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Pokémon OC Sprite Requests

Discussion in 'Requests' started by uncreative, Mar 2, 2017.

  1. I don't usually do requests, but I'm bored. Anyway, if you have a Pokémon OC, I can sprite it for you. I'm quite good at spriting :) I'd appreciate it if you could fill out this form so I don't get any details wrong. Also, no Pokémon past Gen 5 please (sorry)

    OC Request Form:
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional):
    Facial Expression (Optional):
    Game Style:
    (For example, Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow style, but not Klink in Pokémon Ruby style, because it didn't exist then).

    When I make your OC I will post it in the Creative Corner and tag you in it, saying it was requested by you. After this you can use the sprite without giving credit, but you can't claim you made it. :)
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  2. Can I request a duo?

    Species: umbreon
    Appearance: ruby has white fur instead of black and the rings are red
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional):
    Facial Expression (Optional):
    Game Style: Pokemon sun/moon please

    Name: sapphire
    Species: umbreon
    Appearance: sapphire white fur instead of black and the rings are blue
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional):
    Facial Expression (Optional):
    Game Style: Pokemon sun/moon
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  4. Can I make a request?

    Name: Popplio
    Species: Popplio
    Appearance: Popplio appears to be on his tail, opening his arms, as if he wants a hug.
    Clothing/Accessories: Popplio has a little top hat on his head, the color of light sky blue, and a white ribbon around the waist of the hat
    Facial expression: close eyed smile
    Game style: Alolan, or gen 7 (Sun &a Moon)
  5. Um, sorry, but Popplio has no sprites?
  6. M'kay...switch out Popplio with...

    Name: Pikachu
    Species: Pikachu
    Appearance: Pikachu is on his hind legs, arms outstretched, as if it wants a hug
    Clothing/Accessories: Pikachu has a little, sky blue bow tie around his neck (what a lady's man!)
    Facial Expression: close eyed, open mouth expression
    Game Style: Pokemon Black and Whit (gen 5)
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  7. Thanks :)
  8. Name: Mirage
    Species: Umbreon
    Appearance: Mirage's rings are an emerald green, and his eyes are a deep, ocean blue. Instead of an Umbreon's tail, Mirage's looks like an Espeon's tail, and it is completely black, along with the rest of his fur. In the center of his head ring, there is a small, blue gem.
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): A green Bandanna tied around his neck.
    Facial Expression (Optional): A snarl.
    Game Style: Heart Gold/Soul Silver
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  9. Ok, I'll do all of these as soon as I can! :)
  10. They're wonderful. Thank you!
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  11. You're welcome! :)
  12. By "Pokémon OC," do you strictly mean Pokémon, or can you do Trainers as well?
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  13. I mean Pokemon, but I'll accept a trainer :)
  14. Would you be alright with making another of my OC's, but a trainer?
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  15. Sure, I don't see why not! :)
  16. Name: Gray Allen
    Species: Human (Male)
    Appearance: Tall (6'3", to be precise), slightly on the skinny side. Gray has a chocolate-colored skin tone, with messy black hair that stopes at the top of his neck. His eyes are two different colors, the right one being green, and the left blue.
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): Gray wears a white, sleeveless shirt. Over that, he has a black-and-green, short-sleeved open jacket (Similar to Manga-Red's) and a black cap, which he usually wears backwards. He has dark-blue jeans, along with green sneakers and black, fingerless gloves.
    Facial Expression (Optional): A cocky grin.
    Game Style: Soul Silver/Heart Gold
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  17. Okay, thank you!

    Name: Maddison Greasley

    Species: Human (female)

    Appearance: I have a picture, but there's a few differences. Her shoes are white rather than yellow, and I removed the bracelet. Her hair is also a lighter shade of brown.

    Game Style: I do love 3rd gen, so for a base sprite I would prefer the female ace trainer from R/S. If not possible, the female trainer from BW2 would work ^^

    Attached Files:

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  18. Ok, I'll start tonight :)
  19. So you want it in the style of generation 3? :)
  20. Yeah ^^
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  21. Ok! I'll start tonight :)
  22. upload_2017-3-15_17-13-57.png Here you are. It's not very good, so I'm sorry about that.
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  23. If you don't mind, could I request something else?

