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Open Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by NerdyBox, Aug 14, 2017.

  1. So this is my first time making an RP but I'm replaying explorers of time and figured why not? Here's the general story:

    Evolution IS working but it can only be triggered through great emotional or physical stress, positive or otherwise.

    Mystery dungeons have started popping up again after 100 years so exploration teams and guilds have started forming to get to the bottom of the phenomenon.

    Exploration teams consist of up to 5 pokemon.

    All characters are part of an exploration guild run by a Scrafty. Scraftys exploration guild if you will.

    Character sheet:

    Age: (13- 25)

    Here's my character:

    Name: Luka
    Nickname: None
    Species: Scraggy
    Age: 19
    Likes: Food and music
    Dislikes: smugness and abuse of power
    Personality: A kind of loner who's dad runs the guild. People treat him kinda special because his dad runs the place but he doesnt like it.
    Goal: to prove he's more than just his dads kid.
  2. Name: Charisma
    Nickname: Chara
    Species: Rowlet (Shiny)
    Age: 14
    Likes: Solitude, Reading, Training, Lazying, helping with her foster parents farm
    Dislikes: Physical activities that she thought is just a waste of time, crowds and attention
    Personality: She’s lazy and blunt, others often think that she has twisted morals and frankly there not half wrong. She loves to be in solitude and only in the presence of those who she is familiar with. Her mindset towards others, is that any type of Pokémon will use others to get what they want, this give her the disability to communicate to others in a non-jerk kind of way. She’s also the type of Pokémon who doesnt feel shame in running away from a problem or a situation that she doesnt want to deal with, in other words she's a coward and is not ashame of it.
    Goal: Find her real parents, and travel the world
    It was just another normal day for Chara who was picking berries at the highest berry tree, as usual, with her talons and dropping them on the basket she put on a branch, surprisingly the basket was able to balance itself despite the heavy load it has. Chara wouldn't help but be bored out of her mind, she's been doing this for years, since she hatch actually, and automatically knew which berries to pick.

    Suddenly a thorny whip vine shot pass her encircling on five berries before bringing them down to it's owner, her foster father, Galahad the Roserade. Chara looked down to see her Paps grinning up at her while holding the berries "What's the matter, My Sweet Miracle Berry? Can't keep up with your old man?" Suddenly a blur pass the Roserade, it hits the tree shaking it to its roots. Chara looked at her basket and pale when it falls off, thinking fast she dove down and caught the basket on her head before proceeding on catching the other berries when she collected them all she looked back to the culprit and pouted. It was just her foster mother, Serine the Tsareena, who kicked the tree to shake off a lot of berries. "Fools, when it comes to berry picking, I am the Queen of the said task!" She declared as more berries continue to falls down from the tree. Galahad snorted "Of course, Queen of Berry..." he snorted again "...kicking." He burst out laughing from his attempt to make a joke. Serine and Character only look at him before sighing and shaking there head "Typical..." they said together.

    Yep, just another day in Chara's life.
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  3. Luka is strolling down the street alone on his way back into town. He had just tried to follow one of the rescue teams that work for his dad into a dungeon but they found him and sent him home. As he sulks his way home he looks up and sees a berry farm with some far off laughter floating through the air. He sighs.

    "Not strong enough? I used to wander through that forest as a kid. What do they mean not strong enough?"

    He kicks a pebble and continues to walk.
  4. "Alright Chara, you know the drill." Serine said as she strapped the basket of berries on Chara's back. It's the first time she will be doing deliveries on her own. To Chara it doesn't seems like a big deal but her mom make it as if it is a big deal. It's not like she'll get drag by some sort of a Pokémon to the forest for whatever reason. "Your first delivery will be in Mister Scrafty's guild, then to the doctor then to the-"

    "Mom, I know you said it five times already." Serine sigh as she patted Chara's head "I know but you can't stop a mother from worrying."

    'You can actually. Just simply stop.' Chara wanted to say those words but decided against it "Mom's are weird." She mumble earning a laugh from Serine. "Alright off you go then." Chara's nodded before walking, since flying is still prohibited by her parents when she's alone, to the guild.
  5. Luka picks up a pebble and throws it into the bushes in frustration.

    "I'll make my own team. Show him I'm strong. I just... need... friends..."

    He stops sullenly before there's a russlling in the bushes but he doesn't notice.

    What he doesn't know is someone's watching from the bushes.
  6. Chara blink as she listened to the Scraggy's declaration. She just finish her deliveries and was walking back home when she heard the Pokémon shouted.

