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Ask to Join Pokémon Mystery Dungeon! Team Haisha! (RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ThAtGuY101, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Heres the discussion thread! https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-team-haisha-discussion.22702/#post-865226


    "Saba glad you could come man. You know how I've been telling you how I wanted to move out of this place, right? It's not just me talking! This time I'm serious. I'm tired of hearing about crimes going on. I really plan on moving and starting a new life ,but the problem is money is hard to come by ,and I haven't been able to sell my old place. This place is pretty bad. Even for Garbodor standards this place is pretty bad. I did manage to get enough money to buy myself a new place on the nicer side of town. Money is going to be tight for a little while ,but I'm gonna be sooo glad to start my new life. Maybe make less of a mess when I get settled into my new home. The new neighbors aren't too happy about a Garbodor moving into the neighborhood ,but hey! I'm coming to stay! hahahahahahaha! I'm going to try stay on my neighbors good sides. Won't make any promises though. I figured we've been friends long enough. I knew you since I was a trubbish. We were good friends. I'm gonna miss ya little buddy. Take care of the place!" His friend Garbodor said. Saba was at a loss for words.

    As he began travelling to his new home. With a cart full of trash and other foul horrid smelling stenches that could probably be smelled for a mile. Saba was going to miss his friend ,but he still had the dented harmonica that his friend gave him. Saba attempted to play the harmonica which let out an eerie screeching sound. He then put the harmonica back in his satchel. He turned to his house.

    (One week later!!!)

    After a long cleaning montage Saba actually managed to clean up the place. My oh my did that old trash dump looked improved. Now its a dump without any stinky trash in it. It still wasn't much ,but it was way better than before. A week ago the smell was so bad even a grimer would blush. The house didn't smell great ,but it was alright. It was alright. The only thing left to do now was to figure out why he wanted to live in a house when his cave was perfectly fine. Nothing wrong with his old home. Saba did like the convenient distance between his new house ,and the rest of town. Saba was practically a normal citizen now living in a house ,and everything. Saba still missed dumpster diving with his friend Garbodor ,but those days were long since past him. Saba was pleasantly surprised to find out that the house was more spacious than he thought. That trash took up a lot of space. Saba never even knew his garbodor friend had a basement. The basement was huuuge. Yet cleaning the basement was pretty easy. Saba had a funny feeling his Garbodor friend likely never knew he had such a big basement otherwise it would be packed full of trash.

    (The next morning!)

    Saba had a nice long rest. It was a good night. One thing that really stuck out to Saba about living in the city was the fact that crimes were more frequent. Saba got to appreciate the fact that not that many criminals operated in deep cave systems. The ones that did were typically secretive ,and were willing to leave you alone if you left them alone. The people in the city were meaner ,and Saba was simply trying to get by. At some point that morning after eating a ruby and a saphire he eventually got the idea to start a rescue team! Why? Saba still hadn't figured that out. His biggest motivations were the fact that he needed money. He was also running low on emeralds. His favorite jewel to eat. Also there was a rescue team poster on the wall for some... "Team Go-Getters? What kind of a name is that?" Saba said still biting on a ruby. He heard some sounds coming from outside his window ,and climbed up to the windowsill so he could see out the window. Looking down he saw a Cleffa ,and a azurill playing in the streets. An azumarill was not too far behind them. No doubt keeping a watchful eye over them.

    Saba hopped down from the window ,and after an hour had made 100 flyers! [Come join my rescue team! Come join my rescue team! It's great! You get to be a rescue mon and save pokémans and stuff. Be a hero today and give Team Haisha a shot!! Here's my adress down heeere!!] The letter had written on it. Next to the "heres my adress down heeere!!" was an arrow pointing to some words at the bottom of the page which had his name(Saba) ,and exact address written down. All of them poorly written ,but legible enough to read. Saba chose the name "Team Haisha" because that was the closest thing he could think of to an actual name. Turns out coming up with a cool Rescue Team name was kinda hard. Saba's hands were so tired after writing 100 flyers word for word the same thing over and over. His hands were so tired they felt like they would fall off from pain and abuse. Despite this he managed to pick up the stack of flyers. However the stack of papers stood taller than he expected as he could not see in front of him with the stack in the way. Also his hands were still tired so he was just barely holding onto the paper.

    He went to the door to open it ,but forgotten to take into account the door was pull to open from the inside. Which lead into him dropping the flyers. Which resulted in him taking 5 minutes to pick up all the flyers as when he opened the door the wind blew the flyers across the room, "uuuuuhhhggghh... Adventure!" Saba said reluctantly as he grabbed the flyers. Now the only thing left to do was figure how to close the door. Saba spent a few minutes trying not to fall as he attempted to close the door with his foot. The only problem was the fact that he was barely able to reach the door handle with his hand. Saba was so lucky the azumarill watching the kids saw his pathetic attempt to close the door ,and was willing to help him out. Which was great because Saba had no chance of closing the door with his foot ,and would have no doubt dropped all the flyers ,and they probably would have blew away down the hill and into a lake or some bushes on the outskirts of town. "Thank you!" Saba said cheerfully moving along. He still couldn't see in front of him ,but he didn't bump into anyone yet. he definitely would have bumped into one of the two little kids had the Azumarill not had been as smart as she was gesturing to the kids to watch out. Saba grinned at the kids with a toothy smile to which the kids just giggled ,and continued playing.

    As Saba continued down the street the occasional flyer blew off the top of his stack ,and into the streets. He nailed some of the flyers on some of the town posts, tossed some of them out eagerly ,and slid some of them under random house doorways. Saba was so happy to be heading home ,but with a startled surprise he nearly forgotten he would need to register an actual team. This meant he would need a badge. badges! Saba eventually arrived at the Pelliper Post Office where he would deliver a formal letter of registration. He would no doubt receive his badges the next following day. Saba began heading home in hopes that someone would see the flyers. His plan was foolproof right? He made flyers with colorful pictures and words. Who wouldn't wanna join? Saba was practically a master explorer already. Even if he never actually gone exploring before.

