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Private/Closed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Infinity

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Gamefreak1996, Sep 30, 2017.

  1. Darkness. That was all he could see at the moment. As the storm raged on outside, and thunder boomed in the distance, the child felt his way through the narrow cavern. Letting out a cry of pain and immediately silencing himself, he drew back his hand from the stone wall to see a large cut going across the palm of his hand. Trying to ignore the searing pain, he looked around for any sign of his pursuer. None. At least, not that he could see.

    Eventually, after shimmying his way through another tight crevice, he came across what appeared to be a pit in the center of an open chamber. Rain fell through the large hole in the roof above, and fell into the black abyss below. One look and the child knew he didn't want to fall in there...not that he was given a choice. Suddenly, he felt something hit him from behind that felt like a cannon ball crashing into his spine. Before he could register the pain, he was falling into the waiting jaws of the chasm. Behind him, a shadow shifted and slithered in after him...


    Cumula Town: a city that was known well as the "carnival with no end". Every day, it's residents would wake up to the countless songs played by the local band. Some Pokemon spent their time running shops, others simply enjoyed the day as it passed by, and others still worked hard toward making their dreams come true. As Pokemon moved about the streets, going about their business, a Vulpix was trying to weave her way through the bustling crowd of larger Pokemon, all the while trying to reassure herself.

    It's okay, Flare. You've come too far now to quit! You need to go in there and request to become a member!

    Her thoughts repeated this general message over and over until she reached the front gate of a particular building. There, standing past a stretch of lawn, was the famed Lucario Explorers' Guild. This was a large, two-floor fortress colored in blue and black, with matching flags flying and displaying the explorer's emblem. The second her eyes laid on the Lucario-shaped entrance of the guild, though...her confidence faltered.

    I...can't move...too nervous... She muttered, trembling.

    "Hey! Move it, wimp!" A voice behind her shouted. A sneasel shoved her aside, making her fall over as he, a sandile, and a scraggy walked by. The sneasel looked back over his shoulder. "Oh, and by the way, if you're just gonna roll over and lay there like the coward you are, the least you can do is get outta here. It makes the guild look bad, ya know." He added, his two companions snickering behind him. They then disappeared into the guild.

    "Owwwwww..." Flare moaned as she got up and shook the dust from her fur. After a moment, she let out a sigh. They're right...What good would I be as an explorer if I can't stand up for myself...? She turned away and began walking away from the gate. "Maybe I'm just not cut out for it..." She muttered to herself as she approached the lake that was located south of the town.
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  2. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Stunner was walking around with berries in his sack, these berries he didn't pick however, he stole them from the Pokemon who actually picked them. He was laughing to himself as he walked home but as soon as he was home he started to sob. "Will my life always be this way" Stunner asked himself," Will I always be alone, stealing berries to feed myself?" Stunner always wanted a friend but was to socially akward to talk to someone. Stunner then left his house when he was attacked by a Garchomp, he never liked fighting, so he ran away. He ran as fast as he could until he reached a place that was unbeknownst to him, a guild hall. "I think I'm safe here," Stunner panted, "Where is here anyway?" He did see a sneasel, scraggy, and sandlie standing over a Vulpix, seemingly bulling her. Stunner didn't know what came over him, but he suddenly attacked the three dark type Pokemon.
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  3. Pixel floated around the town, holding a small sack of Berries in her left paw while clinging to her flower in her right. She reached her home and used Fairy Wind to open the door. "I'm home!" she sang.

    A red-flowered Florges beamed and clapped her hands together, grabbing the sack with one hand and petting her daughter's head with the other. "Ah, thank you, Pix!" she exclaimed. "Now it's time to make my Berry Compote!"

    Pixel gasped in delight. "Can I help you, Mommy?" she asked.

    "Now now, sweety, you know that you can't handle hot water," Pixel's mom said. "Besides, your brother came home from work today."

    Pixel gasped and went to see her brother. "Spore!" she called. "I'm home!"

    A young, tough-looking Breloom beamed at the sight of Pixel. "Oh, welcome home, Pix! How was your errand?" he asked, roughly scruffing up Pixel's fur.

    Pixel giggled. "It was fun! Misters Kecleon were very nice as usual! How was work? Did you stop any bad guys?" she asked.

