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Open Pokemon Nursery

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. Welcome to Hanamaru Nursery! We offer a daycare service for your baby pokemon, while you're at school or work, set against the spectacularly scenic view of Lake Valor. We have playgrounds, sandpits, training areas...Anything that your little Pokemon might need, or want, to fill their day, we've got it! At the end of each day, you'll be picking up a happy, healthy, and well-looked after little Pokemon, guaranteed.



    Species: (First stage evolutions, or no evolutions only)


    Defining Traits: (Such as odd markings, or accessories, that set them apart from other Pokemon)

    Name: Sparkle

    Species: Plusle

    Gender: Female

    Defining Traits: She is shiny, and has part of her left ear missing, due to a zangoose attack when she was very little


    Sparkle had been at nursery for less than an hour, and already, she loved it. It wasn't quite as fun as spending the weekends with Ella, but it was fun nonetheless.

    Ella was too young to be a trainer, and her mummy and daddy had to go to work, so she now had to go to nursery during the day. Someday, when she was old enough, Ella promised that she'd take Sparkle on a journey, and that they'd become champions together. But until then, Sparkle had decided that nursery would be ok.

    She climbed into the seat of a wailord-shaped boat swing, trying to work it by herself.
  2. Name: Jay
    Species: Fennekin
    Gender: Male
    Defining Traits: He's a bit off-color. It's not that noticeable, though. He has a bit of a blue hue to his orange fur, and his eyes seem to be darker. Jay has a pink bow tie wrapped around his scruff. He's also smaller than the average young Fennekin.

    Jay was kicking around in the sand with his tiny hind legs. He began to circle the sandbox, his fur turned a dusty color by the sand that pelted it. The Fennekin smiled to himself, creating a mound of sand. He was already tuckered out by this, as he had been kicking sand since his trainer, a traveling performer raising him to join the ranks the Pokémon he looked up to, dropped him off. Jay hopped atop the mound of sand, which had grown to fit him, like a bed. He curled up, thinking about the Machamp he'd seen impressing the crowd gathered around his trainer! But he was too young to do any of that.
    For now, playing around in the daycare and waiting for his trainer to return would suffice. It was fun, anyway.
  3. Name: Étoile

    Species: Piplup

    Gender: Female

    Defining Traits: has very, very fluffy feathers, and blunts her talons and beak so she doesn’t hurt people.

    Étoile stayed quite huddled into herself in the corner, nuzzling into her own puffed-up feathers. She was very protestant when Angle has dropped her off- though, her trainer had said it was for the Piplup’s own good. She gulped, and decided to avoid any eye contact from the others.
  4. Name: His name is Ace.

    He is an Aron.

    Gender: Male

    Defining Traits:
    Due to a rare genetic disorder inhibiting his ability to metabolize natural iron, he takes in iron through the use of injections, though he doesn't contend to them well. His armor is a pale shade of gray while also being rather soft and smooth to the touch.
    It was that time again, being at the dreaded Nursery for the day without his trainer. His trainer had to take some community hours with the elderly to obtain the much needed credits to get into a university right after high school. The retirement homes had a strict policy concerning Ace the most, since all caretakers could not bring their Pokémon due to strict measures taken to ensure the safety of the long aged.

    Ace was alone in the opposite corner of a Piplup's, as most of his body and an adorable lamb plushie were hidden behind a pillow as soft as cloud nine. The plushie was clutched with a shaky grip, as several tears dropped past by. Faint sniffling could be heard from his location, while the pillow managed to remain upright thanks to his light body not putting too much strain against gravity.

    He glanced down at the nearby magnifying glass reflecting his teary eyes. Some tears managed to make its way onto the lens dead center, while others missed by a fraction of an inch and landed on the carpeted floor. He curled into a ball after a vision popped in his mind soon after.

    He found himself on a cozy bed with a lady having pink hair holding some sort of tubular object with a metallic point at the end glimmering under the fluorescent light. A cry of utmost agony could be heard soon after, as the lady silenced it seconds later with a bottle of lukewarm juice. He couldn't seem to grasp the fact that this was all was merely a vision and not the real deal, as his body squirmed while his legs flailed about like palm trees on a windy day. A large amount of breaths within a short period of time were taken, as the plushie was gripped with a firm grasp. It was probably going to be at least several hours of hell before he would see his trainer again.
  5. Sparkle quickly tired of the swing, when she noticed that no one else seemed very interested in playing. In fact, everyone, it seemed, aside from a fennekin, was huddled in a corner, avoiding any sort of contact with the others.