    Now that he gotten that out of the way the only thing left to do was to head home. Saba could see some of the flyers still lying on the ground. Guess passer-byres didn't pick them up. Maybe they had photographic memory or something. Then again Saba did make 100 flyers. Maybe he was just being paranoid over nothing. He was happy to head back to his house ,and see if he got any responses. Saba went inside and put a box next to the window so he wouldn't have to pull himself up the windowsill to look outside. He placed a mirror on the windowsill so he could just sit in a dining chair and still see if anyone was passing by. Saba thought himself so clever as he walked over to sit in the chair. He looked in the mirror. He could only see half of the mirror ,but he had just enough vision to see what was going on through the street. For the time being Saba sat patiently waiting.
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  2. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    As pokemon bustled around the city, a few would stop by and admire the statue of a golurk's top half laying there. This was not, in fact, a statue, but a real-life Golurk named Clad, legs tucked, sleeping outside after being kicked out of his last team.
    A paper glided with the wind, flying majestically before stopping abruptly....on Clad's face. The pokemon gave a startled jerk, actually scaring a fair amount of the passersby and making them flee. A few of the brave ones remained, but followed suit as the Clad untucked his legs and stood. Clad reached over to his face, took the paper carefully as to not rip it with his rough hands, and read it. He couldn't resist a chuckle while doing so. It was obviously an invitation to join a rescue team, and a pretty crude one at that. Obviously made from a new, inexperienced one. Still, none of the bigger ones have done him an good, so he may as well check it out.
    Once he decided, his legs retucked and his body ignited, sending him high into the air, and charring the floor below him.
    (Timeskip woooo)
    Clad finally made it to the address. He landed a fair distance away as to not damage anything, and walked the rest of the way. Once he was in front of the house, he opened his hand, which was curled over the paper, and checked the address to confirm he was right.
    "Um...excuse me, anyone? Is this Team Haisha?" he asked. His voice was very deep, almost terrifyingly so, but also lacked confidence, making him sound menacingly bulliable, which was fitting, to be honest.
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  3. The Sableye sat comfortably in his chair when all of a sudden Clad walked in and Saba nearly flipped his lid when this hulking metalic pokémon walked in the door, "Oh my diamonds! this guy is big! Did he come to join my team? I hope he doesn't get mad if I ask" Saba thought to himself. When Clad mentioned Team Haisha, Saba's eyes lit up ,and a grin spread across his face. He didn't mind the deep voice as a lot of his friends has deep voices which was something he had grown accustomed to. What's better was the fact that he looked strong which was great because Saba was not. Someone to lift heavy things. "Nice to meet you!" said said standing on the chair then climbing on the table ,and yet still having to look up to see the Golurk. He smiled extending his hand, "I'm Saba!" He said excitedly.
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  4. Faust buzzed quietly in displeasure as they left the base of yet another rescue team that had decided to reject them. With a blank stare they started to head home, head tilted downward despondently. A lone piece of paper tumbled through the air, carried by a harsh wind that blew through the street. It came to rest perfectly on the ground beneath their snout. The words "rescue team" caught their eye, written in large jagged black ink. Curious, they began to read.

    The handwriting was messy and the words slanted off to the side toward the right edge of the page as the writer started to run out of space. Every letter was written a bit stiffly, almost as if whoever wrote it had done 99 copies before it! Squinting, Faust managed to make out the address at the bottom; it was in the rougher part of the city. Hesitant, they almost decided not to visit... but they weren't one to ignore opportunity when it was so blatantly delivered to them. Nodding to themselves, they picked up the flyer in one claw and started to hover toward the written address, spooking a couple of kids playing on the sidewalks as they passed.

    The house was... not in the best shape, with a bit of paint peeling off the side and dust gathering on some of the windows. An alarming number of trash bags were out on the curb, waiting to be picked up, and the mailbox out front was rusty and dented. Nevertheless, Faust found a certain charm in it. They had never really had a home (living in the back rooms of Duskull's bank didn't count), and seeing someone make a life for themselves, however difficult, was heartwarming in its own right. They hovered up the path to the front door, pausing as they heard two voices speaking inside, before tapping their left claw lightly on the door in a knock. "Pardon me, I would like to inquire about joining a 'Team Haisha?'"
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  5. As Saba looked up at Clad he heard another voice. He walked to the other side of the table as he couldn't see around the golurk so easily. He saw a shedinja. Saba waved at him, "Come on in were Team Haisha! I'm Saba!" Saba said excitedly jumping excitedly. Everything was coming together quite nicely. He already had two members. a big ol' giant ,and a floaty bug. The fact that the bug could fly definitely seemed like a useful teammate to have. Saba was excited to have him along as well.
  6. Louis quietly walked through the streets like several other Pokemon who went about their days, although a scowl seemed to dress the Mawile's face as he strolled while his scarf flowed in the breeze. As he went to look up and see what interesting places the town had, he was hit over the face by a piece of paper, although he barely reacted to it other than the somewhat more annoyed look as it went to blow off him, but Louis thought he saw something interesting on it. Before the paper blew away from him, the Mawile caught it with his large jaws which handed it back to him and mumbled as he read it. "Come join my rescue team--yadda yadda--save pokémans and stuff--yadda yadda--Team... Haisha?" Louis said as he read the flyer, but was confused with the Team name, maybe it was a new one.

    Louis looked down at the bottom to find the address and thought for a moment. "Eh, worth a shot." He said to himself before he began to make his way across town to find the house that the flyer mentioned, he had to ask a Pokemon or two for directions, but it was hardly any trouble. As the Mawile got closer to the house, the first thing that hit him was a strange yet powerful odor that seemed to radiate from the house, almost as if a Grimer, Muk or other bad smelling Pokemon lived there, Louis briefly moved his scarf up to cover his nose before he reluctantly proceeded.

    Once he made his way to the door, he knocked on it rather loudly--although unintentional. "Is this where I can join Team Haisha? I saw it on a poorly made flyer." He called out bluntly.
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  7. Saba heard another voice ask about Team Haisha, "Hello! Welcome to Team Haishaaa! I'm Saba!" Saba said as he saw the mawile enter ,and waved at him excitedly. One, two ,and now three new members. A Golurk, a Shedinja ,and a Mawile. Things were starting to look up for Team Haisha. Having a Mawile on the team was useful as those things are as tough as steel. No doubt another welcomed member of the team.
  8. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Yamato stumbled across the streets, either Pokemon liked to see him suffer or people just don't care but nobody seemed to notice that he was trailing blood. After the last battle the twins were in, Yamato had managed to hurt himself so bad that even Fang seemed a bit worried. "We can't need some help and I don't think these people want to, do you think I will die?" he mustered a smile before he saw something fly by. Yamato tried to snatch it in his mouth, his teeth pierced through the corners of the paper. He stamped his tiny paw on it before a smile crept on his face. "Hey sis, do you feel like joining a rescue team? It might help me". Yamato managed to limp with some assistance of his sister to the address on the paper. "Do you think this is the guys shed and he actually owns seven massive houses just for kicks? Well hopefully they won't turn one of us down" he said to his sister, looking at the house.

    @Night's Shadow @ThAtGuY101
  9. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Don’t push yourself,” Fang grunted as she assisted her brother to the address. To be quite frank, she wasn’t all that sure they’d take them, but the name intrigued her. Team of losers, essentially. Well, that sounded just perfect. “What? Like hell if you’re gonna die. If you die I’ll raise you from the dead to kill you again. With any luck, they’ll be willing to help, if nothing else.”