    She shook her head and turn to leave "Then make one. What's stopping you on doing it?" She mumble
  7. Name: Drew
    Species: Tyrogue
    Age: 13
    Likes: Winning, Praise, Training
    Dislikes: Losing, being judges, bullies
    Personality: Drew is very persistent, he's tenacity is what gets him to win most of his battles. He has a strong sense of morale but without ever being expected of he is often confused and makes bad decisions.
    Goal: Prove to everyone that just because you are a 'baby' type it doesn't mean you are a 'baby'

    Name: Elizabeth
    Nickname: Lizzie
    Species: Bayleef
    Age: 17
    Likes: Being with friends, relaxing, sun bathing
    Dislikes: Fights between friends, lies, loud noises
    Personality: Lizzie is mellow and loyal, she is overall very chill but has a sensitive spot for her comrades and is willing to trample somebody if necessary.
    Goal: Find a group of friends to eventually call family and learn to love and protect
  8. Drew looked down at his hands as he walked, he had trained all day and they were pretty messed up. But his hands were always messed up, it seemed that no matter how hard he trained he never got any stronger. As he balled his small hands into fists, the Tyrogue hung his head his mind flashed back to earlier that day when he tried to take on a Rhydon. He wasn't even near done but they just walked away, like he wasn't worth battling. With a growl drew suddenly spun around and kicked a branch clean off of the tree it once grew off of. "I'll show them, I'll be so strong that everyone will wanna challenge me." he muttered to himself.

    Lizzie hummed as she worked, one of her vines stabilized the roof of her almost-finished home. It was a small hut, cozy though and after finishing it she let out a contempt sigh. She looked at the hut before twisting her head and gasping, "I know what it needs!" she smiled and walked off to find some flowers.
  9. As chara turns away from the scraggy an Ekans darts out of the bushes at him and attacks him, sending him flying past the Rowlet.

    "You? Part of an exploration team? Adorable. You'll never make it. Not like me and my team have."

    A zubat and a koffing float out from the bushes behind him.

    Luka gets up and winces in pain.
  10. Chara blink when the scraggy went pass here before turning to the Ekans, looking at him. She then looked back at the scraggy "You ok?"
  11. Lizzie blinked as she heard the distant sound of what seemed like a fight. Her red as trained on the bushes before she lowered her vine which was extended to reach a few flower blooms on the tree before shrugging and walking towards the sound. Walking out slowly, Lizzie found a Scraggy and a Rowlet. The Scraggy looked rather beat up, twisting her head Lizzie lowered it to look at the boy. "Are you alright?" she asked kindly, completely the Ekans and his team.

    Drew looked up a large tree, it's branches were well spread apart and bare of leaves. He then jumped from the ground the the first branch which wasn't too high, the second branch he could easily pull himself up to. Drew had no second thoughts as he leaped off of one branch the reach the next on which was rather high, curling his fingers around the twig, Drew grinned before suddenly loosing his grip and falling back down to the floor with a whimper. Drew rubbed his back before attempting to climb the tree again.
  12. Luka nods And speaks before turning back to the ekans and co:

    "yea I'm fine."

    He turns back to them.

    "What gives? You're not part of the guild. Where do you get off smacking people around?"

    The crew of three all snicker in unison before the ekans speaks up.

    "I'm just smacking some sense into you kid. You're never gonna make it in a team"

    Luka looks really. Really. Angry.
  13. Lizzie blinked at the Ekans, she couldn't believe he would be so rude. She turned towards Luka and his expression caused her to huff, she turned up to the group of bullies and said calmly, "How could you talk about being in a team, it seems all you do is go around picking on smaller pokemon and having your henchmen laugh for you." she scoffed.

    Drew found himself halfway through the tree when he could already see past many of the tree tops. His mouth dropped in awe and his brown eyes glistened, Drew situated himself to sit on a branch with his back against the tree and watched the clouds in the sky race each other.
  14. The ekans turns to Lizzie.

    What? You think life's so simple? The strong get stronger and the weak get weaker. We're strong and you three are weak. Unless yo-"

    Suddenly Luka delivers a massive kick to the ekans, cutting him off mid sentence.

    "Shut up!"

