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Private/Closed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Island Orbs

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by GreninjaTrainer013, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. Hi there, welcome to my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. If you'd like to join, please, send me a PRIVATE message and submit your OC using this application form.

    Species of Pokemon (Can only be first evolution):
    Age (7 to 12 years old):
    Held Item (No Legendary Pokemon items):

    Here are the rules... Remember, also follow the PokeCharms Pokemon RP rules.
    1. No Legendary encounters or being Legendaries.
    2. You can not be Fakemon.
    3. No one-liners.
    4. I have to know your eternal skill at RPing - You have to know how to spell correctly, too.
    5. Do NOT create moves.
    6. Do not be a human who turned into a Pokemon without my permission.

    Also, here would be my application form.

    Name: Alex (One of my thousand Alex OCs...)
    Species of Pokemon: Riolu
    Gender: M
    Age: 11
    Personality: Basically the same as the Super Mystery Dungeon human.
    Moveset: Force Palm, Bite, Bone Rush, Quick Attack
    Held Item: None
    Backstory: Not much known. He's a human turned into a Pokemon, and he is destined to collect the 10 orbs found across the Hesumoki region.

    Anyway, you red all of this, get this party started.


    Nothing but a flashing light.. Only a voice heard. "Ah, you have arrived in our gateway.. What? You don't understand? It's not something you have to know now.. You.. We.. We need you... First off, we have to decide who you would like to be... Choose one..."


    "Ah, so your being Riolu...? A good choice. He is a quick fighter. Now, we have to decide who will be your partners throughout your adventure.. What? You can't decide? Very well, we will have to decide for you... Anyway, good luck, hero, on your quest..."

    Suddenly, a Riolu fell from the sky. Once he landed, he was rather hurt and he fainted. It looked like he had been in a lot of trouble. He was just laying there, unconcious.
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  2. Not Long Before, A Honedge Had Woke Up Near By, He Too, had felt Like He Fallen From The Sky, Half bended And Rusted(That A PAIN For A Metal Thing), He Saw The Riolu Fall, And... Ran? Flew? Whatever The case, he Got There As Soon As he Could, And Hovered Behind A Tree, He Came Out, And lightly Poked the Riolu's Ear With His Hilt. And Said
    "Uh, Hey There, buddy, You Okay?"

    (EDIT: I Discussed This With The Thread Creator On A Conversation, My character Was Also A Human.)
    (EDITEDIT: Nevermind.)
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  3. "Ugh.. What.. What's... going on here..?" The pretty young Riolu said, mumbling. After he woke up, he was startled to see the Honedge. "A Pokemon?! Gahhh! I never knew they existed!" He said. "If only I had some Poke Balls.. I could've caught you!"
  4. The Honedge Looked Surprised
    "What Are You Talking About? Oh Yeah, Aren't You A Pokémon Too?" He Said "Anyway, My Name's Wona."
  5. "What... Are you saying? I'm not a Pokemon! I'm a human!" The young Riolu exclaimed, quite surprised. "Anyway.. W-Well, nice to m-- WAIT, WHAT?! YOU CAN TALK?!" He shouted.
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  6. A magnemite was sent flying towards the duo. If it weren't for sturdy, they wouldn't have survived. "Aah.." Techno slowly got up. "Who are you guys?" I am Techno the magnemite and I was sent flying here by some garchomps. Who are you?"
  7. Shenzi poked her head through the foliage of the tree she had been sleeping in when she heard Pokemon shouting. She let out a small yawn before attempting to identify the noisemakers. There was a Magnemite, a Riolu, and a Honedge. They didn't look like they were going to be trouble, so Shenzi decided not to bother them for the moment.
  8. A Mudkip lied motionless next to a tall tree while the other nearby Pokémon conversed, as he woke up to a shout that brought him up from his lengthy slumber. He quietly coughed from his extreme fatigue, as he tightly hugged the tree with his sweaty paws in an attempt to keep himself from falling like a stack of dominoes. He glanced over at what appeared to be an unfamiliar Pokémon that arrived with the group, as he examined the magnets that were on its sides.

