen Grookey if I had the chance..." Snapping back to the situation at hand, he continued. "Well, it's too late now, I guess. I should probably get going now, I have to find an inn or something for the night." David waved goodbye to his friends, walking into the city followed by Hitmontop. "See you tomorrow!"
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    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    Mimi felt a but bad since David wasn't able to experience the whole choosing your first Pokemon. Besides meeting them all those years ago, choosing Sunny was one of the most memorable things to ever happen. Mimi couldn't possibly imagine life without her partner in crime, even those her large grass type serpent wasnt into the whole hype up scene. Mimi smiled and waved goodbye to the two males as she saw the private car park a few meters away. "See you guys soon!" Unova's shining star cheerfully says before entering the black vehicle that had heavily tinted windows.

    Mimi got out of the private car and easily evaded her eccentric manager and his Swoobat, her strict secutiy team and their team of Mightyena's and Pangoro's constantly making sure she wasnt in any danger, and her head stylist who pretty much bullied her into getting into those ghastly outfits that were totally against her style. Okay well she evaded them for about a second but was easily caught by her managers annoying Swoobat who lived off of killing Mimi's vibe. "I'll have Dragonite eat you! Dont think I wont just because you're a Pokemon!"

    While Mimi was in the spa room being forced to be pampered and massaged, she had let her Pokemon out to enjoy the resort for themselves. Her Pokemon all gladly left Mimi screaming in the massage room as the masseuse eased the tension in her shoulder muscles. Toxtricity winced hearing her trainer screaming bloody murder as they walked away to enjoy the pampering of having a famous trainer. Dragonite cracked her knuckles menacingly as a Ursaring growled at her, the dragon type was typically docile when Mimi was around but when the DJ was not present then the large dragon type was always trying her hardest to be intimidating. All of Mimi's Pokemon all wore accessories gifted to them by Mimi's fans, but Dragonite hated wearing a pink bow around her neck.

    Mimi's team sat by the pool as they were served Pokemon friendly tropical drinks and food, enjoying the pampering they were so clearly used to. Serperior carefully watched her teammates since Mimi always trusted her when it came to keeping the peace. Thankfully all the other girls were clearly too relaxed to care. But sadly they all felt embarrassed hearing Mimi's shrill scream echo throughout the whole hotel.
  11. "See ya!" Richie watched his friends leave for the night. Richie grinned, he zapped Decidueye back into it's pokeball and brought out Mudsdale. "Go Mudsdale." He said, as he hopped onto Mudsdale's back and galloped towards Paniola Ranch. Even in the nighttime Akala Island was beautiful, the stars added to the nighttime ride and made the ride a lot more calm and secure to Richie. He rode through Route 6 and eventually entered Paniola Town. Nobody was outside, there was only the Pokemon Center and a few lights that lit up the small town.

    He arrived at Paniola Ranch, Richie watched Miltank and Tauros sleep outside. He was sleepy as well at the time. As he rode Mudsdale throughout the ranch, he noticed his crystal glowed in an odd way, vibrantly reflecting the moons light, he hadn't noticed it until now. Richie arrived at his home in Paniola Ranch happily, he quickly hopped off his Mudsdale and pet it. He zapped it back into it's pokeball, and entered into his home. Richie fell asleep on the couch before he could reach his bed.
  12. The Dragon Knight gave a small bow to the crowd before he got out his Poke ball to return his Kommo-o. "You battled wonderfully, take a good rest, my friend." He said before he put his Poke ball in his trouser pocket and began to make his way over to his changing room and collect his bag, Arthur didn't feel like taking off his mask just yet as he left the Dome to make his way towards the hotel. He threw another Poke ball out and a rather large Salamence emerged, already the Dragon Pokemon knelt down a little bit so that The Dragon Knight could get on to his back. Moments later, Salamence took to the skies and immediately began to fly towards a rather nice hotel, The Dragon Knight noticed the black car along with several security guards and what looked like Mimi, he smiled under his mask to know he wasn't the only famous person who planned to stay there.

    The Salamence landed and The Dragon Knight immediately jumped off while he returned Salamence and was greeted by one of the staff. "Oh my god... you're The Dragon Knight?!" The man said with a look of glee in his eyes. "I've only heard rumors about you, but to see you in person is... is..." He cleared his throat before he adopted a more professional persona. "It's an honor to have you with us, Dragon Knight. Shall I show you to your room?" He asked. "You shall." The Dragon Knight replied with a nod.

    The stroll from the hotel entrance to his room was different to other customers; rather than the staff greet him like any regular customer, some of them looked in a mix of shock and awe while a few did his signature 'Strength and Honor' gesture, the latter made him hold back a laugh that was easy to hide thanks to his mask. "Here's you room sir, should you need anything from us, there's a phone next to the bed." The man said. "Thank you and... if anyone is to come in to my room, I highly advise you remind them to knock before doing so." The Dragon Knight said with a strict tone of voice which made the man flinch. "Y-Yes sir!" He said before he left. The Dragon Knight looked around to see a rather nice and very large room with a neatly made king sized bed and enough room to let a group of large Pokemon rest in. Outside of his room, whispers among the hotel spread like wildfire at how The Dragon Knight was in their hotel. The Dragon Knight got out his Poke ball and let Kommo-o out while he took off his mask and sighed.

