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Ask to Join Pokemon Nobility School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kawaii Unicorn, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Welcome to Pokemon Nobility School! A school where the children of royalty, presidents, celbrities, and nobles go! Only the most prestigious children go here and they are expected to get the best grades, welcome! In this RP you are a student of one of those kinds of people, and you will become the best student you can be welcome! You also must have a Pokemon with you, or you will be assigned by the headmaster to a Pokemon from connections class. Now shall we? Also please sign up at the discusion.

    Bella looked around the dorm, the school was divided into four sections, nobles, first children, celebrity children, and the rarely used royalty dorms. She was to go into the royalty dorms for she was a princess. Her shiny eevee Dove pranced around the room happily she looked at the pink and white canopy bed identical to her bed in the palace, her mother said that she had requested that Bella's dorm would be much like her bedroom, so it had everything in her bedroom at home. A pink and white canopy bed, a dresser, a walk in closet, a chandelier, a pink heart shaped carpet, a balconey, and a giant unicorn stuffed animal, all Bella had to do was add small things like small stuffed animals, and pictures of her family. She added those things and realized it was nightime, she changed into her nightgown and climbed into bed with Dove sleeping on the edge of the bed comfortably.
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  2. Carol joyfully walked through her new school. She was excited. She would have the posibility of meeting so many diferent students, with so many diferent pokemon, and so many different... ah! It was going to be one of the best experiences of her life!

    She walked to the receptionist with a indelible smile on her face. "Hi! I'm the new student Carol Grant." she greeted, waiting for the teacher to answer back.

    "Oh! Hello miss Grant, is a pleasure to have you joining to our school." greeted the lady back "Now, if you let me, I'll guide you through the school."

    She followed the woman through the halls, paying attention to the diferent structures of the place: there were laboratories, arenas for every pokemon type, stages and habitat imitations. It was fantastic!

    The tour ended up at the dorms wing. The teacher led her to her room, which was the final one of the second floor. "Welcome to your new bedroom," she said "here you have everything you might need during your stay. You have a TV, a computer, a little kitchen in case you want to cook some meal (breakfast, launch and dinner are served in the first floor), a bed and some other things you'll find inside."

    "Wow! Great!" exclaimed the girl "Thanks miss!"

    "Your welcome." she said as a farewell while she left the room. Carol took a little walk around it. It was simple, with white walls filled with pokemon pictures and it's names. Two skittys playing, a Milotic swimming at the depths of the sea and finally (and Carol's favourite) the legendary pokemon, Latios and Latias furrowing the sky.

    "Someday I'll find you," Carol whispered to the two pokemon as a smiled began to drw on her face "we'll be great friends."

    Carol procceded to check her schedule. "Dancing lessons, vocal lessons, aesthical... where's pokemon study in here?" it wasn't until that exact moment she notice the title of her schedule: Pokemon performing.

    "EH?!" yelled a confused red haired girl as her eyes open wide. That sould have been a mistake! She wouldn't take Pokemon performing lessons.