    "Oh, you bet!" Spore exclaimed, puffing out his chest proudly. "A gang of three this time, each about as strong as a Drapion. In fact, one of them was a Drapion!" he told Pixel.

    Pixel gasped. "But Drapion is a Poison-type! We're all weak to Poison-types!"

    Spore winked and waggled his hand. "Ah-ah-ah! You forget that on our team, we have Jaws, and he's a Mawhile, so he's a Steel-type Pokemon."

    Pixel gasped. "Ohhh!"

    Spore chuckled and led Pixel into his room, where Lily was floating impatiently on her flower. "Keep going, keep going, keep going!" Lily cried.

    "Hold your Horsea, Lily," Spore said, chuckling some more. "We need to catch Pix up and get her up to speed."

    Lily sighed in frustration, plopping down with her flower onto Spore's hay bed. "Okay..."
  4. Suddenly, something from behind quickly grabbed Stunner and pulled him back. The one who pulled him away was a Squirtle. "Hey are you crazy? I don't know if you're new or not but just so you know, those jerks are the meanest guys in this guild and you shouldn't pick a fight with them. Especially that Sneasel." He informed Stunner.
  5. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Stunner was to angry to listen to reason, he then ran over to the sandlile and used a somewhat effective Vine whip on him getting the sandile's attention "Hey, I don't know what you're doing but cut it out!" He then realized that maybe picking fights wasn't the best idea, but he then remembered what the Squirtle said, his emerald green eyes flared as he shouted at them, "Alright which one of you do I really have to try and knock out?" He said while pointing to the scraggy, sandile and sneasel.
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  6. In a nearby forest, a shinx was laying on a large piece of moss, out cold. Some bird Pokemon gathered around him to see what was going on, but didn't see much. Others, however, had seen the small electric-type fall from the sky, and were wondering how he had wound up there. Maybe he fell off an airship? But none had passed by in quite some time. Then, the Shinx began to stir, moaning.

    Wh-where am I...? he thought, his vision blinded by sunlight the second he opened his eyes.

    "Look, he's waking up!" A voice shouted, "He's okay!"

    "Thank Arceus above. For a moment I thought he'd be doomed!" Another voice said.

    Wait...voices...? He mentally asked, and as the light left his vision, he found himself being stared at by several starly, pidgeys and taillows.
    Does whoever was talking own all these bird Pokemon...?

    "Hey, good to see you're awake!" A pidgey said, smiling. For a second, the shinx simply stared at the bird, trying to process what he had seen in his head. "For a moment, we thought you were already left for the Murkrows!"

    "Wh-WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA?!" The shinx shouted. The birds around him quickly panicked and flew off, scattering into the air. After the feline recovered from his shock, he got up, still moaning. "Okay, I must've hit my head harder than I th-" He paused, as when he tried to rub his head, he noticed two things: one, his head was somehow covered in fur, and two, his hand's texture and shape felt more like...a paw. These clues clicked in the second he saw his tail dangling in front of his face...and let out another panicked scream. He immediately looked at his hand...or rather, paw. "H-hey you!" he called out to a passing Furret. "W-what do I look like? Be honest."

    "You look like an ordinary Shinx to me." The furret replied, a bit puzzled at the strange question. Bolt was silent and still, then took off into the forest.

    "This is a dream...This is a dream! It has to be!" He repeated as he wove through the trees. "Talking Pokemon, turning INTO a Pokemon, it all has to be a dream!"


    The sneasel turned around as he noticed his sandile partner take the blow and cry out. He then glared at the Bulbasaur. "Oh ho... Trying to play hero, mulch for brains?" he taunted as he flexed his claws. "You sure you wanna pick a fight with us?"

    "Frost, we gotta report back before dinner." The scraggy said.