    After hesitantly releasing his grip from the smooth, thick branch, he sluggishly made his way towards the group of Pokémon that still discoursed about. He could not seem to utter out even a comprenehsible word to the new Pokémon, as he wobbled about when he attempted to stand on all fours. He remained speechless towards the other Pokémon, as he stood behind the new Pokémon with noticeable disquietude; hoping that it would not bombard him with questions like an enraged T-fighter jet.
  9. Wona Didn't Notice The Mudkip, He Said To Techno
    "My Name's Wona! Uh, This Guy Claims He Is A Human." He Looked At The Riolu, and Said "Anyway, Of Course I Can Talk, You Can Talk. Anyway, About You Thinking your A Human, Look At Yourself."
  10. The Mudkip glanced over at the sword-like Pokémon that struck fear to his now teary eyes. He quietly backed away from the group of Pokémon, hoping that no one detected his retreating movements. He silently sniffled with the gentle breeze that patted his wiggling head fin, as his tail fin quivered about with his unease. He slowly made his way back towards the tree while attempting to not get as much attention as he could, since his walking posture seemed rather silly to those that saw him walking away from the group at a snail's pace.
  11. Name: Rocky
    Species of Pokemon: Rockruff
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11
    Personality: Naive and clumsy, but brave and determined. Often leaps into situations without thinking, but can get himself out of them.
    Moveset: Stealth Rock, Tackle, Bite, Rock Throw
    Held Item: n/a
    Backstory: He travels. Not much else to him.
    Rocky, as usual, was traveling around. He liked to travel. Ever since... THAT day, he had been on his own. Just traveling the world, seeing the sights. Right now, he was walking around as he did, over to a cliff. He walked up to the edge and looked out. "Ah, this place is so beautiful! I've gotta sketch this!" Rockruff pulls a notepad and pencil out of the traveler's bag he wore, and began to sketch the view. However, he accidentally put too much weight on the cliff. "Whoa! WHOA!" Stumbling, the Rockruff fell as the cliff collapsed underneath him. He rolled down, hitting the ground hard. "Ow..." Then he saw the Mudkip he had landed right next to.
  12. The Mudkip was startled when he saw the Rockruff rolling down towards the ground, as he quickly jumped away from the Rockruff! His body trembled with his abundant preturbation that seemed to get the better of him, as he quietly emitted a quiet wail and faintly said to the Rockruff, "Ahh... w- w- w- w- who... a- a- are... y- you?! Y- y- y- you k- k- k- kinda... f- fell almost next to m- m- me... h- ha- har- hard..."

