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Private/Closed Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP: Entain Adventures!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EllieBeth, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. Hi, this is an RP based on MysteryDungeon. The setting is a fictional region based on the UK called the Entain region. I don't have a plot planned yet, but once a few people have joined, I'll set this to ask to join and plan something based on the characters! Speaking of which, here's mine:

    Edit: We now have a discussion board at:
    Once You've joined please add your characters bio here!

    Name: Nina
    Species: Nidorina
    Appearance: A cuter, less aggressive looking Nidorina.
    Personality: Very loyal to those she knows but also quite Naive. Can also be flirty.
    Positive Traits: Loyal and kind. Not at all afraid of danger. Willing to do what others say, but can be headstrong.
    Negative Traits: Niave. Has little sense of danger. Gets upset when people assume she's mean based on her species. Poor battler. Fear of spider Pokémon.
    Moves: Scratch, Tackle, Tail Whip and Poison Sting
    Backstory: When young she was saved from a dungeon by a rescue team where she and other Pokémon were captured by an Ariadose. As a result she thinks very highly of all rescue/expedition teams and now she's older, she wants to join one to help people who were stuck in situations like she was. So far she has been rejected from most teams due to her poor moves and lack of battle experience.
    __________Starting the RP here!____________

    Nina stood at the gates of Donnel City, capital of her home, the Entain Region, a relatively small but prosperous island to the north west of Kalos, famous for an abundance of dungeons. This city inparticular was home to the Rescue Bureau, the largest recruitment office for Rescue and Expedition teams in the whole continent.

    Nina was determined that here, she would find a team that would take her onboard and she could finally start saving lives, like the rescue teams of her youth had done for her.

    Taking a deep breath, she entered the bustling city and begin the trot towards the Office. The city was odd, parts of it were old fashioned with cobbled paths and old looking buildings whilst others were industrial with buildings that seemed to reach the sky, full of electric and steel type Pokemon doing who knows what.

    Eventually, Nina arrived at the Rescue Bureau, which was situated on the edge of a park but too her annoyance, there was already a long queue in front of the building of other Pokémon also waiting to sign up all milling about impatiently.
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  2. Name: Lucy
    Species: Absol
    Appearance: A normal Absol,with a red bandanna across it's horn thingy,a blue bandanna across it's neck,and she always has an angry face.
    Personality: She's kinda like a goth,saying that plans or wishes are meaningless,and sometimes she can be pretty violent.But she also can be very kind.
    Positive Traits: If she is around people she likes,she'll be more cheerful;loves unevolved Pokemon(ex: Pichu,Torchic,Ratatta)
    Negative Traits: She hates pink and fake cuteness,so Blissey is pretty much her worse enemy(you'll see in the backstory);she can quickly hate every Pokemon that is fully evolved(ex: Feraligatr,Dodrio,and Floatzel,except for her relatives and friends)
    Moves: Toxic,Hidden Power,Ice Beam and Thunderbolt Ability: Super Luck
    Backstory: When she was little,she was really playful,even though she was still pretty goth,unlike now when she rarely is playful.She only played with boys,because she didn't like playing with girly stuff,or dressing up.And one day,she bumped into a Feraligatr,Dodrio,and Floatzel,who weren't really mad but,when they scurried her off they called her Princess.Lucy got really mad,she hated when Pokemon called her that.Naturally,she challenged them to a battle,but they refused.They said that she has to battle their leader first,Blissey.(I know Blissey are really sweet,but now you know why she hates Blissey and fully evolved Pokemon).And Lucy did battle her,but she lost.She was so ashamed of herself,that she didn't make new friends for a long time.She swore that if any fully evolved Pokemon would approach her with anger,or with insults,she would attack them.(except for her relatives and friends)
    Lucy was resting on a bench when she saw the sad Nidorina who needed to wait for an entire queue to do who knows what.She felt a little bad for her,so she decided to go help her."Hey,you in trouble?Maybe I could help."She told her calm,with boredom in her eyes.She ran to hide behind a plant and then she screamed with a highpiched voice"OH,NO!A JIGGLYPUFF WITH A MIC IS GONNA PUT ALL OF US TO SLEEP!!!"When the Pokemon heard those words,every single one of them ran away from the building.She then went back to Nina and said"You're very welcome."Then,she went back to her bench.

