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Private/Closed Pokemon of Prophecy

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Chiknluvr, Sep 26, 2016.

  1. Ok, well, here we go.
    Discussion Thread: The Pokemon of Prophecy
    Rules/Things to remember:
    1. Spelling is key
    2. Grammar is key
    3. Read the rules first
    4. NO ONELINERS. Even though it is stated in the rules, I still see them.
    5. If you are not part of this roleplay, do not post. If you do, you will be reported.
    Ok, that covers rules so far.
    People allowed to post:
    @Frisk @Generation Sect @Icena @DJLucario25 @Chiknluvr

    Everyone in the clan was waving them off. Blazi looked back, waving, with tears in her eyes. There was a prophecy that told of one of them being a "hero" and the other a "villain". Nobody knew yet who was who. Xatu had told them they needed to go to the temple, across the sandy plains. Nobody really knew where it was, just that it was in the middle of an oasis. Blazi looked forward, across the endless seeming desert. It was going to be a long journey.
  2. Whista was about to leave her clan with a few others. According to Xatu, she and the other pokemon that she was going with are part of a prophecy. All she knew about it was that one of them would be a hero, another a villian, and they would fight each other. They all needed to go to the temple. Nobody knew its exact location, and this worried Whista a bit. They were going to have to go through the sandy planes, which wasn't such a good place for her to travel. She's an ice type, and in the sandy plains it's so hot. Whista traveled through it once, and it was a horrible experience. She hoped it would be better this time.
    "Goodbye," she said quietly to the whole clan, "I hope to see you soon."
  3. Blazi tried to reassure Whista. "At least we're together as friends." She said. Honestly though, why was this prophecy a thing? It's stressful knowing that two of your friends are going to destroy the world.
  4. "Hey, DJ!" Blazi waved. "How's it going?" The Blaziken handed a berry to DJ and Whista. "Have a berry. Hunger can be bad! What you hummin', DJ?" Then, Blazi whistled the tune. "It's too catchy!" She groaned. "Now I have it stuck in my head!"
  5. Whista smiled as Blazi reassured her. Just as she was about to say something, DJ came humming a song. Somehow the song got her in a better mood. When Blazi handed Whista a berry, she said, "Thanks!" and began to eat from it, one bite at a time.
    "It is a nice tune, though," Whista added after finishing the berry.
  6. "Mr. Luxray, when will you be coming back?"

    Weaving through the legs of the leonine Pokemon towering above them, the delighted squeals of the clanschildren rose into the trees, bouncing from the bark and towards the sky as they awaited the answers to their constant questions. It was not often that 'Mr. Luxray' passed through the Village's heart, let alone to set out upon a journey destined to alter the world as it was known, and thus the younglings had been sent into a dizzying state of excitement. Standing far beyond the height of most of the clansmembers, with piercing eyes and a mane grizzled with sparks of electricity, he was a mystery. Rumours were told of his travels, of his power, and everyone wanted to see for themselves if it were true. Yet the large Pokemon simply walked through, a patient smile on his muzzle, walking carefully so that he wouldn't tread on the paws of the children chasing his tail and running around his legs.

    "Soon, young ones." He replies, smiling down at a particularly excitable Riolu. They pause, considering his answer, murmuring amongst themselves. The great lion continues onwards, tail swinging. The children, realising this, chase after him once more.
    "Will you take us to see the stars when you do get back?" asked a small Vulpix. Frisk sighed, bowing his head for a moment.
    "We shall see. Now, return to your families, children. From here it is very dangerous, and it growing dark." With that, the children reluctantly turned away, the Luxray watching through the trees and boulders to ensure that they each made it home before setting off once more.

    Glancing up at the stars, he frowned.