    The Mudkip stuttered towards the Rockruff in fright, as he cowered in terror. He silently sobbed to himself while still attempting to move from the group of Pokémon before they would notice him. He thought to himself while his pulse escalated, "W- what's going on?! First I have this strange body, then I see this floating sword... and then there comes this rock dog falling almost right onto me! Am I really dreaming or what?!"
  13. "Ah! Sorry!" Rocky said, leaping up. "Hey, no need to be scared! I'm not scary! I'm a nice guy! Hey, wait a minute... I've never seen you around here before!" Rocky pulled out his notepad and flipped through it. He had also sketched down the faces of all the people he had met. "Nope, you're not in here. What's your name? And what are you talking about...?"
  14. The Mudkip hesitantly stared at the Rockruff while he turned on his X-Ray Specs, as he was suddenly silent when the Rockruff asked him for his name. He pretended that he didn't hear the Rockruff's questioning, as sweat rushed down his face like a rushing waterfall. He stared at the grayish dot that was on the Rockruff's body from the specs's indicator, as he saw more gray dots from the group of Pokémon. He knew that there could possibly be more Pokémon coming, as he continued to slowly back away from the group while maintaining hesitant eye contact with the Rockruff. He thought to himself while his tail shook with the soft zephyr, "W- what is he doing now... I just better hope he's not one of those guys that are going to snitch on me for no reason!"
  15. Techno rolled their eye. "You guys are acting so weird, it's like you're from a different planet or something." they observed. "I don't think this many pokemon can end up in this exact location by coincidence."
  16. "Uhhh.. T-This is scary... Why am I... a Riolu?" Alex said, shivering and quite scared. "I can't believe I'm here.. Please.. C-Can someone tell me what's going on here? And why I am here? And what's going on? Wait, I already said that.." The young Riolu said. "A-Anyway.. My name is Alex..."
  17. Hiro Chuckled
    "Well, Alex, I Think You May Have Amnesia. Anyway, Guys." He Noticed The Mudkip, And Asked "Hey, What's Your Name? Little Guy?"
  18. Shenzi's ears were perked, listening in on the Pokemon's conversations. Finally, she spoke up when she heard the Riolu say something of interest. "What do you mean, 'why are you a Riolu?' Are you saying you weren't one before?" She inquired, as she dropped down from her tree. She tilted her head, staring intently at the Fighting-Type.
  19. The Mudkip turned his slight attention towards the Honedge that spoke to him, as he could not seem to produce even one comprehensible word to him. He was speechless with terror, as he continued to cower in fear from the Honedge's appearance that greatly intimidated his babyish eyes. He thought to himself while tears slowly came from his watery eyes, "That s- sword... i- it's floating, and s- scary! W- what's going on?! How are they able to even talk... and why am I this blue fish with these orange thingies on my cheeks?!"
  20. "Uhh... Well, I was a human..." The young Riolu said, quite shivering, and scared, just like the Mudkip. "A-And... little dude... Y-Your a Mudkip, if I remember properly.. Which I do.."
  21. Techno was beginning to take all of this in. "You guys were humans?! I only heard rumors about them, the rumors state that they were chosen to save the world from this danger with a pokemon no one cared about." The magnemite looked at the mudkip. "It's just an almost fainted honedge, Mudkip. It's not going to hurt you." They sighed.
  22. "Yeah.. I WAS a human, at least.. But I don't like this! All I can remember... was.... a huge flash inside of my bedroom... a voice.. and something else... Which I can't remember. But, hold on a sec. Where am I, in the first place?" Alex said, looking around, seeing a beach, a forest, and a town in the background. "Hey, a town. Do... any of you guys live there?"


