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Ask to Join Pokemon Nuzlocke Generation One

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by PhotonIzzy, Jul 2, 2019.

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    Alex slowly opened her eyes to bright morning. For moment she thought it was going to be normal day in pallet town, hanging out with her friends, eating dinner and going to sleep. But then the sudden realization comes in

    " I'm going to be a Pokémon trainer! " Alex shouted

    When she shouted this everyone that was asleep in her house woke up. Her mom barges in her room while she was getting ready.

    " What's going on?! " Her mom said with scared tone

    " Mom, I need go I'll tell you later! " she shouts as she runs out the door towards the lab
  2. When Leo woke up, Pallet Town felt almost alive with new excitement, and maybe a little bit of uneasiness too. This journey wouldn’t exactly be a forgiving one, but Leo had decided long ago that he would work to become a skilled trainer like his brothers, no matter how perilous the journey was. Many new, bright eyed trainers like him would be receiving their first Pokémon today, and he had no time to lose if he wanted to get a good one.

    After a quick breakfast with his family, he slung his backpack over his shoulders and hugged his parents goodbye one last time. They had been supportive of his choice, but it couldn’t have been easy to see him go, leaving them with an empty nest. Even so, Leo sprinted headlong down the road. His first Pokémon was almost within reach.
  3. The sun shot through the cracks in Charlie's blinds, lighting up his room in a striped pattern. The boy rolled over, covering the sun's rays with his large pillow and letting out an exhausted groan. After a moment of measuring the consequences of not getting up, Charlie rolled onto his back, both arms flopping off the sides of his bed as his olive green gaze focused on the ceiling of his roof. Charlie huffed, heaving himself into an upright position as his eyes scanned the walls of his room. Beside the hanging clock was a calendar, with the day's date circled in bright red. "Oh yeah." Charlie muttered with a smile before he flopped back into his bed- yes the boy was excited, but that didn't outweigh the comfort of his fluffy sheets. After several minutes had gone by, Charlie moved from his room, where he got dressed, to his bathroom. First brushing his hair, Charlie hummed and slowly moved into brushing his teeth.
    the boy wrapped up his morning routine by sliding a large black backpack over his shoulders and slipping a black cap onto his head. Charlie wrote a note to his parents- they never much liked waking up early. Besides, he knew they'd make a big deal and he'd likely end up wait. He sighed the note with hugs and kisses before leaving it on the kitchen counter and walking away, closing the door gently beside him and taking a deep breath on his front porch. "Let's go." Charlie sighed as he equipped himself with a smile, tightening his grip on the straps of his bag and walking towards the lab.

    "Please don't." Lisa sighed in a hushed tone as her mother offered to walk her to the lab. Her father, a looming figure, wrapped his arms around her and mentioned something about his little girl and growing up. Lisa let out a sigh, but a smile teased at her lips- she would really miss her family. "It's okay, really." Lisa assured as her mother put a plate of food in front of her. Lisa took a piece of meat off of the plate and slowly nibbled at it, but eventually took the rest of the food and placed it on the floor- where the family houndour gladly devoured it. "I'm not that hungry." Lisa shrugged as she got up from the chair.
    "Are your sick? Oh dear, honey. Maybe you should stay home." When her parents quickly jumped to conclusions, Lisa shook her head.
    "Like I said. It's okay." Lisa shrugged and smiled sheepishly. The girl took a small side purse from off of the back of her chair before pushing the chair in. Lisa focused her attention on the houndour, now asleep on the floor- and when she looked up her parents had tears in their eyes. As her father held her mother and they gentle weeped after their child who was leaving home. Lisa took in a deep breath before rushing up to her parents and embracing them. The group hug was brief, but the girl and her parents exchanged whispered 'i love yous' before Lisa walked out the door and towards the start of her new journey.
  4. Peter coughed from under his breath, looking at the sights and scenes of Pallet Town. His mother, who had a striking resemblance to Brandon's mother in ORAS, was next to him, humming a tune. Before long, they arrived at the Professor's Lab. Truly, Peter was still attached to Sinnoh, though he moved to Cinnabar Island 3 Years Ago. Peter stared at the Professor's Lab, gazing at the line. His face was in terror, though his mother pushed him to the line and went to take care of her other 1.84 children (i just made them the stereotypical russians because why not).
  5. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The sea breeze rustled through Wes’s brown hair, leaving salt molecules on his tanned skin while his Growlithe rested near his feet. He had expected a nice ferry to bring him over to Pallet Town, but was disappointed when all stingy Blaine had bought him was a ride on a meek sailboat. Luckily, the weather was fair and he would be arriving at Pallet soon. Growlithe awoke and his nose perked up, it appeared he had smelt something he enjoyed. Wes stood up and gazed over the hull of the ship. The sight was beautiful: colored flowers dotted rolling hills, pidgey and rattata scurried about, in the distance Wes could make out little homes and a large windmill next to what appeared to be a laboratory. Pallet Town Wes thought this is where my journey begins. He donned his hat and grabbed his backpack as he stared with excitement at the destination that would mark the beginning of his adventure. “Let’s go” he said to Growlithe as the boat docked and they began their hike to the Professor’s lab.
  6. Professor Oak smiled with joy when he saw all the young trainers line up to get their first or second Pokémon, he began to give a speech to all the trainers