    "Being an inspiration is exhausting, I could sleep all night and through the next day..." Arthur said as he put his hand to his forehead only for Kommo-o to put a hand on his shoulder and give him a comforting smile, Arthur smiled back and went to sit on the bed while he let his other Pokemon out one by one; His loyal and trusty Salamence, second only to Kommo-o, his curious yet cautious Turtonator who looked around the room to make sure she was careful not to accidentally blow up, which in this case was... everything, his quiet and very friendly Drampa, his brash Haxorus who looked annoyed at how he didn't get to battle and his Dragapult who immediately went up to Arthur while the Dreepy's on her head orbited around him before they nuzzled him. "Alright guys, we won't be here for too long, it'll likely just be fore the night, so be on your best behavior and don't break or touch anything. Or you won't be having your favorite Poke puffs for two weeks." The Dragon Pokemon all gasped at how he said two weeks instead of one, immediately they knew that this was serious and made sure to do just that.
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    tokkiyo Previously Tokki_Boki

    After Mimi had finished getting a massage, naturally forced upon her by her manager who claims she's way too stressed out at time, she headed off to the pool to fetch her beloved Pokemon. But as they headed up to their suite, Mimi overheard some of the staff saying that the Dragon Knight himself was staying at the hotel. Dragonite looked at her trainer with a pout as if to say that she also wanted to meet the dragon specialist. Emilia herself wanted to meet the trainer too but she felt as if the trainer didnt want to be bothered...oh well though.

    The DJ and her team made their way to where the hotel staff had said his room was and gently knocked on the door with a smile. Dragonite was getting impatient wich was odd for her nature since Dragonite was docile. Dragonite huffed out and forces the door open, leaving Mimi shocked with her mouth wide open. "OH MY GOSH I'M SO SORRY MR. DRAGON KNIGH...T?" The duel colored hair female fades off as she looked up to the male without his mask. "Hold on...you cant be him...but your Pokemon look the same...but you also remind me of somebody but just taller" Mimi mumbles on as Raichu and Sunny were busy holding Dragonite back from attacking the other dragon types.
  14. "Wow, it is getting laate" said Alex as he returned Tabasco to his pokeball. "Come on out Fritatta!" Said Alex as he threw out Togekiss' pokeball. The togekiss flapped and landed on the ground. "Toge?" "I jeed a favor. Would ya' mind flying me to Konikoni city?" "Togekiss." Said the pokemon as it prepped their back. Alex cimbed on and the white pokemon took flight. In less than 3 minutes the pokemon was already there. Alex returned Frittata with a quick thank you and looked at the house that he was renting. "Wow, this place looks awesome and I thought the photos online looked great." He dug through his backpack and pulled pulled out 3 pokeballs, a net ball, a lure ball and a great ball. Alex pulled them all out and said "Come on out guys". After 6 bursts of blue light all of them were out. "We're in Alola guys. You all probably need a good stretch seeing as how you didn't get a chance until yesterday before we left." All of the pokemon situated amongst themselves. "Arianna's in charge, Arianna you are free to use String Shot on anyone who misbehaves. Looking at you Fluffy." "Puff!" Said the Jumpluff as it crossed their arms and turned away while drifting downwards. "I'm going to bed." Alex got undressed put on his favorite pajamas and put his favorite bandanna on his bed frame. "Night guys!" He yelled downstairs to all of his pokemon. "Furr!" "Cine" "King" "Jum" "Toge" "Dos!".
  15. Arthur flinched when he saw someone enter, but what surprised him even more was that it was Mimi of all people. Kommo-o quickly moved to hide Arthur's face while the other Pokemon almost panicked, Salamence cautiously darted his vision across the newcomers, the Dreepys went to hide behind their mother's back while Drampa and Turtonator tried to restrain Haxorus who glared at the Dragonite with a growl. Arthur himself had a hard time thinking due to how flustered and perplexed he was at the sudden visit, although his eyes slowly turned to look at her crystal, he couldn't tell exactly what it was, but he knew he definitely saw it before. "Enough!" Arthur said to try and calm his Pokemon down, to which most immediately fell silent, apart from the Haxorus who tried to step forward and crack his knuckles.
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    Dragonite saw Haxorus coming forth as a challenge, to which she stepped up to. Serperior lost her hold on Dragonite and hissed at the female dragon type for her stupidity. Mimi was confused at how Dragonite was acting since ever since she was a Dratini she was docile and shy. But around almost a year ago when Mimi became a global sensation Dragonite became harsh and quick to battle and at times would even battle the Pokemon owned by Mimi's father. "Dragonite enough, you're embarrassing me" Mimi says, scared at how her beloved Dragonite was acting. The female dragon type growled at Mimi, causing the teenage girl to step back in fear. She knew dragon type Pokemon were fierce and powerful but she thought her Dragonite was different.
  17. Arthur watched as Dragonite showed signs of clear anger while Haxorus briefly opened his arms as if he said 'You wanna go?' only to stop when Arthur put his hand on his chest and glared at him. "Haxorus, that's enough!" He said strictly before he immediately walked up to Dragonite and looked at her. "Calm down, Dragonite, what's wrong." He said in a more calm tone of voice, the look in his eyes showed no sign of fear or anger.
  18. Walking down Heahea City's streets, David glanced at his Hitmontop, the fighting type still crossing his arms and refusing to face his trainer. "I'm sorry, but you know how important this is to me. I haven't seen these people in ten whole years!" David explained. Hitmontop wouldn't budge. "Alright, fine. I'll get you something on the way to the inn, how does that sound?" Hitmontop glared at David before loosening up a bit and nodding.

