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Ask to Join Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Razzmatazz, Oct 16, 2016.

  1. Basically just make an exploration team. You'll need 2 or more people. You can pick if your a normal pokemon, or if your a human who turned into a pokemon.
    This is the character sheet:


    Name: Cyndi
    Pokemon: Cyndaquill
    Gender: Male

    "And..three, smiles go for miles!" Everyone went out to start working. "Hey, wait a sec. I've never seen you before." Chatot said to Cyndi. "Oh, sorry. I don't know what exactly do to. I wanted to create a team." Chatot lead him in to the guild master chamber. "Okay,who's on your team." Wigglytuff asked. "Oh shot! I haven't thought of that! Ugh, why do I always wait for last second on theese. I'm so terrible at this!"
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  2. Name:Sparky
    was always a pokemon but found some stone that holds great power he does not know what it is but his partner Treecko gave it to him saying "This stone will activate when you are fully evolved I have one two!" and after that they saw torchic was with her old friend Poliwhirl and after a nice talk with torchic and Poliwhirl all of them went to sign up to go to the cave (never played mystery dungeon so I dont know how it went to sorry if I mess up at times.)
  3. (OOC: I don't normally say this, but I refuse to associate myself with @DeigenVG. They seem to be doing their own thing, anyway. Also, for those who are considering joining the rp, on behalf of @Razzmatazz, please ask first. It gets annoying when people don't ask to join beforehand. But nonetheless, here I go!)

    Name: Ryu
    Pokemon: Riolu
    Gender: Male

    "Footprint detected! Footprint detected!" A voice exclaimed from below. "Whose footprint? Whose footprint?" The voice continued. "The footprint is Riolu's! The footprint is Riolu's!" The voice exclaimed once more, identifying the Pokemon standing atop the grated hole. "...You may ENTER!" The voice shot from below once again, with a pause before it. Just then, the seemingly-iron doors slid upwards and out of sight, allowing a path inside. The Pokemon slowly, but steadily made his way inside.

    "...and three, 'Smiles go for miles!'" A commotion could be heard coming from what sounded like a second floor. Ryu seemed quite confused as to where he was supposed to go to sign up. He saw a Pokemon looking at a bulletin, so he walked up to them to ask them. "Excuse me?" Ryu said to the Pokemon, trying to get their attention. The Pokemon turned around, revealing itself as a Loudred, and took a semi-deep breath. For whatever reason, Ryu felt that he had chosen the worst Pokemon to have talked to.

    Loudred spoke aloud with an unbelievably ear-busting volume to it. Rubbing his ear, and maybe or maybe not muttering "ow," Ryu spoke up. "Sorry if I'm distracting you from whatever you're doing, but I was wondering if you could tell me where I could sign up?" He asked the Loudred. The Loudred's eyes widened slightly, as he took another semi-deep breath. "HEY, EVERYONE!! WE'VE GOT ANOTHER RECRUIT!!" He roared throughout the first floor so that everyone else could hear. "YOU'RE GOING TO WANT TO GO DOWN TO THE NEXT FLOOR BELOW, AND GO TO GUILDMASTER WIGGLYTUFF'S HEADQUARTERS!!" He roared directly at Ryu, causing a wind to blow upon him. Absolutely speechless as to what was even happening, Ryu thanked him nonetheless, and proceeded to the next floor.

    After asking other Pokemon around on the second floor where the Guildmaster's headquarters was, he finally managed to find it. Without thinking to knock, he opened the door. He saw what seemed to be a
    Chatot, a Wigglytuff, and a Cyndaquil. From what he heard, the Cyndaquil had forgotten to bring a few partners. Ryu felt obligated to say something, so he did. Walking into plain view, he spoke up. "I'd like to join his team!"
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  4. Cyndi quickly turned around and saw a riolu. "You wanna be in my team, thanks." Cyndi thought no one would wanna join someone's team who was known as a "Starter" whatever that meant. "Okay, and what about your teams name?" asked Wigglytuff. Cyndi thought for a moment. "What about Team Lavender!" Cyndi asked to the riolu. He wanted to know his opinion.

    (OOC: I usualy don't use colors in my posts, but why not use colors for diffrent teams. So anyone who's in a speciffic team, make they're name in that team's color. It's just easyer to keep track of the teams :3. Team Lavender's color : 9D21E9)
  5. (OOC: Sure!)