    "Alright... Where is that Orb..." A Larvitar said, looking around, inside of a temple. Having arrived there, he was looking for something... Perhaps the "Orb" he was talking about? "It has to be somewhere.. Ah! There it is!" He said, rushing over to a crystal-like orb. Suddenly, a huge Rhydon appeared, who, for whatever reason, had red eyes. "Gahhhh!" The Larvitar shouted, before fainting from the attacks of the Rhydon.
  23. The Mudkip hesitantly walked up to the Riolu, as he faintly said with noticeable nervousness, "You said you were a h- human... I- I was too... until I- I- I- umm..." He could not seem to finish up his sentence as his body trembled about with the intense preturbation he faced. He took a slight glance over at a modest town while his tail fin shook quicker than the gentle breeze that cuddled around his infantile body. He could not seem to muster up the courage to continue speaking to the Riolu after some intense seconds passed by, as he was unusually silent now like before. He stood near the Riolu with a pusillanimous outlook in his still teary eyes, as he discreetly placed his right paw into his mouth in an attempt to calm himself from his abundant stress.
  24. "Stop.. Stop.. We'll figure out what happened! Don't worry!" Alex said, trying to cheer the nervous Mudkip up. "I promise... We'll figure this out! What our reason is to come to this Pokemon-only world!" He said, full of obvious braveness. However, he was a little bit like the Mudkip, he was.. Nervous, too.
  25. "WAIT, A HUMAN?!" Rocky said, surprised. "...what is that, again? I've heard about every known type of Pokemon, so I know you're a Riolu and a Mudkip. But what's a human?" Rocky then realized something. "Wait, I just met some new people! Sketch time!" Rocky pulled out his notebook and sketched down the people's faces.
  26. "Uhhh.. Well, humans are.. I.. Uh... Can't explain it. But, they're nice people, like me! But.. Uh, little.. Rockruff, why are you sketching us?" Alex said to Rocky, quite surprised about the fact that the Rockruff didn't know about humans.
  27. "Oh, I sketch down the faces of everyone I meet so I remember them if I ever meet them again." Rocky said. "My name's Rocky, by the way! I'm an explorer! Well some people call me a traveling artist but still..." Rocky finished sketching, so he closed his notebook. "What's your name?"
  28. "My name? It's Alex." The young Riolu explained to Rocky. "But, um, Rocky... Do you have any information about that school over there? I mean, like, I'm only 11... And I need to learn.. things.. I guess."
  29. "Well... I know a bit about it. Not much, but a bit." Rocky said. "It's called Expedition School. It's basically an Exploration Guild, but for younger Pokemon. It also teaches you a bunch of other non-exploration topics, like math and history. I don't really like how they coop you up there, though, so I only stayed for a day. Mr. Gallade, Mr. Ampharos and Ms. Gardevoir are great teachers, though!"
  30. "Well, it's nice to know that. I'll try to join." Alex said. He afterwards walked towards the small town, which, if you didn't know, was called Sunshine Town. "Wow... So many Pokemon are in this town... I wonder if I'll ever fit in... I'm a Pokemon now, I guess." He thought, looking around town, while heading towards the school slowly.
  31. Hiro Smirked, And Caught Up With Alex, When Alex Was Heading To The School, He Said
    "Alex! Welcome To Sunshine Town! Y'now, Since You Haven't Gotten Into the School yet, You Might Need help Getting In, Plus, You Will Need A Place To Stay. Anyway, I'm Coming Too." He Hovered Next To Alex.
  32. "Alright. Nice to see us going together." Alex said, clearly smiling. "Y'know.... I... You remind me of someone.. Just.. I'm not sure.." He said, thinking but stumbling to say those words.
  33. Hiro Smirked As They Closer, He Said As They Got There
    "Well, Looks Likes We're Here!" He Started To Go Inside, And Said "c'mon!"
  34. When the Mudkip saw the Riolu heading towards the school, he quickly followed alongside him with the Rockruff. He said to the Riolu while attempting to get himself together, "W- where are you g- going?" He hoped that they were not going to the beach that he saw earlier, as he thought, "This place is very weird... there's other Pokémon talking and one of them... I don't even know where in the world I am right now!"
  35. As soon as Alex entered the school, he was amazed to see all of the Pokemon. "Wow... This place... It... Looks so much like--!" Alex said, stumbling to say it. "This looks so much like an average school!" He said as he had finished his sentence.


    As soon as Larvitar woke up, he was outside of the temple. "Oh, come on.. I was hoping that I could get the Orb.. Getting that Orb is the only way to save the world from THAT thing..." He said, stumbling to stand up. He slowly walked away, quite dissapointed.
  36. Techno was following the group of pokemon in the school. "It looks pretty big for an average school, I wonder what subjects there will be." Techno looked at Alex. "How are we supposed to join this school, Alex? I think we need a parent or guardian to sign us up here." He explained to the Riolu. "We are approaching the principal's office, let's hope this goes well."
  37. Hiro Did The Honedge Equivalent of A Nod. He Said
    "I Feel Like This is Going To Go Well. Can't Say For Sure, Plus We Will Need A Place To Stay Overnight."
  38. "And we need to be healed." The magnemite pointed out. "Some of us are almost about to faint due to our injuries. Being sarcastic, he added: "Of course there will be a place we can get healed at righ- Oh my Arceus! There actually is!" He pointed to a pokemon center. "I say we get healed an look more presentable before we see the principal, what do you think?"
  39. Hiro Hopped Up In Surprise, Remembered His Condition, before Saying
    "OH YEAH! Hang on A Sec!" he Moved As Fast As He Could Inside The Pk Center, And About A Minute Later, He Came Out, No Longer bended, And Shiny As That One Shiny Thing You Want. He Said "That's Better."
  40. Shenzi had to admit, she was interested. Humans? Transforming into Pokemon? According to legends and myths, those who followed such individuals usually had a happy ending. And just the mere fact this was actually happening before her, she had to! The Poochyena ran up and started walking next to the group. "I have to admit, I'm interested. I think I'll help you guys out. My name's Shenzi, by the way."

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