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Private/Closed Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Travelers Of Destiny Discussion

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Baymaxman13, May 28, 2020.

  1. The world of Pokémon is a mysterious place. There have been many rumors of places known as mystery dungeons. A mysterious threat has appeared on the Air Continent that will threaten to destroy the Pokémon world. A few group of young Pokémon join together and form rescue teams to save other Pokémon in time before the threat hits. Will the group be able to stop the threat?

    1. You can only be the first stage of a Pokémon. (With the exception of Pikachu)
    2. If you’re a Pseudo legendary, you can not be over powered.
    3. You have to choose your Pokémon’s moveset but it can’t be an over powered moveset.
    4. No Mary Sues.
    5. No swearing.
    6. Be nice to each other and have fun.
    7. You can be a shiny but I don’t want too many because shinies are rare.
    8. No encountering legendaries or mythicals.
    9. You have to join a rescue team or create your own rescue team. (No more than two rescue teams)
    10. Follow the pokecharms rules.
    11. You can only have one character.

    Character Bio:

    Rescue Team Name: (If you’re starting one)
    Occupation: (Rescue Team that you’re on)

    Rescue Teams:
    Team Ocean
    Team Splat

    This is my first mystery dungeon rp, so any help knowing how to do it will be greatly appreciated.

    I will only allow six people to join. Three characters per rescue team.

    If you want to be Pikachu, you can be Pikachu. You don’t have to be Pichu.
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  2. Oooh, this looks really cool

    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Dahlia
    Species: Galarian Corsola
    Appearance: Same as a normal
    Personality: Quiet and gives the impression of really creepy (and honestly is). Very anti-social but will help other people
    Rescue Team Name: Not starting one
    Occupation: Haven't joined one yet but will be happy to join in with anyone who makes a team
    Strength Sap
    Shadow Ball
    Backstory: Surprisingly good cook, but she never gives a straight answer if you ask whether or not it's poisoned. She was once a normal Corsola working for a guild in the ocean-continent. with her only family, her mother. She was the guild's cook and she helped out on missions too. One day, her guild was attacked because the guild leader had a debt or two from some very unsavory people. The attack revolved around setting the guildhall on fire. The fire damaged her outside shell badly and killed many members including her mother. The guild disbanded. Dahlia became a galarian corsola. Her goal now is to find out the criminals who did it and her personality shifted from the event into what she is now.
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  3. It’s accepted. And here is my character.

    Gender: Male
    Nickname: Aqua
    Species: Buizel
    Appearance: The same old type of Buizel
    Personality: Aqua is a Buizel that likes to swim around the ocean at times and likes to train under his parents. He also likes to spend time with his friends because he is very social.
    Rescue Team Name: Team Ocean
    Occupation: Team Ocean (creator of the rescue team)
    Sonic Boom
    Aqua Jet
    Ice Beam
    Water Gun
    Backstory: Aqua was born on the Sea Continent along with his brothers and sisters. Aqua hasn’t been too fond of people stealing, so every time someone stole something he would come in and save the day. He then was started to be called the ‘Swift Jet’. He didn’t want all of the fame, so he and his family went to the Land Continent and they are now living there in peace. Or that’s what it seems.
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  4. Alright, I guess I'll give being a pokemon myself a shot!

    Gender: Female
    Nickname: Peanut
    Species: Emolga
    Appearance: Just your run of the mill Emolga, except she dawns a hand-crafted cape, stitched with vines and leaves, made with dandelion petals, which spreads a nature-esk aroma while flying.
    Personality: Peanut is a thinker. She loves to create anything she can with the materials in the forest, and loves coming up with ways to solve the problems around her. Quite caring, but will not trust anything not part of her village.
    Occupation: Absolutley none!
    Backstory: Emolga lives with a small village of woodland Pokemon in the forest. Her duty is to keep it safe from predators, specifically airborne threats. But, since it's well hidden, she rarely has to commit to that job, and just patrols the skies around the village. The Pokemon there find her love of creation odd, but considering she protects them, they don't think much of it.
  5. It’s good. You’re in. And when we join a rescue team, it will be later on in the RP.
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  6. Gender: Male
    Nickname: Hubbard
    Species: Bergmite
    Appearance: He's a Bergmite, so lots of ice.
    Personality: Hubbard is ironically warm and passionate, rather fluent in conversation. He is quite social, though is very fearful when it comes to real missions.
    Rescue Team Name: (If you’re starting one) Part of Team Ocean.
    Occupation: (Rescue Team that you’re on) Team Ocean.
    Moveset: Rapid Spin, Avalanche, Curse, Protect.
    Backstory: Hubbard comes from a glacier near the mountains, in a small village inhabited by Ice-types. Over time, that glacier melted, which sent a huge refugee wave of Ice-types to more populated villages.
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  7. It’s accepted.
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  8. Gender: Female
    Nickname: Veta
    Species: Smeargle
    Appearance: She has all the traits of a normal Smeargle, but has a large hooded cloak in that she occasionally wears.
    Personality: She's a bit gullible, but overall a good willed Pokemon. She only hopes the world could stay pure.
    Rescue Team Name: (If you’re starting one) Team Splat
    Occupation: Team Splat Leader
    Headbutt (Sketched)
    Play Rough (Sketched)
    Sing (Sketched)
    Backstory: She actually lived in a village in the Air Continent, but had gotten moved to the Land Continent for her safety, but disliked that. But she eventually joined a Guild for a temporary time there, until the founder grew old and retired. She decided to make her own team in honor of them.
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  9. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    May as well

    Appearance-A Toxel but with a lightning bolt on its cheek.
    Personality-Wants things to go there way all the time and will be mad if it doesn’t go that way.
    Rescue Team-None yet
    Move set-
    Power Up Punch
    Backstory-Shock was alone all their live because of their attitude, so they have lots of outdoor survival skills, and, unlike most Toxels can walk and run easily. Has great mobility in general.
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  10. It’s accepted. And you’re the final one.
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  11. @Baymaxman13 I'm writing my introductory post to the RP, but it wouldn't work if our two characters weren't friends before this. Is that okay?
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  12. Yeah. It’s fine if our two characters are friends. And if anyone has ideas of what the ‘bosses’ could be. Give them to me. I want the ‘bosses’ to be mainly Pokémon, but you can have the ‘final boss’ a non-Pokémon.
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  13. For the boss of Fireshoot Forest, could it be a Fletchinder/Simesear?
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  14. Yeah. I think Fletchinder would be a good boss.
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