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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky 2, New Rules

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by BeastieBayleef, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. Here are some of the new rules. We don't want this RP to get shut down like the old version of this. Here are the new rules:

    1. Must be atleast a paragraph long.

    2. DETAILS, DETAILS, DETAILS! Write as if you were there.

    3. Look at what the person before you posted to make sure you are folowing the storyline.

    Thank Naturematthe and ElectricGymleaderAutumn for being so supportive.

    Here is basically te story. Check the original thread for more information.

    Team Silver consists of a Charmander, Eevee, Dunsparce and a Chikorita named Cody who has a mysterious past.

    The team of Mudkip and Pikachu were an exchange Team since the RPer no longer wishes to be part of this thread.

    And that's it. Remember that we are always looking for new recruits! :)
    May the story continue...
    #1 BeastieBayleef, Sep 7, 2010
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  2. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Wow, you managed to break two of your own rules already. Nice standard set there, I'm so proud of you.
  3. Sem

    Sem The Last of the Snowmen
    Former Administrator

    Righty, Beastie. I'm not sure if you completely ignored the part where I suggested you should look at other RPs to see how it's done or what.

    Don't just throw up a list of rules and press the 'resume' button. If you're continuing where the other RP left off then it's probably best to rewrite your last post for starters and edit it into your post. Unlocking this.. Take three and action
    #3 Sem, Sep 9, 2010
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  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Eevee awoke the next moring. "Yawn! Are you guys awake?" asked Eevee and then shrugged "Well I guess I'll go train" said Eevee. She followed the path to Dark hill. "What! this many pokemon!?!?! There so tough!" Said Eevee and then fell down. "Man I should have asked for Chickorita and Dunsparce. She said Then battle the next Gastly after another. "Ah! The last stair case!" She almost got there until she fainted of a Pokemon's attack but it wasent anybody from dark hill.
  5. As in a Injured state a Lone Cyndaquil Saw a Collapsed Eevee So He went and Carried
    Eevee Back to Treasure Town. Assuming she was from the guild he brought her to the Guildmaster.
    He then asked the Guildmaster to keep this meeting secret and that his Identity would be reaveled within
    Time. So then He took his Leave leaving a Note" Get Well" With two things A gracidea Flower and an Oran Berry.

    Edit: OOC:Thanks for letting me join I will do my best.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Eevee woke up and saw the Gracidea flower, The Oran berry and the get well note. "Huh? I wonder who this is from" said Eevee and then put the Gracidea flower into her fur "Maybe training wasent a great thing. But still maybe I should evolve so it would make me stronger!" Eevee ran off to Apple woods "Hi I am Baaccckkkkk!" She said "Look I evoled into.....Leafeon!" Leafeon said while using Magical leaf.
  7. The Cyndaquil Was walking around treasure town observing his souroundings he then went to the Marowak Dojo to train.
    He trained in the Water Maze and after awhile left to the guild and went to see if there were any jobs for pokemon who needed help.
    He found one sure he wasn't the strongest in the world nor was he an explorer but he had to help any pokemon in need.
    While he still could so he left for the Beach Cave. He passed by the Leafeon with the Gracidea Flower he just grinned seeing her Evolved.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    OOC: This message will have to do with the previous board.
    BIC: Leafeon happily ran to treasure town "Wow! This is soo cool being a Leafeon! New attacks, New appearence, and I can run faster! Tee hee!" said Leafeon. Leafeon suddily frozen where she was standing and saw and Electabuzz and Rhyhorn trying to steal from the Kecleon brothers "Wait a second isen't that the same Rhyhorn and Electabuzz that stole the necklace from Cody?" She jumped and ran off to get Team Silver before the shop was empty.
  9. While inside Beach Cave Cyndaquil Defeated several Wild Pokemon." To think this many Pokemon are already corrupt I have to do it..."
    He found an escape orb near the stairway he then went up to see he reached the end of the cave.
    He found the Missing Shellos and gave it the Escape Orb. When the Pokemon Left Cyndaquil Looked around and Pushed a small crystal into the Ground and started into A Lost Cavern Here he found tougher Pokemon Like Prinplup or Gloom. He beat the Glooms no Problem But Prinplup well all he could do was run. He Finnally Reached the end where he found another escape orb. He also found a Crystal That Looked kind of like a Time Gear Only it was Red a Lost Gear one of 6 "The Darkness Gear well Only 5 more to go until I can stop the full corruption"
    Then Two Prinplup came up and shot him with Bubblebeam. Backed against a wall he had no choice but to fight.
    His only Real Means of Defense was Quick Attack all other moves were Fire Based. He saw a Quick seed in the water Grabbed it and ate it he then used Quick Attack straight at the Gear He then Grabbed it and removed it from place. Then the two Prinplups Snapped out of it. Cyndaquil then used his escape orb and Fled. He Put the gear in his bag for now he then rest on the Shore of the Beach.

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