    (Tell me if there's something I need to change)
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  3. Nina, followed her over to the bench. "Why did you do that? Those Pokemon were waiting too!" She sighed. City Pokemon were clearly quite different to those from her home in the country.
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  4. "Hey,I helped you.Be grateful."Lucy said bored."I just saw you were in a sticky situation,and I wanted to help you.And that doesn't happen often."She got up from the bench and wandered over to a berry shop.When she got out,she was carrying a bag full of different types of berries.She nodded in the direction of Nina,and wandered to a different bench.
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  5. Nina sighed and walked towards the building hoping the ordeal hadn't attracted too much attention to her. The startled Pokémon were beginning to realise that there was no danger and were glaring at Nina and Lucy. Embarrassed, Nina tried to open the heavy doors only to realise that they were locked. With a sense of dread she realised that the queue was so long because the place wasn't even open yet. Many of the Pokemon were angry. From their perspective this Nidorina had got them all to scatter and had stolen their place in the queue. She quickly ran away from the door hoping to deflect attention.
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  6. Luna glared back at all of the other Pokemon,while rolling her eyes when Nina ran away from the building.She sighed and walked after her.When she caught up she said bored."Sorry,I guess,for making all the other Pokemon be mad at you.I thought that you needed help,but you obviously didn't. Anyway,I'm Lucy.What;'s your name?"She tilted her head,eyeing Nina impatient.
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  7. "Why are you following me?" Nina cried, frustrated. "Haven't you already done enough? I came all the way across the region just to join a rescue team and now look! All of those Pokémon hate me!" Nina sniffled as she realised her chance to join a rescue team might be gone, at least for the foreseeable future.
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  8. "Huh.So you're salty that you won't join a rescue team?That's sad.As expected from a Nidorina,they're always overdramatic."Lucy said,rolling her eyes."Well,if you're giving up this easily,I'm not sure you would've done great on the team."She turned around and hoped on her bench again,glaring at everyone who were looking at her angry.
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  9. Nina, hurt, replied "What's that supposed to mean! I- I'd be great on a team! You're just being mean!" Nina's eyes glistened as she held back tears. Doubtful thoughts filled her head. The Absol was just teasing her right? She'd be perfect for a team! But... What if she wasn't?
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  10. Lucy got annoyed by Nina's diva self,so she went to a more distant bench,that was located in a park.There were a lot of Pokemon that were walking,playing,eating,but one particular Pokemon caught her eye.It was a Doduo who's kite got stuck in a tree.Absol felt really bad for it,so she quickly dashed over."Hey,fella,do you need help?"She asked worried.
    "Yes,my kite got stuck in that tree and I can't get it back!"The Doduo said sad.
    "Never fear,Lucy's here!"Lucy climbed on a nearby rock,then jumped on a branch,then on another branch,until she reached the top of the tree,got the kite,and jumped back down."Here you go!"She said cheerful,giving it to the Doduo.
    "Thank you so much!Bye Miss!"It scurried off to it's family,and they left the park.
    Lucy,relieved,went back to it's bench and sat there to rest.
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  11. Nina was surprised by Lucy's actions. Who was this Pokemon? One minute she was acting cruel but the next she was helping a child! Maybe... She wasn't so bad after all. Nina, regaining her composure decided to talk to the Absol again. She walked over. "That was impressive climbing!"
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  12. "Tell me about it."She said with a smug face."But why are you talking to me?Haven't I ruined all of your chances with that rescue team?Or did you realize that you're not up for it after all. Hmph,make up your mind!"Lucy walked away from the annoying Nidorina,and went over to the fountain and watched the water sparkle.
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  13. Name: Eric