    She wandered over to the fennekin in question, quickly greeting him with, "Hi! My name's Sparkle! What's yours?"
  6. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Name: Bubbles
    Species: Froakie
    Gender: Male
    Defining Traits: Nothing much. Bubbles is a bit smaller than a normal Froakie. (11 inches instead of 1 foot.) Also, his Frubbles are deflated a bit.

    Bubbles arrived at the daycare and waved goodbye to his trainer, James. He didn't mind being away from his trainer much. This place seems boring... He eyed the play area of the daycare. He noticed a Plusie, Fennekin, and a Piplup. He did not see the Aron. He might as well say hello, so he had something to do the entire day. Talking was more fun than doing nothing.

    "Hello." Bubbles walked over to the Plusie after hearing her introduce herself.

  7. Etoile stared quite curiously at the Plusle, the Fennekin and the Froakie who were speaking with eachother. She felt a little pang of envy, and nuzzled into her fluffy feathers, confused- very confused- as to how to introduce herself. She hated how nervous she was- perhaps that was why Angle had dropped her off, here. In a slightly nervous inflection, the Piplup made her way over to the gathering Pokémon. She stood there, her pretty hazel eyes wide with intimidation- it was obvious she didn't know what to do. "Um..." the fluffy Pokémon squeaked, her voice barely audible. "H-H-Hi?" she said, her voice barely above a whisper.
  8. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Bubbles turned to the quiet Piplup. "Hello." He then looked at the fluffy Pokemon. He said nothing else, as he looked around the rest of the daycare to see what was inside. Seems boring, but okay.
  9. Upon noticing even more pokemon, ones who were still a bit shy and reluctant to play, but willing to interact at least, Sparkle got a little more animated, balling her tiny fists.

    "My trainer's not big enough to be a trainer yet, but her birthday's coming up soon," she declared, "And then, we're gonna go on a journey, and I'll become the biggest, toughest pokemon in the world!"

    Nine-year-old Ella was Sparkle's owner, and her saviour, in a way. She'd begged her mother to let her keep the abandoned baby plusle she'd found when she was seven. Since then, she and Ella had been best friends.
  10. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Oh. My trainer's old enough, it's just that he is trying to get enrolled into this school and he can't take me on an adventure like I would of wanted. I don't know why he wanted to drop me off here, though." Bubbles sighed. "This place seems boring. I wish I could go out and explore."
  11. "I hear that there's a training ground, and a playground, and tons of other stuff here for us," Sparkle replied, "We can go anywhere we want around here! So, what do you wanna do?"
  12. Ace was somewhat relieved that he wasn't the first to be flocked to, as he peeked out of the pillow's right side to see several Pokémon having a conversation that would surely top his in a heartbeat. Taking swift notice of a Plusle balling her small fists, he thought, "Oh great, is that red mouse Pokémon over there gonna be fighting someone already? I guess I'd better avoid everyone while I can and find something I can use to hopefully sneak onto that window later."

    He didn't give too much attention to the Piplup after barely managing to catch her faint voice, as he grabbed his plush toy and his pillow. He silently made his way to several drawers while attempting to use the pillow like a shield, in case if the worst was to happen. He took a glance at the clock slowly ticking the seconds by, as it wasn't even an hour up yet. He continued to make his way to the drawers slowly, but steadily while taking in some faint breaths in hopes of keeping his composure under control. He took another deep breath soon after to gather some energy in his right arm in a reticent manner, taking care to not let it glow from an excess amount of power being gathered at once.
  13. Jay rose to his paws, finally hearing all the commotion. He kicked around in the sand a bit, ruining the little "bed" he'd made. He let his head tip to the side as he listened in on the conversation. He positioned his frame so that he sat, and spoke as well. "I have a trainer too! They have lots of Pokémon- but I'm too young to join them. Oh, also, my name's Jay." he stood and kicked a bit more sand, lightly this time, with his hind legs. He examined the gathering Pokémon- a Plusle, Piplup, and Froakie.
  14. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "I think battling would be cool." Bubbles replied to Sparkle. He turned to the Fennekin. She seemed familiar. Have I heard the name Jay before? Maybe. Bubbles tried to remember the day before he was picked as a starter. There were a Chespin and a Fennekin there. Is that the same Fennekin? Surely not. "Hello." Bubbles said to the Fennekin.
  15. Etoile looked down in dismay, her faint voice barely even cleaving the air. “Um... my trainer is... is 15. She s-sent me here for... my own, um, my own good.” She said, her speech becoming slightly more clear. Upon hearing, one would pick up that the Piplup had a slight French accent.
  16. "Cool! Nice to meet'cha, Jay!" she said to the fennekin, "And a battle? Sure! You'd better watch out for my spark attack! I practice every day!" she said to the fennekin.

