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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RP : Fear and Confusion Scatters

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by hollowhead_, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    In a universe, in the mystery dungeon world. The human which was turned into a Pokémon, was supposed to be the chosen one but had failed miserably to defeat Dark Matter. So, the human was sent back to the human world, without any memory and the ancients decided to summon another. Things seemed to be grim for the species of Pokémon to survive in their own world, and many innocent Pokémon have been turned into stone. Let's dive into this peculiar world.
    Name : Bone
    Gender : Male
    Species : Riolu
    Personality : Calm, Curious, Brave, Protective and Free-Spirited
    Likes : Kind Pokémon, Evolution and Battling
    Dislikes : Betrayal, Cruel Pokémon and Cheating
    Backstory : He was a human, turned into a Pokémon after the original human failed to save the human race. So, he was chosen after him to save it, as there had been hope for the Pokémon species. He doesn't really remember anything other than his name.
    Worst Enemy : Doesn't Know (Yet)
    Best Friend : Doesn't Know (Yet)
    Moveset : Bone Rush, Aura Sphere, Force Palm and Sucker Punch
    A Riolu was found unconscious under a tree, until a Sitrus Berry fell on his head, which made him wake up, "Ah! Wha...where am I?" He asked himself curiously, "Uh, my head hurts....Whatever, I'm thirsty, I'll get some water" He said calmly as he went to a lake and drank some water, "Wow! Water never tasted so good before!" He said as he drank some water and looked at the lake, "Hm? What's this?" He said as he saw something in the lake. It was a Riolu, "Wah! No way...Did I just...turn into a Pokémon?!" He asked himself out loud and confused, "Ok, ok. This might just be a dream, I'll wake up any second now.....any second now.." He said while trying to stay cool, "IT'S NOT A DREAM!!!" He exclaimed, "OK, Fine. I'll move on, maybe someone can help" He said as he walked into the forest.
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  2. Yamaro the Treecko was walking through the forest, trying to search for clues on where the next town might have been. He stopped, as he saw a Riolu walk into the forest. Yamaro casually walked towards him. "Hey there, do you happen to know where a town is? I'm kinda clueless over here..." He asked.
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  3. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    The Riolu saw the Treecko walking over to him. Wait, did a Treecko really just talk to me? Well, I AM a Riolu now, so I guess I can understand Pokémon. He thought while scratching the back of his head, "Um, Next town..? I don't really know, to be honest, I'm looking for a town, myself" He said calmly, "I guess we could ask someone for directions. By the way, My name is Bone, it's nice to meet you" He introduced himself, "What's yours?" He asked curiously. I'm gonna try to stay cool, until I find a way to turn back into a human. I don't know if I can tell anybody about this. He thought nervously, He seems trustworthy, though. Ughh, I don't know, maybe later on. He thought nervously once again. He turned back his attention to the Treecko.
  4. "My name is Yamaro. Lemme check my self-drawn map." Yamaro said, pulling out a self-drawn map. "I always sketch out the places I come across in this map. Let's see.. Here!" He said, pointing at a part of the map. "That's the town I last passed through. I haven't seen it completely, so let's go there then." He explained. He made a gesture meaning 'Come with me', while running into the forest. "The forest is a Mystery Dungeon, though.. We need to get through, then!" He then went inside the forest.

    [Gale Forest: 1F]

    Once arriving inside, he examined the area around him. "Which path should we take? The west path or the north path?" He asked to Bone. "Who knows which Pokemon might be waiting in here? We need to be careful."
  5. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Hmm. Let's go west" He said calmly, "I always get lucky when I go west" He said Firmly. He began walking West, also making a 'Follow Me' gesture with his hands. Which Pokemon? What does he mean? He thought confused. Suddenly, a Purrloin attacked him with Fury Swipes, "Ah!" He said as he accidentally used Sucker Punch, sending Purrloin flying into a tree. Purrloin fainted, "Did...did I just do that..?" He asked himself while looking at his hands, which are now paws, because he turned into a Riolu.
  6. "Huh? You seem really confused... Have you never battled before?" He asked, confused. "Now, let's see here.. You look like you've never been in a Mystery Dungeon. Mystery Dungeons are basically weird places which can change appearance every time you go in one. The items, floors, change, too. They're really strange, but, also, the bad part about them is that all the Pokemon inside one start getting really insane and attack everyone who goes inside one. It's said to be Dungeon Sickness - A sickness which spreads when a Pokemon stays in a Dungeon for too long. It's happened to a lot of Pokemon right now." He explained to Bone. "I'll explain you more about me and what's going on in the world later in the town, let's move forward." Yamaro said, calmly, moving forward.
  7. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Alright, I guess I understand" He said as suddenly a Poochyena attacked him. He accidentally used Aura Sphere which made the Poochyena lose a substantial amount of HP. Poochyena used Bite. Bone dodged. I think I'm getting the hang of it now. He thought confidently as he used Bone Rush, making the Poochyena faint. I wonder what other attacks I have. He thought curiously as he followed Yamaro, which seemed to know a lot about mystery dungeons. Bone was thankful someone this smart was his guide. He then continued walking towards Yamaro.
  8. Yamaro fought a Caterpie in the meantime. After overcoming it's String Shots, he went forward and got loose of the strings. "Check it out! There's the stairs! You see, stairs can spawn in even the strangest places in Mystery Dungeons. Forests... Caves... Heck, even in alternate dimensions!" He explained, going up the stairs.