    Malasada in hand, Hitmontop was as happy as can be. "You've always had a sweet tooth, haven't you?" David said, happy he was able to cheer his partner up. After a few minutes of walking, they found an inn. The two stepped inside the lobby, David paying for a small room. Taking the key, they headed over to the complex of rooms nearby, quickly finding theirs. The room was... okay. There was a bedroom, a bathroom, and a small kitchen off to the side. David smiled. He needed a good rest after what he'd just experienced.

    Hitmontop returned to his Pokéball, David lied in bed, unable to sleep. He grabbed the locket he placed on the nearby desk previously, and looked at the orange crystal inside. Back when he met the others for the first time, he was so shy... he's changed so much since then. Richie didn't seem like he changed very much, he's still as optimistic and friendly as ever. And Mimi, even after becoming a superstar, still has that same boundless energy and enthusiasm in her voice. David wondered if he'd changed too much, that maybe he's not the same as that shy little boy that does whatever he can to protect those he cares about.

    David then realized he's thinking way too much at this time of night, and put the locket back in its box. A wave of drowsiness came over him, and he tucked himself in. Closing his eyes, he went to sleep for the night.
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    Dragonite looked at Arthur before pointing at Mimi and ranting. Clearly only Pokemon would understand Dragonite's complaints since Mimi just felt down right offended that her Pokemon would blame her for its lack in common sense and manners. "What do you mean it's my fault? You're the one who barges in anywhere and challenges every Pokemon you come into contact with!" Mimi huffed out, obviously confused. Dragonite grew frustrated and mimicked Mimi's signature huff and pointed at Arthur's dragon types before pointing at star shaped sunglasses still placed on Mimi's head. "Look Dragonite it's late and I have to meet up with Richie and David tommrow, I need some sleep" Emilia sighs out, shaking her head. Unbeknownst to Mimi, Dragonite missed the thrill of battling side by side by her trainer and so did the rest of Mimi's Pokemon. But unlike Dragonite, the other five confirmed to their new lifestyle quit smoothly. When she was only a local name due to her parents fame, Mimi was an energetic battler and her electrifying team reflected that energy but Dragonite was always the peak of the battle. Whenever Mimi was backed up into a wall Dragonite was always her go to choice, and the dragon type missed being a ferocious dragon she was born to be. But after gym leader Elesa helped Mimi rise to fame all the battling was over and they were just DJ Mimi's prized Pokemon.
  20. Arthur looked up at Dragonite before he turned his head to Mimi and the other Pokemon, then he looked back at his own Pokemon and smiled. "As a Dragon type expert, I think I know what Dragonite's saying, Dragon types are very strong Pokemon and they love to try and prove it, most of my Pokemon certainly enjoy a good fight, I know Haxorus does... but I feel like with all the fame you're getting, you aren't battling with her as much anymore. Is that right, Dragonite?" Arthur asked as he held his hand close to the Dragonite's face, no intent on touching her.

    "I think I know a good way to settle this dispute, but it may have to wait until tomorrow... would you like to have a battle tomorrow?" Arthur asked in a calm tone of voice before he decided to put his mask back on. Haxorus began to show signs of calming down after Arthur spoke, but still gave a slight glare to the Dragonite from time to time. "After all, a battle is the best way to properly understand trainer and Pokemon alike." He added, the mask made his voice sound much lower with a metallic echo behind it.
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    Dragonite eagerly nodded her head and pressed her face gently on to Arthur's hand. Mimi also nodded her head, a bit dissapointed that she hadn't seen the signs of Dragonite's need to battle. "A battle sounds amazing, I'm sure she'd appreciate a good battle against you. After all she loves watching your battles every time they're featured on TV" Mimi laughs out before gently ushering her Pokemon out of the room. Dragonite licked Arthur's cheek ever so gently before following the rest of Mimi's team. "And about the whole mask thing, I promise I wont tell" the mainly blonde haired female informs with a giggle before waving goodbye and closing the door behind her.

