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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon PRP (anyone allowed)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DragonTrainer86, Feb 1, 2009.

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  1. Where am I?
    My head.... it's pounding as though it's about to burst.
    "Ughhhhhhhh", said the Cubone. Senses dulled by the throbbing pain in his head, he soon slipped back into unconsciousness.
    Meanwhile, in Mystic Lake, a small Dratini named Kevin awoke.... and was immediately pestered by his older brothers, Tobin and Spencer.
    "Where's your blanky, shrimp?"
    "Gonna start a rescue team today, pipsqueak?"
    Tobin and Spencer were the leaders of one of the most famous local area rescue teams, Team Dragonite. Kevin had tried before to evolve to Dragonair in Luminous Cave, but the cave had always rejected him, saying he was not at a high enough level to evolve. Kevin sadly slithered away from his brothers and toward Pokemon Square, feeling sad and neglected. Arriving in Pokemon Square, he stared dejectedly at the rescue team base he had built months ago in hopes of forming a team. But now, the mailbox lay dusty and empty. Kevin decided to take a walk in the Tiny Woods to stop feeling sorry for himself. As he arrived in the clearing which marked the beginning of the small, woody area, he looked up and saw.....a Cubone lying in the grass!
    "Ahhhhhh, what should I do?" Kevin said frantically as he nudged the Cubone in hopes that it would wake up. The Cubone slowly woke up and turned around, seeing a Dratini sighing with relief.
    "Whew, you're okay. You had me worried for a while. My name's Kevin, what's yours?"
    Wait a second,thought the Cubone. Pokemon don't talk....
    "How are you talking?", said the Cubone.
    "Whaddaya mean, how am I talking? You're talking too, and you're a Cubone.", said Kevin.
    "What?",said the Cubone. "Don't be silly, i'm not a.....". The Cubone suddenly saw his reflection in a nearby pond. "Ahhhhhhhhhh, I'm a Cubone! Aaaaaahhhhh!", said the Cubone.
    "You're weird", said Kevin. "What's your name?"
    "Uh, Nicolas", said the Cubone.
    "Great! Do you want to join my rescue team?", asked Kevin.
    "Uhhh,", Nicolas considered.
    Well, maybe I should. I have nowhere to go.....thought Nicolas.
    "Sure.", said Nicolas.
    "Yaaay!" said Kevin.
    Little did the two know that at that moment, fate had sealed their destinies to one of the greatest adventures ever undertaken.
  2. A Pikachu and a Bayleef walked through the small forest giggling to themselves. They had just hit the jackpot with this new job. They were going to get a huge reward if they arrested a thief Dratini. The trees thinned out and Saph, the Pikachu, looked around to find herself in a clearing. Bailey, the Bayleef, spotted a Dratini who looked just like the description. He was doing something with that Cuebone.

    "Hey! There he is and he's trying to rob that Cuebone!" Bailey exclaimed. The girls rushed over to the two. Saph stopped running and used thunder shock on the Dratini. Bailey ran over to the Cuebone.

    "It is okay! We will protect you from that thief!" She exclaimed. They obviously had the wrong Dratini.
  3. As Kevin exclaimed excitedly, a Pikachu and Bayleef suddenly ran up and thundershocked Kevin!
    "Aaaaagh!" said Kevin.
    "It is okay! We will protect you from that thief!" said the Bayleef.
    "What are you guys doing? I'm not a thief!" said Kevin.
    "Trying to talk your way out of this, just like a thief!" sneered the Pikachu. "Take this!" Pikachu used Thundershock on Kevin again, but suddenly, the thunder was... drawn away? "Damn, I forgot, Cubones have Lightning Rod ability!" said the Pikachu. "You take it from here, Bailey!"
    "Got it, Saph!" said Bailey, quickly blasting out a Razor Leaf.
    "Nooooooo!" said Nicolas, quickly dodging in front of the Razor Leaf. "Ahhhhhh!" said Nicolas.
    "Geez, what's wrong with you?" said Saph. "Getting in the way of Bailey's Razor Leaf? Why were you protecting the thief?"
    "He's....not.....a.....thief.." said Nicolas, still winded from the Razor Leaf attack.
    "Indeed he's not, but I am." said a shadowy figure in the bushes.
  4. ((Please don't control my characters))

    "Oh really? Maybe you're a thief too!" Bailey said, redying another razor leaf. Saph stopped her.

