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Ask to Join Pokémon Order and Destruction Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Baymaxman13, May 22, 2020.

  1. Welcome to the Zetr Region. Zetr is a place where nature can unfold itself in many ways. The region is a beautiful place, but has many dark mysteries. Zetr is recruiting new trainers for gyms and is searching for trainers from any other region to come and help stop the new and dangerous threat that will try to destroy the entire world.


    1. Only one to two shiny Pokémon.
    2. No swearing.
    3. No Mary Sues.
    4. No mega evolutions (have to get permission from the admins).
    5. I allow romance. Keep it PG-13.
    6. Follow the pokecharms rules.
    7. Message me if you want to be a gym leader or elite four member.
    8. You can have up to three characters.
    9. Be nice to each other and have fun.
    10. You are allowed to have crushes.
    11. You can only have up to two Pokémon at the start. You can catch more Pokémon later on.
    12. The last three elite four members can be of any type.
    13. Message me if you want to be apart of Team Order or message me a character that will transition into Team Order over time.
    14. If you’re wanting to become a gym leader, you have to create a team that has lower evolved Pokémon and higher evolved Pokémon. And you can only challenge one gym per city. And when you have got eight badges you go back to the first city you went to and challenge the other gym.

    Character Bio:

    Team Rank (Only for Team Order):

    Gym Types:

















    Elite Four:
    Dragon: EnviousWorm

    These are the cities and towns

    Mesh city: Grass and bug gyms

    Flameburg city: Fire and poison gyms

    Elcnetic city: Electric and steel gyms

    Quake city: Rock and ground gyms

    Silver city: Fairy and ghost gyms

    Doj city: Normal and fighting gyms

    Frostbite city: Ice and dark gyms

    Skyriate city: Water and flying gyms

    Mittis town

    Herm town

    Bright town

    Evo town

    Wond town

    Lon town: Starting town

    And here are the regional variants:
    Pikachu: Water Electric

    Raichu: Water Electric

    Zorua: Ghost Dark

    Zoroark: Ghost Dark

    Abra: Psychic Fairy

    Kadabra: Psychic Fairy

    Alakazam: Psychic Fairy

    Aron: Ice Ground

    Larion: Ice Ground

    Agron: Ice Ground

    Ralts: Ghost Grass

    Kirlia: Ghost Grass

    Gardevoir: Ghost Grass

    Gallade: Ghost Water

    Magikarp: Dragon

    Gyarados: Flying Dragon
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  2. Name: Martheon DiSippilo
    Age: 29
    Gender: male
    Height: 6'1
    Personality: Martheon is a man of two sides. One that is dedicated to protecting family and the innocent, the other which sticks to a fine moral line. Marth doesn't stomach criminals, or the greedy who prey on innocents without breaking laws. Martheon figures himself some sort of superhero in a sense, and holds himself in high regard.
    Appearance: Marth dresses like a cross between a cowboy and a pirate; puffy white blouse and loose tattered brown pants, a ten gallon hat and a cutlass at his side.
    Occupation: elite four
    Partner: Garchomp
    Pokemon: Garchomp, Durudalon, Dragapult, Hydreigon, Salamence, Turtonator (he travels with Garchomp and 2 of the other 5 at all times)
    Region: Zetyr born and raised
    Other: Born in Silver City, Martheon grew up restless in his youth. His parents, owners of a popular bed and breakfast in the city, encouraged him to explore and travel, giving him a Gible to keep safe in the tall grass.

    Part of a new generation of Zetyr's trainers, Marth became the first of his age group to travel, challenge and defeat all 16 gym leaders. As if driven by a single thing, Marth won his badges and traveled the streets of Zetyr tracking down criminals at night, wearing a mask and challenging them to battles, undefeated outside of the Gyms.

    Martheon earned his spot in the Elite Four at the age of 21, and has spent the last 8 years defending his title and protecting the streets of Silver City once more, using the name "The Silver Sheriff".
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  3. The other section can be for background. So you can also write his background story.
  4. Ok, I added a little bit. I'll add bits and pieces here and there as they come to me
  5. It’s really good. So it’s accepted.

    Name: Ryan Ridgestone
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Height: 6’6’’
    Personality: Ryan usually likes to play with trainers his age and help them get better at battling or researching Pokémon battle styles.
    Appearance: Ryan dresses with an outfit that looks a lot like Brock’s outfit. He also has blond hair.
    Occupation: Trainer
    Partner: Aron (Zetr form)
    Pokémon: Aron (Zetr form), Abra (Zetr form)
    Crush: N/A
    Region: Zetr Born
    Team Rank (Only for Team Order): N/A
    Other: N/A

    For this RP you have to get 16 badges to compete in the league.
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