    "You do that, then, Senshi." Frost replied. "Tell the guildmaster we're doing some after-job shopping, too." Senshi nodded and left Frost and the sandile to handle Stunner. "Your move." he invited, taking a stance.
  7. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Alright let's do this" Stunner then attacked the sandile with tackle and then waited for the sandile to strike back. From what Stunner heard, he was supposed to attack and then wait for his opponent to attack him, but he didn't have to take the hit, he could dodge or the attack could miss, either way he decided that even though the three dark type Pokemon where jerks he thought he should show some decency.
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  8. "Kroc! Pincer Maneuver!" Frost commanded as he dashed to the left. His sandile companion nodded and crossed paths with him, striking from the right with Bite as Frost fired off an Icy wind attack. As the freezing gale flew at Stunner, it covered the grass it blew over in frost and ice.
  9. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Hey that's not fair!" Stunner shouted, barely able to withstand their attack, "That's two against one, now you're really gonna get it!" Stunner then attacked the sneasel with a tackle and used vine whip on the sandile. Stunner was prompted to attack again but he decided that he was above their level when it came to fights so he waited patiently for them to attack. This time, however he was ready for an underhanded attack, he bent his knees as if he had to move right then and there.
  10. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    A Trapinch wandered through the town of Cumula. "Finally, I made it to the famous guild!" Sol exclaimed to no one in particular. But as he made his way up the steps to the guild, he saw a controversy before him. Sol slowly backed away to avoid getting himself into those sort of situations. He then decided to wander around just to pass the time, hopefully by the time he gets back, there won't be any other situations up there.

    Conveniently, there was a random forest for him to explore. "Hah I won't get lost." Sol told himself snarkily before wandering through the forest, not knowing what may appear during his exploration.
  11. As Spore was explaining and catching Pixel up on his catch of the criminals, he received a call from his partners, Jaws and Echo, the Lampent. He grimaced. "Sorry, kiddos. Looks like I gotta go," he told Pixel and Lily.

    "Whaaaat?!" they whined at once.

    "Sorry, but I got a call from my buddies. There's a fight going down in front of the guild. I gotta go solve this." Sighing, he added, "Guildmaster Lucario won't be pleased about this..."

    As Pixel saw Spore leave the house, she suddenly grew curious. Glancing at her sister, she saw her float back into her own room and make flower crowns. Her mother was still busy making that compote. Looks like the coast was clear. Quietly, she hovered toward the door and left.

    She followed Spore at a safe distance. While he walked, Spore met up with his pals. Jaws looked like he was tired of something--or someone--and Echo was frustrated. "I was just having a fun moment with my siblings!" he had cried to Spore.

    "I know, me too," Spore told Echo. "But hey, is it the same old gang again?"

    Jaws rolled his eyes. "Yep. It's still them. They were picking on some poor little Vulpix who probably wanted to join, but then this Bulbasaur came outta nowhere and now there's a fight going down."

    Spore groaned in frustration. "C'mon, let's go deal with it."

    The same old gang? What'd they mean? Pixel grew curious as she followed them.

    When they arrived, Team Moonthorne--the team made up of Spore, Echo, and Jaws--stepped into the fight. Spore sent both of his arms flying at the Sneasel and Bulbasaur, extending rapidly.

    "What do you think you're doing?!" Spore yelled at them.

    Jaws snapped his large jaws and turned around menacingly, while Echo intimidatingly glowed a bright, radiant bluish indigo.
  12. "'Not fair'? Oh, cry me a river, kid." Frost's voice said from behind Stunner. The Dark-Ice type stood there with his back facing his opponent's, smirking. "We're explorers. We've always fought as a team. And besides, you started it. We have the right to use any methods to defend ourselves."

    "That's right. You brought this upon yourself." Kroc agreed, snapping his jaws at the Bulbasaur in front of him. They were in the perfect position to strike again...but then, they heard the yell. "Hm?" Frost rolled his eyes as he looked to Spore, not seeming very intimidated.

    "He started it, Spore. We were just about to go inside when this brat attacked us from outta the blue." He said, nodding to Stunner. "Just one more strike and it would've been over, too..." he added under his breath.


    This is a dream... Bolt's mind echoed. This is a dream! It had to be, right? Talking Pokemon, him becoming a Shinx, it just didn't add up! This is a dream!! But the forest looked so real, the dirt felt real under his paws-THIS IS A DREAM!!! Suddenly, there was no more earth under his feet. Looking down, he found himself falling down a small cliff he hadn't noticed in his frenzied denial. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!" he cried as he fell...right onto the shell of a Trapinch.
  13. Spore glared down at Frost. "Don't forget that one strike of my Mach Punch can end you in a second," he told him. "Know your place. We're elites. And besides, my comrades saw the whole thing."

