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Ask to Join Pokemon: Mystery of Wizen

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by SoulsOfTheVoid, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Berry broke through the eggshell collapsing on the ground breathing heavily, she had exerted herself more than she thought. She held her head "ugh, what happened..?" sadly her head was hurting too much to even register the words echoing above her.
    [Snivy hatched from the egg] spoke a mysterious voice from the sky.
    "Snivy, what..?" She slowly stood up looking around while wobbling like a newborn. The last thing she could remember was being on that plateau with the other trainers then everything shook as the ground collapsed beneath them, everything went black after that... She tried to get her bearings and blinked at the sight before her: half collapsed buildings, worn from time and the elements, extended as far as the eye could see surrounded by heavy vegetation with many trees growing out of the sides of said buildings. Berry herself appeared to be in a small clearing by a lake.
    As she was gazing around she raised her arm to cover her eyes as sunlight shown in her eyes, suddenly she stopped and turned back to the lake beginning to run. She stumbled and tripped, her limbs felt frail and unwieldy as she struggled to reach the water's edge. As she gazed at the reflection she shivered. How could this be!? was the only thought that went through her head. As she gazed down at the lake a young Snivy looked back at her. It took her a long time to recover from the shock, the next shock came almost immediately afterwards "MY POKEMON!!!!!!!" She screamed in horror upon realizing they were missing. After a few (hundred) calming breaths and a near panic attack, she began to grin wildly. "Alright, I wanted adventure and I got it... what am I scared of? Alright let's think, there were other trainers who fell maybe they're nearby. Let's start searching the perimeter. I'll also need to gather food, water's not an issue right now, just have to prepare shelter." She slapped her two leafy hands on her cheeks to pump herself "Let's do this." She then began searching the surroundings.
  2. Nini tackled the wall before her. There was a loud cracking sound and it broke. She fell through onto the ground, into a bright place. She breathed heavily for a few moments, trying to figure out what was going on, when she heard a voice come from... the sky?
    [Eevee hatched from the egg.]
    "Eevee...?" she muttered, confused, looking at herself. She had a bushy cream mane, and when she looked below that she had stubby legs covered in brown fur! "No... this isn't happening... right?" She tried to stand up, but the moment she tried her legs gave out from under her and she fell back down. She blinked back tears that sprung up in her eyes. This was so crazy, but here she was. She gave standing another try and was able to this time. Walking proved a challenge, though, since she now had to figure out how walking on four legs worked as opposed to two. As she tried to sort her legs out she tried to sort out what had happened. The last thing she remembered was being with that expedition group. The ground had started shaking and they fell... then, she was in what she guessed must've been an egg.
    She sighed and looked around. She was in some sort of ruin, but everything was so huge it was hard to tell if it was somewhere the group had been or if it was somewhere completely new to her. She continued walking around as much as she could, though more often than not she ended up staggering sideways instead of walking straight. When that happened she stopped to sort her legs back out before continuing to walk around.
  3. Beau opened her eyes, her head throbbing with the pain of falling. Though she could hear the clear mechanical voice say, "Espurr has hatched from the Egg!" She was confused at the voice, and had fallen on her back before she could fully understand what happened. Her limbs felt frail and she could barely use her arms to lift her own self. 'W-What..? What's going on..?' She then tried to look at her hands. Alas, her hands were now white paws. She panicked, now able to stand up, in fear of where her only Pokemon had gone, along with her camera and bag. 'No..NO! I came here to have fun..no no...no no no no..' The whole time she was awake, she didn't look around, but now that she did she saw the lake, the many crumbled down buildings. She had a first thought, 'Get to the water'. She stumbled over to the water, and looked at herself. A pink furred Espurr. She shook her head, thinking it was just an illusion. But no. She decided then she would look for anyone else that may have suffered this.