    For the rest of the day, he lagged behind the group, watching each of them carefully with his x-ray vision, slinking through the trees slowly; ensuring that nothing would come to harm them from behind. Xatu's words were worrying. He could not help but roll them over and over in his head. Which two Pokemon would attempt to destroy each other, knowing that it would cause so much pain to the rest of the world? The Pokemon before him were but children compared to him, he had seen the rise and fall of many clans, towns, even countries in his many years alive. It would seem that he would have to witness many more before he passed.
  7. Eli slunk along besides the others who had been sent off. It was outrageous, having to leave this place all because some quack said so. He barely knew any of these Pokemon, let alone the Xatu that had told them that they all had to leave because "bla bla bla destroy the world". Every now and then he would spin around in a circle, floating above the ground like always, as if chasing his tail. It was his equivalent of pacing up and down while thinking.

    This entire "Hero" and "Villian" situation struck him as insane. If it was true, why would they tell them this, then send them away into the desert? With a fire fighting type, three electric types and an ice cream, they weren't really suited for desert travel. Luckily for Eli he was the best suited for this, due to his immunity to the ground types here.
  8. It was with cautious eyes that Frisk watched the serpentine form of Eli wind itself about before him. It was offputting, to say the least, to keep spotting the Eelektross floating in the distance whilst the others tumbled and treaded upon the ground, it was not often that Frisk found himself in the company of those who could levitate. His spinning caused the fur along Frisk's spine to rise from the skin, bristling uncomfortably, it reminded him of the way Arboks would move when hunting Dedennes and the like when he young. Yet as night-time and the beginnings of the desert came into view, Frisk was forced to move closer to the group, and closer to the winding clansmember.

    "You are Eli, are you not?" Frisk greeted, coming to prowl beside the Eelektross. His right ear twitched at the sound of a Chatot cawing in the distance, his bright eyes unmoving from the group before them.
  9. It was starting to get dark when Eli noticed that Frisk was talking to him. He was attempting to come up with a witty response when he heard the sounds of a chatot, weird so close to the desert. The sound startled him, breaking position as his long tentacle like body started to unroll and fall down to the floor, starting to curl up like a snake as he physically couldn't have touched the floor even if he wanted to.

    "I guess?" He spoke rushedly, he constantly gave off a nervous, erratic, rushed feeling, as if he was never quite at ease. His words tended to tangle themselves up and come out of his mouth faster than most could easily understand. The calm attitude that Frisk gave off tended to scare him, as he could never really read him that well. He stared off into the desert, with no discernible start and no visible end. "We're pretty far out here aren't we..." He spoke his thoughts without really intending to say them.
  10. [​IMG]
    Whilst the outburst was unexpected, Frisk did not seem surprised by the abrupt, violent change in demeanour that the Eelektross had undergone. The Luxray merely continued on his way, pausing only momentarily with a turn of the head to ensure that the liverish Pokemon was well enough to continue on their way. Raising an eyebrow at the perculiar response, Frisk thought it best not to respond for the time being. This Pokemon was very clearly skittish, deeply unsettled by the meekest of sounds. He would no doubt not appreciate some comment on his odd answer of behaviour. Ears flickering, Frisk shook himself- mane glowing with a golden hue of electricity as it discharged from his body.

    "It will soon become unbearably cold, we should find some cover and rest for the night" Frisk mused, turning to finally face the other Pokemon. Muzzle drawn into an unmoving line, eyes glowing a haunting yellow against the backdrop of the darkening horizon.
    "Many Pokemon have died out here from the exposure." The Luxray added, inclining his head to a sand-dune several meters away, where with his x-ray vision he had spotted the bones of some poor victim of the desert nights. Turning away from the sight, Frisk merely continued, as though silently asking the other Pokemon to accompany him towards the rest of the group.
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  11. "Have you been out here before, Mr. Luxray?" Blazi asked, in awe of the power exuded by the Luxray. It wasn't often that the Blaziken met someone of his status. The Elektross, whom Blazi though was Eli, looked anxious to her. That annoying tune was still stuck in her head and she kept humming it. After a little while, Blazi stumbled. "Aiee! Trapinch!" The Trapinch in question attacked.
  12. Frisk smiled softly down at the little chicken and nodded, his mane bristling in the timid breeze then tumbling over the dunes and into the endless horizon. His voice was deep, gentle; a low rumble in his throat rather than a loud burst of sound. It seemed the Luxray was displeased by some memory, but content with conversation with the younger Pokemon.