    Species: Mudbray
    Appearance: Eric looks like any other Mudbray, but the front of his mane is spiky.
    Personality: Eric is nice and kind to his friends, but has a Lonely nature, and often is the outcast of groups.
    Positive Traits: Fast to think, and has logical answers to problems. He works well alone, but even better with friends.
    Negative Traits: A bit childish, and can get scared easily.
    Moves: Body Slam, Mud Slap, Bulldoze, Double Kick. Abilty: Inner Focus.
    Backstory: Eric was once lost in a dungeon, but was rescued by a team of Pokemon. He was grateful after that, and asked to join their team, but they declined. So, he travels to find a team he can join, to help Pokemon in trouble.
    Eric walked into Donnel City, looking around. He had recently traveled here from some far off islands, so he was excited. He began to explore, waving and greeting people along the way. He saw an Absol next to a fountain of some sort, and walked over, putting his hooves up on its edge. "Woah....so pretty...." He thought to himself with a smile.
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  14. Lucy eyed the Mudbray suspicious,and scooted to the other side of the fountain.Then,after 3 minutes,she got bored and went over to a bench and began eating some berries.She saw a Fletchling at the ice cream truck,but he didn't have any money.Lucy felt bad for it,so she went over and gave him two berries."Hey fella,you hungry?I saw that you don't have any money on you,and you can't buy ice cream so here,take some berries.
    "Oh no,I can't.Thank you though."The Fletchling turned her down.
    "No,I insist.Take them.I could always go and buy more."
    "Wow,thank you!"
    "No problem!"She went back on her bench,and began stretching her paws.
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  15. Eric looked down at the water again, then, decided to go. "Lets see....what can I do here....? Not much people around." He thought to himself. He decided to start running around, buying some items and such. " Well, this little ol' town may be the finest I ever been! " He said with a grin. "Much better than 'em ol' islands back in the hometown." He sat down with a yawn, looking at a newly purchased map.
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  16. Lucy got bored again and decided to just run around.She was going at a high speed,so some Pokemon would be surprised if they walked past her.Eventually,a Mudbray got in front of her,with his eyes in a map."Outta the way!"She yelled at him.She couldn't go around him,because she would probably end up in a tree,so she sped up.When she was only 3 feet away from him,she decided to jump over him.When she landed,she picked up the pace again and ended up in a field,close to the park.There,she began to train.
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  17. " Holy Heck! " Eric yelped as Lucy jumped over him, trembling as she left. "Sheesh....life here in the city ain't hold no candle to home....seems lots more exciting." Eric said, thinking of the islands he was born on. " Aint no matter now, that ol' place ain't right for me. " He mumbled, before standing up. "Well, I should get a move on....ain't no rescue team gonna get a new member itself." He stated, looking around.
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  18. Nina spotting the Mudbray walked over. "Are you Ok? I don't know what's up with that Absol! She seems to go from friendly to mean and aggressive at the flip of a switch! I'm Nina by the way, what's your name?"
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  19. Again,Lucy got bored of training and decided to run back to the city.Again,she needed to jump over Mudbray,because he just stayed where he was before.But then,she stopped dead in her tracks."Wait,what was I gonna do?Ugh...This place is so boring I can't do anything interesting!"Then she heard what Nina said about her.She growled,and dashed towards her,with a death glare"What did you say about me you little punk?!"
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  20. "Eric. I ain't from 'round here, lived in some islands out in the middle a nowhere. Nice to meet you Nina!" Eric said happily. " Anywho, you mind helpin' me out 'ere? I been tryin' to find a rescue team to join, but can't seem to locate one. Can you point me in a direction to get into one? " He asked the Nidorina, figuring she seemed nice enough.
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  21. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Name: flame

