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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Shattered Ideals (Sign-Up/Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Thunder-, Dec 10, 2018.

  1. After a long time with not posting anything on this site, it's about time I post something again. This time, a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay!

    Plot: Welcome to the wonderful world of Pokemon! Though, it's not as wonderful as you might remember. The once bright and cheery world had fallen into dark times. There are nightmarish Pokemon called Cursed Ones, they appear ghost-like, wispy, yet solid at the same time. They go and corrupt other Pokemon, trying to turn them into one of them, or killing them. All around the world different Divisions have popped up, trying to protect the world from these Cursed Pokemon, trying to stop them, if they can. That is where you come in. You can be a member of one of the Divisions or a new Pokemon getting ready to join. Or you can be a simple townsfolk Pokemon, unaware of the danger that looms over your head. Even a Cursed One if you so choose to be. You can be an outlaw even if you wish. The choices are yours, and yours alone. Let's have fun guys!

    There are Divisions in this RP that take the place of the Guilds in this Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Roleplay. There's the Gold Division, the one that the RP mainly focus on. The others are, Silver, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Dark, and Light. They're scattered all across the world in order to help those that are in need. I'll further touch on this in the RP. If you join the Dark Division, you'll be further away from the main Division in the RP. Your character might be viewed as distrusting due to some rather dark themes that go on in the Division. It's home to mostly Dark and Ghost-types, though other types are there as well.


    1. Follow all rules on Pokecharms. This goes without saying, but I expect all the rules on this site to be followed here for this Roleplay. If you don't know the rules, I suggest going and reading them as the site suggests you do before you post anything on here.

    2. You can have as many Pokemon as you'd like, just keep track of them all and use them. Though I will make a list of who controls what Pokemon to help keep things in order and for everyone to remember what characters they play in the Roleplay.

    3. No double posting/ At least a paragraph for every post. However, if you can write more then that, I encourage you to do so. The longer the post, the better in my book. Write until your heart's content I always say.

    4. No legendaries/megas/z-moves. Megas and Z-Moves are way too overpowered just like Legendaries, so I would like for them to not be in this Roleplay to give everyone a fair chance.

    5. Romance is allowed but keep it PG.

    6. Be sure to include other Roleplayers in your posts. No one likes feeling left out. We're all here to have fun and Roleplay after all. That can't happen if people are ignored. So do your best to include other people's characters in your posts.

    7. No controlling any other Roleplayers' characters without their permission. If someone is going to be gone for a little while, that person is allowed to request another users in the Roleplay to take over their characters until they return.

    8. Your characters cannot be overpowered or be perfect. That takes the fun out of the Roleplay and story. So please, don't do this.

    9. This should go without saying, but please be active. Don't post within the Roleplay once or twice then never post again. If you wish to leave the Roleplay at any time, that's fine. Your characters will ether be removed or given to someone else to control, upon your request if you wish, or if someone wants those characters.

    10. Put "Crystal" in Other to let me know that you've read the rules.

    Character Sheet-




    Appearance: (What does your Pokemon look like? A picture or written out detail works fine.)

    Division: (Which one do you belong to? If you belong to one at all.)



    Other: (Anything else you'd like to add?)

    @Eeveechu151 Feel free to tag anyone else you think might be interested in this idea too. I will start the main Roleplay thread once we get some people to join us.