    Once they’d arrived at the given address, Fang collapsed, exhausted. Forcing herself to her feet, she managed to gasp out, “This is Team Haisha, right? My brother, he’s...” She broke off coughing before looking back up with panic-stricken eyes. “Help him. Please.”
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  10. Saba looked over startled. He hopped onto the chair ,and leaped down to the floor before rushing over to see what was wrong. It was two Rockruff. Saba tried to pick up the injured rockruff ,but knew he wouldn't be able to lift him upstairs, "Scuse me Golurk? I don't know what your name is ,but can you help them upstairs? There are plenty of rooms with beds up there where they can rest. I don't know any healing abilities so we may need to visit a blissey or a milktank" Saba said.
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  11. Louis nodded and had a little look around the house, despite the bad smell, the place certainly seemed a lot tidier than the smell seemed to make him believe, he turned his head to the other people who arrived who appeared to be Ghost types, but before he could introduce himself, he turned his head back to the door and blinked in surprise when he saw two Rockruffs enter, one more injured than the other. "What happened to you guys?" Louis asked as he walked around and decided to go to the kitchen. "Hey... Saba, right? You got anything here that can potentially heal these guys?" He asked while his large back jaw opened a drawer to check for anything.
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  12. Disgruntled by his previous rescue team, Elliot floated right past the base of Team Neolight's without a quick glance, wave, or even a telepathic message out to its current occupants. The Elgyem unsteadily carried a leafy satchel- though it was more like a purse with a simple strap composed of plant-based matter from the common angle other Pokémon viewed from upon their first, brief glimpses. Things could not get worse for Elliot right?

    There were many frequent thoughts circling throughout the Elgyem's head...

    "We gotta move, like right now."

    "But don't tell him... just use a distraction or something yeah?"

    "Yeah, I know dummy. I'm a master at this."

    "I hope he forgives us."

    "But that's not what Team Neolight would do. I don't think he'll even forgive us one bit."

    "Well do you want to faint in a room with millions of Pokémon and cry out for rescue or not?!"

    "We don't have a choice do we...?"

    Elliot placed his shaky hands near his head, and took a few deep breaths through an unusual, extraterrestrial-based organ of some sort in an attempt to calm himself. It seemed as if the world was spinning when the little Pokémon felt some pain on top of his big noggin. He slowly shook his head a lot, and gave a poor effort of burying the dreadful memory behind.

    When the Elgyem noticed a piece of paper flying with the gentle breeze, he winced slightly at first, thinking it was some sort of trap a Zorua, or perhaps its evolutionary form had set up for the Cerebral Pokémon. He was very skeptical of the thin, innocent sheet that continued to traverse through the air like an aircraft with both of its wings broken- being at the mercy of the lift, drag, and other opposing forces commonly found in the field of physics.

    After mustering up a bit of courage within a good moment, Elliot dubiously glided towards the questionable paper with the help of his psychic-based levitation. The Elgyem quickly grabbed it with his trembling hands, as his rapid breaths caused the paper to quiver slightly. Upon reading the flyer, it was somewhat difficult to make out the words, leading the little Pokémon to easily conclude that there was a clear absence of penmanship throughout the hastily written paper.

    Since Elliot needed to find another rescue team after some hard pondering, the Elgyem decided to tentatively check out the included address from the flyer. He carefully deposited the paper in his satchel, and headed straight for his next destination. He looked down slightly in a poor attempt to hide his face, and did not bother to interact with any of the Pokémon he passed by.

    After some time, Elliot arrived arrived at a residence that seemed to have better days. Since he lacked a sense of smell, he did not notice what the odor could have been like for the others, if there were any Pokémon inside the house to begin with. The Elgyem slowly hovered towards the door, maintaining the unsteady levitation being a result of his clear unease. He carefully took out a blank piece of paper and a pencil- which was more like a thick, half foot long stick with pieces of graphite stuck throughout the inner areas, and being outside as a little point. This would not only assist with getting a better grip on the simple writing apparatus even with using Psychic, but it would also prevent self-injury should an unfortunate accident happen any time soon.

    He slowly wrote a message on the paper and quietly knocked on the door with a careful, telekinetic force so as to not break the hinged, revolving barrier probably being the only thing between him and the residence. He put his pencil back in the satchel, and showed the paper with a tremulous, telekinetic grip in case if anyone answered. Not really taking the many bandaged areas of his body into account at the moment, the paper read to anyone looking at it:


    I have recently heard about a rescue team called: Team Haisha. I wish to discreetly inquire it to anyone in charge.

    - Anonymous
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  13. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Clad looked around at the new arrivals. This place was filling up quick. His attention shifted to the hurt rockruff, then Saba when he asked him to carry them up.
    "U-Um..My name is Clad. I-I think I can do that." Clad stammered, moving his arms nervously. He looked down to the tiny rockruff and gave a deep breath, carefully curling his fingers over the two, and walking up the house. After a bit of time bumbling around, he finally found a room for them. Carefully, he placed the two on the beds, and tucked in his legs in his torso, his way of sitting, and remained in a corner, as to keep an eye on them. He wondered how they got so hurt, but felt like it'd be rude to ask. Hopefully Saba could come quickly with something to help.
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  14. "Uuuuuuggghhh mhm! The one with the 'X' on the cabinet. There should be a basket with oran berries!" Saba said running in the kitchen. Saba pointed towards the drawer. He grabbed a few before running, "This way! I'll go ahead and show you where the beds are. You can take them this way" Saba said. Saba heard knocking on the door, "Sorry I can't answer that. Come on in! Can somebody answer the door please? I'm a little busy right now" Saba asked. He continued running upstairs. He ran around the corner ,and then opened the door with his free hand. There were two beds in the room ready for a mon to lay in. Saba sat two oran berries on the bed ,and kept two more in case the other one was hurt. Saba left the other two oran berries by the other bed just in case the other was harmed. "Here's where you can place them" Saba said. He sat on a stool next to the bed ,and waited for the rockruff to be placed in bed.
  15. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    "Don't push yourself" he mocked back as she fell down exhausted. He bit out of the Oran berry next to him, he could feel the mix of flavors burst in his mouth and its healing affects making the pain go away. "This stuff is nice, where do you find this?" he asked, rolling the other one to Fang. "Hi I'm Yamato and this is my sister fang", he nodded his head at her "We're here for the Rescue team, but it's either both of us or none of us", the last part he said in a serious tone which he rarely used. Yamato paced around the room, before he jumped next to Clad. "What's the weather like up there?" he joked.
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  16. Unsure if the door was locked or not, Elliot patiently waited near the front door. He formed a transparent barrier of light to cushion the damage from special-based attacks in case if things would take a turn for the worse soon. The Elgyem gave another quiet knock in case, but was ready to defend himself. He had not wanted to warp inside the house, thinking there could be traps, or other security measures. He could not judge for how a place for how it purely looked on the outside, since it could be far different on its interior.