    Carol fastly got out of her room as she went in search of the teacher.
  3. Bella bumped into a girl "Hi I'm Bella, I'm taking the Pokemon Performing schedule, what about you?" Bella asked the girl. Dove bounced around Bella curiously.
  4. Omega walked into the reception. With its vast area it made him look like a garden gnome. He spotted the receptionist and walked up to her."Um...Hello my name is Omega Carvine." The receptionist looked at him and typed something on the computer."Come right this way please Master Omega!"(Master because he's not married!) Omega followed along behind the receptionist until he reached his new room."There is most likely anything you need in there!" The receptionist exclaimed as they opened the door. Omega walked in said his farewell and closes the door. He threw the pokeball on the floor and Scorch his typhlosion jumped out." Sorry buddy I didn't want you to crowd the hallway or scare the receptionist." Omega said as he stroked Scorch's fur just below his fiery mane. He checked his schedule and made mental notes in his head."Nice we have Pokemon study Scorch! But no battle training." He walked out of his room and began to find the receptionist and ask about battling. Scorch followed behind. Omega stopped as he saw 2 girls up ahead."Hello are you students too?" He asked as he stopped next to them.
  5. "Yup I'm Princess Bella, a Pokemon Performing student, and this is Dove!" Bella said patting Dove on the head. Bella was now wearing her crown because her parents told her she would have to go home if she didn't wear her crown.
  6. "Cool I'm Omega a Pokemon study student and this is Scorch." He stroked Scorch and turned to face Bella."What's Pokemon performing?" He said as he began to feed Scorch a piece of a biscuit from his pocket.
  7. "Pokemon Performng is basically a competition mainly between females to compete for the title of (inset region here) Queen. The first round declares a winner in any category sich as fashion or smarts, then the second round is a routine the trainer has made up using her pokemon and is based of the beauty and cleverness of the performance, the winner of a comeptition receives a princess key, when a competitior has received 3 princess keys they move on to the master class where they compete for the title of (insert region) Queen." Bella said hardly beliving this person didn't know performong.
  8. "Oh ok is there any battling in Pokemon study? I'm still not sure what Pokemon study is!" Omega said as he pushed Scorch away." That's enough man you'll be full before dinner otherwise!" He said as Scorch tried to grab a biscuit out of Omegas pocket.
  9. "Well I'm pretty sure that you learn to bond with your Pokemon and you also do some battling in that class." Bella said as Dove jumped onto her head.
  10. "That's great I want a strong bond with scorch and it's my dream to be a trainer! I remember watching them on T.V and I'd make type charts and train with scorch and read every Pokemon book there was!" Omega told Bella as he began to look at his schedule again." I'll be the greatest trainer ever I know it!"
  11. "Cool, well I want to be Kalos Queen one day!" Bella said exitedly, "And not just the kind of queen my mom is!" she said half joking.
  12. Omega bent his knee and knelt before her." You'll be a queen? I thought you were a princess but not heir to the throne? Forgive me." He waited for Bella to reply and Scorch bowed his head forward in acknowledgement of the princess.
  13. "Oh there's no need for that, my dad is the king so that puts me next in line, but do I look like I care? I just wanna live a nromal life." Bella said blushing.
  14. "None of us will live a normal life when we are children of very famous people! We'll be recognised and treated different to normal people!" He sighed and turned around to scorch."Lucky us hey bro! We'll have to struggle through that to pursue our goal." He turned to Bella."Does dove battle?"
  15. "Well we've battled a few times, it's not our strength but we do battle occaisonally." Bella said letting Dove hop off her head and Dove stared Scorch in the eyes and said (in pokemon language): "I'm weely weely strong!" (not really, just deal with Dove's naiveness.)
  16. "Can we test each other out in the gym. I promise I won't use any moves that might be too dangerous!" Omega said as he bent down to look at dove."Nice coat. How did you get a shiny Eevee?"
  17. "Ok why not. Well so one day when I was 8 my father took me to the Pokemon Pet Store to get a Pokemon, I thought eevees were really cute so I went to the eevee cage, it was getting dark and all the eevees were huddled up together in a cozy pile sleeping while one oddly colored one was all alone, I felt sorry for her so I adopted her and named her Dove, apparently Pokemon aren't to big on shinies." Bella said as Dove nodded.
  18. "Well scorch I found on the streets as a cyndaquil. He'd been abandoned and beaten so I took him back to my house and raised him. He would always be close too me and he'd go to sleep next to my bed. I owed it to him to make him stronger and be the best he could be!" He began to cry." I won't stop until I see that day." Scorch began to softly lick the tears.
  19. "Well then I hope we both get stronger after this battle!" Bella shouted to Omega as she ran outside to the battle course.
  20. Omega followed her to the battle corse."Ready Bella?" He shouted and sent Scorch into the course."When she says ready start off with an eruption, that Eevee will be fast. Don't be too brutal!" He sat down and waited for Bella.
  21. (Sorry for not posting, after school I had to play in my school basketball game as I am the starting point guard, it was the semi-finals and we won :) )

    Prince Zephious Regium of the Western Isles (a chain of thirty seven islands off the west side of Kanto) stood in front of the school in his casual wear next to Angel, his shiny Kirlia. Quite honestly he didn't want to be there but as heir to the throne he knew he had to have a good education to be an effective leader.

    He entered and signed in, receiving his schedule. He was in multiple classes, with the most important being International Law. He had also signed up for music and the Poké Contest(unisex version of show cases) classes as those were his hobbies.