    Eclipse the Absol- @Eeveechu151

    Nia the Venipede- @OtisRolePlays

    Lux the Luxio, Tiger the Grwolithe- @C65

    Kranos the Cranidos, Alex the Golett- @DarkHydraT

    Light the Shedinja, Dark the Weavile- @Deathstalker62

    Adam the Kirlia, Monica the Gothorita- @Red Gallade
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  2. This sounds interesting, but I have a question. What is the limit of power? Of course nothing like pseudos, but I personally think that the limit is around a Shiftry-ish.
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  3. Ah, hello there! Glad you've taken interest in this little Roleplay of mine. The limit of power for a Pokemon you mean? Well, I wouldn't want anything too crazy in terms of power, so nothing too over the top, if that makes sense? There can be basic form Pokemon as well as fully evolved Pokemon, the leader of the Gold Division is a full evolved one as a matter of fact, though I would prefer for the Pokemon you Roleplay as to be ether a basic form or a mid stage if that Pokemon has a three stage line. I would like for it to be Pokemon that can evolve still if that makes sense? So we don't have fully evolved Pokemon running around with say a Charmander or something like that.

    However, if you want a Pokemon that's a leader of one of the other Divisions, I will allow you to make a fully evolved Pokemon and a team as most Division leaders have their own team. Aside from that, basis form.
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  4. I think I’ll tag @GreninjaTrainer013 and @Fraseandchico in this RP - they’re two good PMD RPers. As for myself, I’d like to make a character in both the Gold and Dark divisions.

    Name: Eclipse
    Gender: Female
    Species: Absol
    Appearance: For the most part, Eclipse looks like any other Absol. However, she wears a black scarf around her neck with a Moon Stone crested in the front, a gift from an old friend.
    Division: Dark Division
    Personality: Eclipse often remains calm with an aura of wizened knowledge, but is easily surprised and flustered. She secretly fears what is to come, and that fear drives her...
    History: Due to the association of Absols with tragedy, Eclipse was bound for misfortune. An earthquake happened soon after she was born, separating Eclipse from everyone she had known as a child. She was eventually taken in by a Xatu, who taught her how to improve her natural precognition to gaze into the future with Future Sight. When the time came, Eclipse set out again, becoming companions with a Mightyena. The Mightyena gave her her scarf as well as a Moon Stone when they parted ways, which Eclipse has worn since first joining the Dark Division.
    Other: Eclipse’s natural precognition combined with Future Sight allows her to see what is to come when she concentrates, but it only ever comes in bits and pieces, never a complete picture. As such, the Dark Division has given her the title of the Seer.

    I’ll make the other character later - he’s going to be a Rockruff in the Gold Division.
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  5. That is fine, Eevee. Thanks for tagging them and you're welcomed to have a Pokemon in both.

    As for Eclipse, she is accepted.
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  6. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    This sounds interesting, but before I post any bios I have to ask: Can you be an evolved version of a pokemon that only has one evolution, as I'd like to be a Shedinja aswell as another Pokemon, both paired up as a duo.
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  7. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    I’m interested in this RP!

    Name: Nia

    Gender: Female

    Species: Venipede

    Appearance: She looks like a normal Venipede, but her antennas are longer and she usually uses them to express feelings. She also wears a sky blue bandana around her neck.

    Division: Gold Division

    Personality: Shy, protective, tries to look tough, and she doesn’t like bird Pokemon.

    History: She is really new, but when she was young, Nia went out to collect berries for her father. But an Unfezant swooped her up, and attempted to kill her. She luckily escaped, but she doesn’t know where she was. So she joined a division, in hopes for a chance to find her family again.

    Other: Crystal
  8. Alright, here's the thing. I'm puzzled. You speak of killing and 'dark themes' in the Dark Division. Yet, I don't know how dark I can make the characters or if those themes are reserved for the story. In short, can I make a duo that get a kick out of ganging up on Pokémon and hurting them for fun. Like bullies, but a bit further off the deep end in personality.
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  9. Yes, you may. You can be a Pokemon with only one evolution.

    Nia is accepted.

    Yes, you can make a duo of Pokemon like that. You can do whatever you wish with your characters in terms of personality like that. The dark themes for the Dark Division is simple. Pokemon that are normally sent to them, well, they normally are killed upon entering there. Though this is for only for the most serious of crimes and other things. Those things would be considered dark by other Divisions, mostly the younger members.