    Exo had broke his way out of the egg. He had skidded out onto the ground, and her barely opened his eyes to see a ruin that he hadn't seen before he and the others fell. "Houndour has hatched from the egg!" 'What...?' He tried to move himself, but come to find out he had four legs now. He didn't know why, but he figured maybe it was like bear crawling. He tried to rise from the floor, but he then fell again, landing face-first into the ground. 'Ouch..' He then thought to try again. He then tried to arise again, and had managed to stand. Moving wasn't very easy, but he tried his best to move round, scout out for someone. He at that time knew he was a Houndour, because of the booming voice announcing his sort of poke-birth. He had only made it about two feet before collapsing, and hadn't seen any Pokemon of any sorts. 'Pokemon..' He then noticed his own Pokemon were gone. 'OH NO. My Pokemon..They must be worried..' He then thought, and got back up to try to look for them.
  4. Kat unable to see, felt a wall. She investigated, putting her hand -- No... It felt like something else now -- against it. "I don't remember... This... Well, this seems fragile," she braced herself before running into the wall for a few occasions.
    After several attempts, finally, Kat saw light as she fell out and landing on the ground. Looking up, she saw egg shells crumbling and landing next to... Her paw? "Ow, ow, ow. What in the name of... Paws? Where is thi--"
    "Purrloin has hatched from the egg." A mechanical voice from above.
    "Purrloin? What?" She looked down, noticing the paws once again. Scanning her surroundings, she'd notice a small pond of water and sprint for it before tripping over her own foot. Ouch, Kat picked herself then walked over to the water. There, Kat saw a Purrloin looking right back at her. "GREAT. This is just great."
  5. "Hmm, if I'm a Snivy do I get Snivy abilities?" Berry wondered as she wandered along the side of the lake "Vine whip!" she shouted extending her arms however nothing happened... Sighing softly she spotted some berry bushes to the side of the clearing, she approached. As Berry looked at the bunch of oran berries her stomach growled softly "Maybe just one..." she muttered to herself reaching for one of the juicy delicacies.
    a sticky web smashed into Berry's face. She reeled backwards clutching at her blinded eyes, "AARGH!!" She screamed in agony as a green blur smashed into her body sending her flying. She rolled three times before stopping by the edge of the lake. She coughed struggling to breath again after the impact. She wobbly got back on her stubby feet knowing it would be worse to keep lying down and take another hit like that. Damn that hurt She glared through the blinding web at what had hit her I can't take another blow like that or I'm done for!!! she thought to herself. She couldn't see anything but blurred colors she tried to find her assailant but everything was green! Motion! Berry dived to the side as something burst past her splashing into the lake. It seemed to struggle against the waters trying to get back to shore. Suddenly the blue water exploded as something grabbed onto the green blob and pull it under and the water was still once more... Berry gulped as she stared at the water for a time terrified of what might have happened if she had gone swimming unknowingly. The green thing had almost killed her and then it was... no it wasn't worth thinking about. shivering from terror Berry pulled off the webbing on her face and began walking around the lake again but this time keeping her distance from both sides. Soon enough she spotted what she thought was another pokemon. Keeping what had just happened close in mind she approached carefully trying to keep out of sight for as long as possible.
  6. Nini continued walking around, starting to get frustrated with herself. C'mon, if I want to figure out what happened I at least need to be able to move around without staggering or whatever! She continued practicing to walk until a sudden thought came to her. "My Pokemon!" she yelped out loud without meaning to. She looked around, but didn't see and signs of life aside from her. When she had resigned herself to the idea of having to look for them on foot... or paw, as it seemed to be... her ears twitched, and she heard something. Oh, wait, I'm an Eevee! I can do whatever an Eevee can! She sighed. Well... guess I can tackle stuff, but for now... She closed her eyes, listening. After a few moments of silence aside from a faint breeze rustling leaves, she heard a sound in the distance.
    Nini opened her eyes, turning her head in the direction she heard the noise from. "What the...?" She started making her way towards where she heard the noise. Sadly, she was still forced to stick to a walk, since she wasn't sure if her body was capable of running yet, even though she was getting better at walking.
  7. Excalibur opened his eyes(eye ), hearing some sort of cracking sound."Huh?" He looked around and heard a voice. "Honedge has hatched from the Egg." "Honedge?" He looked down. There was no body. "Huh? Am I...floating?" He turned and saw a blue cloth. "Is that attached to me? Weird..." He looked around and saw darkness. "Ok...I'm alone and there were others with me. Better go look for them." He willed his body to move. He floated around. "Guess I really am a Honedge. Lucky my name means sword." He laughed quietly at that and went searching for an exit to this cave.