    Luka kicks off the ekans body as the rest of his team looks surprised.
  15. Name:Muddy
    Nickname: None
    Species: Mudkip
    Likes: Fighting And Evolution
    Dislikes: Losing
    Personality: Lonely
    Goal: To Evolve And Be The Strongest Swampert
  16. "Sigh"
    "I'm Not Gonna Find A Pokemon To Fight With..."
  17. (it's post by post. Some people my not be paying attention. You just have to check in every now and again. It's part of the reason why we use paragraphs. Not mini posts.)
  18. (I'm leaving it's taking a life for one post Bai)
  19. Lizzie shook her head in disgust at the Ekans way of thinking, she herself prepared to deliver a blow to the pokemon when suddenly the Scraggy flew past her and into the Ekan's head. Lizzie smirked, "Proves him right," she muttered. Although the Scraggy was still outnumbered if they go in to a fight so she stayed there just in case.

    Drew closed his eyes for a moment of rest before an angry caw caught him off guard. "Get off me tree! an old Toucannon yelled causing Drew to jump up. "You can't own a tree." Drew protested as the Toucannon growled before diving at Drew, Drew easily evaded the first attack before firing a fast punch in the Toucannon's direction, it hit and the bird flew backwards but in that moment Drew remembered he couldn't fly. While falling he let out a yelp and and tucked his body into a small ball to brace for the impact. He hit a rather soft surface though, it was a bed of moss by a pond that saved his fall. It still hurt, but at least he didn't land on a rock. Dusting himself off, Drew stood before walking away and grumbling to himself.
  20. The ekans gets up and sputters.

    "Damn kid. I think you need a lesson the hard way."

    Luka smirks.

    "Bring it poison breath. You're just a big worm with big talk."
  21. Name: Nickolus
    Nickname: Nick
    Species: Nidorino (shiny)
    Age: 16
    Likes: Smashing down his opponents when they underestimate him, breaking rocks boulders etc. And eating his favorite types of berries Oran berries
    Dislikes: Being judged by others, getting his belongings stolen from him, and being left out in important things
    Personality: Nickolus is a silent Pokemon that is always sad inside knowing that he does not have many friends and always being judged by others.
    Goal: Wants to prove that different colors on Pokemon are not a bad thing to have.
  22. Lizzie took a stance for battle, "Hey," Lizzie called out to the Scraggy before whispering, "Are you sure it's a good idea to get them all riled up?".
  23. "We can take them. Just a bunch of talk is all they are."
  24. Chara could only watched from above. She knew that flying will get her into trouble but having a birds eye view are much cooler in her opinion. She grinned in amazement as the Scraggy gave the jerk a good kick in the face. Chara watched as the Bayleef and the Scraggy took a fighting stance, ready to face off the enemies but there's one problem. They were still outnumbered. She smirk before diving down, half way through her dive she twirl and release three sharp feathers to the group of jerks. "Mind if I tag along?" She asked the two Pokémon.
  25. Luka looks at chara in supprise from her sudden appearance then grins and nods.

    "Let's show these purple jerks a lesson in humility."

    The ekans hisses and coils up ready to spring. Before shouting.

    "Get them!"

    They all dash forward. The ekans springs for Luka, the koffing moves in twards Lizzie and the zubat flys tward Chara.

    The ekans tries to coil around Luka but before it can get too tight Luka gives him a pretty square headbutt right to the nose causing him to let go. The ekans growls in frustration and rears its head back as its fangs glow purple and delivers a vicious bite causing Luka to grunt in pain.
  26. As the Koffing charged straight towards Bayleef she sighed before a blizzard of sharp leaves launched themselves in the opposing pokemon's direction both slowing and damaging him. "You think you can best me with moves like that?" the Koffing chuckled, Bayleef huffed indignantly before dashing under the Koffing ans spraying a poison powder all of him, she then charged up an energy ball.
  27. Being a poison type himself the koffing breathed in the poison powder and laughed before plspraying out a thick grey smokescreen.

    Luka is forced to keep dodging over and over again as the ekans tail sails twards him rapidly, glowing with sinister purple energy.
  28. Sorry for controlling Koffing, I assumed that you wanted us to take control of our own opponents because it would be hard for you to RP as all of them. That bit of dialogue was a mistake and I won't use your characters again. Sorry)

    Bayleef scoffed at herself, "Stupid.' she muttered as the Koffing laughed. Figuring that she had to finish this battle quickly, the Bayleef took a stance and charged a solar beam in her mouth.