    But yes, there will be some things revealed for the story, I want to keep some stuff a mystery and a surprise.
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  10. C65


    I like this rp idea
    Name: Lux
    Gender: Male
    Species: Luxio
    Appearance: A Luxio wearing a silver scarf as a memento of his family. Otherwise he is just a normal Luxio.
    Division: More than likely dark if he were to join one but for now he has none.
    Personality: He acts like a gentleman but would easily rob anyone blind without a blink of an eye if they truly deserve it. He doesn’t truly believe in the divisions or the fact that they could actually do anything.
    History: He worked his way around the world by stealing from other explorers and robbing shops and looting dungeons. Soon after he felt sympathy after stealing from another outlaw he put that life behind him and took up work as a mercenary. He would do any job for the right price.
    Other: Enjoys having his hair is pet. He also enjoys looking at crystals.
    I will add another red division growlithe oc later.
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  11. I'm glad you like it and Lux is accepted. I look forward to your Growlithe character too.
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  12. Name: Kranos

    Gender: Male

    Species: Cranidos

    Appearance: A regular Cranidos with a couple of broken headspikes.

    Division: Rogue

    Personality: Kranos has an 'Attack first, talk later' mentality and sees everyone as his opponent. If anyone approaches him, they are bound to get hurt due to his mentality. A loner and not the brightest, he refuses to join a division or make allies even if it is the better choice to make. He managed to survive this long on sheer luck and willpower. His hatred for Cursed Ones is unmatched and at times he is even willing to fight alongside a division to beat one.

    History: Kranos has been wandering around for as long as he can remember with a Golem, fighting back Cursed Ones and surviving. They got in a fight with Cursed Ones and were severely outnumbered, eventually losing the fight. The Golem ordered Kranos to save himself as she was done for. Kranos obeyed and swore to take revenge on the Cursed Ones, although he never made friends again afterwards.

    Other: Crystal


    Name: Alexandros (Alex)

    Gender: Genderless, uses male pronouns

    Species: Golett

    Appearance: Regular Golett, nothing special

    Division: Gold Division

    Personality: Quiet, Alexandros rarely speaks and prefers to let his deeds talk for him. When he does talk, his voice is hollow and deep. He is incredibly loyal to the Gold Division and its members and refuses to leave them for a division more fitting, like the Dark Division. He is rather merciful and won't harm anything unless forced to, at that point he becomes violent and lashes out at the attacker. If any of his division members are in danger, they can count on him to have their back although he is worthless in a verbal fight as he is rather shy.

    History: Alexandros used to live in a peaceful cave without worries, until the Cursed Ones came and he felt obligated to stop them. He chose to join the Gold Division rather than the Dark Division as he wasn't a fan of the rumors surrounding the latter and he wanted the future to shine a bright gold, not be as dark as the night.

    Other: N/A
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  13. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    I'll post the Bio to the two here, then.
    EDIT: Forgot to add Crystal, whoops!

    Name: Light

    Gender: None, preferred to use male pronouns

    Species: Shedinja

    Appearance: Light got its name from the fact that its Skin is more pale than regular Shedinjas, its overall look being alot more light than normal. One could argue that it is a shiny, though it's not the exact colours as a shiny Shedinja. Its name also comes from the bronze, rusted lantern it carries on its lower bump, which produces a white flame that creates a light source brighter than average lanterns.

    Division: Shedinja and his Partner are Lone Travellers, essentially helping out a division team or those in need of assistance along their travels. They haven't made up which division to join, so they are on their own, with anyone able to ask for their help.

    Personality: Shedinja is a mute Pokemon, never making any noises. This can make it look creepy, but it tries to look as trusting as it can. Other than that, it is a pretty friendly and helping pokemon.

    History: Light used to be a lost soul inside a dark forest, roaming around and minding its own business. When the cursed pokemon invaded the forest, Light had trouble defending itself, and narrowly escaped its own demise multiple times. It had met its pardner in the middle of another escape, and both were forced to team up to defend themselves. Eventually, they got along, formed a team, and became what they are now.