    "That's right," Jaws snapped, snapping his larger jaws again. "You'd better watch it the next time you want to beat up some other kids, or next time this goes straight to the Guildmaster."

    Echo didn't say a word, but simply glowed furiously.

    Pixel watched her brother in awe. "Man... he's so cool! I wanna be big and powerful like him, too!" she whispered to herself. She cheered on her brother from behind a couple of trees, watching him eagerly.
  14. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Stunner looked up at the Breloom and the Mawile and said to them, "Look I only started the fight because those jerks were being mean to that Vulpix, I just couldn't sit around and let it happen. But I can clearly see that I've caused some chaos, just say the word and I'll leave." Stunner looked around to see if he could find the Vulpix he was trying to defend, but he saw nothing of the sort.
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  15. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Sol was minding his own business, wandering aimlessly. A few minutes later. Great....I'm lost. Sol cried out in frustration. "Ugh! Why did this happen?" The Trapinch called out to no one in particular. After his rage, Sol found a clearing next to a mountain cliff. "Hm, maybe if I get a higher point of view..." Sol mumbled to himself. But as a quadruped, that was nearly impossible unless you had the move Rock Climb. Fortunately for Sol here, he didn't. Great.

    Sol did one of his classic stress pacing. His train of thought suddenly broke from a sound of someone yelling. His instincts reacted: Where is the sound coming from? It was getting closer by the second too. The Trapinch then looked up only to be squashed by whatever fell on top of him. "OW!" Sol cried out loud. He was fazed a bit, but after a few nanoseconds, he regained his vision and peered at what fell atop of him. He sees that it was a Pokemon. A Shinx specifically Sol then panicked. "Oh no! Are you ok?" Sol asked worriedly, not even sure if the Shinx would even reply back. "Don't die on me here!"
  16. Jaws crossed his arms. "Oh, I saw it all, all right, but next time, know better than to pick fights with those stronger than you. Now go on, get outta here. Looks like that Vulpix left a while ago," he said.

    Spore glared at Frost and grabbed him, wrapping him in his long, flexible arms. "As for you, you've got some chores to do, don't you? You still haven't seemed to have learned since the last time you got punished a couple of days ago."

    Echo sensed a presence and glanced behind them. Confused, he saw nothing. He bumped Spore. "I'm gonna check something out real quick."

    "Hurry back, though," Spore told him.

    Nodding, Echo floated over to where Pixel was hiding. She found herself surrounded by branches and leaves, hoping he'd leave. But he didn't. He still sensed Pixel's presence. "Pixel, is that you?" he asked quietly.

    Pixel whimpered. There was no point in continuing any longer. She floated out of the branches of the tree. "S-sorry... I got curious!" she exclaimed.

    Echo hugged her carefully. "You shouldn't do that! Leave before your brother notices!"

    "No, I wanna see what's going on! I... I wanna be a part of that!" Pixel whispered.

    Echo widened his eyes. "A part of Frost's gang?!"

    Pixel shook her head frantically. "No no no! I want to be a part of the guild! I want to be as strong as my brother! A-and you guys, too!"

    Echo sighed in relief and softened. "Fine. If you can make it past the trial test of all apprentices in the guild, you can join. But if not, like all rejected appliers, you'll have to go home and wait a couple more years."

    Pixel nodded. "Just... please don't tell my brother! I want to tell him myself when I get in!"

    "That's if you get in," Echo corrected, chuckling.

    Pixel nodded. "Right. Anyway, I think Spore needs you now."

    Echo nodded, glancing at him. "Right. Be good, 'kay? Don't drive everyone nuts!" he chuckled, making Pixel giggle and wave as he floated off.

    "What was it?" Spore asked.

    "Nothing, just a passing Cleffa. I thought it was your sister for a moment," Echo lied nonchalantly.

    Spore sighed in relief. "Good. She better not be following us."

