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Open Pokemon: Mystery Dungeon Sun and Moon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by niightear, Feb 26, 2017.

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  1. In This, You Can Be Any Pokemon (Starter, Pikachu Clone, Mimikyu) You Want From Gen 1 To Gen 7!
    My Pokemon:
    Name: Mimi
    Species: Mimikyu
    Gender: Girl
    Extra: Is In A Dedenea Disguise
    Mimi Was Confused. They Had Forgotten Everything Except There Name "Hello?" They Called Out, But Nobody Came (Undertale Reference!)
  2. (Gen 1 To Gen 7, Remember. Don't Be Shy To Join! I May Make A Discussion Thread Though...)
  3. My Pokemon: Murkrow
    Name: Wego
    Species: Murkrow
    Gender: Male
    Extra: Green eyes


    Wego was passed out he could hear some talking he struggles a little as he stands. "What... Where am I oh my head" he turns and sees a strange pokemon still haven't noticed he himself is a pokemon. "Hello there thats a cool costume did your trainer make that for you" Wego asked the strange pokemon.
  4. (Remember, This Is The Mystery Dungeon World. Humans Don't Exist In The Pokemon World, Only In The Human World.) "Huh?" Mimi Asked Her Head (Non-Existant Head.) Still Hurting. "Did You Just...TALK!?!?!?" Mimi Said Confused.
  5. (Ok I understand I just did not know the route you was going")

    "Umm... I don't think that was your head it was me so how did you end up here and do you know of a way out of here?" Wego asked the pokemon walking up from behind.
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    Last edited: Mar 2, 2017
  6. "No, I Don't Know. All I Remember's My Name. Its Mimi." Mimi Told Wego.
  7. (Also, I Like How Mimikyus Have No Heads.)
  8. "Man I guess we are in the same boat Mimi by the way my name is Wego nice to meet you" Wego said to Mimi.

    Wego takes the time to look at their surroundings they are currently inside a heavily wooded forest. Wego feels that they are being watched "Hey Mimi I think we should stick together to find away out of this place I don't like the feel of this place" there are glowing red eyes looking at the two within the forest.

    (Sorry I decided to give us background seeing as you didn't exactly give us a setting also set at the mood to a more serious one seeing as the two characters are inside of a dungeon. I would have loved to message you all this but you set your stuff to private making it hard to contact you. Please make a discussion threat so we can plan all this out together.)
  9. Name:Bloodstone
    Extra:Wares a black bandana


    The small fire bird opened his eyes "Where, where am I?" his tiny voice spoke as he flapped his wings
  10. As Wego was still keeping a lookout for anything that may attack them he heard someone else voice right behind him. Wego turns his attention toward the other bird pokemon. "Hey there the names Wego and thats Mimi" Wego gestured toward the Mimikyu. "As for where are you I don't very much know myself right now I'm looking for a path that leads out of here you can joins us if you want what is your name but the way?"
  11. Mimi Saw The Other Bird Pokemon and Said, "2 Birds, Already?"
  12. (I Like This So Far.)
  13. (Also, You Can Be An Eevee.)
  14. (Also, My 1st Post (As I Even Put) Had A Undertale Reference. In Genocide Once U Kill Everything In A Area When You Encounter A Monster It Says 'But Nobody Came.' Flowey, Also Says It When You Fight Omega Flowey.)
  15. (#UndertaleIsAwesome.)
  16. After, Seeing The Bird Mimi Asked Them, "What's Your Name?"
  17. (Mimi Looks Like: A Orange Blob, With A Piece Of Slightly Unrolled Yarn!)
  18. "So, What I Can Tell There Are: 2 Birds, and..." Mimi Didn't Know What She Was. "A Blob."
  19. "A Crow, A (Whatever Bird Fletchling Is.), and as You Can Tell, A...Blob..."
  20. (I think a cardinal)

    The small bird pokemon chirped up "Names Bloodstone"
  21. "That's An...Odd Name..." Mimi Said. (Sounds Kinda, Violent.)
  22. (Its a gemstone I used that name for my talonflame in X)

    The fletchling nodded "I would tell you why its my name.. but I dont remember"
  23. "I See...Its A Nice Name." Mimi Said Doing What'd Be A Smile.
  24. "Also, Does Anyone Have Any Idea Where We Are? It Looks Like A Forest. That's...All I Can Really Say..." Mimi Said Chuckling.
  25. The small bird coughed, Ember, Bloodstone just learned Ember!
  26. Shaking his head Bloodstone looked at Mimi "Well we better gather resources if we are stuck here, make a base, you know"
  27. Mimi Saw That Happen. "Whoa! That Was Awesome!" (Also, Every Pokemon We Are Is Level 5 Right Now. So We'd Have Moves Pokemon That Are Level 1-Level 5'd Have.)
  28. "Anyways, Sounds Like A Plan. I Wonder If We Could Maybe Find A Town Nearbyish." Mimi Said To Bloodstone.
  29. (Ok)
    Bloodstone chirped "I dont know what the was but It was pretty awesome!"
  30. (Wouldn't they not know what a town is?)
  31. (I Don't Even Know. Also, What Should The Town's Name Be?)
  32. (Sounds Good! What Should The Cave's Name Be? lol.)
  33. (Also, Mimi's Moveset Is:
    Wood Hammer
  34. (Accedently deleted that post WOOPS and talking in the discussion chat now)
  35. (What Do You Mean By That? Sorry, If Its Obvious.)
  36. Name:Bloodstone
    Extra:Wears a black bandana

    Moves: Ember, Peck, Leer, Sand attack (WILL CHANGE)
  37. (Also, You Spelled Wears Wrong That Time.)
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