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Pokemon personality game~ (Attempt 3)

Discussion in 'Forum Games Archive' started by DJ Luke, Nov 27, 2010.

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  1. Since Blazikid locked the old pokemon personality game, I wanted to start a fresh because it was my favourite game ever!
    I'm sure that you are perfectly familiar with how to play but here is a quick example:

    Member1: DJ is an Arceus, loved by everyone!
    Member2: Member1 is a starly, a little new perhaps but definately has potential~!

    No flamming other members!
    Try to think of a good reason, don't just pick a random pokemon out of a hat and think of an excuse~!

  2. DJ Luke is a Mime JR. He is funny and happy!
  3. Louie is a Staraptor, you can always count on him and he is uber-fast!
  4. Ked


    DJ is a young Smeargle. He is playful, fun to be around, and his art skills are still developing, but will someday be great ;)
  5. Kedpeanut is a Jumpluff. Just plain awesome!
  6. Louie is a Shedinja, you can read him like a book but everyone loves him for it ♥~!
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