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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Explorers of Sky roleplay.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Markus Edward, Dec 9, 2016.

  1. Welcome to the roleplay, fellow guild graduate. This is me, Markus, the Luxray, that was once a human. This is my first time roleplaying, so, these are the rules:
    1. No dungeons like Zero Isle.
    2. Any job wI'll do. (I do outlaw missions)
    3. This is post Dialga, Post Darkrai.
    4. There will be a specific order for roleplay.
    5. Maximum of 2 people per team.
    6. You can now include evolved forms of your chosen pokemon.
    7. Don't join if you haven't played the PMD Explorers series.
    8. No really op room moves please, and no being a legendary.
    9. No Godmodding. You have limited PP.
    10. Please ask me before joining in the pms.
    11. Introduce your character, since you can only roleplay as one pokemon.

    Starter: A Luxray was looking at the outlaw notice board, looking for some jobs to do. Spotting one, he picked it off the board, and looked at the the paper. "Hmmmm.... this is nice, a monster house outlaw... hmm... in Amp Plains... The pokemon is an arcanine... and on the 8th floor. that'll do." The Luxray said as he looked at the poster. He looked at his partner, waiting for his opinion. The noisy guild was packed with new exploration teams, all seeing the jobs list. The outlaw job Markus is holding, is ranked A, since he did go against Darkrai, right?
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    Last edited: Dec 11, 2016
  2. A Typholosion tapped his shoulder.

    "Hello," the titan greeted with widened red eyes and a smile of flashing knives, all implying the amicability of a starving Sharpedo. "'The Flarestarters.' Infamous arsonist gang. Led by an Arcanine named 'King". Burned down the majority of the Energizing Forest just a week ago, for kicks. They don't care who gets caught in their mess, whether they can get away or not." Her grin stretched wider, straining, and the spots on her neck hissed like a kettle on a stove top. "In other words, this is my mission, buddy. You're talking to a Master Rank bounty hunter here. I suggest you step aside."

    The Typholosion took a brazen stride forward and threw her stiff-furred hand across the wanted poster.
  3. Out of nowhere a Vine flashes past them and grabs the job Markus was gonna do. "Hmmm naw i need something harder how about this"Said Magical(Megenium)as she grabs one with a team attack."Heh Fine i guess 5 pokemon againest us hah perfect"Purred Shadow.(Me as a Persian) "Wait the arcanine and this mission is the same!?" Exclaimed Magical. "Well lets go i guess"Said Shadow.
  4. wait uh can i join i just got the message sorry :(
  5. Fix your replies please....
  6. wait what do i change about it?
  7. "Okay... that's enough..." Markus grunted as he looked at the utter chaos. He decided to walk out of the guild, and would walk to amp plains. "Why won't we do this together?" He said, as he was climbing the ladder.
  8. (("Ask to join" as in introduce characters beforehand or just arbitrarily "ask" to just... post later anyway?))
  9. "Working together? Uhh..."Said Shadow as Magical cuts her off. "SURE!"Exclaimed Magical."Fine i guess"Sighed Shadow.
  10. Yes. But you must ask I the pms.
  12. Kk
    looks:Looks like a normal Persian but has a Defence Scarf
  13. "What's getting their Minccinos all up in a twist?"a young, quiet collective vent huffed to herself from afar. The murmur in question was in fact made by a small Dewott in the back hallway of the Missioners Guild. The young Dewott's eyes leisurely squinted, her round blue eyes locking in on the poster in interest. As her eyes trailed off only to find something that made her eyes flicker from mild curiosity, to flabbergasted bewilderment. "Oh!"she exclaimed, as she etched an elated smile on her face, eyes rounding like saucers as she sprinted miraculously towards the group, tugging at her fitting blue bandana around her neck as she did so. She stopped near the large Luxray, skidding to a halt as she heaved for a few brief moments to catch her breath.

    "Hiya! I'm Mizu, I recently joined the Guild here and well..it's been tough for me to find missions nowadays, most of the good ones have been taken and- well, I was wondering if I could well; assist ya on your mission for that Arcanine?"she pleaded, grinning awkwardly. "I haven't been on a mission in months! Us Dewott's gotta exercise our limits once annd awhile ya know?"she begged, clasping her hands simultaneously as she felt nervous sweat trickle down her fur; causing her to furrow her eyebrows in annoyance at her display.
  14. "...Sorry uhh to many pokemon"Said Shadow hoping something would happen."No Its fine you can come along more people Equals more fun!"Exclaimed Magical."Magical can i talk to you for a moment?"Asked Shadow."Sure what is it?"Asked Magical "Please Magic we've been friends for years and i don't wanna make more please lets just ignore them and go"Whispered Shadow."awww fine"sighed Magical as they climb up the ladder accidentally pushing Markus off the ladder and they walk to the Amp Plains.

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