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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Secret of the Gems

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by LunarSun, Dec 1, 2015.

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  1. Ask to Join! Plz just dont jump in.
    In this mistery dungeon series you are a pokemon trying to stop Giratina. Before we fight Giratina we need 5 jewels. The Richous Ruby, The Supreme Sapphire, The Eregant Emerald, The Galaxly Pearl, And The Dimension Diamond.

    Current Rp Members: @EspeonPlayz @LuckyRush @Pineco 1790

    1. When you pick a pokemon you may not use the same pokemon someone else used. (This happend in my High School Roleplay and I dont want it to happen again!)
    2. If you make your own rescue team other than mine, you will not be able to go to the distortion world. Only 1 team may go.
    3. You may not start with a pokemon evolution. You must start as a Basic Pokemon & everyone starts at level 7 meaning you may only have 2 or 3 moves untill later in the series.
    4. When finding one of the Legendary Gems you must be at an specific place. Ex: Raging Cave for Richous Ruby.

    Amber awoke out of her newly built base. "Alright this is the day. My new base will finnally be a Great exploration team base!" Amber yelled. Amber reached in her explorer bag and pulled out dozens of flyers. Amber ran off posting the flyers everywhere. Once Amber finished posting the flyers she ran back to the base.

    Ps: I gave LuckyRush the Permission to hold the Dimension Diamond. Nobody else will start with a Legendary Gem.
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  2. "Ooh Boy, a rescue team!" Oshiro had dreamed of the day since he could remember. Zoomed his little Cascoon self down the hill and into the base where Amber was. "I'm here I'm here! Did I miss anything?"
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  3. Lucky ran jumped down the cliff next to Amber's Base. " Finnally a way to find my father. Joining a Rescue Team will be a great way to find my Father." The Riolu thought while falling down the cliff. Lucky landed on his feet and ran to Amber. "Hello. My name is Lucky im here to join the Rescue Team." Lucky said hoping to join.
  4. "Whoa!" Amber said falling backwards. "I didn't expect people to join this early!" Amber said. "Anyway Sure!:) Here take these." Amber gave Lucky a Team Badge, A Team Pad, And a Rainbow Scarf. "Those are all the items you need to be a member. You're Team Badge and Rainbow Scarf show your a member of this team. You're Team Pad lets you communicate with the other team members. It's nice to have you on the team!" Amber said and Smiled.
  5. "Thanks so much Amber!" Oshiro hopped around in the air with joy. He started humming a song but no one could understand what he was singing. "Soooooo, when do we start? I mean, we are a rescue team who do we have to save?"
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Involvement of legendaries requires being cleared with staff. Specifically, me.
    Since no permission was asked, this thread is now closed. Next time, read the rules.
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