    Species: fenneking

    Gender: female

    Appearance: her ears are slightly bigger, she wears a purple scarf with pink lines, theres a small bow on her scarf.

    Personality: flame is mischief and cheerful but also tricky, she is very hyperactive and get excited easily.
    She likes to play and meet new friends, she talks a lot and act fast so pokemons get annoyed by her.
    She can get emotional and distracted easily.

    Positive Traits: cheerful, like to help, fast thinking, friendly.

    Negative Traits: emotional, annoying, hyperactive, mischief, get distracted easily, talks a lot.

    Moves: flame charge, magic coat, psybeam, double team.

    Abillity: magician.

    Backstory: she lived alone for a lot of years after she was kicked out from her village when she was very young, no one wanted to be with her and some even tried to kill her because she was so annoying.
    she decided to explore the world and find new things, she also want to join a guild and help other, maybe to find someone that wont get annoyed by her.

    Other: she is using her moves for tricks and fun, she likes sweet and spicy food.
    Its hard to catch her off guard.


    Flame just ran in excitement inside the town, "this is supposed to be here, i wonder where it is, should i ask someone?. Nah, they will only run away, or maybe not, i should check it out with someone" she showered herself with thoughts as she stopped to look around and spot someone that she can ask.

    She saw the nidorina and the mudbray talking with each other and decide to ask them.
    "Excuse me? Do you know where you joining a rescue team? Is it nearby or im mistaken with the city?" The fennekin start questioning, she waggled her tail in excitement as she waiting for they're answer.
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  22. "A rescue team? I'm looking to join one too! The best place to go is the Rescue Bureau! It's one of the largest recruitment centres in the world! I'd show you where it is but thanks to that Absol, I might have to avoid it for a bit."
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  23. Eric turned to Lucy with a glare. "Hey now! You have no right to be callin' this nice young lady a punk! Where I come from, that behavior ain't tolerated, so you oughta mind yer manners, or get on oughta 'ere! This behavior may be normal in this area, but that don't mean nothin'!" He turned to Flame. " well, I'll be! Three of us, lookin' for a team! We oughta make one together! "
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  24. "Look,I don't care where you're coming from,or about what doesn't mean nothing!"She told Eric with a death glare.But she stopped when she heard that they're going to make a team."Really?I know that unevolved Pokemon are awesome,but do you really think that a Nidorina,a Mudbray and a Fennekin would actually be a successful team?Ugh,who cares?If you think that your capable,suit yourself."She hoped back to her bench,with her back turned to the others.
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  25. "Hhmph. What a jerk." Eric mumbled. " Well, I say it's a good idea! Let us know when you need a team! " He yelled to Lucy, turning to his friends. "Well, you guys think it's a fine idea, right?"
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  26. "Ugh,such a stuck up weirdo!"Lucy said angry.She hoped over to the other side of the park,where there were a lot of little Pokemon,sad about something.She felt bad,so she went over to them."Hey,fellas,what's the matter?"
    "Our friend went somewhere and we don't know where!She might be lost!"A Binacle said.
    "Yeah,and she left this note,but we don't understand it!"A Phantump said,handing Lucy the note.
    "Hmmmm...Oh,I know what it is!It's upside down!"She said as she turned the letter upside down,and read it."Oh,you're friend is at the fields.I know where that is!A moment."She ran to the fields,jumping over all of the teammates,and in a minute,she got there.There was a Meowth just standing there,looking around for help.
    "Miss,help me!I'm lost!"The Meowth said worried"I wanted to see where we could train,and I found this!But then I got-"
    "Lost from your friends.I know.Hop on!"The Meowth got on Lucy's back,and she ran back to her friends,jumping over everyone once again.When she dropped at her friends,they all thanked her and scurried off.Lucy,with a pleased smile,went back to her bench to rest.
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  27. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Ember didnt really understand what the two were talking about but when the nidorina said about forming a team together she jumped in excitement, "that would be great, we can be a good team together!, But what do you mean avoid?" Ember said, but then the absol appeared.

    After hearing her she got mad, "that wasn't nice at all! You jerk! We will become a great team together!" The fennekin yelled in anger as the absol get further and further, almost enough anger to shoot a psybeam even that the absol is immune to this attack.
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  28. "I think she does have good intentions, Lucy just seems to be a bit, odd. We should keep an eye on her though! If she changes her mind she could be great in a team!" Nina turned to Ember and Eric. "What about you guys? I've only got basic moves at the moment so I'm not very good at fighting yet. What can you do?"