  8. Beau had walked for miles, or that's what it felt like. she had only walked a yard, and she was already growing tired of looking any longer. Her own body was too heavy for her small legs to handle anymore, so she collapsed, her own body starting to hurt from the fall. She continued to lay there, ignoring the "BLAM!" noise than had sounded somewhere nearby. The only thing she saw was the ruins for as she could see. She didn't try to get up, decided to rest on the ground, to try to soothe her aching joints and legs. She wished she was by the lake now, to take a large drink of water, because she felt dehydrated by now.
    Exo had looked around for awhile, only just hearing the "BLAM!" that sounded very close to him. He thought of it as a danger and tried to move away from it, so her bounded a few human steps away from the noise. He didn't want to get hurt, and getting hurt in this form, would be DEADLY. Him himself felt very pumped, even after suffering at least a few head injuries. He wanted to explore some more, so he starting bounding around some more, again looking for someone other than himself.
  9. She'd inspect her surroundings, "This is ridiculous. I don't even have an idea where I am!" Kat was walking out on two feet, still brushing off dirt from her previous fall. I need time to get used to this... On a positive note, I shouldn't be defenseless...
    Waving a paw in front, she'd try to use Scratch...
    Nothing happened.
    "That's peculiar. Scratch is the most basic move fo--"
    A scream in the distance, followed by what sounded like a punch, then silence. Kat looked in the direction of the sound then scanned the area once more, "I don't think I should start early, but there could be others out here." After a quick internal debate, she'd follow the direction of the sound.
  10. Berry tried to blend in with the surrounding grass, her entire body was hurting from the previous attack and she felt close to fainting. She winced, apparently the fight if it could even be called that had attracted others. If they also attack... she shuddered at the thought taking a deep breath she tried to still herself and hide. Hopefully they might take each other out letting her escape... Living as a wild pokemon was harder than she thought!
    She spotted what looked like an Eevee approaching from one side. Berry curled up and tried to hide her ragged breathing (the pain was NOT helping). She waited prepared for the worst.
  11. Nini walked around, trying to figure out where exactly the sound came from. Her ears twitched as she tried to listen for anything to tell her where the source of the noise from earlier went. Eventually she entered a clearing and her ears picked up the sound of something breathing. She tensed. If that's an enemy, I might be in trouble... she frowned. After all, she didn't trust her new body to so much as run, let alone battle. Nini looked around to try to see where anyone might be. It wasn't too long before she caught sight of a flash of yellow. Approaching it carefully, she found a Snivy laying in the grass. She was curled up and was the source of the ragged breathing she had heard.
    "Hello?" Nini asked quietly, ready to give running a try if the Snivy attacked her. "Are you okay?"
  12. Kat walked nearby, clearing a few what appeared to be string shots. I probably shouldn't have walked this way... Freeing her paw from some strings, she overheard what appeared to be an Eevee speaking. Out of fear, Kat stayed back hiding near a tree. They look like they're going to run for it at the last second, might not be a threat... Then again, that Snivy appears injured. Most likely that's the sound I heard. She carefully watched the situation unfold.
  13. Beau had finally rested enough, she got up again, and began to walk. she saw a bit of grass nearby, and could only wonder what could jump out of the grass. She decided to peek into the grass, to maybe find someone who she could communicate with. She stepped in the grass, and then saw only one thing. A Pidgey, it looked nice at first, so she went up to it. "Hello..Do-" It then tackled her, and she fell over. Her chest felt pain, pain like she had never felt before. She got up, and tried to tackle it back, but it seemed to do nothing. 'Oh geez, I forgot..Espurr doesn't learn tackle.." She then shielded herself with her small paws, knowing the Pidgey would try again to hurt her. As she expected, it did, and it tackled her once more. She felt less pain, but she didn't know what to do. 'Maybe...Another basic move..come on..' She thought, and then had it. 'Scratch!' She then tried to bring a scratch out, and failed. Out of her paw came no attack.
    Exo had continued padding for a while, becoming tired as it felt like a day had passed in the ruin. Still, he found no Pokemon, no nothing. Just the same, hard ground and what looked like the same ruin he had seen the many times he had looked up from his paws. It was just like walking through a desert. He was starting to see things, like food. But, as soon as he could get near it just disappeared. And like that he continued. Walking for no reason, only to be met with a despair of nothing.