    Tyrouge groaned as his body eventually began aching from the fall, he could imagine it was bruised yet he didn't mind the purple spots on his back and shoulders. He mused on what to do with the rest of his day before an idea spawned upon him. After a while of hiking through the bushes, Tyrouge came upon a fenced in yard where many children ran freely. But as soon as he had too feet in the pen, he was tackled by the excited pokemon. Some of the pokemon there weren't that much younger than Tyrouge, yet they all adored his stories and games.
  29. (No no don't worry. I only did that one bit with koffing because I wasn't sure if you poisoned the poison type on purpose or if you forgot the immunity. It was up to you after that. IM sorry. I should have specified that.)
  30. (May I ask, are you letting us control our opponents?)

    Chara stared at the flying Zubat. They didn't do anything just stayed in the air for who knows how long. Before Zubat released a Supersonic which startled Chara, it almost caused her to fall, before charging towards. A little disorientated, Chara didn't dodge the attack on time. She was sent flying to a tree.

    She recovered quickly and gave the Zubat a grin. Chara stretched her wings and suddenly the sun grow brighter than before. Done using Sunny Day,she discreetly watched as small trail of smoke came out of Zubat since they were not used to the sun. "You sneaky brat..." it hissed which caused Chara to grin wider. "I love being me." She said as she started collecting sunlight, secretly though.
  31. (Yes you control the opponents. Here's pretty much how combat works in this RP: if you want someone to attack you. Do it. As long as you're not OP then it's cool.)
  32. I just realized I had used my pokemon's species rather than their names this whole time XD)

    Lizzie's eyes widened as the Koffing charged at her with a wimpy tackle, attempting to keep concentration on her charge-up she jumped out of the way of the Koffing who growled and shook himself. "Stupid brat this is a fight not a dance!", on his way back through Lizzie swung her neck and threw the rounded green beam at the Koffing who flew backwards into a tree.

    Drew crossed his legs as he sat down with a circle of tiny pokemon around him. "Did you really slap him in the face!" gaped a Pichu and Drew nodded with a proud expression, "Then what happened?" a Teddiursa inquired. Drew grinned and stood up, "That's when the Ryhorn turned towards me and- CHARGED!" he chased after the children as the squealed and scattered.
    "If you are done riling up my children, I'd like to speak with you." a Corsola came from around the corner, she was an older pokemon with a kind face. Kelly took Drew in as a young child and raised him with the rest of her daycare. "Hey Kelly." he got up and walked towards the aging Corsola, suddenly a beam a light in the distance caused him to look back into the woods. "Goodness child what happened to your ba-" Kelly was cut off as Drew grinned and waved goodbye before jumping the fence and running off towards the battle scene.
  33. Luka jumps over one of the tail swipes and tries to give the ekans another kick but it quickly dodges.

    "That's not going to work a second time you insssolent brat!"

    Instead of responding Luka just headbutt a him again. Really really hard.
  34. The Zubat came charging at Chara with a Wing Attack only to be countered with her Solar Beam. "Mah~ no one told me that I'll be fighting the weak ones. Bo-ring~." She mocked. The Zubat growled in anger before flying up again to match Chara's eye level, even though he doesn't have any. "Look here kid. Just give up already and we won't have to hurt each other." Chara give him a half confuse, half mocking look. "Hurt? Each other? What a joke, Mister comedian. Your so funny I forgot how to laugh." She said before she slowly close in the Zubat. She adapted a malevolent look and shadows surround her figure. The Zubat flinched and slowly back off "In my opinion, this battle doesn't even seemed like a battle. It's just a one-sided massacre if you ask me." She said ominously.
  35. Lizzie took a step forwards, panting before rolling her eyes as the Koffing got up again. "Hah! That tickled." the Koffing wheezed although he was obviously hurt. "Alright then." Lizzie huffed, she then used petal dance, and immediately after the bright pink metals sliced at the Koffing she charged and head-butted her opponent.

    Drew kept low in the bushes as he stalked the fight. It was between a local yet hardly recognized team and a bunch of randoms he'd only seen fight alone. He didn't know why they were on a team, but shrugged it off. Drew spied on many battles, he thought it helped him get to know different fighting styles and types of opponents, as well as improve himself.
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  36. The Zubat flinched and Chara took the chance to use Work Up before barraging the Zubat with Peck. She continued to do the attack until the Zubat fainted. She grinned in victory and landed on the fainted Pokémon in triumph.
  37. Luka jumps up into the sky and kicks off the tree nearby before kicking off of it and delivering a massive punch glowing green to the ekans. The eqns is knocked unconscious but Luka looks pretty messed up, panting and scuffed up. as the Ekans is knocked out his whole body glows red for a second.

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