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Pokemon: Opal Version

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Montvale Rangers, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. "I am planning to give three lucky children their first Pokemon." said Professor Willow from the T.V. Professor Willow was a tall woman with blond hair. "Finally" yelled Maxx "Today I will get my first Pokemon!" Maxx was a tall eleven year old boy. As he ran out of the house his short brown hair blew in the wind. He arrived at Professor Willow's Lab. As he went inside he saw three pokemon layed out on a table. They were Treeko, Charmander and Tododile. "Hey Maxx" said Professor Willow "Since you are the first one here you can pick your Pokemon first." "OK I'll pick this one" said Maxx as he picked up Charmander from the table. "Good choice" said Professor Willow "It's worth raising." Maxx stared at it for a minute. "Charmander" he said "You and I are going to be best friends."

    (After all the starters are taken you must catch wild Pokemon) (Come first serve ;D)
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    This is... uh... not how we RP here. Please, read some other RPs (and the rules) to see how we do things.
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