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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Heroes of the Kingdoms

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by DopeLeafeon470, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. Once there was an ancient kingdom called Hidge. Hidge had very many riches, and a heavy guard. That's why all of the other kingdoms wanted to take it. But this guard was called the HKS...the Hidge Knight Squadron. It had a handsome Gallade, a strong Charizard, a smug Jolteon, but best of all, the chosen Lucario. Eventually, a Dusknoir's dark force quickly defeated this guard, and the four split up. Lucario forged the Star of Friendship. It can only be used by those of a pure heart, connected by seemingly indestructible bonds. The group that witnesses this strength will be powerful enough to defeat Dusknoir and his minions. Now it's up to a group of friends to bond and grow stronger together, and save the world from Dusknoir's wrath...

    -No edgy charcters unless they are background characters.
    -No guns.
    -Only pre-evolutions, Pikachu being the only exception.
    -No quickly going through the story. We can't be fighting the final boss two hours in.

    Attraction: (optional)
    History: (optional)
    Extra: (optional)

    Name: Zek
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Zorua
    Age: 11
    Appearance: Zek is your everyday Zorua, with red and black fur, but his head is blue.
    Personality: Zek loves to play around with his brother Zodiac, good and bad. He's alwas the one to do dangerous things first, for he is a reckless child.
    Attraction: N/A
    History: N/A
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Zodiac
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Shinx
    Age: 11
    Appearance: Zodiac is literally just a Shinx.
    Personality: Zodiac is often the straight man in everything, especially when his twin brother Zek does outrageous things. He also gets weak when his friends get weak, if they're defeated, he doesn't feel strong anymore.
    Attraction: Blaze
    History: N/A
    Extra: N/A

    Name: Blaze
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: Vulpix
    Age: 11
    Appearance: Blaze is just your average Vulpix.
    Personality: Blaze is a nice and creative girl, always looking for other ways around things if she can. She's also great at building things.
    Attraction: Zodiac
    History: She was abused by her dad for not being perfect.
    Extra: N/A

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    Moved to RP discussion as this is not an RP thread and it contains no actual in character content. Also, please remove all references to Mewtwo as you did not ask for permission to involve a legendary Pokemon in this RP.

    Read the RP forum rules.

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