    "Maybe he's telling the truth." Saph said. Bailey sighed and sat down.

    "But I want that money! Can't we take him anyway and say he IS the thief?" The Bayleef asked. Saph snorted and walked up to the two pokemon that were previously attacked.

    "Sorry about that." Saph said.
  5. (sorry Lonefox, won't happen again)
    Kyle felt annoyed. The Kadabra hated the markets, for he could hear everyone's thoughts around him, overloading his head with too much information. But, every Tuesday, he had to go to Pokemon Square and buy himself some food. He walked into the bustling markets and prepared himself for the relentless barrage of thoughts.
    Hm, this Pecha Scarf seems nice.
    Oohh, I shouldn't have eaten all those apples..
    I wonder if Nidorina likes those Escape Orbs. She does like shiny things..
    I hate that stupid Team Terrorclaw! How come they didn't accept me in their team?

    Kyle tried to block it out, but the thoughts were too strong.
    "STOP IT! JUST STOP IT!!!!" screamed Kyle. But no one heard his cry. He sprinted away from Pokemon Square. Angry and still hungry, he decided to walk in the Tiny Woods. No one went there except other loners, like him.
  6. (Thank you)
    Saph's fur bristled as she sensed someone else nearby. She jumped in front of Baily facing the path out of the clearing.
    "What's wrong Saph?" Baily asked. Saph didn't answer she just continued to hiss.
  7. Maria was walking down the path toward a clearing in the tree's when she emerged she saw a pokemon hissing at her. "Is something the matter?" she asked quietly not looking up from the path.
  8. Linkachu

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    OOC: While these have been conversational posts, both of you should heed this rule...
    I don't know if you're just friends planning an RP together, but the quality of posts in this topic has been rather low. Please put more description into your replies, a few paragraphs at least. Read other active topics for reference.
  9. sorry i'm kinda new here.
  10. Gah....one line posts....
    (By the way, someone needs to control Kyle the Kadabra and the new character I'm making up in this post.) Also, Lonefox, I need you to give me your team's name, or I'll have no way to reference them in future posts outside of "that Pikachu and Bayleef".

    Cinder was afraid of only one thing, a thing that even the most hardcore rescue teams were. That one thing was...discovery by the humans. Luckily, for the many years Pokemon Town had existed, no human had ever discovered the secluded town, located in.... well, no one actually knew where it was located because, to quote the words of elder Whishcash, "this town is as old as the hills". Well, of course, no one thought that humans would ever discover them, but it was still a worry amongst all inhabitants of Pokemon Town. Humans were deceiving, cunning creatures that were never to be trusted. Many Pokemon had wandered away from the town area had never come back.
    Cinder, a small clumsy Charmander, pretended to his friends that he wasn't scared of anything, because his species had a reputation for boldness. But he always had that secret fear. When he woke up in his bed on a lazy morning, he immediately rushed outside to be with his friends, Mason and Clark. They were an inseparable pair of a Plusle and a Minun. Then he remembered with a groan that they had gone to visit their grandmother in the Lightning Field. He walked off by himself to Mt. Blaze, not knowing the trouble he was in for.
  11. ((Ooc: Sorry if I'm messing something up but, who is Kyle the Kadabra? I want to know because I want to join this rp and I also want to help out in ant way possible. thx :D))
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    Please don't grave dig threads, especially RPs that died months ago. Most of the previous members aren't around anymore for one, so unless they return I don't see this topic moving anywhere. In the future if you're interested in joining an older thread, PM the creator about it to see if they're even still interested in the topic.

    Locking this. If the creator returns they can PM me about it, but I think it may be more worthwhile just starting a brand new RP.
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