  14. Excalibur floated around, only to see rocks, rocks, and more rocks. "Ugh...welp this is a cave of rocks." He looked over at some smaller rocks. "~Idea. Tackle." He rammed himself against a small rock. It shattered into some smaller pieces, leaving him a bit dizzy. "Oof. So that's what a Normal type move against a Rock type Pokemon feels like. That stings." He shook the dizziness away. "Next rock. Maybe I could find some stuff." He went to go Tackle some more rocks.
  15. Berry looked up at the surprisingly fluffy Eevee standing over her "A-aren't you going to attack?" She asked looking upwards with her periwinkle eyes widened, a little nervous. Dumb question she immediately thought, if the Eevee'd wanted to strike they would've already "I-I mean of course I'm fine!" She shot upright "A little scratch like this can't stop me!" she announced proudly Nailed it she nodded inwardly before having to double over at the pain of sudden motion maybe not... she thought after all.
  16. Nini shook her head. "You sure you're okay?" She relaxed a bit, since this Pokemon didn't seem like she wanted to hurt her. Besides, I don't know if she could if she wanted to, she seems in bad shape.
  17. "I'm fine... just. need. a breather..." Gasped Berry as she held her injured side. She then did the same thing she did every time she met a person, the same thing she did when she met the group of trainers at the island. the trainer now snivy swung her arms (leaves) and did a little spin before making a piece sign over her eye with one hand (leaf) and pointing at the sky with the other winking her eye as she introduced herself "The name's Berry! Legendary trainer extraordinaire! It's nice to meet you! Though it's a big honor to meet me!" She laughed cheerily
  18. "I'm Nini... you said you're a Trainer? As in a human?" Nini asked with a relieved smile. So it isn't just me... thank goodness, I was starting to wonder if I've gone crazy.
  19. "Yep, is that odd?" Berry asked misunderstanding the intent of the question "I mean I don't know how humans turned pokemon are treated down here... by the way where are we anyways?" she asked hoping Nini might have an answer
  20. "You know about as much as me. I was a human too, and I was exploring the island with some others... the next thing I knew, I was an Eevee." Nini answered, sitting down.
  21. "...Wait" Berry froze "Where you the super shy one that mostly stayed to the side chatting to friends over the holocaster?"
  22. Nini paused for a moment before nodding. "Yeah... you were the one who was always asking the others for battles, weren't you?"
  23. Beau started to walk, hoping to get away from the Pidgey. She walked faster than she had, but she couldn't manage a run at the form she was in. She wasn't as scared before, but now she was. Realizing there would be hostile Pokemon around trying to murder her. 'Great way to start off, can't even fend for yourself. You're such a coward..'
    Exo had laid on the ground, in the shade of what seemed to him with a large bush. He found this as the only shelter for miles, or what it seemed to him. Like Beau's problem, it was only 4 yards he had walked. He was tired, and couldn't generate the energy to keep going. It was hopeless for him, because it seemed he wouldn't find anyone ANYTIME soon.
  24. "hehehe" Berry grinned embarrassed as she rubbed the back of her head "maybe I was a bit too excited to see so many strong trainers gathered~" please don't mention me challenging them all at once please don't mention me challenging them all at once...
  25. "Did you really think you had a chance facing all of them at once?" she asked, a hint of amusement in her voice.
  26. dammit "Hey I did pretty well considering!" Berry retorted "My Crobat took down at least 5!" She boasted
  27. "Yeah, but you were facing at least twenty others!" Nini responded exasperatedly before sighing and shaking her head. "But we need to figure out what's going on, not focus on the past."
  28. "Ah! Right... that. Well since we're obviously not alone in falling and turning into pokemon we should find the others." She thought for a minute "We should probably try and find shelter and several at that. Not only will it be safer for us when it gets dark but we might find some others there as well. By the way don't go swimming or sticking your head in bushes unprepared..."
  29. "Right." Nini nodded. "We need to figure out some sort of food before anything else, though. I don't know about you, but all the walking I did to find someone made me hungry."
