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Ask to Join Pokemon: Mystery of Wizen, Characters

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by SoulsOfTheVoid, Nov 21, 2017.

  1. ((please PM me if you want to join I'm looking for about 4-5 players hopefully before I start))

    you along with a group of fellow trainers have been lucky enough to be invited to ride a ferry to the "strange island" that has been recently discovered. Hopeful for adventure and rare pokemon you hop on the ferry. After a long/short journey You and the rest of the group climb the steps of the hill excitedly only to find an empty field. No tall grass, no sand, not even a rock to break. The only thing to be found is a large stone egg in the center of the plateau with a tree growing around it. Curious one of your members walks over and touches it. The egg starts glowing as runic lines cross all over it. Suddenly the entire island shakes and before anyone can react the ground splits open and all the trainers present fall in to a bottomless pit.
    You awake in darkness. You try to move only to find yourself trapped in a small space, you try hitting the edge of the circular wall, It cracks and a little light shines through. After breaking free of the small prison you gasp at the scenery before you. Pidgey sing as they fly across a clear blue sky Overgrown trees surround you as their roots dig through a plethora of ruined buildings. Overall it is a scene that makes you wonder where in the world you were? You look around noticing a broken eggshell behind you. Why were you trapped in an egg? As you reach down for your bag, map, and/or pokemon you realize they are all missing. you try to run forward to find them only to trip and fall. All your limbs just feel 'wrong'. There's a puddle conveniently next to you, it seems it had just stopped raining, but when you look at it you don't see your own familiar face... instead a pokemon looks back at you. Glancing back at the eggshell understanding dawns on you. You've turned into a pokemon! As you stare stunned you hear an odd robotic voice "Congratulations you have hatched into a..."

    Hello and welcome to the strange and mysterious world of Wizen! The group starts off scattered but relatively close. There are multiple layers to this world going downwards. Whether it's to return home, find your pokemon and stuff, discover the secrets of this place, or return to your original form the only answers you find lead downwards. But be warned in the upper layers the pokemon are extremely aggressive and don't seem to be able to talk. You start off as a newly born pokemon, and a weird announcing system declares your levels and newly learned moves!
    You don't have to be at the correct level to learn a move you can figure out on your own but you automatically gain those moves at that level with no training or practice necessary. If you can figure out how to learn odd moves not on your pokedex entry go right ahead! However if you make up moves be clear on how they work and how you learned it. Also note that levels are a general representation of growth so you will also get experience from simply training, learning moves, and so on! everyone should have around the same level as well and they shouldn't be gained easily.

    The intro is a vague example of what occurred to you with slight differences depending on the character.
    ((Also this is my first time posting on this site so please don't kill me))

    Character Sheet:
    Appearance: (shiny or not/any defining features)
    Reason you came to the island/past history: (were you a researcher? in need of a strong pokemon to get that last badge? etc...)

    Name: Berry
    Gender: female
    Age: 13
    Species: Snivy
    Appearance: Snivy with blue/purple eyes
    Personality: cheerful yet arrogant, she's always looking ahead at the next challenge.
    Reason you came to the island/past history: Cinder was in the middle of training to face the Hoenn elite four after collecting all the regions badges, she wanted to be strong enough to do it in one go, when she was invited to the island by the region professor. Curious she went along thinking there may be some benefit if only to battle the other trainers there.
    Other: She began her journey at 12 years old.
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  2. Name: Nini
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Species: Eevee
    Appearance: (shiny or not/any defining features) Extremely fluffy even for an Eevee with dark green eyes
    Personality: Quiet and loyal to her friends, a bit shy with strangers but warms up pretty quickly.
    Reason you came to the island/past history: (were you a researcher? in need of a strong pokemon to get that last badge? etc...) She was curious about the newly discovered island. Some of her friends from her home wanted to know about it, but they weren't in the area and Nini was, so she went on the expedition to tell them what it's like.
    Other: She hates liars with a passion.
  3. Name: Beau
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Species: Espurr
    Appearance: A normal shiny Espurr, with darker purple eyes.
    Personality: She's very quiet. Usually shying away from talk. She takes a while to open up but once sh does, your in luck. you have a strong-willed companion willing to stand up for you.
    Reason you came to the island/past history: Beau was a photographer. She came here in search of new things to take pictures of.
    Other: She's claustrophobic, hating tight spaces. They make her scared.

    (And, am I allowed to register 2 characters? The other will be a male.)

    Name: Exo
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Species: Houndour
    Appearance: A normal Houndour.
    Personality: Exo's very brave. He likes adventuring and exploring, and he's a bit curious.
    Reason you came to the island/past history: Exo came to the island just to find some new Pokemon and sight-see.
    Other: He's always very oblivious.
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  4. Name: Excalibur
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Species: Honedge
    Appearance: normal w/ a silver blade
    Personality: He’s somewhat quiet, a historian, and was a guard for a museum. He likes to search for new treasures. As for guarding them, don’t bother asking him. He will guard under his own terms(especially if it involves money).
    Reason you came to the island/past history: The museum he was working at let him take a vacation and he decided to take a journey across the sea. He’s an archer and a duelist/swordsman.
    Other: Sometimes he wishes he could hide in the shadows.
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  5. Name: Akil
    Gender: Female
    Age: Fourteen
    Species: Mawile
    Appearance: (shiny or not/any defining features): A regular Mawile.
    Personality: She’s considerate to strangers, but she’s more snarky and talkative towards friends.
    Reason you came to the island/past history: (were you a researcher? in need of a strong pokemon to get that last badge? etc...) Akil had been encouraged to go to this ferry by her family so she’d get out more. So, she decided to catch a unique Pokémon to enter with to an upcoming Pokémon Contest.
    Other: Hates overly cheery people & spicy food

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  6. Name: Katherina "Kat"
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Species: Purrloin
    Appearance: A Purrloin with slightly lighter fur.
    Personality: Katherina can come off sarcastic and apathetic at times. Though Kat is quite sociable, capable of holding a conversation for a decent amount of time.
    Reason you came to the island/past history: She boarded out of intrigue to see some ancient ruins. Originally, Kat was told that it's possible some information on learning more about the past was located there. Although she's not really a researcher, she was interested in the idea and decided to investigate.
    Other: (OoC: Nothing of importance to note, I guess)
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    This is not an RP thread. It's a discussion thread, and those belong in the RP discussion boards. When you actually have in-character posts, that's when you post in the RP forums.

    Kindly read the rules.

    Thread moved.
  8. ((Oh, sorry! Didn't know that posting characters for an RP first counted as a discussion... I saw several other RPs doing the same thing so I thought this was how it's done... My apologizes. I have carefully gone over the rules and found my mistake under the "starting a new RP" section specifically the second half of "A note on Sign up posts". I know I'm making your job of managing the forums harder through this mistake and I'm sorry. (though you might not see this as you have better things to do than read a single apology note... it just makes me feel better) )) Also a thought occurred to me for something because of this that might or might not be helpful to the Admins in the future which I am unsure where to post (Though it might have already been recommended in the past)
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    No need to worry, mistakes happen – that's why we have the rules, and that's why we let people know when they run afoul of them. :) If you have a suggestion, why not drop it in the Questions and Site Feedback forum or my profile? :)
  10. Thank you! ((I didn't think anyone would actually reply (O.O) ))

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