    Elliot fidgeted with his hands slightly, before securing a shaky grip again so that he didn't drop the note. He looked around slightly, checking for any windows or other objects he could see through to get a general idea of how the residence looked at first glance. He took a few silent breaths to calm himself after the pain on his head somewhat subsided.
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  17. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    “Hey,” Fang griped, though there wasn’t any real annoyance in her tone. “Put me down, you giant, I can walk, I’m—“ She broke off as she was dumped unceremoniously onto a bed. “Fine,” she finished grumpily. Reluctantly, she swallowed the Oran Berry before beginning to investigate the room. A little sniff here, a little sniff there, a little bit of choking on the scent of garbage everywhere... the Rockruff looked up at her brother’s voice. “What he said,” she agreed. At his question to Clad, she smacked him lightly with her tail. “Don’t be rude, doofus.”
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  18. Louis watched as the Sableye grabbed some Oran berries for the Rockruff twins and decided to go and answer the door. "I got the door!" He called as he went to go and open it to see an Elgyem of all Pokemon come to visit. "Hey there, if you're here to join to help the team, you can just come in for starters; we had a lil' situation which was why we couldn't answer right away, but hopefully things'll be okay shortly. If you want more details, talk to the Sableye there, he's supposed to be our new boss or something." The Mawile explained as he stepped aside to allow the Psychic Pokemon to enter.
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  19. Saba thought it was slightly funny when Yamato made a joke about Clad's height ,but didn't laugh. "You seem healthier I think" Saba said. "Both of you? You both wanna join?" Saba asked. He looked at both of them for a moment then looked at the both again for a second time before clearing his throat, "Okay! Sounds good to me!" Saba said. Saba continued to sit on his stool a few more minutes before wondering who was at the door. He didn't see them walk in nor did he know if anyone answered the door. He hopped down from the stool, "I'm gonna see who was at the door" Saba said walking outside the room.

    Making his way down the stairs to see the mawile standing by the door, "Who's at the door?" Saba said walking over. He looked outside ,and saw an Elgyem. Saba wasn't sure what the Elgyem wanted ,but after reading the note he had a fairly decent idea of what he wanted. Not really. The note was kinda vague ,but Saba was more than happy to help, "How many I help you? oh right! I'm Saba by the way!" Saba said.
  20. Elliot nodded at a Mawile that answered the door, before emitting gentle flashes of green light from his right hand at the Deceiver Pokémon. If they were to understand the unconventional way of communication, it would read: "Thank You" in morse code. The Elgyem slowly went inside, and hoped he would not get too much attention after taking a quick look at the bandages throughout his body.

    Elliot took in the information briefly explained by the Mawile, before looking around for the Sableye for a brief moment. He decided to wait near the Mawile, and hoped he did not have to do anything too much if there was an orientation or anything of the likes coming up.

    "Oh... okay then," The Elgyem tentatively said to the Mawile in a brief, unsteady telepathic message after mustering up some courage to talk to the Pokémon with an unusually large jaw behind their face. The Psychic Pokémon could not help but think on how or why would a Pokémon a few inches normally taller than his size would have another mouth behind. Then again, he had seen weirder things, and realized he lacked a mouth to begin with anyway. He continued to levitate in place, as he held the note with a trembling grip and took a few rapid, quiet breaths in a couple short bursts.

    Elliot was somewhat startled upon the unexpected arrival of the Sableye after easily matching them to the Mawile's straight to the point description of the boss. The Elgyem frantically took his pencil out, and slowly wrote another message on the middle region of the paper. The new message read to anyone looking at it:

    Hello Saba,

    From what the thing with the big jaw behind said, I presume that you are the one in charge here. I wish to discuss something discreetly about Team Haisha, and about a very sensitive subject that I do not wish to reveal to anyone else. I found a flyer for your rescue team when I was just taking a stroll down the city after some quick shopping.

    Is there any application, or initiation needed to join Team Haisha? Be aware that if any slight of hand or anything of the likes are committed, I am obliged to defend myself by all means necessary.

    - Anonymous
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  21. Saba looked at the Elgyem with a smile as he walked over. Another pokémon with jewels in its body. Did this pokémon eat jewels too just like Saba? A frighting thought. Saba better keep a careful around this Elgyem. Saba was pretty protective about his gem stash. Despite this he smiled before being shown a note which left Saba dumbfounded as he slowly attempted to read the note. It took him a minute to read the note as he sounded out every other word in reading it. It took him another minute to figure out what the thing even wanted, Application? uuhhh... application... You wanna join? Okay! Sounds fine to me!" Saba said. Saba still felt like he needed to keep his jewel stash safe just in case someone else craved opals at 3am. Saba thought for a moment when he realized he didn't really know the names of any of the mons names. Eventually Saba would need to write down a list of names and descriptions so he wouldn't forget who is who. For the time being Saba kept that thought in the back of his mind a he could probably do that later or something.
  22. "Is there... anything... you need... help with?" Elliot nervously asked Saba with a nervous, telepathic message. The Elgyem seemed to be shaking a little from stress, and attempted to not have too much attention on the bandages throughout his body. The little Psychic Pokémon glanced around the interior of the house, mentally noting it to look much better than its exterior. Still having not introduced himself yet to the others, Elliot patiently floated near the Sableye and waited in place.

    "Man... I'd better keep my head down. I can't let anyone know what happened... They'll be asking me way too many questions and stuff... Eek!" Elliot thought, as he had not realized that his mind inadvertently sent the brief, panicky ponders over to Saba as a telepathic broadcast. The Elgyem took out a small, metallic canister and opened it. He carefully poured some berry juice on where his mouth would likely be if he had one. His skin absorbed the mellow blue liquid's contents and nutrients like a desert lizard using its skin as a web of drinking straws.
  23. "Weeell... There's missions in town hall on the notice board. Big board with all sorts of stuff on it. I still haven't gotten the guild badges in yet ,but I believe that should arrive in the mail tomorrow" Saba said. Saba was a little confused for a moment if the telepathic messages were his own thoughts which seemed weird because they weren't the type of thoughts Saba would normally think of on his own. He quickly realized they were Elgyem's telepathic messages. This place is a safe zone. Nobody judges here" Saba said. Atleast Saba assumed nobody would. Saba eventually decided he'd start an actual roster, "I'm going to start a roster over here guys!" Saba said putting the roster on the wall. Saba made sure to write his name down on the roster ,and leaving the pencil beside it so others could write their names on the roster as well.
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  24. Faust hovered in the corner by the roster, glancing over and cataloging each Pokemon in turn. There was Saba, who was apparently the team leader, and seemed generally welcoming if a bit unorganized. The Golurk who had carried the two Rockruff upstairs, named Clad, whose movements, despite his size, were very slow and careful. The Mawile was running around making himself useful, so he seemed pretty reliable. Last but not least, the Elgyem that had just been let in was acting a bit suspiciously, but hadn't done anything alarming yet so they figured maybe he was just overwhelmed with the amount of commotion going on. There were also the two Rockruffs, but Faust hadn't gotten a good gist of their personalities before they were whisked upstairs, and they didn't want to assume anything before gathering concrete evidence.