    At that, Echo glanced back at where Pixel was and noticed that she wasn't there. She must've been in the branches again. Sneaky little thing. He could swear she was a Greninja sometimes. Chuckling, he shook his head to himself. "Let's deal with these guys so I can get back home to my little rascals," he told Spore, who nodded in response.
  17. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Alright, I'll go, but thanks anyway." Stunner began to walk out dejectedly, he waved to the Squirtle that pulled him aside. Once he was out he saw what he believed to be a Flabebe, "Hey, where are you going?" Again he had no idea what came over him that made him desperate to talk to her, ignoring that logic, he then went over and used his vines to get her attention.
  18. Pixel gasped and floated out of the way of the vines, then peeked down below the branches of the tree she was hiding in. "Huh? How'd you find me so fast?" she asked, peeking over a light pink petal on her flower. She seemed a little bit shy, but at the same time, very curious.
  19. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Stunner didn't know what to say, but he just wanted a friend, "Hi my name is Stunner what's your's" He was also very shy and he felt his bulb turning pink but he didn't really mind, he was too socially awkward to say anything else to her so he just stood still.
  20. "Vulpix? What Vulpix?" Frost asked, "I don't know what you're talking ab-"

    "Hey guys!" Senshi called out as he rejoined his teammates, "I reported the mission. We going after that runaway Vulpix or..." he paused and noticed the crowd. "...oh. Uh..."

    "Forget it, Senshi." Frost sighed, massaging the headache developing, "There's nothing left to salvage from this now." He then led his two teammates into the guild, but not before shooting a menacing glare at Stunner. Once they were out of sight, however, they exited a different way and snuck off to the lake.


    Flare sat at the lake's edge, looking down at her reflection with her ears drooped. "Who was I kidding? I'm nowhere near ready to join a guild. Question is, when will I be? How long do I have to wait...?" She asked herself.

    "Why wait for something that's never going to happen?" A voice cackled from the forest behind her, startling her. "It's kind of stupid if you ask me." Frost emerged from the tree, looking ready to have some fun.

    "Wh-what do you want from me, Frost?! I already gave you all my money yesterday, and my next pay's three days from now!" Flare whimpered.

    "Oh, I don't want much, sweetie. Just a small favor from you." Frost said, "From one friend to another."

    "F-favor...?" Flare questioned uncertainly.

    "You see, people are catching on about our...relationship. That being said, I'm going to have to keep an eye on you to make sure you don't go blabbing." Frost explained, "From now on, you are to stick close to me and my buddies whenever we're around. And maybe, I'd be willing to recruit you into my team so we can be pals forever. What do you say?"

    "Wait...what? B-but you said-" Flare started, but was cut off when she felt Frost's claws press against her throat.

    "Even a coward like you can make a good meat shield. And besides, isn't this what you always wanted? To be an explorer like us?" Frost said, gazing into her eyes. "So how about it? We keep an eye on you, and you get to live your dream. Win-win." He then backed away from her. "Going once..." Flare was uncertain what she should do. This was it, a golden chance to join the Lucario Guild and be an explorer! "Going twice..." But at the same time, it would mean completely surrendering her free will over to Frost and his crew. "Alright, I guess you don't w-"

    "Stop!" Flare called out. "I'll...I'll do it..." She almost sobbed out those words, as if she knew this was going to be the worst decision she ever made, but she just wanted to be an explorer so badly! "I'll join you, so please...make me a member of the guild..." Tears were in her eyes now as she submitted.