    Emilia laid in bed with Raichu curled up on the pillow next to her. Her other Pokemon were in a separate room within the suite, a specific order Mimi made since her girls hated being in their Pokeballs at night. While she could hear Electivire snoring through the open doors, Mimi laid awake. Something about the male behind the Dragon Knight mask was so oddly familiar. She could almost grasp the memory of him but then it would suddenly dissapear. Eventually her tired body gave up on her and fell peacefully asleep, even though Electivire's snoring sounded like a small thunder storm made privately for only her and the rest of her team to hear.
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  22. Arthur smiled when Dragonite moved her head to his hand and gently stroked her cheek, he let out a very faint laugh when the Dragon type licked his cheek. As Mimi left, she mentioned how she wouldn't tell anyone about the mask, this caused a wave of comfort to wash over him as he smiled warmly behind his mask. "Thank you..." He said as she left and went to take it off with a sigh. "Well, Haxorus, looks like you'll be getting your wish tomorrow." Arthur said as he went to pet Haxorus who finally calmed down. "I don't know about you, but this turn of events alone has been exhausting, so..." Arthur said as he went to the bathroom to change in to his pajamas and climb in to his bed, meanwhile all his other Pokemon went to sleep as well, one of the Dreepy's was sensible enough to turn off the light switch before before they joined their mother and sibling. Soon human and Pokemon alike slowly fell in to a deep and peaceful slumber.
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    The warm Alolan sun basked its light through Mimi's ocean facing suite windows as Raichu gently shook her trainer awake. Mimi smiled and petted her Raichu before heading into the bathroom to freshen up and get changed. When she got out, Mimi's angelic features shifted into the face more fit to be dubbed Hype Queen thanks to the power of makeup, mainly eyeliner and eyeshadow of course, and a good wardrobe change. "Goodmorning girls" Mimi giggles out, Electivire nudging Mimi so they could grab some breakfast, such a glutton.

    Emilia sat down at one of the tables located outside near the steps leading down to the beach. Her Pokemon were all pumped to see Dragonite battle after such a long time but sadly her manager had found out about her scheduled battle with the Dragon Knight. From what Mimi could see on her pastel pink Rotom phone, it was already making headlines. "Queen of the Hype Mimi is scheduled to have a 1v1 battle against The Dragon Knight himself! Fans of both parties are thrilled and excited for the battle! But how will Unovan superstar Emilia, aka Mimi, Sakurajima keep up with a professional battler? Well stay tuned to find out when we gain more info!" A reporter says from a daily report video Mimi was watching on her phone. Fame was an amazing thing but it was also the vain of her existence when it came to her private life. Anxiety and uneasy nerves were eating her up due to knowing that all eyes would be on her and her opponent. Mimi knew she was going to lose and she was okay with that, but it's the fact that her loss would be plastered all over the world. Ampharos sat next to her traine and nuzzled her, a way to help Mimi calm down ever since Ampharos was only a Mareep. Mimi took a deep breathe and sipped on her iced herbal tea, enjoying the warm sun while her Pokemon ate their own foods. "We can do this!"
  24. Richie woke up on the couch, he hadn't remembered falling a sleep on his couch, he was quite surprised. However Richie hopped off the couch, and he began his morning routine. He did all the normal tasks one would do in the morning. He walked outside and brought out his Mudsdale, and galloped to the Paniola Town Pokemon Center. He drank hot moomoo milk at the cafe in the pokemon center.

    He rode through Akala, the warm Alola sun heated him up. Richie arrived at Heahea City and returned his Mudsdale to it's Pokeball. He walked through the city, watching the people gather around near the Heahea Pokemon Center. Everyone looked to have watched something. "Hey what's going on?" Richie exclaimed.

    Richie squeezed his way into the pokemon center, he gazed at the television which was on. A news reporter blurted out info about an upcoming battle between the Dragon Knight and Mimi. "Huh...who's The Dragon Knight? Also I didn't know Mimi battled." He spoke quietly, eventually walking out of the Pokemon Center, he pondered everything he'd heard. "I think I've heard of The Dragon Knight before, huh I wonder if he can take on my Goodra?" He said to himself with a grin.

    Richie walked into Heahea Beach, today was a perfect day for training, he let out his Mudsdale and Lycanroc. He had Mudsdale and Lycanroc battle each other, using various moves from their moveset. Once both tired out, he and all of his Pokemon stretched and trained with each other for a little while. Afterwards they lied on the sand. The sun beating down on Richie, however it never felt too hot. The alolan sun was always magical to him, it made his worries slip past him, and sometimes made him drift into a dream.
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  25. After a good night's rest, David woke up and got out of the somewhat small bed. Wiping his eyes, he groaned. He wasn't really a morning person. After taking care of his hygiene, he rushed to the small kitchen and made himself something quick. He was going to meet up with Mimi and Richie today, and he didn't like to eat in front of others. After a small breakfast, he prepared the food for his Pokémon. His Minior and Gigalith wouldn't be a problem because they don’t eat, however the rest of his team had particularly large appetites. He stuffed the prepared food in his backpack (after putting it in containers of course) and after taking all his stuff out of his room and returning the key to the main lobby, stepped out into Heahea City.