    Quietly so as not to bother anyone else, they added their name to the roster in thin, scratchy letters (due to the pencil clasped gingerly in their left claw). They also added "they/them" pronouns next to their name, just to let the others know. After that, they floated up the stairs in order to peer into the Rockruffs' room, curious about the state of the siblings' injuries. With some light inspection they could ascertain whether or not there were other maladies involved, such as poisoning or burns.
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  25. Louis watched as Saba put up the roster for everyone to put down their names, it would take time for Louis to memorize everyone because of how many there were. The Mawile walked up to the roster and took the pencil the second the Shedinja was done with it, he mentally noted that their name was 'Faust' and that they preferred being called as them like other gender less Pokemon, a respectable thing in Louis' case. Louis began to write down his name on the paper as well as brackets with what seemed to be how to pronounce it; '(Lew-iss)' it said as his handwriting seemed decent to say the least with the letters in each word joined, afterwards, he stepped away from the roster and went to lean against a wall--and his own large jaw which slowly opened and closed to gently rock the Mawile away from the wall, not enough to push him too far away from it however.
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  26. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    (More than a week ago)

    Somewhere beyond Saba's makeshift hideout lies a vast desert filled with ruined towns and cities originally belonging to 'the Organisation', a massive army of Treasure hunting teams. Corrupt to its core, it was exposed by various teams back in the day for the way it exploited young Pokémon and stole many travellers items should they pass through here. The Organisation eventually fell from power when its leaders started to fall out with one another and the hordes of Pokémon who had been exploited were either free to go or bound by their shackles to their regional leaders.

    Beyond the desert lay a colder more shadowy forest filled with amazing glowing mushrooms. Little wooden homes lined the base of the large tree trunks which scattered themselves across a compact area. It was the home to a very exclusive horde of Impidimp, but today they were gone from their homes and gathered in mass at the end of the housing distract next to a large wooden stage. For some reason, this crowd of Impidimp were cheering loudly. This was because their leader, the regional Organisation commander was about to take the stage and give a great speech. In the sky, a Pellipper dropped one of Saba's Team Haisha pamphlets from a great distance. The Pellipper wasn't sure if he had hit the right target. The envelope was probably addressed to another area in the desert. However, this Pellipper had absolutely no sense of direction or that he was flying right above a densely populated forest, as opposed to the deserts he had flown through from the Haisha hideout. The advertisement for Team Haisha came tumbling down, the sky with it until it reached the hands of a very bruised and edgy looking Morgrem.

    "What's this..." Daemon the Morgrem said to himself as he felt the contents of the envelope in his hands. He ripped it open, without time for carefulness. "Is this? No...it cannot be, a friend from the distant past?"

    An Impidimp walked up to Daemon. "Master! The crowd are anticipating your speech, remember? You're supposed to be giving us a lecture on what's been our progress this month!"

    "Shut up, Galen! I'm looking at this leaflet which got dropped by the mailman!" Daemon roared. He looked at the young Impidimp assistant. "Do you recognise this guy?" He pointed to a picture of Saba who was on the front cover.

    "That's a Sableye...sir!"

    "But not just any Sableye? This looks like our friend, right?"

    "I don't think so sir... our one had sunglasses on and looked different."

    "I don't believe that. I will have to investigate this group he is setting up myself. Galen, prepare the set for me... I've got something else to talk about."

    Daemon spent the next few minutes examining the advertisement before stomping onto the stage. As soon as he was on the stage the crowd went wild with screams of support.

    "Hello, minions, one and all!" Daemon began. "As you know, the civil war has shaken up the forest guild significantly in the past few years! The forces of the Honchkrow and the Gengar have surrounded our lands and burnt our woodland realm down on the outside! However, I assure you, ALL is under control!" A round of applause followed this. "We have pushed them back to the cities they belong in! Our strength has never been stronger! However, they still repress us with attacks and have even destroyed the lands of our ally, the ones controlled by the great Cacturne! As a result, the threat is as dire as ever! MURDER all who stand in our way, that is the only way to reign supreme!" There was great applause at this comment, as Impidimp were known for being sadistic just as Daemon had groomed them. "That's it! Never surrender! Never give in! If you find but one refugee on the border, take him in and pin him to the wall! He could be a spy! Anyway, the impression I want to make is that we are still in desperate times! In desperate times, desperate measure are needed, so everyone is to enlist on fighting service under Captain Galen's militia!" There was a long pause before Daemon began a part of the speech which clearly wasn't scripted, as the last part had been written by himself and top Impidimp speech writers.

    "I...er…" He looked at the piece of paper on the podium. "WE...have just received this!" He waved it in the air and the Impidimp made a gasping sound. What could it be, they thought? A declaration of war by a hidden General? A letter detailing an alliance with a powerful gang leader? The blueprints for a mega weapon which could destroy an entire region? No! These were all the wrong assumptions made by the Impidimp crowd who were clearly lovers of watching drama and commotion!

    "This here, is our new SECRET mission, our new project! Outside the desert lies a ruined house now manned by a Sableye. No, he is not OUR Sableye, the one who saved us, but he is clearly related to him and should be considered a friend. Actually...well I botched that one up...he's NOT a friend at all. He's quite frankly the dumbest excuse for an adventurer ive ever seen." The crowd laughed at this tasteful joke. "Quite frankly...we could destroy his home in mere seconds! But! I propose we manipulate his guild so we can find fresh recruits! Come on! There's got to be SOME tough guys in there trying to help the idiot out!" The Impidimps stuck their thumbs out in approval. "For this mission, I am proposing I go alone...I'm the only one smart around here so I think I should go behind enemy lines. I'll write letters and find ways to communicate. If I'm gone too long, assume i'm dead. I will manipulate his people to serve us!" The crowd were shocked at this. "Whilst i'm gone, Captain Galen will be promoted to the role of General and control this area! If anyone asks me, i'll tell 'em i'm there to help this Saba fellow out and that I thought he was a great friend."

    And that was that. After days of planning, he took his most basic belongings with him and passed through the forest into the desert. He arrived at Saba's house almost a week later. He was pretty bruised from the long hot journey so took his time to march up to the door.
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  27. Sheepish stopped pacing for a bit, and then started again. "I know I want to join the team but I just can't do it. They are new people, I can't just walk in, what will they do to me, how will they treat me, will I be enough for the team, or will i get replaced? I have to stop thinking so hard. Its not gonna get me anywhere. I have to go in. The people aren't like how they were during the great disasters, or even after then. These people are now C-I-V-I-L-I-Z-E-D. They aren't gonna do anything bad to me." Sheepish then rose up, confident he could do this. If he wanted to get on this "Team Haisha", he had to just get to know these people. He knew he would put himself in danger at times, but hopefully his teammates would cover the front part so he could attack safely from the back. Getting himself pumped he accidentally shot out a shockwave, charring some of his house.
    "Now look what you did." He put his hand to his face. He started packing a few things, and then spent hours of deciding which things to pack. So, knowing it didn't matter if the charring was there or not, he head off, keeping in mind he had to clean it up eventually.
    After an hour or so walking he finally reached the house that the poster said. He walked up to the front door, and paused. He started backing up a few steps as his ptsd kicked in. He started getting nervous again. Thoughts started filling his head, making him want to run back home, where he knew it was safe. But, then he wouldn't help people like some people helped him. His ptsd started to fade to the end of his struggle, where a rescue team came to rescue him from the area he was in. He remembered it was named "Team Might", having a Lucario as its leader, and lots of fighting and steel types making up the group, with a few odds and end typings there too.
    His help in this team could save someone like him, and he wanted to be there to help them.

