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Ask to Join Pokemon Planet RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by tylerrrrrr, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. (Sign up here - https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-planet-rp-discussion-and-sign-ups.15860/ )
    Alex opened the front door of his home in Littleroot town with his Riolu and Eevee by his side "Mum i'm off to the airport, I'll see you when I get home from my Sinnoh journey!" he shouted as he ran off to the airport.

    "Plane 789 to Sinnoh will be departing in ten minutes!"
    "Riolu! Eevee! hurry we'll be late!"
    "Rio!" (Come on!)
    Eevee tripped over and started crying "Oh no! Eevee i'm coming!" Alex exclaimed as he ran back and picked her up "You okay?"
    "Vee!" (No it hurts!)
    "Riolu!" (Don't worry!)

    Luckily they got onto the plane and one of the flight attendants went and healed up Eevee
  2. Lucy was running to the airport like electrified Jolteon with Fennekin and Eevee following her.
    "Plane 789 to Sinnoh will be departing in ten minutes!"
    "We'll be late! C'mon girls hurry!" Lucy yelled
    Her Fennekin Foxy and Rose Eevee was running like crazy.
    "Vee-vee-vee, eevee-ee-ee-vee-vee." (If I continue like this I'm probably evolve into Jolteon.) Eevee said while running next to Foxy
    "C'mon! Hurry!" Lucy yelled and turned her head to see if her Pokemon is still following her.
    "Plane 789 to Sinnoh will be departing in five minutes!"
    "We are close!" Lucy yelled and ran into plane. "YEAH! We made it!" Lucy said when she and her Pokmeon entered in the plane and sat on the nearest two empty seats
  3. As the flight attendant brought Eevee back Alex noticed another Eevee, His Eevee saw the other too and went to it "Vee!" (Hi!)
    "Huh? oh!" Alex said noticing Lucy
    Riolu stood up and went with Eevee "Riolu!" (Hello!)

    "Uhhhhh............ guys you better sit down because the plane's about to take off!"
    "Riolu!" (Sure!)
    "Eev!" (Okay!)
    Tyler turned to Lucy who was across the plane aisle from him "I guess my pokemon really wanna be friends with yours!" he laughed
  4. "Oh, it's not a problem." Lucy said "My Pokemon are really friendly, I think they want to be friends with yours too."
    Foxy and Rose were waving to Alex and his Pokemon.
    "Hey is there empty seat next to you?" Lucy asked Alex
  5. "Uhhh...... yeah!" he said smiling
    "Vee?" (Is she gonna?)
    "Riolu?" (Come sit next us?)
    "Eevee!" (Yeah!)
    "Riolu!" (Arceus knows!)

    "If you wanna come and sit over here then you can!" Riolu jumped on Alex's shoulder and Eevee sat on his lap
    "Vee!" (Yay!)
  6. "Okay, thanks." Lucy said and went to sit on the seat next to Alex. Foxy and Rose followed her.
    "Hello, I'm Lucy." Lucy said as she sat next to Alex "I like you Pokemon."
    Foxy jumped on Lucy's lext shoulder and Rose in her leap.
  7. "Thanks! me and Riolu have been together for as long as I can remember and Eevee hatched from an egg when I was seven!"
    Eevee smiled and started playing with Foxy's tail
    "Riolu?" (Food?)
    Alex laughed "You're always hungry buddy!"

    "Eevee!" (I'm hungry too!)
    Alex sighed "Okay!" he said as he pulled out a container from his bag and gave them some Pokepuffs
    "Do your Pokemon want some?"
  8. "Fen!" (Yeah!) Foxy said
    "Vee-vee!" (I want one!) Eevee smiled
    "Yes they want one." Lucy said
  9. Alex laughed and gave them Pokepuffs "Don't worry I also got other food!" he said handing Lucy a cookie
    Riolu jumped off Alex's shoulder and sat on his head
    "Rio-lu!" (I'm your new hat!)