    " It brings me joy that all of you could come to the lab to get you're very first Pokémon!, When you walk inside every Pokémon will be out of their balls and you could talk to them. It's better if you let them choose you so you have better bond with them when you start off your journey, There will also be Pokedex's for everyone here, now come inside! "

    Alex's eyes shined when she heard the speech, she had grin from one side to another. When Oak said everyone could come inside Alex immediately when to the fire Pokémon section.

    " If I get a fire Pokémon then I'll definitely be ready for the gyms after the first two "

    She tried to talk to some of them but none of them connected well with her. Finally she found a Cyndaquil, she started to approach it slowly then crouched to it's level

    " Hey little guy, " she reached out her hand for it to smell it, " I will protect you to my best ability if you join my journey, " after hearing this the Cyndaquil thought about it for a moment then happily obliged

    Alex jumped in air with joy " I just got a Cyndaquil! "
  7. Leo felt a little bit lost as the trainers gathered around to chose their first Pokémon. He hadn’t really thought much about what he wanted in a partner, he just assumed the right choice would be obvious. Now, he wasn’t so sure.

    Leo looked around the lab, Pokémon and trainers alike clamoring and chatting happily. Finally, his eyes came to rest on a blue, alligator like Pokémon in the water type section. It looked a bit lost as well. Leo smiled, at least he wasn’t the only one, he thought. He approached it and kneeled to talk to it. He spoke soft and low, so no one else could hear.

    “Hello. Would you like to join me?” Totodile looked up at him with big eyes. It looked surprised and confused mostly. “I have to warn you, this... won’t be easy. The Pokémon league is pretty serious stuff. But, you look like a tough Pokémon. What do you say?” Totodile blinked, and kept staring. Alright, Leo thought, not this one then. He was about to turn to the next Pokémon when Totodile nipped his hand, and chirped softly. “Did you change your mind?” Leo asked. Totodile looked at him with intense eyes and nodded once. “Wow,” Leo remarked, smiling. “I’m officially a trainer...” Leo accepted his Pokédex and first partner from the professor. He was lightheaded with excitement, but curbed his impulse to celebrate. Now was not the time to get ahead of himself, he had a long way to go from here.
  8. Charlie smiled through Professor Oak's entire speech. He rocked back and forth on his toes and heels and hummed slightly, the boy's content expression changed to one of wonder as some kids rushed inside and the door swung open. From the crack in the door, Charlie could see all of the pokemon- just waiting to be chosen. Then, with rather rude abruptness, the door swung close. Charlie sat for a moment, staring at the closed doors before pushing through them and entering the building. Some of the trainers already held their new partners in their grasp, others were still in the process of choosing. Charlie tucked his hands in his pockets and whistled slightly as he walked back and forth examining the pokemon in their sections. When Charlie got to the water section, a particular blue lump caught his attention. "Why, don't you know it's an important day." Charlie chuckled as he walked towards the figure, folded in on itself so he couldn't tell which pokemon it was. "Now is no time for sleeping." Charlie smiled softly as the Mudkip raised it's head slowly and blinked and Charlie. "Eh- don't care much for crowds?" Charlie asked when the create stood on it's toes and stretched, opening it's wide mouth to expose it's bright pink tounge. "Me neither. It's alright. You know, I've got a cozy little backpack- see." Charlie took off his pack to display it to the pokemon, who cocked his head to the side as if urging Charlie to go on. "And, uh, if you want I can carry you in it." Charlie shrugged, it was a really weird way of phrasing the request, but it kinda worked for Charlie. "I mean, if you want. What do you say? Be my partner?" Charlie asked with a begging grin, as if the Mudkip were the owner in the situation. The Mudkip seemed to weigh it's options before it closed it's eyes in a content expression and nodded it's head eagerly. "Really?" Charlie excitedly grinned, "thanks, pal. I'll make it worth your while." Charlie nodded with determination as he picked the Mudkip up and lifted it into the air. "I'll call you Dozer." Charlie stated proudly and looked the pokemon in the eyes.