    "Alright Minior, come on out," David said, releasing the Meteor Pokémon from its Ultra Ball. Minior immediately began flying around its trainer, however not very quickly considering it was still in its Meteor Form. "We're gonna meet some of my old friends today, alright?" David said. In response, Minior spun excitedly. Although David couldn't see its face, he noticed the enthusiasm in its movements. As they walked over to the beach, David pulled out his phone to see a particularly surprising headline: "Superstar Hype Queen Mimi VS Battle Royal Legend The Dragon Knight! One-on-one Pokémon battle scheduled for today!" He couldn't believe what he was reading. Just yesterday he found Mimi after 10 years while on the way to see The Dragon Knight's match, and now they're battling!? Hitmontop will love hearing this, David thought.

    Soon enough, David and Minior reached the beach. Noticing Mimi sitting at a table nearby, David released the rest of his Pokémon and gave them the meals he prepared earlier. "Eat up, everyone!" He exclaimed, and so they did. Heading to Mimi's nearby table, he gave his friend a smile. "Hey, Mimi! Mind if I take a seat?" He asked, Minior orbiting around his head.
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    "I dont mind at all" Mimi says with a smile as Raichu curiously walked up to David's team of Pokemon. "What a beautiful Pokemon" Mimi points out, referring to David's Minior that was just ever so casually floating around his head. "They don't have Pokemon like that back in Unova, but we do have these amazing Pokemon called Sawsbuck and Deerling! Their appearance changes according to the season, my father has one of his own and he's stunning" the shocking DJ says, recalling all the fawn memories she had with watching her fathers Sawsbucks coat change every seasonal alteration. "Well anyways what brings you here?" Mimi asks, already assuming that he had heard about the headlines. "To be honest I presume that you've heard about my planned battle?" Mimi questions, petting Sunny's head as the large serpent slithered elegantly to her side. "I hope I dont dissapoint you with my boring tactics" Mimi giggled out, watching Dragonite revert back to her normal nature.
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  27. "Furret? Furrrr" said the Furret poking at Alex's face. Brownie knew that Alex said he was tired after his long day and barely getting any sleep on the flight to Alola yesterday but Alex was sleeping for a long time, much longer than usual. "Furret?" said Brownie as she tried to tickle Alex's nose. Unfortunately, Alex barely looked like he even flinched from that. "Jum-Puff" said the grass type pokemon as it pushed Brownie out of the way. Fluffy rubbed the balls of spores together until it formed a pretty large sphere of cotton spores. The Jumppluff chuckled to itself before spinning around as fast as it could and chucked the ball directly at Alex's face. Alex immediately woke up startled by the sudden projectile flung at his face. Alex woke up and immediately started sneezing. As the cloud of spores dissipated, Alex saw two things: Brownie being worried and surprised, and Fluffy chuckling. "Why you!" said Alex as he lunged off the bed to try to grab the Jumpluff but Jumpluff used Substitute and Alex only caught the substitute. The substitute burst into smoke in Alex's face. Fluffy was chuckling before, and now it was full-on laughing. "That's it, you're getting a time out," said Alex as he returned Fluffy to her respective great ball, while she was busy laughing.

    Alex got dressed, put on his favorite bandanna, and head downstairs. Alex did not feel like cooking (and he was still sneezing a bit) so after a quick breakfast run, he came back with a bag of pokemon food and a breakfast sandwich. While eating breakfast, Alex was looking at the news on his pokegear. "Woah, Mimi and the Dragon Knight are gonna battle today!? This vacation keeps getting better and better. Though, before that, I wanna go on a run to clear my head. Anyone wanna come with?" Sapphire, Frittata and Arianna declined but Brownie and Tabasco both agreed. The three of them finished eating and decided to run through Diglett Tunnel and to Heahea Beach. After a run-through (and multiple instances of tripping on Alolan Diglett, Alex and his running partners ended up at Heahea each. While there, he noticed a oy with dark brown hair on the sand with a Mudsdale and a Lycanroc. "Hey are you training here too? Wait, you look kinda familiar. I'm Alex. Alex Cykes. That's Tabasco and that's Brownie." The Furret waved at the trainer and Tabasco crossed his arms and smirked.
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  28. Sitting parallel to Mimi, David listened intently to her describing Deerling and Sawsbuck. “Huh, never heard of those before. I guess they don’t have those back in Galar,” he said. He thought it was interesting that their appearance changes between seasons. It reminded him of Oricorio a bit.

    Upon Mimi’s questioning, David responded. “Of course I’ve heard about the battle, everyone on Akala does by now!” He exclaimed, somewhat jokingly. “So, you’re really taking on The Dragon Knight, huh? How’d that come to be?” David’s mentioning of The Dragon Knight caught the attention of Hitmontop, who spun over to him. “Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. Mimi’s battling The Dragon Knight! Looks like you’ll get to see one of his matches after all, buddy!” David said to his partner. The fighting type pumped his fists triumphantly and smiled before making his way back to the rest of the team. “Anyways, back to what I was saying,” David continued, “as much as I like The Dragon Knight, I’m rooting for you one hundred percent. And don’t worry about disappointing anyone. You’ll put on a great show, I know it.” He gave a soft smile to Mimi before glancing back at his team.