  30. "Well there's a bush over there which I'm pretty sure has nothing in it...anymore at least" she pointed at the bush she'd been attacked by previously. It loomed menacingly the berries tantalizingly deadly luring unsuspecting pokemon in for the horrible green monster inside to strike at... of course it could just be in her head from being attacked by it once.
  31. "Anymore...?" Nini asked warily, looking at the berries and practically salivating at the sight of the plentiful Oran Berries.
  32. "Well there was something in there but then it went for a swim. Hurt like like all distortion world too!" Berry sighed and gazed at the berries once more. "Well here goes nothing..." She gulped and approached the bush carefully prodding it with a stick. Nothing came out this time so she then grabbed a berry chomping down on it "delish~ous~" She muttered satisfied as her injuries recovered somewhat as well! Turning to wave at Nini that it was fine she noticed what seemed to be a houndour lying beneath an extra large bush. She then began backing away slowly so as not to alarm it, but then she stepped on a branch
    "Oh no..." She muttered
  33. "What is it?" Nini asked quietly, walking over until she saw the Houndour. At that point she began to back away as well, but tripped over her own paws and landed with an "oomph".
  34. Beau then looked around. Where she had stopped was in the middle of nowhere. Her own thoughts were....blank. She had no way of knowing where she was and she couldn't take the loneliness that pierced her heart. 'Well, now you're alone. Hopefully you'll find someone soon. For now, let's rest.'
    Exo blinked barely, looking up after hearing the stick break. 'What...Oh no..I don't wanna get attacked...' He then started to get up. He didn't want to give them any harm, but he expected them to. "Please..Don't hurt me.." He muttered those words a bit quieter than he had imagined them in his head.
  35. Nini's paws waved in the air from where she ended up falling on her back. After a few seconds' effort she managed to get up, grunting quietly. Her fluffy brown fur was ruffled from her fall, and she had landed hard on her tail, but she was more focused on the Houndour, and getting ready to try running if she had to.
  36. I doubt going near there is a good idea... Then again, there's curiosity, the Purrloin walked slower. She crept behind a nearby bush, hoping that a wild Pokemon doesn't attack her for it. Thankfully, there isn't anything... Yet, at least. Kat noticed that there was another... Something, near where they were, hiding in front of them.
    I'll just try to talk to them, least until I know that another thing isn't a Pokemon or, if at all, and ARCEUS FORBID, is hostile.
  37. A couple Tackles later...
    Excalibur lied down on the cave floor. "I'm tired." He floated back up. "...but I'm also hungry and bored." He looked around at the piles of shattered rocks. "I doubt I'm going to find food here." He floated around, finally spotting a small opening. "Hmm. If I Tackle the wall to make it wider, I have to leave as soon as possible. Welp. Tackle attack." He Tackled the wall as hard as possible. The cave wall cracked. He dashed out into the open field. He saw it led to a forest. "Berry hunting time." He headed in.
  38. Berry backpedaled rapidly as the Houndour got up (having not heard it's quiet plea), trying to get between Nini and the houndour and preparing to fight. She knew that grass types were weak against fire and she had a feeling it would know ember at the very least, something all houndours knew at birth. She started thinking about ways she could win if it came down to a fight. If I can just get it near the lake's edge I can push it in with Tackle but I can't do anything if it attacks from a range... This might be bad. Wait if Nini attacks from one side and me the other we might have a chance! As she was thinking she watched the houndour for any suspicious movements
  39. Nini tensed up as she saw Berry get between her and the Houndour. It's a fire type, if it knows a fire move things could get bad for Berry really fast. Like Berry, she hadn't heard the Houndour's plea, too focused at the time on standing up. I can probably Tackle it at least, that's something all Eevees can do... hopefully I can get a running start so it actually works, since I haven't tried running yet.
  40. Excalibur floated around, looking for trees to Tackle and get food. "Oh?" He some blue berries and another with red berries. "If I remember right those are Oran and Cheri berries. Perfect for a meal. Tackle time." He tackled the 2 trees. Some berries fell down. "Yay." He celebrated quietly, picking up the berries with the cloth. He heard something like sticks cracking. "Oh? Others are in here." He floated over toward the sound.

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