    "Indeed, although it was many years ago." Glancing down into the sand, his snout twitched, ears flattening a little. "And my destination was never the temple." His voice tapered into silence, a frown set upon his muzzle once more. Frisk growled suddenly as Blazi stumbled, and he lurched forward to support her with his tail. Calmly moving himself in front of Blazi as a means of protecting her, eyes alight with a yellow glow that bled into the night with a sinister edge, he loomed above the trapinch as it moved to attack once more.
    "We are not here to fight or hurt you." Politely bowing his head, Frisk nodded to the Trapinch as a means of respect. "There is no need to attack. We are merely travelling through." Frisk glanced back at Blazi as though to enquire if she was alright.

    "Accept our apologies, Trapinch."
  13. Whista didn't have any reaction to the Trapinch who popped up, ready to attack all of them. Instead, she watched as Mr. Luxray helped out. It was quite incredible. Whista looked at the group to see their reactions, but noticed someone was missing. 'It's DJ,' she thought, 'He must have been left behind for some reason. . . Oh, he was taking a nap!'
    Whista was about to tell everyone that they left DJ, but then saw he was behind her, and sighed in relief.
  14. Blazi looked at the Trapinch again, who snarled. "Um, we come in peace. Can we just, uh, go now?" The Blaziken started backing away from the Trapinch. It burrowed back underground. Blazi sighed. "Phew. Glad that's over. Hopefully we can get to this temple soon…"
  15. "We'd better." Eli snarked. The sand and sun were starting to bear down on him, and as an Electric type, having to even touch sand made him tingle. Levitate meant he usually didn't have to deal with this, but the sand whipping in his face was starting to make him numb. "I don't even understand why any of us agreed to this." He thought out loud.
  16. Sighing, Frisk bowed his head and gently unfurled his tail from about Blazi with a precise gentleness. Glancing at the group, he continued towards the front and slowly walked forward, silently guiding them with his eyes that could see all. Ears flickering, it seemed that the Luxray was suddenly tense from Eli's question. Lost in thought, he solemnly watched the trail before them as he traversed it, muzzle frowning in deep concern.
    "Don't lag behind." He eventually ordered the group. "If you are tired let somebody know." With that, he was silent once more, ascending the large dune spiralling above them.
  17. The sun beat down and sandstorms raged. Blazi winced with every grain that hit her. This was most definitely not the kind of weather for a Fire-type. Or any other Pokemon on their team. Blazi watched the horizon shimmer, while trudging robotically along. "So, can we stop soon? The sun is past its zenith and it's going to set soon. I think we should eat."
  18. Whista felt like she was melting because of all the heat. Fortunately for her, she was floating, so she didn't have to touch the scorching hot sand. Whista was traveling at an extremely slow pace, as if she was a Slowpoke. She couldn't help it, as it was too hot for her. When Blazi suggested to stop and eat, Whista mumbled, "Yes, that would be great... I can't take it..."
    She was an ice type, after all, and the desert was a super effective heatwave for her.
  19. Frisk stopped as they reached the belly of a dune, where they were protected from the biting wind and the scorching sand. Turning to the group he nodded. "We are best stopping here and eating, and then travelling through most of the night as the temperature drops greatly once the sun has gone down." Turning his back on them, he then silently walked away from them, travelling over the next dune and out of sight.
  20. Eli mumbled to no one in particular in response to the Luxray's statement. "I guess that's a good idea..." The temperature was starting to dry him up, and the sand made his skin feel coarse and rough.

    He sat down at the belly of the sandy dune, sat as best he could, coiling himself up to make himself as short as he could, just above the ground. Suddenly, he started to pick up Trapinch signals below, causing him to bounce back up straight to his full height, his natural predator instincts activating. He tried his best to readjust and pretend it didn't happen.
  21. Blazi started. "What is it, Eli?" The Blaziken stuttered nervously. She looked downwards and saw the sand shifting. "Guys…"

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