    Most of them have finished eating, save for Barbaracle who seemed to be tossing the rest of his food into Grapploct’s open mouth. Gallade greeted the approaching Raichu with a small bow, while Hitmontop and Gigalith seemed to be ignoring the electric type. David had a chuckle at his team’s behaviour before looking back to Mimi. “But, actually though. How did The Dragon Knight end up challenging you? It seems kind of odd to me,” he asked. Minior, getting bored of orbiting its trainer, decides to orbit Mimi and her Serperior instead, curiously analyzing the two.
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  29. The rain's subtle pitter patter had quickly turned into a cacophonous downpour. Harper was grateful, in that moment, to pull over the jacket hood that typically swamped her. "Figures this trip would get worse," she worried her lip between her teeth, curling further into her coat. She'd wandered off-- that was her fault. But she didn't want to be there and the councilor hadn't let her explore on her own. So she wandered off and now she was alone in a storm. At first.

    A couple of Fomantis clambered out of the surrounding green and blinked up at the soaking girl. The three of them blinked at each other in silence before the Pokemon abruptly walked away. Without thinking, Harper staggered after them; "w-wait!" The pair of grass Pokemon waddled casually, enjoying the turn of weather, seeming to not mind their human company. Harper was positive that she was only getting further lost but, watching these two practically playing in the storm, she found herself delightfully distracted. The child followed the pair until the rain steadily gave way to sunlight.

    Harper found herself in a clearing when she noticed the breathtaking rainbow stretched above her, light catching and glistening on the remaining rain. The child and Pokemon admired the view in awe. It was awfully hard to stay sour after a sight like that and she certainly couldn't let her adventure end there. Reinvigorated, Harper shook off her hood and turned to the Fomantis, "well I've gotten this lost, might as well see what's at the end of that, huh?"

    The little grass types trilled with enthusiasm and the three set off to what would end up being a monumental discovery for the young Harper.

    Back on Alola. Akala Island to be exact. It had been a few days since she'd landed and Harper still couldn't believe she was there.

    "Ahh, it's so hoooot," Harper griped, slouching where she's sat in the sand. Beside her, a Typhlosion sits with its legs splayed out, watching as a Riolu and Gengar chase the nearby waves. "There's no way I could get used to this." She was being dramatic, if the look on her Typlosion's face was anything to go off of. Harper shot the over-sized fire weasel her patented pout-and-squint combo. "Don't give me that look, Basil. You're used to heat and you know I'm roasting alive after coming all the way here from home!" Basil, for all his patience, rolled his eyes and leaned over to catch his trainer's hood between his teeth. The same old worn out parka that she'd carried with her when she was a kid (now with significantly more patches and singe marks) was definitely not fit for island weather. The fire type indicated this by roughly shaking the hood in his teeth, earning an indignant squawk from Harper.

    "Whoa! Careful!" Harper struggled out of the heavy sleeves before her Pokemon could potentially rip her prized jacket. Again. "C'mon, like you haven't busted this thing enough... I get it, okay?"

    Basil watched on with some amount of satisfaction when his trainer finally listened and instead wrapped the sleeves of her parka around her waist. He nodded his approval when Harper made a wide 'how's this' gesture with her hands, ending with a little jazz hands for flare. Now that the fiasco had sorted itself, Harper leaned a hand back on the sand as she fished out her standard Rotom phone. "According to this, we're on HeaHea Beach. Sooo, the Battle Dome shouldn't be too far off..." Harper tapped at the screen, searching for registration. "Wonder if we could get a match in today..." It didn't take much more scrolling before she started seeing headlines. "Em... wait. Emilia Sakurajima, like from camp?"

    Alright, so Harper wasn't completely in the dark. She had been able to keep up her childhood friend's rise to fame since everything was digitized and trends were easy to keep up with even if you lived in rural Sinnoh. But it was pure coincidence that Harper found herself on the very same stretch of beach-- this whole vacation was meant for her current team. A few of them needed battles to work out some tension while the sun and water would help relax the other, not-so-battle-enthused members. What were the odds that she'd run into one of the very same people she'd met all those years ago?

    A fresh bolt of excitement had Harper grinning. "We have to see that match!" She waved her phone in front of Basil's face. The Typhlosion squinted and leaned away from the screen, clearly bothered, a deep chittering complaint slipping from him. Harper payed him no mind and instead turned her phone back, letting a tired smile rest on her face. "It wont be for another few hours but we'll definitely have to see if we can catch her. It's been so long..."