    "Ugh...but Mom, I don't wanna go to school..." The shinx muttered as he laid there, his eyes a pair of spirals. Once he had shaken the dizziness from his system, he rolled back to his feet. "Am I awake yet?" he wondered out loud. "I had this crazy dream about talking Pokemon..."
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  21. Pixel blinked. "Your bulb's pink. That's weird..." she muttered curiously, but then beamed with her eyes (since she didn't really have a mouth). "I'm Pixel, a Flabebe! What brings you around here?" she asked curiously, watching his green eyes with awed curiosity.
  22. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Me, oh I just live near here and I decided that I should come stop by," Stunner said as he felt his bulb turn even more of a bright pink, "So why are you here?" Stunner didn't know why his bulb was turning pink even though he had never met her.
  23. Pixel giggled. "I live here, silly! You see that Breloom? That's Spore, my big brother!" She floated down and watched him go back into the guild with his pals. "He's so cool! Y'know, he stops outlaws on a daily basis! Then he tells my sister and I ALL about it!" She glanced at Stunner and beamed again. "I'm gonna be just as strong as my brother one day! Just you watch! I'm gonna explore new areas, stop bad guys, help other people, and have partners that help me on the journey! And just as much as they'll help me, I'll help them! We'll grow together someday! And I'm going to make the Guildmaster so proud! Just you watch!" she cheered for herself. "I'm gonna go through those trials and become an official apprentice soon!"
  24. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    "Trials huh?" Stunner inquired, curious about if he could really join a guild, "Well then I wanna do these trials as well, you don't mind if I do right?" Stunner felt his bulb turn so pink it almost looked red, but he really wanted this to happen. Not just to get a friend but fulfill his half wanted dream of being an explorer.
  25. Pixel gasped. "Really?! You'd go with me?!" she exclaimed, then quickly floated over to him and hugged the side of his face (though her tail still clung to her flower). "Thank you thank you thank you!"

    "Ahem. What do you think you're doing here, Pixel?"

    Uh-oh. Busted. Pixel flinched and clung to her flower for protection. It was Spore. "S-S-Spore! I-I didn't--I thought you--"

    "--went inside? I did, for a second, but then I was going to come back to you and Lily, only to find out that Lily's the only one of my sisters home right now. Why aren't you home?" he asked, narrowing his eyes at Pixel. Pixel cowered slightly.

    "B-b-because... I-I wanna join the guild...?"

    "What was that?"

    "I said I want to join the guild!" Pixel burst out.

    "What...? Pix, you can't!" Spore argued. "You're too young and too weak--" he realized what he had said too late.

    Pixel's eyes welled up with tears.

    "No, no no no, Pix, I didn't mean it like--"

    "I'LL PROVE YOU WRONG!" Pixel shouted. "Stunner and I are taking on the trials and if we succeed, you have to accept it! And if not, you're right and I'm wrong and everything will be happy-dandy and back to normal! But we're trying it whether you like it or not!" She used Vine Whip, extending a vine from her flower's stem, to grab one of Stunner's legs and drag him away from her shocked brother.

    Spore stood there, gawking. "S-she's growing up... I-I'm not ready for her to grow up yet..."

    The famous Spore, leader of the team Moonthorne, everybody. A great apprentice of the Guildmaster's, and this is the only time you will ever see him stunned like that, this can be promised.
  26. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Stunner barely had time to react to what was happening but he saw that he had been hugged by Pixel, who was dragging him away now, making his bulb turn even more pink then it already was. Eventually he thought about what she had said to her brother Spore and it made him think about frost and how much he wanted to pound his face in. Stunner finally forced out the words," So what do we have to do to pass these trials?"
  27. Pixel blinked and unwrapped her vine from Stunner's leg, now that he was walking with her on his own. "I, erm... I don't know. I just know that we go through three tests to test our strength, teamwork, and thinking skills. We have to have some sort of battling experience, but..." She blushed in embarrassment. "I-I've never actually battled against another Pokemon. I've had small training sessions with Spore, but it wasn't even that much. It was just so I could learn Fairy Wind. I only know three moves: Tackle, Vine Whip, and Fairy Wind. Ohhh, what'm I gonna do!? I totally forgot that I can hardly battle and now Spore thinks I'm gonna be taking on some trials bigger than my own tiny body!" She flew around in circles, panicking about her own miscalculation.
  28. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Stunner saw how distraught Pixel was over how she felt about his questions, "It's okay, we will work together right? Plus I only know three moves as well, Tackle Growl and Vine Whip. But it's okay, I said I'd help you right." Stunner looked at Pixel with his emerald green eyes and hoped she would calm down.
  29. Pixel gave Stunner a worried look--not that she was worried about him, but she was worried for the both of them. Then, sighing, she inhaled a couple of times and relaxed. "You're right. We've got this! Besides, what's the worst that can happen?" she asked, propping herself up and floating higher, more confidently. "Let's go!" she exclaimed, pointing her arm forward as she floated forward slowly, keeping pace with Stunner.
  30. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Stunner slowly began walking as his bulb reverted to its natural green color, "Where are we going exactly?" Stunner didn't expect an answer so he just kept walking hoping that Pixel was calm so nothing else too crazy would happen.
  31. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Sol was stressed and pacing around to see what should he do next. “Dear Arceus this is bad... This is extremely bad.” Soul was just about to scream in frustration until he saw movement to where he left the Shinx. Sol stood there aghast for a bit before tearing from happiness. “Bless you for being alive!” Sol the Trapinch exclaimed while he ran over to the Pokemon to check if they were ok.
  32. The Shinx stared at Sol for a few seconds before recoiling and screaming for the third time today. "Y-YOU REALLY ARE TALKING?!" he shouted. The realization all came crashing down on him: he wasn't dreaming. He was actually a Shinx, in a place full of talking Pokemon. "What has my life become...?" he groaned, his head hurting from so much confusion. "Where am I? What's going on here?"
  33. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    “A-are you okay?” Sol asked, a bit shaken from the Sphinx suddenly screaming like a maniac out of no where. “You aren’t hurt are you?” Maybe the Shinx falling on his hard shell resulted in a concussion or something.