    Eevee and Alex laughed "Riolu can be a little bit of a prankster sometimes!" he said as he gave Riolu some headphones
    "Riolu Rio!" (Yay my music!)
  10. "Thanks." Lucy said as she hand a cookie. Fennekin and Eevee was sitting in her leap and eating Pokepuffs
    "Your Riolu is really funny." Lucy smiled to Riolu
  11. Riolu smiled before putting on the headphones and listening to his music "When he's not battling or eating or sleeping or being funny he's always listening to his music!" Alex laughed before eating his cookie
    "Vee!" Eevee laughed

    "Eevee!" (At least he's not awkward around girls!)
    "Huh? Eevee!"
    Eevee laughed again
  12. "Can I ask something about your Eevee? Is it male or female?" Lucy asked Alex and looked at his Eevee
    Foxy ate her Pokepuff and curled in Lucy's leap. Lucy petted her.
  13. "Eevee's a female!"
    Eevee smiled
    "Vee!" (yea!)
    "She hatched from an egg that my friend gave me and he had an Espeon!"

    "Riolu!" (Espeon?)
    Alex leaned over to Lucy and whispered "Oh yeah! Riolu kinda has a crush on that Espeon!" he laughed
  14. "Really?" Lucy whispered "But how could Riolu fall in love with Eeveelution?" Lucy asked
    "Vee-vee?"(What Eevee?) Rose asked confusedly
  15. "I dunno! I guess he just thinks she's pretty!" he smiled
    "Vee!" (My mummy!)

    "Riolu!" (Espeon!)
  16. "I see. But does he even understand that Espeon is an adult and he is just kid." Lucy said
    Foxy smiled to Riolu's reacttion when someone said Espeon
  17. "I don't really think he cares!" he said laughing
    "Riolu?" (Why are you talking about Espeon?)
    "Vee?" (You mean my mummy?)
    "Rio!" (Yea!)

    "No reason buddy just keep listening to your music!" Alex smiled
  18. Foxy laughed at confused Riolu.
    "Vee-vee?" (You have mom?) Rose asked Alex's Eevee
  19. "Vee!" (Yeah! she's an Espeon!)
    "Riolu?" (Espeon?)
    "Eevee! Eev Eevee Vee!" (I'm alowed to talk about my mummy so shut up Riolu!)

    "Eevee chill out!" Alex laughed
    "Please can all passengers be ready to get off the plane!" said a flight attendant
  20. "Eevee-vee-vee." (Lucky you, you know your mother.) Rose said sadly

    "Oh, we are almost there!" Lucy exclaimed
  21. "Vee?" (huh?)
    "If I remember correctly, the airport is in Jubilife City?"
    "Riolu!" (Sinnoh!)

    "Oh yeah! I forgot! the Riolu evolution line was first found in Sinnoh, so this is like home to you!" Alex said as they got off the plane
    "Rio!" (Yeah!)
    "So...... Lucy? where are you off to ?"
  22. "Well we came on Pokemon Contest." Lucy said and looked at her Pokemon "Then we'll travel around region to participate in Contest and then we're going to the Ranch to participate in races and increase my riding experience." Lucy smiled "And you?"
  23. "I think that i'm gonna travel around Sinnoh and doing the gym challenge before going to compete in the league! I already competed in Hoenn and came 8th!"
    "Riolu!" (With the others!)
    "Vee!" (Yeah)

    "But that was with my full team, Sceptile, Flygon, Gallade, Arcanine and these two!"
  24. "That's sounds cool!" Lucy smiled
    "Vee!" (Yeah!) Rose smiled
    "Hey, do you wanna travel with me? For me, it's better to travel in team." Lucy said
    Foxy nodded.
  25. "Sure! besides......" Alex said pointing to Riolu who had seemed to completely forget about Espeon and was now completely in love with Fennekin
    "Rio......" (Hello.......)

    Alex and Eevee laughed "Well then these two love birds can grow up together!"
  26. "That's great! Were should we go first?" Lucy smiled
    Rose laughed to Riollu who fell in love with Foxy
    "Kin?" (Hi?) Foxy said confusedly
  27. "Hmmmmm............ well we could go to Oreburgh city?"
    Eevee sat next to Rose and laughed too
    "Riolu!" (You're cute!)
    Eevee leaned over to Rose and whispered "I don't think he's very good around girls, just like Alex!" she laughed

    "Hey I heard that!" Alex said smiling
    "Or we could just relax for a bit before we go?"
  28. The two heard loud and rumbling foot steps near them. They then saw a young boy with his two pokemon by his side.¨ AHHHHH!!!!!!¨ The boy said while he was being chased by a pack of tauros. ¨L-LOOK OUT!!!¨ He said to the two other trainers, about to crash in to them.
  29. "STOP!" Lucy stopped in front of wild Tauros and they all stopped before crash into her "What is going on here?" Lucy asked boy
    "Who are you and why are this Tauros chased you?"
  30. Alex turned around and looked at the Tauros, Riolu stood next to him incase the Tauros charged again
    "Hmmmm.............. something must've angered them! if you stay here, me, Riolu and Eevee will go check it out!"
    Riolu nodded and Eevee smiled.

