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Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire Revealed!

  1. Demelza

    Demelza Eevee Tamer
    Staff Member Moderator

    In a very shocking and surprising reveal, the official Pokémon YouTube channel has just revealed remakes of the third generation Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire games.
    The two remakes will go by the name of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. Both games will be released worldwide for the Nintendo 3DS in November. Nothing else about the games is currently known.

    The trailer which revealed the games can be seen below:

    Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire were originally released for the Gameboy Advance in Japan November 2002, the games were then released outside of Japan in early 2003.
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Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Demelza, May 7, 2014.

    1. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      can I just say
      OMG YES
      also the bit of "told you so" since who was not expecting it
    2. Mr.Munchlax
      I'm still in shock, & right now I'm not sure if this even taking place in Hoenn since the trailer and a review from Polygon said the games take place in "spectacular new world," meaning this could be the region the Backpacker from X & Y was talking about

      Also, is it just me, or do Kyogre and Groudon look a little different on the boxart?
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    3. Burgundy
      I'M. SO. HAPPY. NOW.
    4. glaman5266
      I cannot contain my excitement! It needs to be November! Now!
    5. Keleri
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    6. Burgundy
      If I had to guess, i would say that those are likely new Mega forms for Kyogre and Groudon. They look great, and hopefully means that we might get Mega Rayquaza. XwX I'm so full of hype I don't know what to do with all of this hype.
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    7. FalChromiforme
      The markings on their skin are different. Makes 'em look cooler.
    8. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez

      I've been waiting for this for SO LONG. This is amazing news. The idea of Hoenn on the 3DS makes me wish there was a time machine to take me to November already!

      Edit: I see it says "Explore a whole new world!" But either way, I'm still excited even if it doesn't take place in Hoenn (but I hope it does).
    9. The Voltagonist
      The Voltagonist
      To be honest, I saw this coming a while back. That doesn't mean I'm not excited for it, though! I've personally been waiting for them to remake the third-generation games, and they're finally here! :love:

      Also, whatever happened to the next Kalos game? It felt as if Zygarde was going to make his debut soon, or at least shock and surprise us with something cool, and he never did...
    10. Carmen Lopez
      Carmen Lopez
      It depends on Game Freaks schedule. If you recall back in Gen III, we got the Kanto remakes before Emerald was released so it could follow the same trend. There is a very slim chance that chance that Zygarde could make an appearance in these remakes but I think they'll follow the status quo and give it a bigger role in the next region's games.

      Edit: I just made an epic typo. I meant to say the next Kalos game, not next region's games lol.
      Last edited: May 7, 2014
    11. Keleri
      The Gen III remake rumor train has been all over the place starting with fan hopes and ideas to an almost-denial from one of the developers on twitter and then hints in XY, so it's terribly exciting and relieving to get a definite positive answer.

      If it hadn't been posted on pokemon.com, though, I would have expected an announcement video with only box art to be fake. The game is releasing in six months, too, so I would expect to see some gameplay? I expect that will come along soon, but I'm left wondering if there will be some surprises when we lay eyes on it.
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    12. Burgundy
      E3 isn't far away, I'm positive that we'll get gameplay then. But while we're waiting...

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    13. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      I'm really hoping I can finally play another Pokemon game; Hoenn was pretty much what got me back into Pokemon, and a lot of the scenery was great in 2D back in the Advanced Gen. Imagine how everything will look in 3D! *u*
    14. Mr.Munchlax
      IF the games take place in Hoenn
    15. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      I will eat my hat if it isn't; the "spectacular new world" thing sounds like marketing, especially to people who're probably either too young to remember or weren't even born when the original RS came out.
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    16. Dinova
      FINALLY, YES!!!

      Oh my god, this is what I've been wanting for years!! I can't wait to here the RSE music redone on the 3DS. The Unique Hoenn environments are going to look amazing in whatever form they take as well!!

      Though, this game seems to be coming out pretty quickly, will they have had time to make the game with the same 3D as X and Y?

      Also, the new designs for Groudon and Kyogre remind me of the Mega Latias/Latios spoiled earlier. With four possible Megas for Hoenn legendaries, I'm hoping we get Mega Rayquaza or Deoxys.
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    17. Midnight Ace
      Midnight Ace
      "Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire" cool remake titles, but still meh; as I see 3rd gen (RSE) being the weakest/worst main story in Pokémon.
    18. Doubled
      HOLY FRIJOLES I AM EXCITED. But yeah, looks like my suspicion about a ruby and sapphire "remake" not necessarily being enhanced clones like HGSS might be plausible, and I'm not the only one to think so. If so, THANK GOODNESS because I need new stories to experience. I really hope a bunch of new Megas are revealed, but dang, November 2014 is soon... like... real soon... but yet so far away.

      Also I know we're all excited about the new designs on Kyogre and Groudon, but is it me, or does it look like their... I guess their marks? Does it look like they kind of traded them with each other? Probably not and I'm seeing things.
    19. baratron
    20. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey

