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Private/Closed Pokemon Ninja Academy (sign-ups)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by iopunny, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Welcome to the Pokemon ninja academy
    Where you learn how to be a pretty much ninja.
    the Academy is located in the secret woods where only Pokemon
    know where it is AND NO HUMAN KNOWS ABOUT IT.

    You had received a note and you are one
    of the lucky few to get chosen to help the Pokemon world.

    You will be Role-play s Pokémon ninja who helps Pokémon/humans
    form the evil and darkness. but at the academy they help you to
    be a better Ninja.

    No god modeling
    No legendary Pokemon
    (and you are not kiliing the evilness and darkness you are just fighting them.)
    Love and whatever is allowed but don't take it Too far same as
    bad words.
    No one liners.
    just follow the rules of pokecharms...

    Your Form should look like this...
    Held Items:
    Appearance at the Academy: (you have uniforms)
    Appearance in Action! ( Ninja form ) :

    Here's mine!

    Name: Cotton
    Gender: Female
    Pokémon: Lopunny
    Moves: High Jumpkick, Ice punch, Low sweep, Rock smash.
    Personality: Cotton (Lopunny) is carefree and calm
    she is kind and helpful and trustworthy and will always be there for you. but when she's in action then she serious and when she gets mad you will have to make her mind up.
    Other: N/A
    Held item: Pecha Berry
    Appearance at academy: In Academy uniform.
    Appearance in action: lopunny wears a black bandana wears a ninja suit covering most of
    her body. Wears a black headband
    Crush/Retionship: None yet.

    Okie that's all I have to say!
    ill wait for more People to join then I
    make the tread for the RP.
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  2. Two things
    1. Do you have permission for that mega stone?
    And 2. You need a trainer to mega evolve

    Name: Cleo
    Gender: male
    Pokemon: gardevoir
    personality: Cleo is happy and always smiling he will help all in need and try's to make friend when ever he can
    Other: N/A
    Held Items: focus shash
    Appearance at the Academy: regular uniform
    Appearance in Action!: focus shash wore as a bandana other then that a regular gardevoir
    Crush/Relationship: cotten
  3. Name: riley
    Age 13
    Gender: boy
    Pokemon: riolu
    Personality: care free and loves to joke and gets along really well with other students
    Held item : metal fist braces (kinda like gloves but for battle) keeps them on at all times
    Appearance: in school normal uniform
    Appearance: in action: black outfit with dark black scarf around him.
    Crush/relationship: Cotten and Cleo (just freinds)
  4. *that* guy I was thinking about it then I'll just change the appearance
    Thing now that I think about it sorry for my mistake.

    I also forget a few things so you may want to put the moves you have.
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  5. Got it my moves are aura sphere,force palm, extreme speed,and thunder punch
  6. Name: Slip
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Bubble, Leer, Tackle, Aura Sphere
    Pokemon: Froakie
    personality: Slip's a bit overtempered, he's the youngest in the academy and he takes it like he's the most strongest. You can get on his good side, though.
    Other: N/A
    Held Items: Frubbles
    Appearance at the Academy: He has a light blue bandana with a sapphire encrusted bracelet.
    Appearance in Action! ( Ninja form ) : He has his light blue bandana still but with a frubble mask on his eyes and face. His bracelet turns into a bo staff.
    Crush/Relationship: N/A
  7. Name: Flame
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Flamethrower,Hyper beam,Shadow ball, Dark pluse
    Pokemon: Chandelure
    Personality: very nice.
    Held item: dark gem ( the dark gem is on a ring if thats ok)
    Apperances: the school Academy uniform
    Crush/ relationship:N/A
    Apperances in action!: he gets two swords with purple flames on the blade
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  8. Can i join?

    Name: Zach
    Gender: Male
    Movements:Fire spin, flamethrower, protect, fire blast
    Pokemon: Braixen
    personality: Friendly, Calm, Nice and kind.
    Other: N\A
    Held Items: eviolite
    Appearance at the Academy: (you have uniforms) Normal uniform
    Appearance in Action! ( Ninja form ) : Uses a red cowl in the head and wears a red mask over the mouth, with yellow drawings of fire in it.Also, a red shinobi suzoku with yellow flames on it.
    Crush/Relationship: Flame and Slip(Friends if its ok)
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  9. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Moved to Role Play Discussion where it belongs. My gods, people, read the rules. And forum descriptions, for that matter.

    And for that matter, remember that this is a forum, not a chatroom. Freakishly short one or two word posts are NEVER okay, and fall under the definition of SPAM as per our global rules. Since some of you have been doing it over and over again, warnings have been issued for this.
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  11. Name: Naomi
    Gender: female
    Moves: Moonblast, dazzing gleam, draining kiss, pyshic
    Pokemon: Shiny gardevoir
    personality: She is carefree and loves to sing and dance
    She is reliable and caring and will always be there for you.
    Other: N- A
    Held Items: Fariy gem
    Appearance at the Academy: (you have uniforms): wears a uniform and wears the frail gen as a neckles
    Appearance in Action! ( Ninja form ) : her white dress changes to black and wears a balck bandana
    And everything else is a shiny gardevoir normal.
    Crush/Relationship: Cotton (Friends)
  12. Hey! I am sort of new here but here's my form~
    Moves:Assurance, Slash, Horn Claws, Fake Out
    Personality:Jinx is a extremely mischievous pokemon, as most Purrloins and Liepards are. She loves to play pranks on the other students at the Ninja Academy from Smoke bombs to the simple whoopee cushion. Though sometimes her pranks can be childish and immature, Jinx is a rather intelligent Pokemon who uses her wits when she is in Ninja form.
    Held Items:Everstone (An item to be held by a Pokémon. A Pokémon holding this peculiar stone is prevented from evolving)
    Appearance at the Academy: Her uniform is quite simple consisting of a black tie around her neck and underneath is a fancy white long sleeved shirt and the sleeves are rolled up to her elbows. She doesn't wear any bottoms with her otufit though because she likes her legs to be free.
    Appearance in Action! ( Ninja form ) : She wears a black bandanna around her neck with a white skull on the front (No, she is not apart of Team Skull). She sometimes pulls the bandanna over her mouth of she is in stealth mode.
    Crush/Relationship:None~ (She's not really a "Friends" kind of pokemon, she just has people she can rely on and maybe even trust)
  13. Your in both of you!
  14. May I quickly join while I'm at it?

    Name: Demon's Eye
    Species: Sigilyph
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Double Team, Calm Mind, Stored Power, Future Sight
    Personality: Wise, Can glimpse into the future, strong, smart, bad at any sports.
    held items: mind incense
    Appearance: a Sigilyph with a rainbow coloured uniform that surrounds his torso and nothing else, that's all. His two bottom eyes also look around in random directions while the third one just stays put
    Backstory: He was part of a fleet of sigilyph that guarded the gold bottle cap supply, since no one came he got bored and left to train as a ninja at ninja academy.
    Other: He is strong but he will be stunned if you attack at his eyes. That's also the way to can cancel his devastating future sight attack.
    Appearance in action: he has a band on his eyestalk with a green eye and has 8 ninja stars with ribombee aura imbued in them for dark type coverage rotating around him
    Crushes: Nobody, not interested in relationships and is oblivious to flirting.
    Ability: Magic Guard
    Age: 1000 (about teen for average sigilyph)
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