    Other: While it may seem strange, the Lantern on Light's bump is chained to him, unable to be taken off without killing Light. As a result, the flame on the candle inside the Lantern displays Light's Life, it being extinguished meaning his Death, Crystal.

    Name: Dark

    Gender: Male

    Species: Weavile

    Appearance: Dark is the exact opposite of Light, having darker skin than other Weaviles. His fur is near-black, and his feathers are a crimson-coloured shade. He also has a few scars, a big one going across his left eye, from the fight back at the Forest when meeting Light. He has to wear an eyepatch over his left eye to hide what's underneath.

    Division: Just as Light, Dark is a Wanderer, helping out those in need. He and Light never decided for a Division, and just do what they need to, when they need to.

    Personality: Dark, due to experience in the Forest, is untrusting of Strangers, only willing to help them if the pay is right, or if it is a real emergency, for free. Dark leaves little to no trust in others, and can most of the time be seen chatting with Light. He acts tough in battle, and tries to protect those he finds important to him.

    History: Dark was under constant barrage in the forest, even before the cursed pokemon. He had to live off of stealing food, which caused him more trouble than it was worth, because most of the time, he had dropped his loot on his escape. He may not need to steal anymore now, but he still tends to panic when fleeing sometimes, remembering those times.

    Other: Dark has an empty hole underneath his eyepatch, as his eye was scratched out in a violent firefight. Light had tried to help him in multiple ways, but there was no way to recover his eye. Now it is a permanent mark, hidden underneath the eyepatch, crystal.
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  14. Both are accepted!

    Light and Dark are also accepted!
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  15. C65


    Other oc
    Name: Tiger
    Gender: Female
    Species: Growlithe
    Appearance: Tiger has a lighter fur than most Growlithes and likes to keep herself in her best form. Hygiene is important to her so she is relatively clean most of the time.
    Division: Red division mainly due to her being a fire type.
    Personality: She is super friendly and cheerful even in the most dire situations she will always have a smile. She wants to help anyone she can and will do whatever it takes to be the best. Really optimistic and hopeful
    History: Raised in a good family that managed to not become cursed ones. Tiger has never seen a cursed one with her own eyes as she is fresh into the red division. She only has heard about them from rumors and pictures. Once she heard about all the problems she decided to do something and left home to join a division.
    Other: Enjoys eating sweet berries and likes to admire crystals.
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  16. Tiger is accepted.
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  17. Hi, I dig this RP, I may not have played PMD, but that doesn't mean I can't RP about it, here are my bios.

    Name: Adam

    Gender: Male

    Species: Kirlia

    Appearance: Shiny, his 'hair' and 'skirt' are both shorter and he wears a brown, lightly tattered cloak.

    Division: Rogue

    Personality: He is very laid back, loves gambling and will always talk back to anyone regardless of the consequences. He is also a cunning thief who like to outsmart his opponents or help him escape in case a theft goes wrong. However, he is kindhearted as well as he tends to give some of his 'earnings' to poor Pokemon that need it more than him and he cares about the lives of anyone he sees as his comrades.

    History: Not much is known about who his family used to be, given how he was taken in by a once notorious Blaziken thief who raised Adam as his own, teaching him how to survive in this seemingly unforgiving world and those who would wish to harm him. One day, Adam's mentor left suspiciously and never came back, the only thing he left behind was a little note which only said. 'Now you're ready.' Now Adam roams the world for riches to steal and ways to get even stronger.

    Other: His favorite kind of treasures are crystals because of the many colors they come in and the good prices some of them go for.

    Name: Monica

    Gender: Female

    Species: Gothorita

    Appearance: Her physical appearance is no different from your everyday Gothorita. She wears two straps that form an X on her chest as well as a belt with a few little bags to hold stuff.