    Alex pet one of the Tauros "Hey Tauros? can you take me and my Pokemon to your home?"
    "Ros!" Tauros nodded before Tyler and his Pokemon climbed on
    "I won't be long Lucy!"
  31. "I'll take other Tauros to the nearest Ranch, I see they are all tired of chasing and two of them had been injured." Lucy said and pet one of the Tauros and jumped on his back. "Foxy!Rose! Let's go!" Lucy called her Pokemon and Rose climbed on Tauros back and Foxy jumped on his back and they all went to the nearest Ranch
  32. "Okay let's go!"
    Tauros charged into the woods where it stopped out side of a cave
    "Thanks Tauros!" Alex said as he climbed down "Riolu!" (Something's up!)
    "I know buddy!"

    They entered the cave and were quickly attacked by a Tyranitar "Whoa!"
    "Riolu!" (Look!)
    "Vee!" (It's eyes!)
    Alex looked and noticed it's eyes were red and it had a collar of some sort on it, controlling it
    "Riolu use Double Kick! Eevee Shadow Ball!"
    "I could really do with some help!" Alex said to himself
  33. Dylan stared as the two went off. ¨Nice job trying to steal their food, KEEN.¨ Dylan said in a sarcastic matter. Keen turned his head ¨Noc noc...¨
    They suddenly heard a loud scream ¨Huh?¨ Dylan said tilting his head toward the scream. Dylan,Keen,And Rose ran towards the cave. There stood a gigantic tyranitar. ¨What in the world is going on here?!¨

    Dylan then suddenly realized that his Noctowl (Keen) HATED Tyranitar and had a dark past with them. Noctowl gave the Tyranitar a deadly stare while the Tyranitar noticed and gave him a deadly stare back. It was like a western showdown between the two. Everyone stood in silence. ¨Oh no...¨ Dylan said closing his eyes. ¨Meganium...¨ (Here we go again...)
  34. When Lucy brang Tauros to the Ranch she went back in forest. "Hey guys!?" Lucy called for Alex and boy who has been chased by pck of Tauros. "Guys, where are you?"
    "Kin-kin!" (Riolu!) Foxy called for Alex's Pokemon"Fen-fen!" (Eevee!)
  35. "We're here!" Alex shouted from the cave "We need help fighting this Tyranitar!"
    "Lu!" (Help!) Riolu shouted as he was thrown through a wall and blocked in a tunnel system before being grabbed by a swarm of Ariados
    he grabbed onto a rock that had a gap above that he could probably crawl through but he couldn't.

    "Riolu!" (Fennekin! Help!)
    mean while Alex and Eevee were busy fighting
  36. "Kin-kin-fen!" (I'm coming Riolu!) Foxy shouted and ran into cave to save Riolu
    "Let's go and help Alex." Lucy said and she and Rose ran into cave to help Alex fighting Tyranitar. "WOAH!" Lucy shouted when she saw Tyranitar "I haven't seen Tyranitar in live for a very long time."
    "Kin-kin-kin?" (Where are you Riolu?) Foxy shouted in dark cave
  37. "Lu!" (Here!) Riolu shouted as he reached out his hand to her
    "Fennekin, please try and save Riolu!" Alex said worriedly

    "Riolu!" (Grab my hand!)
  38. "Fennekin!" (There you are!) Foxy shouted and grabbed Riolu's hand. "Kin-kin!" (Gotcha!)
    "Okay, Rose it looks like this isn't an ordinary Tyranitar." Lucy said while looking at Tyranitar's collar and red eyes
  39. The Ariados were too strong and they pulled the two pokemon in to their den before Eevee was thrown towards the hole knocking a rock in the way, which blocked the exit.

    Riolu used Power up punch knocking out the Ariados that had grabbed onto the two.
    "Riolu?" (You good?)
    just after he asked, some webs came flying and stuck Fennekin to a wall
    "Riolu!" (Fennekin!)
  40. "Kin!" (Help!) Foxy screamed when she got stuck to a wall
    "Okay, Rose we should try to break that collar. It looks like Tyranitar has been controled by it." Lucy said "Rose, use ShadowBall!" Lucy shouted and Rose made a ShadowBall in he paws and threw it on Tyranitar's collar.

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