    He walked back up to the door, still a bit nervous, but with a fire lit in his chest ensuring that he won't back down to this challenge. He knocked at the door and waited for someone to greet him.
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  28. Schrift

    Schrift Previously Schrift007

    Yamato blinked, before realising that he's been hit with a tail. "What do you mean rude, at least I attempted to socialise" he shot back to Fang. He tried to nip her ear "Hey can you hit me with your tail again? It's so soft. Mr Gollurk you should try getting hit by her tail. Sis I'm gonna check what Mr Saba is doing". Yamato hopped down the stairs where he saw a lot more people, than earlier. "I didn't know the world had so many losers", he muttered. "Mr Saba, what are doing?" he asked Saba.

  29. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Daemon took his position in the queue, behind Sheepish and the other Pokemon as he staggered towards the door.

    "Excuse me, kind sir? Do you if I've got the right place?" Daemon asked Sheepish, showing him the pamphlet as he walked in front of him. "Is this Team Haisha's home?"

    (Several Days Ago)

    Lucia the Purrloin sat carefully perched on top of a ruined skyscraper building in the middle of a massive ruined city. Civilisation here had once been a place for the masses, a place where society was supposed to come together. That had actually been the case during the reign of the Organisation. Order fell when the city's leader, a Honchkrow, had declared war on the leader of some of the outer towns, a Gengar, who had attacked the city overnight several years ago. Lucia had been bound to this city ever since the civil war caused the collapse of the Organisation and the rise of the tribal system. Now, the city appeared to have fallen into anarchy as looting started again and pokemon did not feel entitled to following anyone. As a result, large pokemon could be seen fighting in the streets destroying the otherwise peaceful homes of pokemon who lived in there. Lucia licked her paws as she perched on the side of the building. She did not have the time or energy to care about politics. Instead she peacefully watched other Pokémon fight, trying to avoid the large and devasting attacks which ruined the city every day. The city was embedded in her history and if tried to leave, the large pokemon and the guards along the roadside would try to kill her, so she was prevented from ever leaving.
    She looked across the gap between the high-rise buildings. She felt she could jump across it but couldn't because of the fighting going below. She watched as a massive Ursaring was sparring against an equally gigantic Golem. The Ursaring threw a terrible punch towards Golem. The light from the attack blinded several pokemon that were watching on the roads down below. Golem managed to take the attack and charged at Ursaring, appearing to launch an offensive punching attack of the same nature. Golem's brutal fist hit Ursaring in the chest and the bear monstrosity collapsed into a nearby high-rise of flats, creating a massive hole in the ruined building. Ursaring was about fall down when he managed to suddenly get himself up. Lucia gasped as the hole in the flats nearby opened up and the building collapsed, causing a tremor. Ursaring hit Golem as the rock ball pokemon flew into a much taller skyscraper. The skyscraper toppled. At dangerous times like these, Lucia wished her family were alive with her.

    It had been many years ago. Lucia was part of a tightly-knit family oriented litter of kittens. Her two Liepard parents had guarded their children with their lives and made a home in a wood outside of the city. There, they lived in relative safety, until the Organisation came and tore that all down. As the skyscraper toppled towards Lucia, she remembered how similarly her home collapsed. It was during a fire started by a unit of pokemon led by a Magmortar. They had come for the family when the parents had failed to submit to the demands of this strict leadership and a friend of the family, a Morgrem, had turned them in. She remembered his smug face as he got his pay, as the wood around the city started to burn on fire. She remembered the cackles of victory as the machines of war descended upon her homelands.She remembered when her two parents came out to defend their only home. They were easily beaten, one stabbed by a Bisharp in the chest and the another crushed in the melting hands of a Coalossal. The rest of the litter struggled to escape. Lucia remembered the coughing noises as several of her brothers and sisters fell to her knees. Lucia had managed to escape the area and looked back to see a pile of dead bodies. The tree trunk came toppling down.

    Suddenly, the present came back at her, as the collapsing skyscraper fell towards her, she pounced out of the way and was not harmed. She was always the most cautious and quickest of the litter but she was the youngest. The Golem and the Ursaring kept fighting, so Lucia tried to escape the area. As she struggled towards the door on the top of the building in front of her, a Scrafty and his Scraggy brother swung the door open. In their hands was a poster.

    "Did you see this, bro?" The Scrafty asked loudly as he showed Scraggy the pamphlet in his hands.

    "No, no. What is it?"

    "I just found this, it was flying in the sky until it fell into my hands. I think someone had a lot of these stuck to the walls but failed to run their advertising campaign well, you hear me bro?"

    "I hear ya, who's this dude anyway?"

    "Some sort of Sableye. I thought they had all escaped to the caves?! Anyway, I won't be joining with this loser, he's clearly got his campaign strategy wrong and his posters lack style! Team Haisha? Pfffsh…" He spat.

    Lucia looked at them curiously and at the leaflet. Scraggy gave her a smile. Scrafty gave her an angry look.

    "What do ya want, kiddo?" Scrafty looked at the Purrloin.

    Purrloin said nothing. She just looked at them.

    "She wants the-"

    "I ain't giving her this, you know what Purrloin are like. They're absolutely Garbodor filth, worse than Trubbish! Always stealing stuff! They don't deserve anything!" Scrafty pointed to a large trash disposal site nearby which had the dead carcasses of Trubbish and Garbodors.

    Scrafty then laughed diabolically and Scraggy joined in, if awkwardly. They surrounded her and Lucia felt more more isolated like they were going to push her off. Then suddenly, she wizzed up, launching herself into the air at high speeds and grabbed the poster. She looked at it for one second seeing the location on the poster and the words of encouragement asking her to join a new team. It was a fresh start for her. This could be her opportunity to get out, but she'd need to sneak out when people weren't looking.

    Scrafty and Scraggy looked behind them in horror. They found Lucia licking her paws. "Listen." The shy one said for the first time. "My name is Tux, AKA Lucia, and i'm a survivor and I believe this place ain't for me! This poster you've given me is my only opportunity to leave."

    "But...you can't leave! You're not allowed!" Scrafty roared, readying his fists.

    "I don't know brother, maybe we should let her get-"

    "Silence! I won't let you..."

    But it was too late, Lucia had belted out of the building and down the stairs, faster than a speeding Electrode. Scraggy stood there. Scrafty, enraged by this ran after her. Once he found her she was on the border of the city and had slowed down on the road. She was taking an exit that was unknown to most of the town, one which had not been lined with guards. Despite this, Lucia saw many dead bodies piling up of what were once guards. Scrafty jumped down from a nearby building to attack her and grab her in his hands.