    Name: Mook

    Species: Vaporeon

    Appearance: In the style of the Vaporeon sprite from the original games (picture included)

    Game Style: Gen 3 or 4.

    If this is too complicated, I totally understand! 9a982cfd0cf7ecab5e10bde2cf83e7fa.jpg
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  24. So, I was wondering I f I could get a sprite of my mascot?

    Name: Ry_Burst
    Species: Totodile
    Appearance: A Totodile. Nothing special, just a Totodile. Well except for
    Clothing: A black ninja headband, tied like on my profile pic.
    Facial expression: Happy
    Game Style: Pokemon Black
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  25. Sure!
  26. I'll try :)
  27. upload_2017-3-16_17-43-41.png
  28. Sweet! Thanks!
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  29. Could you please do this? I have a picture reference if it helps.

    Species: Leafeon
    Appearance: A female Leafeon of normal colouring with her left eye being Blue, and the right being Hazel/Brown in colour. She is smaller than the average Leafeon
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): she wears a Scarf around her neck which is Camo green.
    Facial Expression (Optional): calm. Preferably lying down if you could
    Game Style: Platinum or HG/SS
    I will post reference in a few minutes
  30. image.jpg
    Here is the picture!
  31. Hi there! I was wondering if i'd be able to get 2 done? If not then i'm fine with just the first one thank you!

    Name: Firewall
    Species: Shiny Porygon-Z
    Appearance: Flying through the air, arms back and at sides, three small orbs scattered on sides (One blue, one red, one yellow. If you can't do that it's okay)
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): Choice Specs positioned just above the beak
    Facial Expression (Optional): Angry
    Game Style: Platinum/HGSS

    Name: Ventus
    Species: Leafeon
    Appearance: Standing vigil (similar to original sprite), Tail facing downward, head tilted to the left slightly
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): Choice Scarf tied around the neck with ends flowing like a cape
    Facial Expression (Optional): Happy + Winking
    Game Style: Platinum/HGSS
  32. Name: Bleak
    Species: Eevee
    Appearance: Mostly blue, but with green splotches around
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): N/A
    Facial Expression (Optional): Bright smile
    Game Style:
    (For example, Pikachu in Pokémon Yellow style, but not Klink in Pokémon Ruby style, because it didn't exist then). Gen 4, please!
  33. Could I do a Trainer and a couple Pokemon?
    Name: Winter
    Species: Glaceon
    Appearance: White, gray and black instead of light turquoise, cerulean and dark turquoise
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): sky blue scarf and same color snow-boots
    Facial Expression (Optional): Determined-looking smirk
    Game Style: HG/SS

    Name: Ace
    Species: Growlithe
    Appearance: Normal Growlithe coloring
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): Backwards black baseball hat, open black leather jacket, black sunglasses
    Facial Expression (Optional): Smug
    Game Style: HG/SS

    Name: Aspen
    Species: Human
    Appearance: Fair skin, shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail with a strand loose in front, blue eyes.
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): Blue hoodie, jeans, black combat boots, pinkish-purple knit beanie
    Facial Expression (Optional): Eyebrows down but grinning
    Game Style: Yup, HG/SS again. If you need a base sprite, how about Silver? ^^
  34. I can do the first two, but humans aren't really my strong suit :p
  35. Just a bit too complicated, sorry :(
  36. Alrighty! ^^
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  37. Name: Pashmina
    Species: Amaura
    Appearance: Regular Amaura colors, although the light blue parts are a little more green tinted. The fins are more pastel.
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): A small necklace with a pastel yellow star pendant and a small magenta bracelet on one of the front legs.
    Game Style: Black & White if possible, but there's no need for it to be animated !!
    Take your time getting to this one since it's fairly easy. I'm sure you're getting a lot of requests right now ;;
  38. Can I Request Something?

    Name: Tsunami
    Species: Keldeo
    Appearance: Resolute Form with the stripes Red, Orange and yellow (In that Order)
    Clothing/Accessories (Optional): One of the Super mystery dungeon scarves
    Game Style: Black & White 2

    If you could that would help me quite a bit.
  39. Closed! No more requests please!
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