    Lisa nervously waited for the professor's speech to end. What if none of the pokemon like her? What if she chose the wrong one? The girl eyed the ground impatiently and didn't quite notice when it had ended. A gentle shove form behind brought Lisa back to reality and she quickly walked into the building. Lisa held her breath as she walked right up to one specific pokemon- Charmander. It had been her favorite pokemon since she were just a little girl. No doubt she had to get it, or at least try. Lisa watched the Charmander, who's sharp eyes intently watched every little movement. "Hey-" the small pokemon jumped at Lisa's voice, causing the girl to be startled and jump as well. With a soft giggle, Lisa apologized for scary the fire type and offered it her hand. "I didn't mean anything by that. I hope you can forgive me. I'd really like for you to be my travel companion." Lisa muttered her words quietly, the Charmander looking her up and down before shaking it's head and allowing motioning for her to move along. Lisa's heart sank in that moment. Lisa's eyes searched the floor as if she would find answers down there, then the girls eyes suddenly lit with passion. "Listen here, Charmander. I know it's scary- and leaving the comfort of the only place you've ever known probably doesn't sound all that appealing. But it's your destiny- you hear? No matter who you leave here with today, you are going to have to leave. I promise you that if the person you leave with is me, you won't regret it. I'll take you to the top. I don't care what everyone says, I have what it takes- and I want you to be my partner. Please." Lisa's eyes welled up as if she were about to cry, but the girl stayed strong as her intense stare locked with the unsure pokemon's. The Charmander narrowed it's gaze, drew it's lips back in a snarl, before shrugging. Lisa smiled softly as the pokemon begrudgingly agreed, "Yeah. Let's go!" Lisa grinned at her new pal. He may not be ideal, but she knew it would just take time; they'd make the perfect pair... they had to.
  9. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Wes and Growlithe entered the lab. He wasn’t sure exactly what Pokémon he wanted, so he decided to wander around. He smiled as he watched other trainers greeting their first Pokémon, reminding him of when he met Growlithe. He approached the grass Pokémon, since they would nicely cover Growlithe’s weakness to the first two gyms, but they all scurried away upon seeing the fire type dog. So much for that thought Wes as he went to sit down defeated. Out of nowhere a tiny blue turtle slid into Growlithe, it appeared to be stuck on it’s shell. If Wes remembered correctly this Pokémon was called Squirtle. It might not have been the grass type he had hoped for but it’s water typing could get him past Brock, and hopefully things would figure themselves out by the time he reached Misty. Wes looked down at the turtle and helped him off his back. “Hey, you’re a clumsy little guy aren’t you, I like that. How would you feel about coming on a journey with me? I promise it’ll be fun.” Without hesitation Squirtle jumped up and tackled Wes with a hug. “I guess I’ll take that as a yes.” He chuckled as he smiled at his new friend.
  10. Professor Oak looked proudly as he saw all the Trainer find their own Pokémon partners, but he did think that the journey shouldn't just be by themselves. he types` somethings into the computer then gets everyone's attention, " Congratulations trainers for choosing your Pokémon, now I ask of you to pay attention to the big screen. " The screen shows set of trainers names and their faces under color,

    RED: Alex, Wes, Charlie, Lisa, Leo

    Other names is shown in other color sections, " I want all of the people in one section to want you all to travel together, learn from each other, and even battle next to each other so please find your partners "