    "You won't get away! I'll stop you and i'll take you to the Honchkrow myself and I'll get promoted and I'll..."

    "Gangsters like you talk too much." Lucia said confidently. As Scrafty charged at her, Lucia just sat there. Then, she appeared to rush at him when he was close with an attack, which appeared to be her using a powerful dark claw at the Scrafty, instantly cutting through him. She looked back as his body sliced into two.

    "I'm sorry...I just wanted to..." His voice died down as Lucia sighed and continued her journey out of the city. She was going to make this new start one way or another, for the good of her now dead family which the civilians of the Organisation had fuelled. Scrafty was just another barrier in her way. A barrier to unlocking her true potential. As she hurried along, she had realised what she had just done. She had committed two capital crimes, worthy of execution back when the Organisation still ran the city: she had stolen from someone before proceeding to violently attack and murder a Scrafty. She jumped at the thought of this as she ran across the desert. She said to herself to be more careful the next time she met other Pokémon: just be shy and hide again.
  30. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    As Kuze just carried on walking to his destination, he pulled out the leaflet he was given. “Tchhh...how in the hell is this place even gonna help me.” He was really tempted to tear the leaflet to shreds, but he needed to know where he was going.

    (Some time later)
    He had eventually reached his destination, “This place doesn’t look that impressive to me.” He then approached the building, noticing a few other Pokemon waiting outside. He then took his place behind some weird goblin looking guy. “And what’s he supposed to be?”
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  31. Saba watched some of the others sign their names on the roster. Saba decided to walk upstairs to check on the two rockruff ,but before he could he heard a knock at the door. As Saba attempted to open the door a voice was heard. He turned ,and it was a rockruff from earlier. He recognized this one as the one that was bleeding earlier. It was nice seeing he made a recovery, "I was just seeing who opened the door" Saba turned towards the door ,and wrapped his hand around the door handle, "Glad you and your sister are doing better" Saba said before opening the door. He saw three pokémon. These guys were coming faster than Saba's little legs could run. Despite this Saba was pretty excited. He recognized none of them ,but still grinned. "Welcome to Team Haisha! I'm Saba! Cone on in!" Saba said.
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  32. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    As everyone was welcomed in, Kuze turned to this ‘Saba’ guy. “And why the hell’s he supposed to be. Don’t tell me he’s supposed to be the boss. He looks like a little kid!” He then walked into the building, taking a look around, “Looking like it’s not too impressive on the inside either, not really any better than the trees Me and the guys live in.” He mumbled to himself.
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  33. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Daemon looked at the Sableye with intrigue. "So you're the famous Saba?" Daemon glanced at Saba who now had stolen his attention rather than Sheepish. Daemon ran up to Saba. "You're this guy?" He pointed to the pink poster in his hands. "I'm here to help! Where do I sign up?"

    Daemon's mind was buzzing. He was wondering what this Sableye was like, his aspirations in life and whether or not he was like Daemon's sunglasses friend. More importantly, he wanted to know what he held dear and how he could be manipulated, but Daemon began to realise he'd need to treat Saba as a friend and build up their relationship to gain control of him. Seeing the fairly large queues gave him hope as it looked like, despite its weak appearance, it DID have a following. Maybe there were Pokémon here who were strong enough to add to his army. Some of them, such as the Ampharos certainly looked stronger than your average Impidimp.

    (In the desert)

    Days went by and Lucia could not find the location of Haisha's hideout despite her going in the right direction. She decided to camp out over night but increasingly found the local Cacnea led by a Cacturne a great annoyance. She fled soon fled the desert seeing a jungle but she heard a noise behind her. She saw a large group of Cacnea rushing towards her. The Cacturne was leading them from behind. She sped as fast as her little paws could carry her and soon arrived at a large jungle. She found a ruined temple. Could this be the home of Team Haisha. As she began to examine it this looked like it was not. In between the cracks of the ruins two eyes appeared through the darkness and it jumped behind her. She stumbled onto her back as she realised it was a Shiftry with a nasty smile. He decended upon her until another pokemon jump down and wounded the Shiftry with the spikes on his arm: It was the Cacturne. He looked at her in fear.

    "Give me it back!!!" He yelled.

    "Give what...back?" Lucia asked.

    Cacturne bashed her with his arm knocking her out and grabbed something from her arms. It appeared to be a large green spiney ball. "You've had this for too long! Finally, our food source will be returned and the Cacnea will not go hungry!" It turned out that Lucia had stolen food from a Cacnea nest and had refused to give it back, probably because she was going starving herself.
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  34. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Fang padded down the stairs, regarding everyone there with an emotionless gaze. Noticing the roster, she rolled her eyes. And I am supposed to write down my name how exactly? She looked down at her tiny paws. No way could she hold a pencil with those. Maybe... Awkwardly, she maneuvered her jaws around the pencil and scrawled a messy Fang on the roster. She gave a sigh. Well, at least that moment of pure embarrassment was over. Once that was done, and she’d deduced that the minimum number of people had seen her battle with the pencil, she retreated to a corner and began sharpening her ever-breaking rocks, making sure to keep a careful eye on her brother so he wouldn’t get himself in trouble.
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  35. The two Rockruff siblings were fully healed, it seemed, and were running around like nothing had happened. Faust slid to the side of the hallway to let them pass as they headed downstairs, checking off boxes on his mental checklist. No green tinge around the wounds, so no poison, no scent of ash from burns, obviously no paralysis or drowsiness since they're moving, and no stutter to their steps from confusion. Looks like they're just fine.

    Faust goes back down the stairs, hovering on the fifth or sixth step as they take in the chaos that's erupted in Saba's foyer. A few more Pokemon have arrived: an Ampharos who was standing nervously near the door, a Krokorok who was looking around with a glare, and a Morgrem who looked much older than everyone else, who was sidling up to Saba and trying to get his attention.

    They cataloged each Pokemon's personality before deciding to join the Mawile and Elgyem near the wall. The former seemed closest to Faust's age whilst also being mature enough for them to comfortably talk to, while the Elgyem (despite the mystery surrounding him) matched Faust's personality and seemed like he could use a friend. The bug-type laced their claws together in a 'thinking' position before turning to the other two. "Quite a group we have here, hm?" Their voice was a bit scratchy, but clear and confident enough to be heard over the talking of everyone else.
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  36. Louis turned his eyes to the Shedinja and let out a scoff and a smile. "You're telling me, if there were some good snacks and the kind of music you could dance to, this would make for one hell of a party." Louis said in terms of a sarcastic comment, his preferred method of humor. The Mawile looked around to see the mixed bunch of Pokemon and how different their personalities were to one another's. "I just hope we all find a way for all of us to try and see common ground and get paid together, otherwise it looks like Team Haisha--not my favorite name--will disband as quickly as it was formed, while a huge team is useful, that depends on how everyone prefers to be used within it." He said in a somewhat more serious tone.