    While Harper was significantly distracted, her Riolu and Gengar had managed to wander down the beach. The large ghost type hovered a short distance behind the little jackal, his gaze firmly settled on the shimmering waves rolling onto the sands. He didn't notice the small group until the Riolu boldly approached an Incineroar. The Gengar blinked at the two boys and their Pokemon. His perma-grin shifted from curiously perplexed to downright stressed when his Riolu companion howled at the large cat Pokemon, striking a challenging pose. The poor ghost frantically waved his claws, trying to gesture to his friend that maybe. Just maybe. Provoking a Pokemon ten times her size was a bad idea.
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  30. Richie finished his rest and then stood up, he noticed a guy who walked up to him, he also gazed at Mimi and David who had arrived, he never even noticed them, he must've actually fallen asleep. "H-hey Alex, sorry I must've just woken up from a nap...hey wait...you're familiar, have you ever been to an Alolan summer camp-" Richie would then raise his eyes to the Incineroar in front of him, he had a terrible fear of fire types. Richie flinched then stumbled away from then fire type. "N-not a fire type. Why a fire type? I hate fire types!" He spoke with caution and fear, he brought out his Pokeballs and returned his Mudsdale and Lycanroc. "Why'd it have to be a fire type?" He blurted out random things like that over and over.

    His eyes were the eyes of mostly paranoia and fear. Richie stumbled away from the Incineroar and Alex, he really hated them after what had happened to his left hand. A scar stretching across Richie's left hand was very visible. He eventually regained his senses, he was then suddenly saw a Riolu running towards Incineroar. "Huh... Riolu?" He looked at the Riolu with a bit of confusion, he then saw someone in the background with a Gengar as well. "Huh...interesting." He was still shaken up by the sight of the fire type, but he was okay. well mostly.
  31. "I have been to Alola Summer camp befo-" said Alex as he was interrupted by Richie's screamong about Tabasco. "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't know you were scared of Fire types. Don't worry, Tabaco doesn't bite, actually sometimes he does, wait he does a lot, Fire Fang is my go to move for him. I mean, he doesn't hurt people unless they're bothering him or me so you'll be fine." Said Alex as Brownie the Furret came up to comfort him. "Wait a minute, very dark spiky hair, a very familiar Lycanrock? RICHIE?!" Said Alex not knowing of the small fighting rype trying to challenge Tabasco. Tabasco on the other hand was completely unfazed by this and after giving a look to the Riolu, he ignored it.
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    "Well it all started when I wanted to meet him and my Dragonite ended up busting open his room door like a whole psychopath and then we all kinda saw him without his mask, but then the Dragon Knight informed me that my girl wanted to have a battle. Being a dragon type and all apparently Dragonite wanted to prove her strength and so we planned this battle for Dragonites sake" Mimi informs, looking over to her female dragon type who was calling Raichu back to their all female group.
    Sunny looked up and smiled at the strange orbiting Pokemon while reaching out gently nudging Minior with her snout. "Well of course it's going to be a good show! I'm Hype Queen Mimi! The shining star of Unova and worlds favorite DJ!" The young female cheered out, pum up into the air. Mimi's hyperactive team copied her actions and raised their own fists up in the air. "Now I'm going to show the world that I didnt raise a Dragonite for nothing!"
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  33. "Huh...Alex?! It's been so long!" He spoke, he thought it was Alex all along, he roughed up his hair casually, he moved forward towards Alex, but not close enough where he'd be too close to the fire type."Over there on that step is Mimi...and David, hey wait Mimi?" He suddenly rushed noticed Mimi with David, he didn't really notice them before until then. He grinned to himself. "I hadn't even really noticed them. Hey Alex maybe you and I should have a battle?!" He asked, but shouted as well. He smiled vividly, maybe taking on a fire-type would help him with his fear.

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  34. As the sun rose to a new day, Arthur slowly awoke from his hotel bed and gave a stretch while he yawned, his Pokemon slowly woke up one by one, most of them still a bit droopy from the recent awakening apart from Haxorus who was excited for the upcoming battle. "Good morning guys." Arthur said with a smile as he got out of bed to change in to his Dragon Knight costume, as he donned his black coat, he made sure to put the sleeve over his bracelet which housed a purple crystal that looked similar to the one he saw Mimi wear. Before he put on his mask, he went in to his bag to get out some Pokemon food for his Pokemon and some food for himself, not exactly the tastiest, but it was the kind that stayed good for a long while and he didn't plan to eat whatever breakfast they served there in case he accidentally showed his face like last night.