    Alex looks around to find her team, She sees Leo from the crowd and start making her way towards him, She eventually reaches him " Hey Leo, I'm Alex nice to meet you ' She smiles a little
  11. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Wes breathed a sigh of relief, he was scared he was going to have to travel alone. Excitedly, Wes’s eyes dashed around the lab looking for one of the members of his group. His eyes set on a girl with noticeably purple hair. That must be Lisa he thought as he approached her. On his way over he noticed Squirtle seemed a bit hesitant to get near the Charmander, Wes drew the conclusion that perhaps it wasn’t the nicest Pokémon. Although he’s a pretty likable guy, Wes always struggled with introductions. He had been planning to say something normal like “Hi I’m Wes nice to meet you.” But once he met her sapphire eyes he froze and awkwardly chuckled “Go red, am I right.” Now realizing his mistake Wes quickly tried to recover but ended up just rambling “Sorry about that. Hi I’m Wes and these are my friends Growlithe and Squirtle, with their help I’m gonna become a Pokémon master. If you can’t already tell I get nervous when I talk to new people. It looks like we’ll be traveling together from here on out, I’ll try not to hold you back too much haha. Anyways you seem a lot cooler than me, and what’s up with your Charmander he seems kinda scary.” Good god he thought how can I blow it with a girl after only one sentence? that has to be some kind of record as he waited for what seemed like an eternity for her reply.
  12. Lisa looked up as Professor Oak began to talk, her Charmander crossed his arms over his chest and sat on the table. The large screen displayed a set of names- which of course Lisa didn't recognize. Most these kids were from her town, and yet she didn't know a single one of them. Then again, she was never exactly a social butterfly. The girl sighed briefly, it would be better to travel as a group but the girl still held some doubts. Shaking her head, Lisa reminded herself to stay positive- it was time for change in her life and she was ready to accept it. From the crowd, a boy seemed t spot her- could he be part of her group? Lisa assumed he must've been considering he began to address her. He was rather tall for his age, assuming he was the same age as Lisa, with tanned skin and dark hair and a sort of carefree smile. The boy's pokemon was the blue; shelled; water type, Squirtle, and it seemed a bit nervous around Charmander. Charmander seemed rather proud of it's intimidated nature and even went as far as to glare at the Squirtle like a teasing warning. When the male began speaking, Lisa was initially confused. 'Go Red' he said, which caused Lisa to furrow her eyebrows- but the boy rapidly attempted to correct himself. Lisa allowed the boy to ramble for a moment before she released a soft giggle and blinked several times towards Wes. "Well then Wes, it's very nice to meet you. And you too of course. My name is Lisa, and this is Charmander." Lisa smiled as she ade sure to include Wes' pokemon in the greeting. "I'm sorry if I make you nervous." Lisa stated intently, "I don't think your introduction was that bad, at all." Lisa smiled reassuringly. She couldn't help but think about his words, he wanted to be a pokemon master? That meant that somewhere along the line the pair would be rivals, if not already. Quickly remembering that Wes asked another question Lisa looked back at her Charmander, "T-there's nothing wrong with him." Lisa stuttered as she tried to figure out the words, "I think he's just grumpy." the girl shrugged causing her pokemon to roll his eyes.
  13. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    (Side note: I somewhat changed Wes’s appearance but it doesn’t contradict anything you had said)
    “Haha, ‘not that bad’, that’s all I was hoping for.” Sighed Wes. He was a bit more relaxed now but once again blew it. “Don’t apologize, it’s not you’re fault I get nervous around all pretty girls.” He chuckled. Seconds later he processed what he had just said. “Well I mean I do, but you don’t need make me nervous. Not that you’re ugly, you’re very pretty. I’m just a nervous guy ...” stuttered as he desperately tried to recover. Shoot me now he thought. Hoping to change gears he said “Hi I’m Wes, I don’t know who that weirdo you were talking to before was so let’s restart. You’re Charmander seems a little grumpy, wanna battle to try to raise his spirits?”
  14. Leo was pleasantly surprised to see he had been grouped with other trainers to travel. One of the trainers in his group, she must have been Alex, approached him with a smile and introduced herself.

    “Nice to meet you” He replied, waving back. “So, I guess we’ll be traveling together, huh? Should we try to find the rest of our group?” Leo glanced at the screen, it showed that he had still yet to meet Wes, Charlie and Lisa. Looking around, he had trouble putting the names to faces.
  15. " Yeah, I guess we should " She looks around and sees Charlie, " There! " Alex walk up to Charlie to meet him, " Hey Charlie, I'm Alex nice to meet ya! " She reaches her hand out for a greeting. On the other hand Cyndaquil was quite scared of Mudkip because he knew that if he was to battle him he would be in major disadvantage but still greeted him nicely with little wave
  16. Lisa was taken aback by the boy's statement at first. A battle? So soon? But when she looked down at the Charmander, who seemed rather fired up by the suggestion she shrugged. Her small companion, who it seemed was finally enthusiastic about something jumped off the small counter he was seated on. "Char!" an almost battle cry was emitted from the creature as he viciously slashed the air in front of him. "Well, I guess a little battle would be fine. Just a warm-up, I don't want any of our pokemon to get h-" Lisa paused when she looked around. "Maybe we should find the other people in our group first, don't want them to think that we ditched them." the girl mentioned with a soft smile, "let's save the battling for later," Lisa's voice dropped to an almost whisper. The fire-type by her feet was absolutely crossed by this suggestion, he growls and stuck his hands in the air as if judging her decision. Lisa sighed, she didn't want to seem like a downer- but she had to consider the big picture here. Or maybe she was thinking too far ahead again. Suddenly nervous, Lisa nodded and forced herself to follow through- they could always battle later. "Let's find the others." Lisa sighed.