    "But I digress, I'm overthinking things and we should be using this chance to get to know each other. Call me Louis in case I didn't tell you before." The Mawile said with a smile while his back mouth also smiled and caused light to briefly shine on the large mouth's golden tooth.
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  37. "I am Faust. It's a pleasure to meet you." They bowed their head, their six wings fanning out to expose the vulnerable crack in their back (a traditional show of friendliness and goodwill). "I am not the strongest when it comes to combat, but I have expertise with status effects. Hopefully we will work well together in the field." They made a quiet clicking sound and straightened back up, scanning the crowd once more. Hopefully Saba will manage to wrangle everyone into some sort of order; perhaps with the help of the Golurk still upstairs, or with Louis' assistance. Faust was certainly not going to volunteer for that.
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  38. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Kuze was utterly confused on what to do, as he wasn’t aware what this place even was, he was simply handed a leaflet and basically kicked out. He then decided to turn around to Saba, who the guy he was previously stood behind seemed to be talking to. But either ways he just approached him, “So, is there anything I’ve gotta do now that I’ve arrived at this...place?”
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  39. As Daemon walked up to him whom had ran up to him. Saba was slightly confused, "I am Saba. I don't think I'm famous" Saba said, "Yet" Saba thought to himself. Saba looked at his finger as he pointed at him, "I am this guy your pointing at if that's what your asking" Saba said. "If you would like to sign up theres a roster ,and a pencil over there" Saba said pointing towards the roster with the pencil.

    Saba then looked to Kuze who began talking to him. "Nope, nothing to do today. Tomorrow should be a better day. Maybe get our rescue badges ,and go in some dungeons or something" Saba said. He wasn't exactly sure what to tell Kuze ,but he was happy to have him around. He seemed like a good asset to the team ,and a good team meant gettin' paid. Gettin' paid meant jewels! It's been way too long since Saba tasted a diamond. Maybe continue building up his hoard. Saba was very proud of his jewel collection ,but not enough to brag about it. That was Saba's little secret hobby for his eyes only. He smiled before taking a seat. Still thinking about diamonds he began wondering how many more people would be joining. He had plenty beds and rooms ,but he didn't anyone to have to sleep on the floor.
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  40. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Daemon appeared extremely enthusiastic. "Man, it's really you! My journey was not in vein! Quite the turnout you've got here! I'm sure this team is going to become mighty strong!" Daemon said this to appear positive. He dashed towards the roster with great force in his stride and step and wrote his name as quickly as he could.

    Despite the urgency, the Morgrem wrote rather elegantly. His family had had writers in their family and his father was a known poet in the woodland realms. The word 'Daemon' looked like it had been written by a beautiful feminine flower Pokémon determined to do good in the world and not an evil genius in the body of an annoying Gremlin.

    "So begins my quest to make this world a better place, starting with you guys!"

    (Somewhere near the Jungle)

    Lucia awoke. She felt dazed. There were several points across her body and back which were cut. She remembered how the Cacnea gang led by the Cacturne had beaten her up. She looked down and saw that the bruises and cuts she had expected to see were not there. She felt unusually warm. It had been a cool nightfall when she had been attacked and the sun did not appear to be up so she assumed it must be during the dark of night still. She looked down. She was paralysed, stuck on some bedsheet above what appeared to be a fire. There was a large black cauldron nearby and then she gulped as it looked she was in the domain of some kind of witch pokemon. Had she been captured by a horde of Hatrem and Hatterene, who were known around these parts for using couldrons? Was she being burnt slowly by them for food? That thought certainly scared her, and the shock made her roll out of the bonfire position.

    She got up and realised whoever ran the place was out, probably hunting. She saw large tents and presumed this was some sort of encampment. She spotted the head of Xatu resting on top of a grand wooden totem pole. What else had this Pokémon killed? She looked around for more answers. She noticed the encampment with lined with white spikes. She bent down to examine one. It had a noticeably similar quality to that found on the spines of Cacnea. In the floor were red hairs of a pokemon and she gazed at it for a few seconds before working out that it might be Pyroar mane, a pokemon that lived in this area. There was a large jar sat on the floor near one of the bases of the tents. She noticed there were two tents. Could one be for a friend of his? Lucia took the jar and analysed it. It was mostly disgusting liquid but in it were large eyeballs. She startled and dropped it, causing the eyeballs to fall onto the floor.

    Lucia looked around. Still no one out and the fire glowing next to her giving her location away. In the night's sky, Zubat flew around, made a hissing noise, then flew away. Lucia took a look at the eyeballs again. At her hind paw was a large dusty book. She checked the front cover. "A guide to hunting the rarest of Pokémon". She gulped again. Lucia was probably a target of his, or well, at least Purrloin fur was deeply cherished in this area. Prehaps this guy was a bounty hunter, hired by the Honchkrow or the Gengar or another General of the Organisation's collapsing forces to hunt her down for the crimes she did. She flicked back to the page the book was on. Hippowdon. So these eyeballs that were in the jar were eyes of a Hippowdon. That explained why they looked so big to Lucia. She took a look at the other pages. It appeared that the book wasn't finished and was half read. The other pages read Xatu, Pyroar and, of interest to her, Cacnea and Cacturne. There was an entire page ripped out, which was of deep interest to her. This guy had clearly been hunting her aggressors too. Suddenly, she heard a sound.

    She got up and tried to listen. She heard rustling in the bushes nearby. She heard the cricket sounds of Kricketots and Kricketunes and saw various tiny bug pokemon like Cutiefly buzz past her. She made the discovery that the camp's location was on the edge of the jungle, as she could see mountainous regions on the horizon and there was a vast field on the ground she was walking on, which gave her the impression that her body had been moved a large number of miles. She was aware of how vast the jungle was. Then, she heard the noise again and an ominous blowing noise in her ears, like some Driftblim was nearby. Could it be that a ghost took her here? She shivered and looked back and saw it.

    A large deathly white-fur face covered a terrible creature, mask like in appearance. Lucia fell to the ground, staggered by fear. She examined the creature as it stared into her eyes. It wasn't alive it looked. She got up, the fear gone. This was a Shiftry mask, the actual head of the Shiftry that had stalked her in the temple earlier that day, the one who seemed to be hunting Lucia alongside the Cacnea. The pike was dug into the caraccas of a pokemon. The Shiftry's ashes were everywhere. Upon closer inspection the Shiftry's body had been burnt and the pike upon which it was on was in fact dug into the body of the leader of the Cacnea, Cacturne. Lucia rejoiced at this but knew she was facing someone truly deadly. Why would they leave her alive but murder all these pokemon and leave her alive? Lucia heard a rustling noise, the same as the one earlier. It came from the tents. She opened one to see that there was a page from the book, one on Purrloins and Liepards. There was false writing on this graffitied by the pokemon saying 'false' and 'why would you kill such an innocent creature?'

    Lucia stalked towards the other tent and opened it. She fell to the floor again. Inside the tent was a Hawlucha who was just lying down smiling at her.

    "Hello there, my friend."
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