    “As for your questions,” Sol continued, as he himself was quite confused by this outcome as well. “We are currently in a forest, and I’m assuming that we’re both lost.” Sol replied. Hopefully that would maybe clear somethings up.

    Sol then spoke again. “Um, my name is Sol. May I ask for your name?”
  34. "B-Bolt..." The shinx stammered. "Sorry for freaking out like that, it's just all of a sudden I woke up as a Shinx and found out Pokemon could talk...Needless to say, it's been a pretty freaky day for me." He then looked up to the sky. "I guess it could've been worse, though."
  35. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    “Okayyy......” Sol replied unsure how to respond to Bolt’s unique.....mindset. “Bad day huh?” Sol finally replied to Bolt. “Well, our situation now is that we’re lost. Hopefully that doesn’t add to your list of bad days.” Sol joked casually. “If your interested, would you like to join a guild? I was planning to join one, but I don’t really have a team yet.” Sol asked, hopefully the sudden question won’t ruin his moment of making a familiar friend.
  36. "Uhhhhh...wait, what? Guild? Team? What're you talking about?" Bolt asked, very clearly confused. He had just met this Trapinch, and now he wanted to recruit him in some kind of team? Talk about strange. Still, he might as well hear Sol out. It's not like he had any home to return to...did he? Bolt tried to recall if he had a place to call home, but nothing came into mind. He tried to remember something he did last week. Nothing. His mind was a total blank! So I have amnesia now?! He mentally moaned, Fantastic...
  37. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "You haven't heard of a guild before?" Sol asked a bit taken aback. He must've hit his head hard then. "Let me catch you up I guess. An Exploration Guild is a troupe of adventurers that makes new discoveries and take down criminals within Mystery Dungeons. Mystery Dungeons are a wide phenomenon that no one yet knows how to explain how it works. They are located in many areas, but each time you go into a Mystery Dungeon, nothing will ever be the same. There's always different treasure there and different layout each time. As for these teams, they are known as Exploration Teams. It just a unit of an Exploration Guild." Sol informed Bolt. Sol had to take a few moments to catch his breathe as he did give out a lot of info for Bolt here.
  38. "Huh... sounds like a really neat way to make a living." Bolt said. He then looked aside, considering Sol's earlier offer. "Well, I don't really have any other options, and at least this way I can learn a bit more about this place. Count me in!" He said, smiling. A large shadow briefly loomed over the two of them, as a mechanical whirring sound echoed slightly from above. Bolt looked up, curious, before spotting an airship flying in the direction of Cumula Town, an Explorer's Emblem painted on the balloon's side. "Whoa, wait, what?!"
  39. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "What?" Sol looked confused, seeing Bolt's confused expression. A sudden whirring came about and Sol looked up to see an airship flying toward somewhere. "Wait! Look! You see the guild emblem? That's the guild I was about to join." Sol said excitedly. "You know what that means? If we follow this ship, then we'll be able to get out of the forest!" The Trapinch jumped up and down excitedly to be able to get out of the forest and join the infamous Lucario Guild.

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