    Charlie's easy going smile never faded as Dozer climbed from his arms and onto his shoulder. Charlie took a moment to get used to the uncomfortable position before shrugging and patting the pokemon's head, "Guess we should join up with the rest of the group then, huh?" Charlie asked- though he didn't seem particularly concerned about finding them. The boy stood there for an extra moment, enjoying the sensation of the room as trainers began to converse and find each other. Suddenly, his name was shouted from across the room. Charlie offered a smile over his shoulder without actually looking at the girl, he then spun around and nodded. The boy's shoulders slumped and his expression relaxed, "Sure thing, Alex, good to get to know you." Charlie smiled, the Mudkip on his shoulder waving it's front paw in a friendly fashion, offering a wide grin towards the Cyndaquil by the trainer's side. Charlie takes Alex's hand and smiles, so she picked a cyndaquil. They are notoriously timid and can be dangerous when startled, Charlie wondered if she chose the pokemon on purpose. His eyes lingered a bit too long on Alex before he turned towards Leo, "And then what might I call you?" the boy inquired and offered the strange trainer his hand.
  17. Leo took Charlie’s hand and shook it, offering a slight smile. “You can call me Leo.” He turned to look at the Mudkip who sat on Charlie’s shoulder. “Mudkip, huh? I’ve never seen one before. Could I...pet it?” Leo wasn’t exactly sure how to ask, but he went for it anyway. He would be traveling with Charlie and Alex on his journey, so he thought it best to get to know their Pokémon as well.
  18. Peter started worrying. His name wasn't anywhere. He frantically searched for a Pokemon. He already had a Seel... He really didn't want another... Worried out of his mind, he approached the Professor. "Uh... Wh... What group am I in? "
  19. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The disappointment was apparent in Wes’s expression, but he quickly tried to hide it by flashing a smile. “Yeah haha, you’re probably right. I was getting ahead of myself, but it’s probably for the best- your charmander looks scary.” Wes laughed as he quickly tried to lighten the mood. He then saw a boy he recognized from his group petting the mudkip of another member. “Hey Lisa, I think the rest of our group is right there, let’s go introduce ourselves.” He suggested as he signaled to the pair.
  20. Charlie's smile softened but didn't fade as they finished introductions. Leo and Alex, he'd have to remember that. Alex seemed a bit more extroverted, but both were friendly enough. Leo had a Totodile, also a water type. The species got a reputation for being feisty little things, Charlie's chuckled slightly at the thought before snapping back to reality. "Oh, yeah, of course." Charlie shrugged as the Mudkip rubbed it face against Leo's hand, clearly enjoying the attention.

    When Lisa read Wes's disappointment, the girl frowned for a moment before mentally noting that she would have to make it up to him. The girl nodded when Wes pointed out another group of trainers. She bent down to pick up her pokemon, but the Charmander; clearly indignant about not being able to battle, pushed her hands away and let out a puff of smoke in protest. Lisa huffed before walking towards the others and leaving her Charmander to follow behind her. The fire type peered from behind her ankles, eyes hungry for competition as she gave a gentle wave towards the others. She waited for Wes to introduce himself first but kept a shy smile.
  21. Professor Oak thought for moment, " Oh!, I know you can join team red over there! " He points to the group of kids talking to each other, " I'm sure that they will be very welcoming! "

    Alex was excited to start her journey, she knew it was going to be hard but still was ready for it. Alex started to look at each of her teammates Pokémon, I should stick with Charlie since I have a disadvantage for while, She thought. She also decided to wait for Lisa and Wes to introduce themselves to introduce herself.
  22. Peter sighed in relief. At least he was in a team! It seemed they were already acquainted, so he just moseyed on over near them as discreetly as possible. He held out his Seel's PokeBall, anxious for adventure. Suddenly, the Pokemon hopped out, and he struggled to carry it on his hands. Once he set the Pokemon down, it started to clap and nuzzle up against Lisa. Unlike Peter, his Seel is always looking for attention from people, and often hops out of it's PokeBall. Not knowing what to do, he just stood there, blank.

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