    As Ryu stood there, awaiting a response, the Cyndaquil finally spoke up, giving him thanks for wanting to join his team. A few seconds later, the Guildmaster Wigglytuff spoke up, asking them what their team name was going to be. As Ryu got to thinking, he eventually came up with Team Gallium, but right before he started to speak, the Cyndaquil asked Ryu if Team Lavender would suffice. To Ryu's surprise, that name was a far better name than Team Gallium. He didn't even know what Gallium was; he just heard it from someplace. "Yeah, that's an awesome name!" Ryu exclaimed.
  6. "Well alright then!" Wigglytuff said "Your team will be called Team Lavender!" Chatot next said "Well then fallow me! I'll show you to were you need to be."

    Chotot walked them out the room, up the stairs, and over to the left were a board with a bunch of papers on it was. "This is the notice board. let me see..."Chatot looked at them for a sec. "Oh yes, this is just the perfect one!" Chatot gave them the paper, it looked like this:

    CLIENT: Pidgey
    TASK: "Find my lost sharp beak item"
    TIME: 1Day
    LOCATION: Beach Cave
    " 'Find my lost sharp beak item'? What kind of task is this? I thought we'd do something exiting." Cyndi said in a suprised voice. "This is only your first task. Of course it's not SUPER exiting!" Chatot said "Now go!" Cyndi turned around to Ryu "So then, ready to go?"

    (OOC: the posts on the board in the actual game has more stuff, but just put what was needed.)
  7. Name: Usually goes by Turtwig (But is also called many things by his friends and family such as Twiggy and Twigson)
    Pokemon: Turtwig
    Gender: Male

    Turtwig paced around outside of the camp. He wanted to be on an exploration team, he really did, but how could he? He wasn't qualified for any exploring. He never had any experience with Mystery Dungeons. "You can do it, you can do it." He stepped on the grate in front of him. There was a voice from below, "Footprint Detected! Footprint Detected!" He stood like a rock trying his best not to sweat. "The footprint is... Turtwigs!" He sighed, that was only the beginning. "Come on in visitor!" He walked in and noticed a ladder to go to a lower floor. There were many different Pokémon on the next level chatting, including a Cyndaquil and Riolu. He sat patiently waiting for whoever had let him in to come and greet him.
  8. (OOC: I wanted to remake my character.)

    Name: Crescent
    Pokemon: Absol
    Gender: Female

    Crescent walked up the pathway to the famous "Wigglytuff's Guild" that she'd heard so much about. She hoped that she'd be able to form a team with someone here. Back in her home town, no one wanted to be on a team with a Pokemon commonly known as the "Disaster Pokemon," so, to fulfill her dream, she was forced to travel elsewhere to look for application for an Exploration Team. Wigglytuff's was further from home than some others, but she figured she'd have the best chance here.

    As she walked up to the top of the pathway, she saw the tent with Wigglytuff's head on it, and in front of it, a grate. She inquired about application into the guild beforehand, so she knew what she had to do. She stepped onto the grate, and waited patiently. "Pokemon detected! Pokemon detected!" She heard a voice say. "Whose footprint? Whose Footprint?" She heard another voice ask. "The footprint is Absol's! The footprint is Absol's!" The first voice responded. "Very well. ENTER!" The second voice said.

    As Crescent entered the tent, she saw a ladder leading down. She climbed down it, rather awkwardly, since she wasn't used to it, and touched her hind legs down on the ground first, turning around and dropping onto her forelegs as well. She looked around, and saw a lot of different Pokemon. The closest one was a Turtwig, who seemed to be waiting on someone. "Excuse me. You wouldn't happen to be applying here too, would you?" She asked the Turtwig as she walked to his side.
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  9. Name: Sarah
    Pokemon: Treecko
    Gender; Female

