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Pokemon Personality

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by Zachary, May 17, 2009.

  1. Here's a neat little game that Shiny, Shado, RX, Virgil and somewhat I made up.

    ~You assign a Pokemon to the person above you based on personality traits, so say that Virgil posted above me, I would give him a Politoad cause he acts quirky sometimes.

    ~no favorites and no signature Pokemon for the person above you, so you just can't give Virgil a poor Spinda or a Barboach. =/

    ~You also gotta give a reason why you think that pokemon matches that person. a sentence long please?

    So because no one posted before me I'll give an example.

    I had Tangrow think of a pokemon for me and he said Snubble and then he said and I qoute.
    Although you're sometimes funny and fluffy, You can be rather grumpy and, er, violent >>

    enjoy ^^
  2. I associate you with a Riolu.

    I do so because Carmen described it as a "very hyper pokemon" in her Fic, like you when you hear certain songs XD

    That is all.
  3. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I thinks Shado should be a Misdreavus. She's, like, dark, cute, and semi-mischievous. Yes, I think Misdreavus are cute, especially after reading Sem's fic with Fida and Elvia. ^^
  4. I see Shiny as a Jigglypuff :B

    She's fun and talented, and if you make her mad you'll regret it.
  5. I see Virgil as a Mawile~

    Yes, I has reason. Mawile are cute, but can be mischievous and devious, and occasionally mean, and sometimes, completely random, as they have a big moveset. Like Virgil :3
  6. I could say Tangrowth or Tangela, but that would be too easy.

    Therefore, I see Tangrow as a Wobbuffet. Blue, four legs, and... wears lipstick... when female?

    I got nothin'.
  7. I see you as a nice fatty Drifloon, TBA.

    Your a pretty easy guy to talk to, your mellow and your pretty cool to hang around in chat.
  8. I picture Zacky as a Beedrill.

    Because he not only looks and sounds dangerous, but he actually means buisness. And sometimes he's just calm and cool to talk to. (That's my opinion anywayz)
  9. I picture Chibi as a electrode.

    Why? I think so because Chibi has a very explosive personality. (Not to mention most of your avatars involve pyrokinetic things often...)
  10. I think of Shado as a Duskull, mostly because of the name, and Shado seems intelligent yet crazy, as I suspect a ghost Pokemon to be.
  11. Oh Thanks. *crosses arms* XD

    I picture Rain as a Persain. She has grace and power all in one. She has a certain gleam in her eye that observes, and even though she is nice, she's someone you want on your side in a battle. And she's a cat. :p
  12. Chibi, I always see you as a Delibird xD

    Your always there for someone in chat, you like helping people out, and your a pretty nice person overall. ^^
  13. I see you a Happiny Zacky XD

    Super powerful and fun loving X3
    Oh Thanks. *crosses arms* XD

  14. Shado, Shado, Shado....
    Kadabra. Because you always talk to me, anyway, about the Battle Factory, and that takes though, which Kadabra does ^^
  15. ....
    I see Cody as a Totodile.
    A little bit hyperactive, constantly smile-y, albeit probably not as likely to run around screaming "TOTOTOTOTOTOTOTTOTOTOTTOTOTTOTOTO" in a bad Donald Duck voice. Overall, kinda cuddly though :V
  16. I think of Belle as a Ninetales because she is sassy and has a beautiful personality.
  17. I think Rain is like a Nidoqueen: she's someone you just don't wanna piss off.
  18. Shocari is....

    Sho is a Ditto. Kind of versatile, and a bit out of place at times
  19. Cody is an Aipom with a golden ax. Nuff said.
  20. Dani is a total cheater xD

    But, I guess since we've entered this realm, Dani is a Sneasel riding a Houndoom over top a mountain that a Ttar is eating. : D
  21. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Cody is definately with out a doubt an Aipom because he just has that impish hyper nature about him.

    I say Psycho monkey is a chimchar,

    because Chimchars are crazed little psychotic hyper things. need I say more? XO
  23. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Shado be an Absol 'cause she can be calm at times. And she brings disaster everywhere. :D

    I picture Shiny as a Spoink. She's so bouncy and happy and hyper.
  25. Chibi is a Charmander. She may burn things, and she is a cutie.
  26. Rain is a Glameow. Mostly because she's prettiful and everyone wants her.
  27. Ethan is obviously a giant Spinda, cause he's totally random and quirky, is always different every time we see him.
  28. Zacky is a Beedrill. Because he is calm, cool, nice to talk to, and dangerous when angered.

    (I'm having to make these short so I'm not INTERUPPTED. ;-; )
  29. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Chibi is a Ninetales for being elegant, but will torment you for the rest of your days if you get on her bad side.
  30. :D

    To me, Psycho is like a Bannette. He is a lover of destruction and death and is quite insane. Yet there are moments of brilliancy that shows that he is quite comfortable with his madness and enjoys it. He is very powerful, yet very mischevious and loves playing pranks on people. Yet sometimes he has brief mometnts of something...better, like a good side.

    (Be happy, being a Bannette from my POV is quite an honor.)
  31. Chibi is a Torchic. Playful and prone to accidentally setting things on fire.
  32. For me, TBA would be a Sudowoodo.

    He's different, and always seems to stand out as a nice chap to me.
  33. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I am more than honored Chibi! That is by far the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. You captured my personality so well! I luv yew!
  34. Psycho I say is a Dusknoir. He loves evil and plotting to kill me. He is insane, psycho, and many more things. If you turn your back on him he will more than likely steal your soul.
  36. I would say that Chibi is an Arcanine. She has elegance, ferouciousness, and fluffyness that matches her with the fire dog. (If I end up doing you again, I'll try to find a grass type that matches you, but can't think of any at this time)
  37. Brendan... definitely a Relicanth for me.

    Resilient, wise, never changing. Always a nice guy with good things to say.
  38. I'd call LoN a Ambipom.

    You are like, an all around person. Like a Mario. In short. Kind of like how you can do lots of different things at once, which I think Ambipom can as well.
  39. Ethan is a Dunsparce,

    He's quirky and funny to the point where you just have a wtf look on your face from what he's doing. But in the end you get it and laugh at the joke. XD
  40. Zacky would be, for me, an Oddish. Strange at first, but really nice when you get to know him :D

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