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Ask to Join Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Darkness

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Winterr, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rising Darkness
    The world of Pokemon was once a peaceful place, but now, darkness looms over it as a group of evil Pokemon try to take over. They hide themselves in these things called 'mystery dungeons'. All was going their way, until a group of Pokemon rose up to stop them. They formed teams and banded together to stop the darkness. The evil Pokemon were stopped in their tracks for several years,

    until now.

    The darkness is rising again, but so are the other Pokemon. These Pokemon have followed in the footsteps of the former teams and have formed teams of their own. Together, they plan to stop this darkness once and for all. The question is.. can they? Or will they be defeated?

    1: No Mary-Sues. An obvious one.
    2: No godmodding i.e being an extremely high level or be able to dodge all moves etc.
    3: Sorry, but you can't roleplay as a legendary, or recruit them.
    4: Follow the Pokecharms rules.
    5: Be reasonable with leveling up; don't just level up every time you clear a dungeon
    6: The level of romance should be kept at PG.
    7: Please write at least 4 lines in each reply.
    8: The maximum amount of members on each team is 4. Clients take up a space.
    9: You may have up to 3 characters.
    10: The maximum number of moves you may have is 4, and they must be actual moves. You may only use TM, HM, and level up moves for now.
    11: All OOC talk goes in the discussion thread. That includes character bios.
    12: Have fun!

    Character Sheet
    Nickname (optional):
    Level (Don't go overboard):
    Backstory (optional):

    My character is:

    Name: Ace
    Nickname (optional): N/A
    Species: Starly
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Keen Eye
    Level (Don't go overboard): 12
    Backstory (optional): N/A
    Personality: Ace is an outgoing Starly. She normally will be rude to new pokemon she hasn't met simply because she knows she can't trust anyone yet. With friends, she is kind and caring.
    Appearance: Normal Starly
    Team: Thunder
    Other: None

    Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/pokemon-mystery-dungeon-rising-darkness-discussion.17903/
  2. Ace trotted around the meadow, sighing. "Once I finally get Pokemon to join my team, I can actually try to help out."

    The Starly had been pacing around the meadow for hours now, and no sign of anyone. "Ugh, do Pokemon just have something against me or something?" She glanced up at the sky. The sun was in the middle of the sky, which meant it was noon.

    "It'll be ten years before anyone shows up!" Ace said, frustrated.
  3. An Eevee with a pink bandana darted off down a meadow she'd randomly stumbled across, chasing a large group of Fletchinders in the air, testing herself to see if she could go faster. She couldn't, however, and as the Fletchinders flew off further into the distance she tripped on a little rock with a yelp, falling right on her face. She lifted her head up and scrambled back up onto her feet, hoping nobody saw as she whimpered and watched the birds fly off into the distance as tiny specks and then disappeared from view. "I'm gonna be faster than them one day!" Muffy declared with a sigh, smacking the mud off her face with her paw as the turned away from the direction the Fletchinders were flying in and slowly walked away, disappointed.
  4. Halt was walking around a field, when a sperrow came down and started to attack him. I thought this only happened in mystery dungeons. He thought, as the pokemon came down to attack. Halt batted it away with his bone, and when the sperrow flew away, Halt threw it around, where it slammed into the bird. "Good battle." He said to himself, and caught the bone back in his hand.
  5. Blade was wandering around a Meadow when he accidentally Bumped into an Eevee. He Growled as he said very Harshfully. "Watch where your Going, Weakling!" Meanwhile Flame Was Walking Meadow, But you could Barely see him because of the High Grass. The only thing you could see of him was his Flame. After Walking around For a While Flame Bumped into someone. But he couldn't see who it Was. "S-sorry. I Can't really see in this Grass." Meanwhile with King. King was wondering around oblivious to everything around him. He then Bumped into a Cuebone as he Backed up a Bit and looked at him, Staring at it with its Derpy Face.
  6. Trump looked out it's little hole, but it then came back really fast, it noticed a HUGE wild Pokémon roaming outside, it hid itself behind the pile of leaves it made on it's restroom, he started to pee due to the intense moment he just had, saying: "Ghh!! I don't want to get caught by that one! It looks so big... I'm surely going to... Die!!!!! Please, don't come in, don't come in!!!!" The Trump said.
  7. Muffy fell back in shock as a Honedge called her a weakling and growled at her. She disliked this Honedge already, and growled back fiercely when it called her a weakling. "You're a weakling! You're a floating sword for heaven's sake. And you're a sword - that blade doesn't seem too sharp," She hissed insultingly, getting into a fighting position as if she was challenging the Honedge to fight her.
  8. Ace padded towards a tree and leaned against it. "I'm just gonna nap for a bit.." She sighed, closing her eyes and drifting into sleep.

    She woke up to the faint sounds of Pokemon in the distance.
    "..And now Pokemon decide to come.." Ace muttered, getting up. She flew up into the tree, perching on a branch and gazing down below. She brushed some dust off of herself with a wing.
  9. Emmalyn was walking down a meadow collecting flowers for her treehouse when she saw a eevee and a honedge about to fight. Emma quickly hid behind a tree. Emma thought about leaving them alone but she couldn't. Emma quickly ran between them and said "Please don't fight!" Said Emma. "What's the point of getting into a battle over something as petty as this?"
  10. "Sorry, 'something as petty as this?' Did you even hear what this dumb sword said?" She hissed at the Pokemon before shrugging carelessly. "Whatever. I mean, I'm a 'weakling', of course I can't beat you," She sneered at the sword before running off in a rage. She just wanted to get away from everybody in the bad mood she was in, as she knew when she was in a bad mood she'd get into a rage and be mean and sarcastic. She ran over to a tree and leapt onto the lowest branch, resting her head for a nap.
  11. Blade Growled as he said. "Coward!" Blade Then looked at the Pokemon that told them not to battle as he went up to her and said very Harshfully. "You better mind your own business, Weakling!" He then Floated away.
    Flame Looked around as the Pokemon Flew into the sky. After a while he looked up at a Tree and saw a Starly. He stared at it for a Bit before saying. "Wow." Your Huge!"
  12. "Um, I don't know about huge, but.." Ace looked down at the Litwick. "From what I can see, I'm pretty much the same size as you." She stretched her wings. "Anyways, make haste and stop bothering me, I'm trying to sleep here."

    She leaned against the tree from the branch she was on, and pretended to sleep.

  13. "Well, i'm not the same size as you. The only reason i like tall is your Up their! And i know your Fake Sleeping. I'm not dumb your know." Even though Flame was acting Strong. He was terrified and surprised he actually said that. The thing that made him really scared was what the Starly was going to do to him.
  14. "Whatever. If you're so smart, then you don't need to be talking to me right now. Like I said, I'm trying to sleep," She said with her eyes still closed. "Don't make me come down there." Ace yawned, brushing herself with her wing.

    She kept laying there, hoping that the Litwick was gonna walk away. She eventually fell asleep after a while, her sides rising and falling as she breathed.


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