    "sigh. I guess i do have to join a team." Sarah said sadly. Sarah began walking down the path. Very soon, she heard a voice.
    "Footprint Detected!". "She heard another voice. "Who is it?". Then it was the first voice. "This footprint is... Treecko's!". She then realized the second voice was a Wigglytuff and the first voice was a robot. The Wigglytuff told Sarah, "Come in!". So Sarah did. Sarah told Wigglytuff "Im Sarah". Wigglytuff told her, "Everyone is down there.". She pointed to the ladder. Sarah asked, 'how many pokemon are there?". Wigglytuff told her, "six.". Sarah climbed down the ladder. She saw that some had already left. Two were still there, A Turtwig and a Absol. The Absol was standing next to her. She asked, "are you joining too?"
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  10. Turtwig looked at the Absolute that had walked in the room. "Oh, uh, yes I am" he smiled and looked around the room once more. He really wanted to walk away and start working but he knew he couldn't, what would he even do?
  11. Sarah looked at the Turtwig. "So your joining as well? Cool."
  12. Crescent turned around, noticing the Treecko behind her and the Turtwig. "Yeah, I'm signing up, too." She replied with a smile. "I talked with some of the locals in Treasure Town before coming up here. Wigglytuff's the boss around here, and his right hand is Chatot. I'm pretty sure that's Chatot, right over there with the Cyndaquil and Riolu over there." She said, pointing with her forepaw in the direction of the three Pokemon she just mentioned. "We should talk with him, if we want to join an exploration team." She said, as she turned to walk over to Chatot.
  13. Turtwig looked around. "I guess I follow her?" He whispered to himself. Then a thought hit him, how could he explore alone? He barely worked up the courage to stand outside and be let in but this? He took a few steps back towards the exit. No, you can do this. He thought, you managed to get here, this is the last of it. He walked up to the sing-songy bird, he was shaking, but he did it.
  14. Name: Akeldama
    Species: Deino
    Gender: Male

    Akeldama padded across the earth gingerly, as if he were treading over thin ice, sniffing at the ground ahead of himself whilst his stubby tail lobbed from side-to-side like a stocky, reptilian house pet. His underdeveloped eyes left him completely blind, but his nose might as well had belonged to a Stoutland. He stopped teetering along his path abruptly, adjusting the old carrier bag resting on his hip as he raised his head and sniffed at the air.
    An unfamiliar scent reached his nostrils and he tilted his head curiously, continuing on his path with a practiced caution.
    It wasn't long until he reached the source of the unfamiliar odour, craggy and musky as it was. He had reached a wooden crosshatch where someone - or something - had positioned itself below it. Akeldama tentatively stepped forward onto the grate and attempted to get a clearer whiff of the stranger.
    "Footprint detected! Footprint detected!" he cried suddenly, causing a very startled Akledama to jump. There was a hint of boredom in the stranger's voice, as though he had been sitting in wait down below for a prolapsed period of time. "Whose footprint? Whose footprin-"
    "Erm," interrupted the Deino, unsure of what to make of the stranger's sudden outburst. "I didn't mean to, er, intrude on anything. I just-"
    "Listen, kid!" the stranger squeaked in a voice Akeldama could only describe as being the consistency of rubber; elastic and flexible. "Just let me do my job, okay?" When he didn't respond, the stranger continued. "The footprint is Deino's! You may enter."
    Akeldama hesitated. "Uhh... Thank you?"
    There was a hearty sigh from below him. "You may enter!"
    Akeldama nodded hurriedly and felt around for an entrance of some description before feeling the wall of wood ahead of himself give way. He slowly stepped towards it and reached his foot out for the reassuring texture of the floor beneath him. Unfortunately, he found not solid ground, but a ladder to greet him. Akeldama frowned deeply and pondered how he would get himself out of such a situation.
  15. "so, this is it. i just walk over to Chatot, ask to join the Exploration Team, and thats it." The Treecko thought. She was nervous, but she managed to walk over to Chatot. She said to Chatot, "Hi, i'm Sarah, and i wanted to ask if i could join this Exploration Team?".
  16. Once everyone had established that Ryu and his new partner Cyndi's team name would be Team Lavender, Chatot had led them somewhere else. Ryu tried his best to avoid making eye contact with the Loudred, who was still within the room. Ryu and the gang stopped at what seemed to be a bulletin board of some kind. Chatot took off a paper, and handed it to Cyndi. Rather than waiting for Cyndi to read it aloud, he'd rather just read it for himself. The paper went as follows:

    CLIENT: Pidgey
    TASK: "Find my lost sharp beak item"
    TIME: 1 Day
    LOCATION: Beach Cave
    RANK: E
    Cyndi looked rather disappointed that they were given such a low-rank job, but how Ryu thought of it was a job is a job no matter how small. Cyndi had then asked Ryu if he was ready to go. Since he really had nothing else to do, he replied with a nod. "You bet I am. Let's do this!" Ryu said with confidence before running towards the ladder, climbing up the ladder, then running off.