      Ahem. Yup, I am uber excited. I have been waiting for this moment since Gen V. Hoenn is by far the absolute most beautiful region in the entire Pokemon world so seeing it in all of the majesty the 3DS can produce combined with all of the gameplay innovations brought on the last three Gens makes me all kinds of excited. Not to mention Sapphire is my favorite Pokemon game of all time so this is like a second renaissance for me! ♥
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    21. The Blue Blur
      The Blue Blur
      I Just Saw This On Someone's Phone At School And They Had A Total Breakdown! I'm Very Excited Can't Wait!
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    22. Da Freezah
      Da Freezah
      I don't think I'm that excited for it now... but as it gets closer to November... WOOH. How exciting that will be!
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    23. The Blue Blur
      The Blue Blur
      I Wonder If That Kid Is Ok And Stoped Laughing And Crying
    24. Mr.RMA
      This is most certainly a fantastic bit of news! While I'm not quite as super-excited as I was with the Heartgold/Soulsilver announcement, I'm still crazy-hyped to see what the Gen VI engine will do with the Hoenn region, which, as many people have said, already looked fantastic back in the Gen III era. Also, I feel the remade music will surely be a step above the original. More realistic-sounding trumpets galore!
    25. ShinyZekrom009
      I came home. I trudged upstairs slowly and groaned, dropping my backpack to the floor with a thud. I collapsed into bed, wondering why school dragged on so long...then remembered that I took four tests today. I laid there for maybe five, six minutes, not wanting to get up. Then, I pulled myself up and turned on the computer, hoping to see some good news before I started on my homework for the day. I arrived here, saw an intriguing post title in the news section, clicked, and read.




      Ahem. Sorry about that, I didn't mean to lose my composure. But hot damn, the Hoenn remakes are finally approaching! My body can barely contain the amount of sheer happiness that threatens to burst free!

      I am very, very much looking forward to seeing the natural beauty of Hoenn in breathtaking 3D (especially Fortree and...*fingers crossed*...the Underwater areas!). November, please be ready for me when you come around.
    26. Magpie
      Ah, my favourite Region :') It'll look super beautiful if we are re-visiting good old Hoenn. Although I'm also excited because hopefully this'll mean they finally release a Manectric plush :V It's not much to ask

      Exciting news is exciting :D
    27. Mr.Munchlax
      A few things I'm hoping for with OR & AS are:
      1. Maybe they'll try to add the time-skip twist in the story like they did with BW2 to show how much the Hoenn region has changed
      2. The pokédex stays with the same format by seeing all of the pokémon to complete it rather than catching them
      3. Keep the character customization aspect from X & Y
      4. Have the easy and challenge mode options again (and make them easier to obtain)
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    28. Demelza
      That's kinda the thing though, I'd bet any money at all that these games weren't intended to be revealed today. Sure, they were due for reveal soon, but I'd be surprised if they weren't going to be revealed until Nintendo's E3 presentation. I could be completely wrong though, and the one way to tell if I am or not is this months edition of CoroCoro which should include something about the games if they were due to be revealed this soon, if the magazine says nothing then I'm even more certain they were meant for E3.

      Nintendo have had a lot of bad press today in regards to needing to appeal more to the western market, what better way to take people's attention off the bad press than to announce new Pokémon games, remakes of much loved Pokémon games at that. It also helps that Pokémon sells extremely well outside of Japan for them, so this was pretty much a win-win situation - and after seeing how the public and press have reacted to the news I can't say it wasn't a wise choice. Another sign of this being a rushed job is that the social media outlets never built up to having an announcement of some sort like they normally would even for really small things. The trailer is evidently a rushed job too, I expect E3 will offer us some proper gameplay footage.

      The games will most definitely be taking place in Hoenn otherwise they wouldn't be Ruby and Sapphire. Most of the press stuff is hyping it to a new generation of Pokémon players who weren't playing the games 11 years ago, so for them they will be exploring a whole new world. In a lot of ways it'll be quite new to us seeing it in 3D and considering what changes Hoenn may have gone through since the last time we got to explore the region, but either way this is, mostly, all marketing nonsense.
    29. Nshadow64
      YES!!!!! I'm so glad they're remaking them. Pokemon company is smart. They remake the games for the new generation. (Such as myself.) I new this game would happen, too. Next thing on the agenda: remake Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.
    30. MaxineZoruaLuna
      Honestly I can't say I'm surprised I'm extremely happy because Hoenn was my first game ever but I always assumed it was eventually gonna happen
    31. Sy Kage
      Sy Kage
      *Grabs calendar* I'm ready!
    32. Corion
      Anyways. Maybe in these games, we will get mega Latios and Latias instead of X and Y.
      Last edited: May 7, 2014
    33. Shocari
      More likely than not, these games were being worked on at the same time as XY, so they could easily have copied over a lot of internal stuff and only really needed to work on crafting the look of the region.
    34. Skyy-chan
      AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I so called it! I can't believe this will actually come through! Just imagine, my favorite generation coming into lush 3D! Maybe I don't have to bomb Gamefreak ! <- Just kidding, I wouldn't do that anyhow. I'm way to excited! That's 2 events in November already to look forward to!
    35. FalChromiforme
      They've probably been working on this in secret, away from the rest of the world. . . Also, What will the Emerald remake be called? Delta Emerald? Or will there even be an Emerald remake?
    36. Dinova
      I don't think they will remake the third version as there has been no yellow or crystal remake.

      Something that my friend mentioned that has been making me think is: What if these new Kyogre and Groudon designs aren't Mega evolutions. The changes in the cover art (excluding color differences as marketing creativity) are all pattern based. There are few if any physical changes to their sillhouettes. However, I feel that disregarding them completely isn't wise considering how radical they are.

      My own theory is that, considering that these remakes may have a greater focus on story, these forms are artificial augmentation of some sort done by team Aqua/Magma and not specifically Mega evolution. Similar to the Shadow Lugia in XD, maybe this is a special variation on these pokemon unique to this remake?
      Last edited: May 7, 2014
    37. Demelza
      Generally the third games don't get remade as the remakes include everything the third games did and much more. Looking at the pattern the last remakes were Pokémon FireRed & LeafGreen and Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver, neither set of remakes included a remake of the third game from their generation. :)
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    38. ThatGreenPlumber
      I noticed that too.
    39. BrickWall9000+
      I called it! I so called it! I knew they were remaking Ruby and Sapphire for the 3DS! I don't know if this is bad because I have to wait until November, or good because I totally called it!^o^

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