    {Quick side note: I've changed the name of the blog to 'Pokémon Mystery Dungeon RP: Entain Adventures!'}
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  29. "Hmmmmmmmmm...................Ugh...I'm bored again...."Lucy said with a sigh.She quickly glanced at the others,thinking"Hmmm...Maybe if I apologize I could spend time with them..."She burst out laughing at the idea."Yeah right!They suck!Hmph,as if!"When she calmed down,she went back to the fountain,admiring the sparkling water.
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  30. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    "are we now a team or we need to register, also, whats our names? My name is flame!" Flame said cheerfully, she was happy that for the first time someone didnt get annoyed by her, but this is could change.

    (Edit: sorry if i confused anyone that i said ember instead of flame in a mistake)
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  31. "I'm Nina and yeah we do. Normally if your signing up on your own you have to ask to join a team, but since there's three of us, we can sign up as a new team and avoid the hassle! As long as we can prove we're capable that is."
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  32. Lucy got so bored that she almost fell asleep,with her head in the fountain."Ugh...WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS TOWN!IT'S SO BORING!"She thought angry.Then she saw some leaves that were falling from a tree near Nina,Flame and Eric"HMMMM,THAT COULD WORK!"She immediately jumped away from the fountain,and used Hidden Power on the leaves.Not even one remained"Score!Finally,something interesting!"
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  33. Nina jumped, startled at the disappearance of the leaves. She glanced over, seeing it was Lucy she sighed. "Let's start heading back to the Bureau where she can't bother us. We can talk more on the way!"
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  34. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Flame jumped to dodge right before the hidden power hit the leaves, she was very skilled when its come to dodging, even when she dont see the attack coming

    When she landed she saw that Lucy is the one who did that attack, "That wasn't nice!, Trying to hurt us behind our back is mean!, Dont think of hurting me or my friends or else!" She said in anger and shot a psybeam toward her as a warning knowing that the move wont effect her.
    She didnt like the idea of letting the absol join the team anyway
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  35. "Seriously?I wasn't even aiming for you!"Lucy yelled exasperated."I was literally aiming for the leaves!How do you even want to become a team if you can't see the difference between hitting leaves and hitting you-"She was cut off by the Psybeam."Are you literally blind?!What dimwit uses a Psychic Move on a Dark Type?!Ugh...I don't have time to speak with idiots..."She ran back towards the fields,jumping over everyone,so she can train.
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  36. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Flame got even more angry, so much that ember start coming out from her big ears.

    "We will become a great team! And you can't understand anything about that when you acting rude to everyone! You cant even understand that the psybeam was for a warning!" Flame said in anger as absol walking away from her again, "And we are not idiots!!" She added.

    It took her a three seconds to relax and act like nothing happened, she turned to the mudbray and the nidorina.
    "So are we going to register now? Or we will just rest here, maybe we should take a little rest, or we can do it later after we register, what are we waiting for? Lets register our team!" The fennekin said, showering her new partners with words.
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  37. "Hmmm....Am I being too mean to them?"Lucy wondered as she used Ice Beam on every single one of the targets."Maybe I'm being irrational?Ugh...Well,can't please everyone."She continued to train,but thoughts kept bothering her."But I want to save Pokemon too.I should't be mean to them anymore.What if they really would be successful,and I would fail in life.Ugh...I'm being stupid..."She kept training and from time to time,she peeked to see what the others are doing,without them noticing,of course.
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  38. Eric was beginning to get an headache from Flame, but didnt say anything about it. “Well, I say we head out on a quick adventure, so we can test this ‘ere teams power together!” He said happily. “Ya know, that there Absol seems strong though. Gettin’ her on this here team could be good!’ Eric said to the others. “She may be nice underneath, y’all can probably understand that.”
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  39. "whilst I think it'd be awesome to go on an adventure now, I think we really ought to register. If we're with the Bureau we'll know exactly where to go to help people! Besides, if anything goes wrong, another team can rescue us!"
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  40. “Mmkay! Imma go talk to that Absol though, check and see if she actually wants ta join!” Eric said, running to where Lucy was. “ Hey! Wanna join our lil’ rescue team!”
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