    He then was forced through a tour of the school by an energetic teacher with the tour ending with him in the royal dormitory. He thanked the teacher for her time and investigated his room.

    It was an exact replica of his room back at the palace. The floor was layered by red velvet carpet, the walls and ceilings black with golden outlining. There was a king-sized bed with black pillows and blankets with red curtains that had his family crest in silver. There were dark-mahogany night tables with lamps on either side.

    On the left there was a mahogany desk complete with everything needed for studying and a window with a nice view. On the right there was a mahogany drawer for his clothes and a flat screen tv complete with cable and a gaming system. Man the room made this place feel like home.

    After being satisfied with his room he checked out the remainder of the royalty dorm. He was absolutely fascinated with the kitchen and living room as they were very expensive looking, even to royalty. He checked the other rooms to see if anyone else lived here. The first two were just empty rooms but the final one wasn't.

    Zephious was in shock after he saw the final room and quickly came to the realization that he was in a dorm, alone, with a princess.

    Zephious after a while headed back to his room and put on his crown as required by his parents. He then left with Angel in order to explore. Before long he ran into two people getting ready for a battle. He stopped to watch.
  22. Omega saw the boy at the side of the course and waved."Hi! How are you?" He asked as Scorch readied his move to use at a split second notice." Are you new too?" He asked as he turned his attention to the battle again.
  23. "Yes, I just arrived this morning. Prince Zephious of the Western Isles, pleased to make your acquaintance." Zephious said," Sorry to interrupt the batlle, please continue."
  24. "Na don't worry I'm waiting for Bella. I'm Omega Carvine and that's Scorch!" He pointed at his typhlosion." How come everyone here is a prince or princess? Did my parents send me to the wrong school or something?" He laughed and turned towards Bella and waited for her.
  25. " Oh hi! I am Raina! I'm Lavender's sister who are you people?" Raina said meeting people around her. Glaceon tugged her," Ok,Ok, Glaceon stop! Sorry about that, Glaceon is often bossy and cranky to me..."
  26. "Hey there I'm Omega Carvine That's Bella over there and this is scorch." He pointed to Nella on the other side of the course and then pointed at the typhlosion." Are you a princess? Everyone else here is except me I think!"
  27. " Um, no I'm not. Have you heard about my sister Lavender? " Raina replied back to Omega, showing him a photo of Lavender's gym.
  28. " Er... No I haven't sorry I lived in Johto hoenn and Kalos but I didn't go to Unova... That is were you come from right I'm just guessing right now?" He laughed and said " Do you know my parents... David Carvine and Emily Carvine the famous actors?" It always made him uncomfortable to talk about his parents as they didn't want him to be a Pokemon trainer and maybe a actor like them.
  29. " Intresting! I am from Unova. You should go there! My sister lives there! I just moved here. Anyways, have you seen Bella yet? " Raina replied back to the boy
    ( You must be the guy from the RP Serene Falls right? )
  30. "HEY, I am a PRINCE not a PRINCESS. There's a difference! Besides I think there are only two members of royalty in this school, her and I. ( Gesturing towards the girl with the crown apparently named Bella). You just got lucky to meet us before anyone else, but I digress. Nice to meet you Raina, I'm Prince Zephious Regium of the Western Isles. And yes, I happen to know Lavender" Zephious replied.
  31. (Yep this is before I turned to the dark side lol and Omesei is a child of Scorch after Scorch had to stay home and look after my parents)
    " Yea I have in fact I'm about to battle her she's over there!" He pointed over to bella and dove the shiny Eevee." I want to be a great trainer when I'm older! I'll make sure me and Scorch will make it to the top!" He turned towards zephious and laughed."Sorry your grace I forgot about you haha!"
  32. " Um, I'll just find Bella..." She rushed away from the two boys along with her Glaceon, beginning to find Bella, one of her sister's friends.
  33. (Bella is where I am I'm about to fight her)
    Omega looked at Zephious and snickered." You grace I would like to inform you that I am not trying to make fun of you I am nearly messing around!" He said mockingly. He laughed again and looked at the shiny Kirlia next to zephious." Who's this little one zephious you didn't introduce us."
  34. "Oh my apologies, this is Angel. He is a musician, dancer, battler, and performer. We have been together since I was born as tradition requires for my family." Zephious said.
  35. "Neat I met scorch on the streets as a cyndaquil, he was beaten and abandoned so I took him home and now we're here together as best buddies! Your family tradition is quite old isn't it? I remember reading a book about how your family became the rulers of the western isles." He looked at the Kirlia again and turned back to scorch.
  36. "That's such a sad story! I'm glad he is ok now. Yes, for centuries children of the throne were given a Shiny Ralts male or female depending on the child's gender. When he is ready he will use a Dawn Stone on the necklace he has there and will become Gallade, but he wants to wait until a proper time."