    [Gale Forest: 2F]

    Yamaro walked forward, when he fought a Poochyena. After finishing it up, Bone and Yamaro briefly shined. "Aha! We leveled up! That's great!" He exclaimed. "You see, when a Pokemon levels up, it gains more experience in battling, and can even learn new moves! My current moves are Pound, Leer, Absorb and Quick Attack." He explained to Bone, noticing the stairs. "Aha! More stairs! It's the final one, too!"
  9. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Told you we'll be lucky if we go west!" He exclaimed. He looked around and walked forward, until he saw a Liepard..but out of stone?!, "Huh? W-what's that?" He asked confusedly, "What happened to that Pokémon?!" He asked terrified. What is that?! A Pokémon turned to stone?! Who would do such a thing? He thought, horrified from the Stoned Pokémon. Does this have anything to do with me being a human? He thought to himself, feeling bad. He realized as he continued to walk forward. More and more Pokémon were found, turned into stone, "Who did this? Does this have anything to do with Dungeon sickness?" He had so many questions, which needed to be answered. He was still terrified from the stoned Pokémon. What if I get turned into stone?! He thought to himself, nervously. He was really scared and couldn't process anything which has happened currently. He tried to stay calm, but it was no use. He was horrified as ever,"Who?" He asked.
  10. Yamaro just looked at the Liepard with a shocked face. He looked down for a few seconds, but then he got very angry. "DARK MATTER DID THIS! Dark Matter is a pure being of destruction! He turned everyone who I knew to stone, and I hate him! This is the pure reason why I'm travelling around! So I can find out where the Tree of Life's location is, and then free this world from the evil clutches of him! Grrr! Just thinking about him makes my head boil with anger!" He explained. "Sorry.. I just hate Dark Matter so much. He turned everyone I loved to stone.. My brothers, sisters, mom, dad, and my friends.." He then got calm again, and got very depressed.
  11. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Dark Matter?" He said as he approached Yamaro to pat him on the back. But to stop for the words going through his mind, 'Stop Dark Matter. Only You Can Do It' These words kept going through his head so much, that he thought it was just a headache. He held his head, but didn't want Yamaro to see it, "So, uh....Nobody tried to stop it?" He asked curiously as he held his head once more. He then tried to tough it out. He was really nervous about everything that was happening. Maybe the words in his head were true? Maybe, there is someone who could stop Dark Matter? He didn't know anything and was as confused as ever. He then turned back his attention to The Treecko. He tried to pretend to be a normal Pokémon.
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  12. "Well, there were two who tried to stop Dark Matter. A Riolu, like you, and a Fennekin, I think it was that. They went through many paths, but then... In the final battle.. They were defeated. The world is now a place of despair and no one, except the enemy Pokemon in dungeons and Pokemon who survived the attacks, like me and you." He explained.
  13. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Wow...that's really.....sad.." He said while looking down. 'You're next. Save them' Now these words started going through his head, "So, how do you know where the tree of life is?" He asked curiously. A Nuzleaf then approached, "Oi. Whatcha doin' children?" The Nuzleaf asked, but with an evil look in his eyes, "Uh, nothing.." He said quietly, "Well, two children ain't supposed to be here, right?" He said as he prepared a dark aura behind him. 'He did it. Defeat him' These words started to go through Bone's head, making him use both Sucker Punch and Aura Sphere together. Sucker Sphere. He used Sucker Sphere on Nuzleaf, "Grrr! You two children weren't worth it, anyway!" Shouted Nuzleaf as he fired the dark aura at them, "Watch out!" He said as he moved Yamaro away from the aura. The aura hit a tree, it made the tree turn into stone. Bone used Force Palm, "Augghh! I'm weak now, but I will come back!" Nuzleaf knew Bone was a human, "He did it..." Bone said quietly
  14. Yamaro just looked in shock quietly. "He.. He's part of it? No way! When I encounter him again, I'll.. I'll.. Ugh, forget it. What we're doing right now is finding the town." Yamaro said. He then walked forward, trying to stay alert at all times in case he came back. Soon, he found himself in a village - Serene Village. "Wait! This is the town I'd heard of! Serene Village! It says that the Riolu and the Fennekin used to live here, until they went off to Lively Town, which is FAAAR from here." He explained.
  15. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Lively Town, eh? Sounds interesting" He said calmly. 'Go there. Your fate is decided there' The voices kept echoing in his head. What were these voices doing? He decided to ignore it and look around Serene Village. He entered one house and saw a Carracosta, stoned. He looked in the other houses, all Pokemon were stoned. He told Yamaro the news, "I think we should head to, uhm, Lively Town, right? All Pokemon here are stoned." He said sadly, "So, what do you think?" He asked curiously.
  16. "Well, going to Lively Town would probably be best, because I'd heard that it's the town with the Expedition Society, a group of Pokemon which explore and take research into a lot of things. We could research about the Tree of Life." Yamaro said, packing up his things in his Bag. "It's going to be a long trip, though, so prepare yourself."
  17. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Bone looked around, he didn't have any resources, so, "Yeah! I'm already prepared" He exclaimed, as he walked up to a really long mountain.