    Division: Rogue

    Personality: Monica is somewhat happy go lucky and almost views everything as a game. She is very supportive when it comes to helping Adam who she secretly harbors feelings for. When it comes to treasure, she will do whatever she can to steal it but is aware of the limits of how much she should steal or what she should steal.

    History: Monica was rejected by her parents and had to either beg or steal to survive, she mainly focused on the latter as her Psychic abilities yielded better results... even if it made her hated by people. One day she attempted to pickpocket a hooded figure who was none other than Adam who caught her in the act, instead of hating or punishing her like everyone else, Adam taught her how to do it right and stole together ever since.

    Other: Her favorite kind of crystals are the 'extra sparkly' ones.
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  18. Hello there, glad to see that you've taken a liking to this Roleplay. And no worries about not playing a PMD game. That's fine.

    Adam and Monica are accepted. Welcome!
  19. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Could I ask when the RP thread gets made, I mean we have plenty of folk ready to go.
    Sorry if this sounds pushy.
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  20. Name: Spark

    Gender: Female

    Species: Joltik

    Appearance: A normal colored Joltik with a bright pink flower garland located on the top of her head.

    Division: Gold

    Personality: A pretty tough bug. She's stubborn and not the brightest tool in the shed. Spark usually believes in the impossible and sticks to it. She also has a hobby for arguing and take any opportunity to do it.

    History: She had a bit of a normal life, except Spark lived with one of her aunts and hundreds of cousins (spiderssssss). She joined Gold Division to mostly getaway from her cousins.

    Other: Crystal
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  21. Don't be sorry, it's fine. We'll be starting on Saturday, that is when I'll be back home so I'll have more time to write up a starter for the Roleplay. It's also one of the reasons I've not been on much.

    Spark is accepted!
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  22. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    I think I’m going to add another character...

    Name: Clara

    Gender: Female

    Species: Flygon

    Appearance: A normal Flygon, except her tail is longer and her wings are bigger, and she has sharp teeth with claws are a bit more curled in than a normal Flygon’s claws would be.

    Division: Dark Division

    Personality: Very aggressive, and kinda strong. If someone fights her, or uses a damage causing move on her on purpose, Clara will continuously attack them until she wins, unless the opponent is going to win or they are annoying to battle against. She has a soft spot for the younger members of her division, or Pokemon who are sad and lonely, and will protect them if they are in trouble.

    History: She used to be happy and kind, until her parents abandoned her when she was little. Clara now trains hard and is usually mad all the time. She is only nice to the members of her Division.

    Other: She can be seen wandering around the Forest, looking for Pokemon to battle so she can be stronger.
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  23. This one seems intriquing...

    Name: soul

    Gender: male

    Species: toxapex

    Appearance: Soul looks like a normal toxapex, except the orange spikes on him are red.

    Division: Soul is an outlaw.

    Personality: Soul is very harsh and emotionless on the outside. He trusts no one and goes on guard the moment he sees another pokemon. Inside, though, he is depressed and would like someone to trust.

    History: Soul was a normal pokemon with a normal life. This changed when his parents became cursed, causing him to kill them himself. The surrounding pokemon immidietly saw him as a murderer, as they didn't know why he did it. Ever since then, he lived his life as an outlaw.

    Other: Crystal.

    Character 2:

    Name: Winter

    Gender: Female

    Species: Glaceon

    Appearance: Winter is a normal pokemon, except she wears a flower-weaved necklace on her neck.

    Division: Gold division

    Personality: Winter is very outgoing and friendly. She loves caring for others, but hates battles.

    History: Winter was born as a normal eevee, and evolved into a Glaceon. She was always taking care of others and treating those who needed help. Because of this, she hated battles. This changed when the cursed rose, and then she had to battle. Ever since then, she healed the wounded and fought for protection.

    Other: none.