    Zephious saw the princess staring with an annoyed look on her face. "Well I better head back to my dorm, don't want to distract you from your battle for much longer. See you around!" Zephious said as he walked away.
  37. "Ok ready? Dove use swift!" Bella cried out to Dove who was birstling with energy.
  38. "Hey, Allegra, it's pretty nice out here, huh?" A young blonde haired girl said as she stood outside the school building with her hands on her hips- looking up. A Lopunny next to her nodded in agreement and pushed a long ear behind her. The young girl wore a navy blue tank top that was wide on her shoulders and formed a v near her chest. On the fabric outlining the v neck brown, red and tan thread was woven in a flattering pattern. The shirt was made of a flowy material and it bloused out from her waist from time to time. For that reason she had tucked the shirt in, but she pulled it out slightly so the fabric would hang a tiny bit over her ripped jean shorts, but still be secured enough not to show too much skin. Her shorts, as previously mentioned, was ripped in many places and moderately short. However the rips were tailored and the length of the shorts didn't reveal anything so the girl didn't think the school would mind it.

    "What is your name dear?" The teacher asked as she walked up to the entrance to the Celebrity dorms. "Summer...." She glanced around at the other people in the building. The teacher chuckled. "Honey everyone is famous here. Don't worry. What's your last name Summer?" Aster glanced down, moderately embarrassed with the remark. "Lynn. Summer Lynn." The teacher smiled warmly as Summer finished reciting her name. "Oh! Welcome Ms. Lynn. How is Bailey doing? Your sister? She is so bright, I knew that from the moment she walked into this building she would change lives." "Oh, Bailey turned 18 two months ago so she moving from Aspertia to Kalos to explore for a bit. She hasn't left yet though, and it might be a while before she does." Summer responded to the question. Bailey was her sister, but she had never liked the attention of the spotlight and refused to accept that she was well known. Their parents divorced a long time ago and Bailey went to live with their mother in the peaceful community of Aspertia, Unova, where they weren't well known as Summer stayed in Johto as she rose in popularity. Ever since the two girls hadn't seen each other, but they talked through the phone. Summer sent her prized Pokemon, a Helioptile, to Bailey for an 18th birthday gift, and Bailey even said she named it after her nickname- Sunny. By now the Helioptile must be a Helioisk. Sunny the Helioisk. It had a nice ring.

    After settling in her dorm Summer had decided to walk the halls. Allegra, the Lopunny, walked beside her. Like her trainer, Allegra has the tips of her ears dyed a bright pink. The Lynn family was well known for their singing abilities- her mother was novelist and her father was a well known musician. Summer's family always said that pink represented a bright persona and a talent in music. Since Summer inherited those two traits, she had dyed her hair. Her schedule was in her hands and she began to read it. The words Pokemon Contest training was at the top along with her plans. Summer nearly ran into two people battling as she walked around. Her bright blue eyes darted up from the page fast enough to make sure she didn't collide with anyone.

    ((Only @Zephious and @Blue moon would understand the thing about Bailey, but I created two OCs who were sisters and these two happen to be it. Bailey will not be making an appearance in the RP, but her name will pop up every once in a while. Just know that she's Summer's sister. Also, I'll fill out the discussion sign up thing.))
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  39. Xerione walked into the school, her braixen Flannere by her side. "Why did dad have to send me here..." She muttered, annoyed. "I don't know. He's a baka." Flannere responded. "Whatever, I better get used to it." Xerione sighed, straightening her fedora.
  40. As dove used swift Omega panicked." Er...Scorch remember the combo we worked on, try it now!" Scorch used flamethrower in the air and used it as a shield. Swift hit the shield and broke it." Ok now the offensive, use eruption then flamethrower!" Omega shouted and scorch used the moves and then ran towards the Eevee." Just don't get hit Scorch!"

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