    That is, until he turned back towards Cyndi, only to ask him a few seconds later. "Just where, exactly, are we going?"
  17. "It said on the paper 'Beach Cave' so probably that cave at that nearby beach." Cyndiran up the ladder with him. "Oh and by the way, LAST ONE TO THE CAVE IS A ROTTEN EGG!!!!" Cyndi said as he dashed off to the beach.
  18. Cyndi had told Ryu that since the paper said "Beach Cave", that that is where they were supposed to go, clearly. Ryu was dumbfounded for not knowing. Just then Cyndi shouted out "LAST ONE TO THE CAVE IS A ROTTEN EGG!!!!" just before darting in front of Ryu, and onto the cave. Ryu felt a nerve snap inside of him as he said that. With his incredible speed, he managed to catch up with Cyndi, matching his own speed. Ryu scowled at Cyndi. "Hey! That's offensive to me! I was the runt!" He shouted over to Cyndi. "But I forgive you because you didn't know." He said with a calmer tone to his voice (because I want someone to guess his nature '3'). After saying what he wanted to say, he then started running in front of Cyndi, outrunning him in the race to the cave. "You better keep up, though! You don't want to be the rotten egg, do ya?" He playfully teased him. "Come at me, I want a challenge!" He shot at Cyndi, testing his speed.
  19. Cyndi saw him getting ahead. "Hmm...Wait! I know exactly what to do!" He turned head head around and began to start shooting flames out of his mouth. Working like boosters he was able too speed up in front of him. He spat his tongue back at Ryu as he speed ahead.
  20. When Ryu saw the little stunt Cyndi had miraculously pulled off, he smirked an angry smirk. This was certainly going to prove difficult. As fast as his eyes could move, Ryu looked around for another way. Just then, he saw a conveniently empty cart on the ground, and he saw up ahead what appeared to be a hill heading downwards. One piece lead to another, and he knew exactly what to do.

    Adjusting his original routes, he jumped up into the air, actually managing to cast a shadow upon Cyndi, and dropped into the empty cart. As soon as he landed in it, the cart went about 8/10ths of Ryu's original speed. He used his right hind paw to adjust his speed, and he just had to turn normally to turn. Once he came upon the decline, he braced for the ride of his life.

    The decline started relatively slow for the speed he was going at, but once he actually got going, he was speeding down at speeds you wouldn't believe. He was having trouble keeping up with where he was going; his eyes couldn't move that fast. There were a variety of many bumps, and curves that nearly made him fall out, but he managed to regain his balance and speed. However, the path Ryu was going had separated him from Cyndi, so there was no way to know if he was winning this intense race or not.

    That was until he came across a plains area beyond the village, where he managed to find Cyndi's location. Ryu was just barely winning, and he looked forward to see the beach, where he had assumed where they were going. There was one more big inclining hill in front of Ryu, so he decided to go for it. As he started climbing up the hill in the cart, he knew the cart will slow exponentially, so he swerved off to the side, sending him, and the cart flying.

    Ryu, no longer in the cart, was airborne. He was almost literally flying at least 50 ft in the air. He could see for miles from that height; he could see where Cyndi was, and where they were headed. He adjusted his trajectory (?) so that he was lined up with the cave entrance. From there, it was smooth sailing...or rather flying.

    After enjoying the view, and the air in his face, it was time to land, and claim his spot as not the rotten egg. He started hurdling downwards by adjusting his tilt completely downwards, and his speed increased. Once he got close enough to the ground, he got into a superhero-esque landing stance, bracing for impact with the soft, yet hard sand of the beach. (I shall leave it up to you, @Razzmatazz to decide the outcome.)
  21. As Cyndi Was approaching the entrance he thought to himself I'm Gonna win! I'm finally gonna win something that's not strategic! But just before he made it too the entrance Ryu fell out of no where right in front of him. "Oh, Crap!" They crashed into each other and they were both sent flying into the cave. They both hit their head into the wall and fell down to the floor of the cave. "Ow...I guess were both the rotten egg." Cyndi said with a big headache.
  22. Turtwig walked up to the bird, "S-sir" he said trying to be brave, "I-I would like to" he breathed out, "I would like to work here at the guild, please?" Chatot looked at him and rolled his eyes, "Yes Yes, are these two part of your team?" (The two Pokemon that I was talking with, you can choose to say yes or no)
  23. Name: Markus
    Species: Luxray
    Gender: Male

    Markus was crawling, badly hurt from a monster house encounter in Amp Plains. He reached the intersection where the watering hole was, before collapsing. The pain was immernse, from all the attacks that they threw at him. His mind was fuzzy, and his body is aching. He then started calling for help, the call resonating through the guild.

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