    (I don't know if they can be in two divisions. If it needs fixing, I'll change it.)
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  24. [/Name: Sage

    Gender: Male

    Species: Skiddo

    Appearance: A proud shiny, his fur is also much more thicker than a regular Skiddo.

    Division: None, his parents didn't trust the divisions enough to send one of their kids there.

    Personality: Sage was an optimistic guy, even for all the dangers of the world. The thing is, he hadn't fully understand the Cursed Ones. He always thought of them as unfortunate victims from possibly a plague or something, he was a sympathetic one. Because of this, Sage was an easy victim for corruption.

    History: He had a normal life with his parents and few siblings, never saw a Cursed One with his own eyes.

    Other: Crystal
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  25. C65


    Hey I really don’t want this to die. I understand some people are busy with finals, but I just don’t want this to die out.
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  26. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    I don't want this to die out either, but I feel like that's where it's headed.
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  27. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Yeah, and we didn’t even start yet...
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  28. Clara is accepted.

    Soul is also accepted. You can have characters in other Divisions, yes.

    Sage is accepted as well.

    It is finals week, isn't it? But yeah, this won't die. Hopefully.
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  29. C65


    Do you have any idea on when it will start? I’m sorry if I seem pushy.
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  30. Well, I suppose I can give lil’ Nicaong a bit of a break after some work.

    His name is Daniel.
    Gender: Although his species is genderless, he will be referred to as a male due to his masculine traits and characteristics, as well as to make RPing a lot easier with everyone.
    Species: Ditto / Transform Pokémon
    Appearance: Daniel is your small, everyday, purple blob when in his true form. He is often seen as being a small, young Pokémon when in his transformed state. As a result of a genetic disorder that corrupted his DNA, he is unable to transform into evolved and legendary Pokémon. (Though if he were to transform into a Lapras for example, he would be a much smaller Lapras with having distinct features that lie in the infantile spectrum such as having smaller curly ears and a tiny horn in contrast to the normal Lapras.)
    Division: Daniel is not affiliated with any division, as he is an outlaw.
    Personality: Daniel tends to have a rather calm outlook, as he is patient and observant when it comes to dealing with encounters. He tends to pretend to be like the Pokémon that he is transformed to based upon how he wants to act as their age, since he likes to make others off guard in order to escape or even gain an advantage in battle when the situation presents itself. Although he can be a bit silly at times, Daniel can still get the job done with some dedication involved. (Though his behavior often lies more in the infantile area if his transformation had been made a bit younger than usual by mistake.)
    History: Daniel was often looked down as a result of his inability to transform into big and tough Pokémon. He was rejected by numerous guilds shortly after some education at a Pokémon school, which led to his new life as an outlaw. After going on a crime spree and living in hiding in the time of the present date, he earned a spot on some outlaw notice boards for other wandering eyes to witness.
    Other: Crystal must be handled carefully. (Summaries from the boards of previous mystery dungeon RPs are below.)
    I’ve been robbed by a turtle Pokémon with that little tree thing last night! Robbed I’m telling you! Please catch that foul punk quick before he robs someone else!
    Client: Kecleon
    Objective: Find and arrest the mysterious outlaw, then retrieve and return the stolen items.
    Place: Current location unknown, last reported at Lively Town.
    Difficulty: B
    Reward: 2500 P + ? (Item negotiable)
    I tried to stop that little bubble frog Pokémon when I saw him running off with a big bag near a dungeon, but then he suddenly used some sort of seed thing! My eye was burning so much, and I saw all black... just like that! I’m worried that he could be after someone else soon!
    Client: Magnemite
    Objective: Find and arrest the mysterious outlaw.
    Place: Current location unknown, last reported at Chlorin Cave.
    Difficulty: A
    Reward: ? (Item negotiable)
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  31. Danial is accepted. Welcome to the RP!

    You're not being a pushy. I got busy without knowing it would happen with Christmas being around the corner. But now that I'm free, hopefully, we can start real soon.
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