    As they finished their breakfast, The Dragon Knight went to return his Pokemon when he heard a few of the hotel staff talk outside, apparently they heard about the upcoming battle between Mimi and The Dragon Knight which made him sigh. Sure, it was nice to be famous, but it was a different story when it entered your private life which was half the reason he wore the mask. As he walked out of the door, he noticed how everyone looked a bit more excited than before, especially the receptionists who saw him out of the hotel. "Good luck in your battle, Dragon Knight!" The receptionist said as she made The Dragon Knight's signature gesture. "Looks like it is about the battle." He thought to himself as he went to go and find where Mimi was.
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    Mimi finished her tea and let out a groan when she started to hear to the clamoring of people wanting to enter the resort area to interview her and Mr. Dragon Knight who was MIA at the moment. "Ms. Mimi what Pokemon will he using in today's one versus one battle? Will you be using Electivire? He seems like a strong battler" a reporter says. "Well first of all Electivire is a girl, my whole team is only female. And secondly, no I'm not using Electivire. I'll be using a Pokemon you all hardly see! I'll be using Dragonite!" Mimi exclaims, pointing to the large dragon type had suddenly started an arm wrestling match with Electivire. "I sometimes I wonder if the Pokemon Center got your guys's genders wrong" Mimi sighs out, referring to the fact her females acted like thick headed male Pokemon at at times. The reporters then turned to David who Mimi forgot was sitting across from her. "And who might you be young sir? Are you a friend of Ms. Mimi's?" The reporter asks while the rest of the reporters team questioned everybody else within Emilia's vicinity. It was staging to get filled near the beach, but then again it was a battle again two very opposite public figures. "Dragonite prep time!" Mimi calls out while getting up and walking down to the beach where Dragonite elegantly landed. "You can do this Pudding. We'll show that Haxorus who the best dragon type here is" Mimi says to her Pokemon, fixing the bow that was tied around the female Pokemons neck, "show them the same power you showed Elesa when you evolved."
  36. After a somewhat peaceful stroll, The Dragon Knight turned his head to notice the swarm of people and news reporters, most likely Mimi was there, but as he walked closer and noticed several other people, he saw something familiar about most of them, he knew he definitely saw some of them, but he just couldn't remember what. "Hey look!" One of the people in the crowd said as they noticed The Dragon Knight approach, half of them ran up to him with excitement while a reporter and cameraman went to ask them questions, only for the Dragon Knight begin to grow uncomfortable by the crowd. "Everyone, everyone!" He said as he opened his arms. "I may be a famous individual like dear Mimi, but I'm also an individual just like the rest of you... one who wouldn't be too happy about a lot of people invading my personal space." He said, his tone grew more and more strict with every word. Most of the crowd were surprised while some of them understood and stepped back.

    "That goes for you lot as well!" He said as he gestured to those who crowded around Mimi and the familiar people. "I am grateful that you all made time to watch me and her battle, but I advise you all to at least calm down, this isn't the Battle Royal Dome." He said with folded arms as he walked up to Mimi. "Are you alright?" He asked as he looked at the others with a smile hidden behind his mask.
  37. "Hey wait...it's that Dragon Knight guy?" He stopped fixating on Alex and looked towards the Dragon Knight. It's crazy, The Dragon Knight just appeared. He slowly walked close to The Dragon Knight and Mimi. "This battle must be pretty important huh?" He questioned to himself quietly. Richie truly had no idea who The Dragon Knight was. But he was definitely interesting and had an interesting personality. His Dragon Types must be very powerful. "This'll be a fun battle to watch. I can analyze the battling skills of Mimi and The Dragon Knight, maybe I can even challenge The Dragon guy..." He mumbled to himself. Curiosity eventually overcame him. He began traveling back and forth close to the Dragon Knight and Mimi, but not close enough to be distracting. 'I wonder what his star Pokemon is...I wonder if he has a Z-Ring...hey maybe he doesn't even have any Dragons? ' He knew for sure this would be a very interesting battle.
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    Mimi smiled and gently booped Arthur's mask. "The name Dragon Kight suits you, saving me like a whole knight in shining armor" Mimi laughed out as Dragonite leaned down and nuzzled her idol ever so gently. "Anyways I do believe we owe our fans this sudden one on one battle right?" She asks with a wink. The rest of Mimi's team made their way down to the beach and stood on the sidelines in order to be close enough to feel the intensity but far enough not to get obliterated with Dragonite's favorite attack that had a 60% chance of actually working. The said female dragon type flew over to where her trainer was standing and cracked her knuckles with a smirk. Reporters lined up near the beach to watch the out of nowhere battle, awaiting how Mimi would handle herself against a proffesional battler.
  39. Alex sprinted next to Richie and halted immediately (and comedically). "Yes that is the Dragon Knight. I'm a huge fan of his. He came outta nowhere in the pokemon battle royale scene. He's a Dragon specialist and though he uses a vareity of them, his main pokemon is a Komoo-o. Last night was the first time I've seen one of his matches in person though." Alex whispered into Richie's ear as Mimi and the Dragon Knight went over to the area for their impromptu battle. "And it looks like they're about to begin." Chase was practically jumping up and down now as a little kid in the circus. What he didn't notice was Tabasco grabbing his shoulders and holding him still. "Thanks Tabasco." He said with a little chuckle.
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  40. The Dragon Knight smiled and let out a very faint laugh that sounded more like 'hmph' when Mimi booped him and gently stroked Dragonite's cheek. "That we do, I do hope you're as good as battling as you are with singing." He said as he moved opposite to where Mini and Dragonite stood and got out a Poke ball, he threw it skyward and the spherical capsule opened to show not his signature Pokemon Kommo-o, but Haxorus, who emerged from the light with a loud roar before he looked directly at Dragonite with a smile. "I hope you're ready, Haxorus." The Dragon Knight said to his Pokemon who looked back with a nod and a confident look in his eyes.

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