    [High Mountain Range : B1F]

    "So, this is another mystery dungeon, right?" He said as he got hit by a Onix's Rock Tomb. Bone jumped on all the rocks and used Bone Rush on its horn. It's super effective! Onix used Rock Tomb, again. This time Bone counter attacked it, by Sucker Punching all the rocks back to the Onix. A critical hit! Onix had fainted. Bone jumped on its body and back flipped back to the ground. He landed on his feet, much like a normal Riolu. He began to get used to being a Pokémon. He then found the stairs.

    [High Mountain Range : B2F]
  18. "Alright. Your getting really good at this! I think your Level 9 right now, same goes for me." He said. He then defeated a Rockruff which attacked. He then went up the stairs.

    [High Mountain Range: B3F]
  19. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Thanks! By the way, how many floors in this mystery dungeon?" He asked curiously, as a Stoutland tried to used Ice Beam on Bone from behind, but Bone blocked it with Bone Rush. The beam was deflected to Stoutland, making it freeze. He then used Sucker Punch to break the ice. Stoutland was at 1 HP. It was too weak to move. Bone used Force Palm on Stoutland, making it faint. He went up the stairs.

    [High Mountain Range : B4F]

    A Graveler attacked him with Rock Throw. Bone was hit by a few rocks but toughed it out. He then used Sucker Punch on the Graveler, throwing it into a tree. It used Rock Throw again. Bone got hit by a few rocks, but wasn't affected that much. He dodged the rest and fainted Graveler by Aura Sphere. He then went up the stairs.

    [High Mountain Range : B5F]
  20. "Lemme see.. Hmmm... There's 7 floors." He explained. He then attacked a Charmeleon who went towards him, hitting him with a Quick Attack, but the Charmeleon responded with an Ember. Yamaro was hurt, but he kept on going with Absorb, regaining HP. The Charmeleon fainted, and Yamaro quickly went up the stairs, in case any other Charmeleon came.

    [High Mountain Range: 6F]
  21. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Okay, cool." He said calmly as a Lairon came in towards him to use Headbutt. Bone simply stepped out the way, making Lairon crash into a tree. Lairon was severely damaged! Bone then used Aura Sphere to faint it. Lairon fainted. Bone quickly went up the stairs

    [High Mountain Range : B7F]

    "This is the last floor, so let's be careful" He said as a Karrablast used Peck on him. It wasn't very effective.. Bone used Sucker Punch and it blasted away from here. Bone went up the stairs, and found himself in a cliff. He looked at a really big town in the distance, "Hey! Look, I guess that's Lively Town, right?" He asked curiously, "Let's go!" He said as he made a 'follow me' gesture with his hands as he ran off to the distance.
  22. "Wow. I guess we took a shortcut." Yamaro guessed, following Bone. Once arriving, he saw that everyone in the town was turned to stone. "Even here, too.. But the real reason we're here is because of the Expedition Society. Follow me." He said, going into a big building, which was the Expedition Society HQ. It was quite big, but, after finding the archeologist room, he grabbed a few books, which were all about the Tree of Life. "It says that the Tree of Life is in Primeval Forest, and that's far beyond the sea..." He explained, showing the book to Bone.
  23. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Right. But, don't we need some help on the journey?" He asked curiously, "There must be someone to help us" He said calmly, "Are there other team members, or are they turned to stone, too?" He asked nervously. The voices came back 'Help them. Do it' These voices kept going through his head. He now was really confused. He tried not to show it. He also tried not to tell he was a human.
  24. "I don't think so.. If there were, there would be some inside of this building or anywhere else. Oh, right! Lemme sketch this place down." He said, and he started sketching on his self-drawn map the new areas he had explored. "Alright, back to the point, let's go to Primeval Forest!" He said, having a look of determination.

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