    She stood back, balling her fists up. "You're looking at Sparkle, future ace of Champion Ella!"
  17. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "I'm not losing. I may be at a slight disadvantage because you are an electric type, and I'm water. However, I know how to deal with that." Bubbles said. He turned to the familiar Fennekin. "Nice to meet you, Jay."
  18. "Hi!" chirped Jay, to both the Froakie and the Plusle, oblivious to any connections being drawn. He giggled at her introduction. "I don't battle much, but I'm going to try my best." he noticed how Sparkle balled her fists and her expression changed. She must mean a lot to Ella- and vice versa. Jay had never gotten too close to his own trainer, just the Pokémon they owned.
  19. "As if! You're not winning against me!" Sparkle said proudly, "If Ella's gonna be the champion one day, I have to be as strong as possible! Strong enough that I can't lose, ever!"

    Sparkle was surprisingly good in battle, considering her age, and her species. If needed, she could dish out a colossal spark, and if she was lucky, a thunderpunch. She'd been trying really hard to perfect the move, but she hadn't been able to yet...
  20. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Bubbles could use Water Pulse and a variety of different water-type moves. He could also use his Frubbles to essentially tie Sparkle up, making her unable to battle. And it was hard to get Frubbles off of anything, even Bubbles himself couldn't seem to clean these Frubbles up. "Okay then, where shall we battle?"
  21. "In the training area," she answered, "My spark's so powerful, that I'll probably knock over all the toys and climbing frames if we do it right here!"

    Sparkle bounced about on her feet, like a tennis player awaiting a serve. This was her time to shine. She just knew it...
  22. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Okay then, let's go." Bubbles smirked. "I'm going to win though. Also, where the heck even is this so called 'Training Area'?" Bubbles has never been to this day care so he didn't know where to go. "I'll also let you take the first move." Bubbles wanted to surprise Sparkles with his Frubbles.
  23. Of course, as usual, she'd been ignored. She hadn't really expected anything more- so, with an air of melancholy around her, the Piplup coughed louder than she had spoked the whole time. "I'm Etoile," the Piplup introduced herself, a French accent to her voice that one might have missed with her quiet speaking before. She felt embarrassed upon speaking, however, and began to nuzzle into her fluffy feather to hide her blush.
  24. Sparkle glanced over at a fluffy piplup. "Um...Hi..." she said quietly, unsure of what else to say. She had a battle to do, for now.

    She lead the froakie over to the training area, which was in a large clearing of trees. Its sedating views of the lake were peaceful...A little too peaceful.

    Sparkle was more than aware of the first-move trick. And she wasn't giving into it. "In that case, I'll start with a quick charge."

    She absorbed a great amount of electricity, building up the current through her body. This, she found, helped power her attacks.
  25. Jay turned away from the Plusle and Froakie. "I didn't hear you- sorry," his ears flattened. He took quick note of how she hid even after speaking louder than before, so Jay spoke again, quicker, and more frantically this time, stumbling over his own words. "You don't have to hide, though! We can talk, or something..."
  26. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Quick charge, never heard of that." Bubbles said. "You did nothing, though." Bubbles smirked. "Come on, do something." Bubbles still wanted the Plusle to go first. Bubbles yawned. "This is a fight, not nap time!"
  27. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    (I KNOW. I've played Pokemon before. Froakie doesn't know what it does.)

    "So are you even going to do anything, then?" Bubbles responded. "Then I'll go first, then." Bubbles jumped into the air, and released a water pulse, which sped towards Sparkles. Bubbles landed, and watched to see if Sparkles could dodge it or not.
  28. (No need to be like that...)

    Sparkle let off a vicious smirk. "Watch this."

    She built a small, pulsing bundle of red sparks up, before launching it at the water pulse, shattering it completely. It looked a little like a contest move, as the resulting sparkling droplets scattered.
  29. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "Oh, I'm just warming up." Bubbles responded. "Go now, I bet you can't do any better!" Bubbles stood there, waiting for the next attack, as he puffed up his Frubbles so that he had more to use, he also took a battle stance, and prepared.
  30. Etoile was quite taken aback to be approached- or, talked to- and the Piplup smiled slightly, her tiny voice sounding yet again. "Sorry... I'm very sc-scared of, of..." she paused, trying to again maintain her decorum. "Um... what's your name?"
  31. "Actually, I have," she answered, "Check this out!"

    She launched a thunder wave straight up in the air, for a quick, paralysing blast.
  32. "Jay!" he purred, sitting down. "Sorry I didn't hear you the first time. Do you want to join the battle they're having- or watch- or," he was worried he'd scare Etoile by prompting her with too many choices. She didn't seem to like being overwhelmed, maybe they should just chat? "we can just talk, once they're done, they'll listen to you, too."
  33. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    (Did you just launch into the air for no reason? I'm assuming you launched it at Bubbles.)
    "That's nothing." Bubbles quickly said as he launched a water pulse to dissipate the electric type move, yet it did nothing. The electric type move hit the water type Pokemon. The water type Pokemon collapsed and could not move. "Ugh... Didn't... Think... about... this..." Bubbles knew he was at a disadvantage, but not this bad of a disadvantage. "Fine, you win, but this... was... un...fair..."
  34. "It's okay.... I do have a, uhh, a quiet voice." murmured the Piplup, her voice becoming slightly clearer with time as she became more comfortable. "I'm not too keen on battles, but you can go ahead, if you want.... otherwise, I.... I wouldn't mind speaking to you. You, um..." She paused, slightly, lifting up a flipper to cover her face- a sign of slight embarrassment- "You seem, um, nice."
  35. Jay shook his head. "I don't want you to feel left out. I haven't battled that much, anyway." he turned his head a bit to see what was going on. The Froakie- Bubbles- was rooted to the spot, paralyzed. He wasn't sure if anyone would be okay after that- Sparkle would definitely be an ace Pokémon one day! "-and, thanks."
    "Have you been here before?" he asked, scratching up anything to talk about.
  36. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    "I... can't... anymore..." Bubbles barely spoke. "Is.. there... like... some... kind... of-" Bubbles passed out. The electricity was a bit too strong for the Water type. And being a Water Type, he was extremely vulnerable. He was still alive, just unconscious.
  37. "Th-thanks..." stammered the Piplup. she let out an almighty gasp as Bubbles was slammed backward, and seemed to declare the Plusle the winner. It made Etoile wonder why the Plusle had been sent here? It was so powerful. "N-no... I haven't. I will be here for a while, though..." the Piplup murmured, a slight tone of melancholy in her tone. She heard croaky, hoarse noises coming from the Froakie and she waddles over as quickly as she could (which still wasn't very fast).

    "Um..." stammered the femme in her faint, French voice. "Um... are you okay? I think he needs... um, help..."
  38. "It's my first day," Sparkle answered, "But I practice really hard at home with Ella, and I watch loads of battles on TV, so I can find out what moves the really tough electric types are using!"

    She glanced over at the froakie, only to find that he'd fainted. This meant that she'd won! But even so, the froakie seemed to need attention. There wasn't a nurse Joy here...
  39. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Bubbles faded back into consciousness. "Wha-what...." Bubbles was still affected by the paralysis and could not move. "Ugh..." It also appeared that Bubbles couldn't speak properly. He could only groan and mumble. He hadn't been awake for too long before he passed out again.

    (Sorry, I was chilling in mah Jacuzzi.)
  40. While most of the Pokémon appeared to be outside enjoying themselves and doing some other things that Ace couldn't partake in for even a nanosecond, Ace continued to stay inside like a child refusing to explore outer world that awaited him. After realizing that there was no Nurse Joy, he was relieved for a split second, until he began to notice what that really meant. There could be possibly no one to bail him out if a fight occurred, and he couldn't easily be treated of his injuries... but worst of all, he would have no one to rely on since he couldn't easily take care of himself due to one thing he hated so much that was necessary for ensured survival.

    He attempted to look for something that he could perhaps use to call for assistance. The toy phone near the cabinets wouldn't do, simply because he already knew it was something a child would endlessly play with after seeing a Phanpy calling on it for hours on end the other day. There were some toy blocks across the cabinets, but even then it would be almost impossible to balance on in spite of his light mass. He saw a stool near the toy blocks, as he decided to push the stool towards the cabinets as hard as he could. It was going to be hours before his trainer would come, or it could be one less if he managed to abscond with his plushie before the next came.

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